February 9, 2023 | Melissa Budish

People Share The Moment They Realized Their Friend's Significant Other Was A Creep

When you're in love, it's so easy to overlook the flaws in your significant other. Even if you know they have shortcomings, you still look at this person with rose-colored lenses.

Your friends, on the other hand, do not. Generally, they will know, even after a short amount of time, whether or not they are good for you. They don't have any investment in your relationship, and therefore their opinion will be relatively unbiased... at first, anyway.

Occasionally, you’ll meet one of your friend’s significant others and know almost off the bat that this person is a creep. It may just be a “feeling,” or it could be a specific moment that you are able to pinpoint. The latter is more the case for these internet users, who recently shared the exact moment they realize their friend’s significant other was a creep.


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#1 Game Over

He had a full-on, toddler-level temper tantrum at a group game night. Twice. Once, because he couldn't remember the planets in the solar system during trivia. Then, on the same night, he got mad playing Uno. He threw his cards down and stormed out. That was when we knew he was 'off.' My friends and I were all in our mid-20's, and he was over 30, so it was definitely not acceptable behavior.

A couple of weeks later was my friend's birthday, so we all went out for the night and ended up at our neighborhood bar. He threw another temper tantrum again; this time for over scoring in a game of darts or something equally ridiculous. He stormed out and peeled away in his car, leaving us with no ride home. This was pre-Uber days, and none of us wanted to spend the money on a taxi, so we sobered up on the two-mile walk back to my friend's house.

Thankfully, she broke up with him not long after. She is now with a wonderful guy who not only knows the planets of the solar system but also treats her a lot better.


#2 Catfished To Cheat

He constantly made fake social media accounts to try and get her to cheat on him.


#3 Epitome Of A Creep

He started trying to pick fights with me to separate me from my cousin. We were in our mid-teens—he looked 17 or 18, very clean cut and geeky in a boy band sort of way; you know, the "sensitive one" with the glasses. He was well mannered, respectful to my mom, but he still seemed predatory to me.

I didn't have the best people around me growing up, so I learned to recognize potential threats early, and this guy set off all my danger bells.  I wasn't rude, but I didn't fawn over him either. Once he realized that I wasn't charmed by him, he started avoiding me, telling my cousin he didn't feel comfortable around me and that she'd have to see him alone. He tried bullying me any time he saw me, while still bragging to me that he was my cousin's protector.

I found out a few months later that he was actually in his mid-twenties, and had a record for stalking. Too bad we didn't know this before.


#4 Suprise, Stepdad

My best friend started to date this girl about a year ago. She always seemed so nice and was very fun to be around. Three months into the relationship, everything was still going great, so he asked her to move in with him.

Move-in day comes along, and I go over to help move the heavy stuff. Low and behold, she shows up with a five-year-old. When he asked her whose kid it was, she said it was hers! We were blown away. She never mentioned anything about having a kid.

Her Facebook had zero pictures of her kid, too. It was a big cover-up and she basically just wanted someone to support her and her kid. He noped out of that one right then and there.


#5 Dirty Dancing

The first time I met him was at her birthday party. He shook my hand, then proceeded to try and grind on me in front of her and her family. Then when I called him out on it, everyone said I was the problem and that I was just jealous. A year later, it turns out he had been cheating on her continuously and had gotten two girls pregnant while dating her.


#6 The Patient Perv

The first time I met him, he told me he had the biggest crush on her for two years before they started dating, but he was waiting for her to turn of age. He was 33.


#7 Hindering Happiness

Whenever she would be having fun, he would pull her to the side and lecture her about how stupid she looked for dancing, laughing too loud, etc.

Spoiler: Six years later and the divorce is finally underway!


#8 Manipulator And Misogynistic

When my husband and I were helping them move, he would only answer to my husband. I had an idea of how to move some stuff up the stairs and the guy just blew me off. So I told my husband to casually mention the same damn idea and poof! He thought it was an awesome idea.

This always put her down, and she would just take it. In the end, HE broke up with her because he felt she wasn't thin or pretty enough for him. Then, he would get mad at her for trying to move on and tried to sabotage every relationship she got into. I ended the friendship because I couldn't stand listening to her complaints about how he was treating her.



#9 Too Hands-On

He was "cuddling" with her when we met and refused to even take his hands off her for one second to shake my hand when I offered it. He just looked at my hand and held her in closer.

She thought it was sweet. I thought it was rude. It turns out, he didn't care for women who he couldn't hold in, and he found many such women in the course of their marriage.


#10 Game Night

We'd invite the two of them for dinner, and he'd repeatedly tell my significant other that the four of us should play a "do-it-to-the-end game of strip poker."

He put emphasis on the word poker.


