Divorced Men And Women Share The Final Straw That Ended Their Marriage

Marriage isn’t for everyone. While most people are thrilled at the prospect of spending the rest of their lives with another person, others are intimidated by it.

And they’re right to be — The divorce rate in the United States has been at its highest in recent years. Nearly 50 percent of couples wind up in divorce, with many of the relationships ending for reasons involving money or another lover. While marriage counseling is available, it is in no way a surefire way to fix a broken relationship. Add children into the equation and things get even messier.

Several men and women across the world have shared their divorce stories online. Some of the reasons for the divorces are common, while others are more surprising. Whatever the case, the outcome remains the same: they all managed to leave a horrid situation.

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#35 Lock And Key

We made plans to go to the movies for Valentine’s Day. He flaked on me and I went to the movie alone. Coincidentally, the movie playing was Definitely, Maybe, which is about a divorced father and how he met the mother of his daughter.

Whenever my kids ask me what really happened between me and their father, I end up doing what the main character in the movie did. I would twist the facts of our marriage, move events around and change some names. I still wanted them to see him in a good light. He was their father, after all.

What had actually happened was he was sleeping with another girl behind my back. He had already pretty much moved in with her and even started raising her son as his own. He left me no choice. I changed the locks and filed the paperwork.

No hard feelings though. I’m a much happier person without him and have zero regrets about leaving him.


#34 Tats On My Arm

For my husband’s birthday, I paid for his tattoo. He got “father” tattooed down one arm and “family” down the other. Then, I found out he was sleeping with the tattoo artist. We have three young children together.


#33 A Critical Transition

She waited until we were married and had two kids to come out as a transgender woman. I support her being who she needs to be, but I just couldn’t be with someone who would lie to me like that. Of course, we had way more problems, but that was the final straw, I suppose. The divorce was amicable and we’re on good terms now. I have the kids and she moved to another state to pursue her transition.


#32 For The Horde

He quit his job when I was five months pregnant. I continued to work at the family bar during my pregnancy. He didn’t bother looking for another job.

I went back to work two months after I gave birth and always had to find a babysitter whenever I had a shift. My husband couldn’t be trusted with the baby… One time, I left the baby with him and when I got home he hadn’t fed or changed her.

My husband stopped showering and would play World of Warcraft all day and night. I told him to get his act together or I would leave him. He told me he was doing nothing wrong, so I left.


#31 Gimme Something To Break

She threw my laptop onto the floor, which caused the screen to break. I took it into the bedroom to inspect it. I brought it back out to show it to her. She accused me of breaking the screen. Wasn’t the first thing of mine she broke, nor the first time she made a ridiculous accusation.

#30 Feeling Very Lucky

Her Google search history had an entry that read: “What to do if he doesn’t call you back after sleeping together.” The date of the search was listed as the day she went for a girls night out.


#29 Treat Her Mother Right

He called my mom a terrible, derogatory word. That was the last straw. Call me anything you want but don’t cuss my elderly mother. She was afraid of him…

#28 Bills, Bills, Bills

My wife stole a credit card from someone in my family and used $1,200 to pay her bills. I knew nothing of it and the investigator was trying to involve me in her mess. No way. I’d be homeless before I stole anything to pay my bills.


#27 Keep Your Distance

We were going through a rough patch. When I tried to talk to her about the total lack of intimacy in our marriage, she replied with this:

“I just don’t feel the same way about you anymore. The thought of you touching me makes my skin crawl. And no, I don’t want to try to rekindle things. I don’t want to go on date nights, and I definitely don’t want to go to marriage counseling. If you ever raise this subject again I’m going to walk out.”

Maybe I should have stuck things out and kept trying to fix things, but she convinced me that things were just how she wanted them and nothing was going to change.

#26 Death In The Family

Our son suddenly died of pneumonia at eight weeks old. Naturally, I was thrown into a deep depression. About six weeks after his death, I was having a particularly bad day and couldn’t get out of bed. I was numb. My ex-husband’s reaction? “Oh c’mon, snap out of it.” And he walked away, making sure I heard his noises of frustration and disapproval.
I knew in that exact moment I could no longer be with him. I told him I was leaving him a week later and I moved out. It was the right decision, for the sake of my mental health.