#11 Crappy Situation

He called her because the baby woke up and it was her responsibility. He went off about how she wanted the baby, so it wasn't fair that he had to wake up and change a diaper. It was her first night out in months and he wanted her to come home to change a diaper. She hung up on him.


#12 Downright Condescending

When he told her she was stupid. What was the point of that? To teach her a lesson?


#13 Meat Head

He made her stop being a vegetarian. He would slip meat into her food or outright force her to eat chicken nuggets.


#14 A Suspicious Spy

When my friend told me in great detail about her new boyfriend's work with the CIA, which involved time travel and other secret projects. I expressed some skepticism, but she told me I was just jealous of her great catch.


#15 Close Contact

She messaged me to let me know that she wouldn't be on her phone until she got a new one because the one she had was busted. Apparently, he had thrown it and stomped on it when she complained about it dropping calls and having a horrible battery.

Fast forward a few hours, he is on her Facebook messenger, reading our conversation, trying to justify it to me. It gave me the willies to find out he was spying in on our conversation. He had also thrown a remote through their plasma TV when he was mad. I know that he will be violent to her one day, and if he hasn't already she is just keeping it secret. It makes me sick to my stomach.


#16 Taking Notes

We were out for dinner. I told them a story about my ex-girlfriend and how she never got a job after we moved. She spent all my money, forced us to get a luxury apartment and, as soon as she did get a job, started getting it on with some dude at her job. I literally came home one night and found them in bed together. After hearing all this, my friend's girlfriend said, "Wow, she sounds really resourceful. She took you for a ride and got away with it. Good for her."

As soon as she was in the bathroom, I told my friend to break up with her.


#17 Too Close For Comfort

While out at a university party, I ran into my friend's significant other. My friend was out of town at the time. His girlfriend started dancing with me, getting closer by the minute. When she was about to start grinding on me, I asked, "What are you doing?" She replied, "It's okay, my boyfriend likes it when I flirt with other guys." Uh, no he absolutely doesn't. He's one of my best mates, I know him pretty darn well. We eventually convinced him to end it with her, and he's much happier for it.


#18 Screaming Infidelities

She came to a party of mine with my buddy and told everyone while my buddy was out of the room that she "loves to sleep with everyone." They broke up soon after.


#19 Smarty Pants

She's 19 and has claimed to have written with J.K. Rowling, G.R.R. Martin, and John Steinbeck. She also said she discovered a new metal and "solved" every possible scenario of chess. Something seemed a bit off about her.


#20 Out Of This World

It was a little weird at first, but my suspicions were justified later at their wedding when she revealed she was an undercover agent of the galactic federation.


#21 Crazy Eyes

The first time I ever met her, before she had even introduced herself, she stood right in front of my face and asked me, "Don't I have crazy eyes?" I'll never forget the chill that went down my spine at that moment. They've thankfully broken up since.


#22 Death Wish

Maybe it was when I told him to watch out for a snail on the sidewalk, and he intentionally stomped on it.

Maybe it was when he turned the car around so that we were all facing oncoming traffic.


#23 Mr. Right

He ALWAYS had to be right, and ANY statement anyone else made had to be wrong (yes, even if you're talking about something you specialized in and he knew nothing about).

After four years of marriage, they finally decided to end it... by which time very few of her friends were still willing to stick around.


#24 Leaving A Mark

He got mad at me and grabbed my waist. I had hand print bruises on both sides.

This happened in front of her. Myself and our other best friend confronted her. She was, at the time, struggling with a reoccurring "spontaneous" injury that, while it does come back unprovoked, almost always returns as a result of blunt force. She was homeschooled because of this issue.

Her parents support the relationship despite seeing the guy physically attack me twice. But, since it wasn't her, it would be just fine.

They are married now.

We are no longer friends.


#25 Friendly Control Freak

She was super friendly, but I’d catch her looking at me out of the corner of my eye with a nasty expression.

She’d also casually add in odd little details when talking about her life that made it seem like she had a pretty skewed idea of relationships and gender roles. She would say things like: “It’s ridiculous to expect a woman to change a lightbulb on her own!” It was as if she’d gotten all her knowledge from romcoms… It really set me on edge.

She ended up going full-on psycho and not letting him see any of his friends or do any of the things he enjoyed for two whole years because she was basically jealous of every other woman in the world. It took his brother to come around and have a good, long chat for him to realize she was a control freak who was ruining his life. It was a timely escape too since she was starting to talk about babies.


#26 Breaking Up Over Breakfast

When she broke up with him for eating breakfast before she did. They got back together of course, but she kept temporarily breaking up with him over the dumbest things, and he continued to crawl back to her.


#27 Birth Control Nightmare

He told me she got pregnant because the pharmacy screwed up and gave her generic birth control instead of the name brand.

That's not how generic drugs work. She stopped taking her birth control to lock him in.

I tried to bring it up once. He was obviously not interested, so I dropped it.


#28 Dog Days Are Over

I moved in with my best friend's boyfriend because we both needed a housemate. He got her a dog for Christmas without asking her. That immediately didn't sit well with me. Fast forward three months later and he was abusing the dog when he thought I wasn't around. Eventually, I had to try and get a restraining order out on him. Through this whole ordeal, my best friend insisted that I was lying.


#29 Antiquated Behavior

They had their first kiss at their wedding, and after they got married, they moved away. Not so bad, I thought, and he seemed nice enough... but when I visited a year or so later, she was about seven months pregnant and had worked all day waitressing. She was visibly tired, but when he got home from work, he went straight to watch TV and left her to make dinner.

I remember thinking that kind of selfishness wouldn't go away, and it'd wear her down. It took a few years, but it finally did and they're divorced now.


#30 Hole Big Issue

I met him a couple of times and had a bad feeling about him.

He ended up forcing her to say yes to having a baby. For some reason, she blamed me for all of it, and now she lives with him. She is super duper in love with him and thinks he will propose to her soon. She rarely speaks to me.

I just miss my friend.


#31 Inappropriate Inquiry

One day, I was out with my mate and his significant other. She was acting a bit strange on the ride to the bar. We get there, and 10 minutes later, she asked her boyfriend to get up and go walk around, as she wanted to ask me a question alone. So he went to the washroom. Then, my mate's significant other asked me: if she wasn't with him, would she and I be together?

It was a huge curveball. I didn't answer and told him what she asked me. They're still together now.


#32 Failed Aspirations

I  introduced my best friend to his now ex-wife. She was actually the sister of a mutual friend of ours that he hadn't met yet. They went on a couple of dates, and things didn't seem right. She talked about her aspirations and how she wanted to do a lot of different things that she always failed in.

Turns out, that she would try something once and if she wasn't good at it, she would give up completely. She went to community college for a semester, failed a single test and dropped out of school entirely. She went to beauty school, messed up dying hair once and completely quit. She got a job as a secretary, accidentally routed a call to the wrong person on her first day and quit.

I told my best friend that she wasn't the type of person he should be considering or a long term relationship. After I got engaged, she pressured him into it. When they got engaged, she quit her job and refused to look for another one because she said he would take care of her. They were married for six years and then got divorced because he couldn't handle her giving up on everything. He wanted a better job so he kept trying for it and she would mentally abuse him when he wouldn't give up. The job he wanted was highly competitive to get hired, and he had over 50 interviews in total for it. Instead of being encouraging, she would tell him that he was a failure and to give up.

When he finally got the job, she acted like she encouraged him all along and that he was nothing without her. After about another year, he left her. It was the happiest day of his life.


#33 Hashtag Obsessed

He was straight up obsessed with social media. He had to have the best tweets, and he only cared about his followers.

At some point, he had some sort of mental breakdown and didn't talk to her for like, two weeks. When she asked him if they were okay, he told her he wanted to break up.

When they did break up, I recommended that she unfollow him and she said she was going to. But then he said, "Don't be immature and unfollow me."

She never did. Clearly, she's not over him.


#34 Livid About Littering

We were playing board games at our friend's house. They came a little late together after getting some food from a drive through. Once she was done with her meal, she crumpled up her food wrapping and simply dropped it on the floor beside her. She didn't bother to get up and walk literally five steps over to the garbage.

This level of arrogance and general disrespect for others became more and more evident as time went on. It was small, but I noticed it early. It actually kinda blew my mind as she was also coming across as quite an intelligent person.


#35 Neighborhood Watch

She turned up at my house while we were hanging out. She wasn't allowed in (my mom had crazy rules about visitors), so she sat at the end of our street for four hours waiting for us to finish.

We didn't know she was outside. I apologized for not letting her come in, and she just walked off. She stayed just out of sight waiting for her boyfriend to appear so she could ambush him.


#36 Seeing Clearly

One night, my roommate's girlfriend was driving to our place in the rain. She called him and told him she couldn't see out of her windshield. He asked her if she had her windshield wipers on. After a long pause, she gave an, "Oh, thanks," and then hung up.


#37 Hampering His Homecoming

My friend and I were living together at the time, and his significant other was from another state, so she'd come to visit maybe once or twice a year. He was on his way out of the military, so this worked for them.

Whenever she'd come over, he became someone completely different. Normally, he was witty, ever willing to trade barbs about myself or our other roommate; always willing to jaw about games, or watch silly movies. But when she was around, he'd just be...no one. LITERALLY no one. He stopped having a personality around us.

They'd spend all day together, which is completely understandable. They spent a long time apart, so I get that, but when they did come out of their room for dinner, all that came out was her opinions and her thoughts. Our friend was just... missing.

As soon as she was gone, everything would go back to normal.

I couldn't do much to discourage him from her either, as she was just the bee's knees to him in every way.