#25 Anger Management Problems

It was his anger. Sometimes it would get so bad that he’d come home in a rage and I’d fear for my safety. Finally, I told him he had a week to pack up and move out.

He moved out on our anniversary and we’re good friends now.


#24 Lack Of Support

When my grandfather died, my now ex-husband was more concerned with hanging out with his friend who was staying with us than comforting me. He also used work as an excuse to not attend the funeral.


#23 God Bless The U.S.A.

The absolute final straw was when he went to America for a week without telling me. I cared for our one-year-old son all alone. He thought bringing me back a huge multi-colored velvet top hat would make up for him abandoning me. I knew we were done after that. I’ve never regretted it.

#22 Taking Baby Steps

I had been in a long and abusive relationship. Somewhere down the road, I realized that staying in the marriage only jeopardized my safety and self-worth, so I decided to leave. All I needed was a place to go, and when that place finally came along, I immediately moved out. Best decision of my life.

#21 Full Of Sin

She moved in with another man out of the blue. She also lied to everyone, saying that I was beating her. She always tried to shove her religion down my throat as well.  That messed me up for years.

She just wasn’t right for me.

Thankfully, I met someone else and have learned to trust again. Some days I’m actually happy I went through all that with my ex-wife. If not for that, I don’t think I would be the person I am today. At least now I can say I am genuinely happy.


#20 Draining You Dry

The day I saw my all of my financial assets go from a healthy six-figure number to $300 in my checking account, I knew it was over.

She was overseas and apparently having extramarital affairs. We were doing therapy to work through it and I thought things were going to get better.

I went online to pay my monthly credit card balance off and saw only $300 in my checkings account. I’ve never seen my account balance that low before.

We went to court to settle it and I was awarded the vast majority of the funds back. Then we did the whole divorce thing.


#19 What’s In Your Wallet?

My family and I were told that my sister had been killed in a car accident. We went to the police station to get more information. The entire time, my husband ignored me and did absolutely nothing to console my family.

He ended up inviting a friend over that same night and he talked about much my sister’s death affected him. I remember him saying, “I’ll never forget what was in her wallet…” I never forgave him for that and we separated within a year.

#18 Holding It In

We would be good for say, three or four days, then all of a sudden he would go back to pandering me with petty commentary on everything I did wrong.
One time, after I had just come home from work, he said: “Oh, so you’re just going to sit on the couch when dinner needs to be made?” It was horrible.
He’d deliberately yell at me in front of his family and they’d also chew me out for the dumbest reasons. I’d just sit there grinding my teeth away. It makes me tremble in anger just thinking about it.

#17 Online Betrayal

I moved to another country for a man I thought was the love of my life. One night, after a year-and-a-half of marriage, he bought me roses for the first time and admitted that he had cheated on me multiple times with girls he met online. To top it off, the only reason he admitted it to me is that he had snooped through all my stuff and realized how depressed I was. I left him.


#16 Be Connected. Be Discovered.

I was on a ship for a month and my wife was traveling across the country for work. One day, a random girl messaged me on Facebook and told me that my wife was pregnant with her boyfriend. The worst part is that my wife wouldn’t even admit it to me when I confronted her about it.


#15 A Survivor In More Ways Than One

I was 43 and diagnosed with very aggressive breast cancer. I had a good prognosis but needed a mastectomy, 13 rounds of chemo and regular radiation therapy. My husband had a very demanding job and we had four young children, so my mom would fly out for every round of chemo to take care of me and help run the family.

Just after my sixth chemo session, my mom passes away suddenly from undiagnosed heart problems. Ten days after, my husband of 20 years comes home and confesses to an affair that he had two years earlier. I’m sick, bald, in the middle of chemo, boobless and had just lost my mom. He chooses that moment to tell me he cheated on me.