They live together now and have a daughter. We talk every once and a while over Google Hangouts for our bi-weekly RPG, but he doesn't respond much to Facebook posts or interact with us very much anymore.


#38 Split Personality

The fact she came up with blatant lies one right after another. She has eight siblings, went to med school, speaks five languages, etc. In reality, she went to community college and worked as a deli slicer for four years.

Also, she has this British accent that pops up now and then, usually when she first meets someone. Usually, she keeps it up for an entire conversation and then it'll vanish.

Or sometimes, she'll switch it up and do a southern accent.

Point is, she's a compulsive liar.


#39 Dating Tasmanian Devil

One day, I walked into his room, and it looked like his place got robbed. Papers and items were scattered all over the floor; posters were all torn off, broken glass everywhere, the bed was super crooked, a liquid was splattered on the wall.... you get the picture. It was a mess.

I asked what happened, and his response was, "Yeah, Jackie got mad at me last night, so she... Yeah."

They are still together three years later, but I fear for his life.


#40 Unlimited Breadsticks

Her favorite place is Olive Garden. We live in New York City.


#41 Serial Kisser

I saw her with her tongue down another guy's throat on a night out.

Our friend didn't believe us. He confronted her, and she denied it, so he believed her.

Six months later, it happened again. Another friend saw it this time. He took a picture.

My friend still didn't believe the picture was of her. We convinced him to confront her. He showed the picture to her, and she confessed.

Love can mess you up. The delusion is real.


#42 Sworn To Silence

She never talked to anyone but him. We all kind of knew her, but she even refused to talk to his brother.


#43 Hairy Encounter

My friend met her sister's boyfriend for the first time a couple of days ago. They were at the pub, and her sister left the table for a second, leaving just my friend and the new boyfriend. My friend was wearing jeans with ripped knees. This was the conversation:

Sister's boyfriend: You haven't shaved for a while then?

Friend: Sorry?

Sister's boyfriend: I can see how hairy your knees are.

Friend: Uh yeah... I... Um...

Sister's boyfriend: It just makes me wonder what else you haven't tended to in a while.

Seriously what the heck? Who says that kind of thing?


#44 Final Destination

When she texted him, he was driving differently than usual. She was tracking him on FindMyiPhone.


#45 Baring It All

She persuaded him to dress provocatively and made him dance in front of her and her friends at her birthday party. She and her friends pointed and laughed at him.


#46 Redder Than Soviet Russia

She called him and yelled at him... For 90 minutes. It was on speaker, so I heard everything. That chick has more red flags than Soviet Russia.

Image result for guy on phone sadFilm Goblin

#47 Horse Books?

I helped them move once and she had a very heavy box labeled "HORSE BOOKS."

I want to reiterate. This was a woman in her 20s who had packed a box full of stuff like Horse Diaries and The Babysitters Club Horse Adventures or something like that.

They now own a horse which they can't afford because she keeps breaking her legs and feet while trying to ride the thing. It keeps her unemployed. It's actually kind of amazing.

Image result for baby sitter club booksModern Mrs. Darcy

#48 Change Is Good, But Too Much Isn't

When he started changing everything about himself to adapt to her lifestyle. I'm all for adapting to a significant other's interests, but he took it too far and lost sight of who he was. His music tastes changed, he got an overwhelming number of piercings, and he just became a less happy person. It's been years since they broke up and he still isn't the same.

Image result for guy with piercings skaterPierce Me Up

#49 The Epitome Of High Maintenance

When she told him to not talk to his parents ever again and to give her control over his bank account. All in the same sentence.

Image result for high maintenance girlLove Panky

#50 The Throwaway

Throwaway for obvious reasons.

I always knew, from the very first time I met him, that he was a bad person. Charismatic, charming, and affectionate to her. But his eyes were so empty.

They got married 14 years ago. She had just turned 18 and most of her life up until then was horrible (she lived with us unofficially, my parents being better ones to her than her own). He was a bit older and had enlisted in the military.

A month before he deployed, after they had moved 3,500 miles away, she went crazy on him after she discovered he was having an affair.

While he was deployed, he won her back through emails and phone calls.

He came home far more damaged than before. Things seemed okay for a few months until she walked in on him with another woman while their infant son slept in a bassinet beside the bed. She naturally threw the other woman out before trying to make him leave as well. He broke her phone in the process. She was still thousands of miles away from me but I packed a bag and drove four days to get to her. She ultimately took him back and things seemed to stabilize. Three more children and many years passed without incident.

She has no job, no high school diploma and no family to fall back on besides me. We offered to have her and the kids move in with us temporarily until she got on her feet, but she declined.

Recently, she and I drew up a notarized document stating that I am to get her children if something were to happen to her.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it never comes down to that.

Image result for friend consolingFiona Dee



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