I became severely depressed. He got tired of me, so he divorced me. That was eight years ago. I am now healthy, living in own my own home and very fortunate to not be in that abusive marriage anymore. My kids are also doing great. I still miss my mom, but thankfully I inherited her strong will and perseverance.


#14 It’s Your Duty

Strangely, it was his jury duty questionnaire that caused our marriage to end.

It asked him to list his next of kin and he listed his mother. It also asked if any of his family members had been a victim of a violent crime and he answered no, despite the fact that I was. In fact, the case was serious enough that the guy got the death penalty, so I reminded him of that.

Basically, from that one jury questionnaire, I realized he didn’t consider me family, and I just didn’t see any reason to keep trying after that.

#13 Studying More Than Math

She decided that she wanted to go back to school, which I fully supported. She kept staying out later and later to “study” while our young children were missing her every night. Her study group turned out to be one person… who she admitted to sleeping with when I confronted her about it.

#12 Removing The Virus

I got really sick. The doctor thought it was a brain tumor. Turns out it was just psychosomatic. My body was simply reacting to all the abuse he’d subjected me to over the years.
The day I asked for a divorce, I instantly got better. The doctor shook my hand and told me to come back if I had any real problems…

#11 Sweet Child ‘O Mine

After some good and bad years with my husband, I was finally ready to have a child. However, I realized I didn’t want him to be my child’s other parent.

#10 Gotta Catch ‘Em All

I think Pokemon Go was the final straw. We were married for eight years and had a kid. He had trouble keeping a job and hadn’t had work in nine months. He only worked a part-time job, and even that he eventually lost.

I blame Pokemon Go. I think he was showing up late and tired from staying up all night playing that wretched game downtown.


#9 Open And Shut Case

One of my husband’s MANY girlfriends actually came up to me, apologized and said, “He told me that you knew about me and that you had an open marriage.” I had already been planning to leave him before she even told me. She just made my decision that much easier.


#8 Hospital Roll Call

I had a surgery scheduled during the time my husband was out of town on business.

After the surgery, there were complications. I should have been home that evening, but I ended up in the ICU for two more days. My friend called my now ex-husband and told him that I almost died and was in the ICU. His reply was, “Well, she didn’t die so I’ll be home when my business trip is over.”

When we both got home, he was nice enough to leave the hotel invoice on our dresser.


#7 Cat’s In The Cradle

He tried to kill my eight-month-old kitten by throwing it through a wall in our apartment. His reason: “The little thing wouldn’t stop meowing.”

Image result for cat

#6 Excuses, Excuses

She refused to go back to marriage counseling because she hated that I made her feel guilty for sleeping with another guy.


#5 Too Experimental

My husband believed in too many quack holistic practices. I kept telling him that things like healing stones and “peeing rituals” were all just pseudoscience, but he refused to listen.

I put up with it for a while, but when he got the kids involved, I immediately knew it was over.


#4 Constant Disappearing Acts

For three months, he would only be home for ten minutes after he got home from work… Just long enough to greet me and our infant son before taking off to party with friends until God knows when.

The final straw was when he thought it was acceptable to disappear for the entire weekend and then get mad at me when I went looking for him. He had a seizure disorder and schizophrenia, so I just wanted to make sure he was safe.

But oh, but I shouldn’t worry? Good riddance.


#3 Enjoy The Show

Finding plane tickets and hotel reservations to go meet some dude she had been chatting with online.

Turns out, the guy wasn’t Alaskan adventurer he claimed to be. He was just a part-time ticket-taker at a movie theater, living in his mom’s basement.


#2 No Dimes Available

He told me we were too young when we met and that he never got to live a “bachelor lifestyle.” He wanted to take a break so that he could date around and get it out of his system. This happened about a month after we got married.

We lived together for nine years and were married for six months. Our marriage only lasted so long because he realized that he wasn’t attracting the dime pieces he thought he would.


#1 Everything At Once

I decided to go to college and get my degree. He refused to get a job to help. I said fine, but at least keep the house up.

He didn’t.

He expected me to work eight hours, then go to school for eight more, then come home and cook, clean, do his laundry, and run him around town. I realized that he didn’t really care about me the way a husband should.