The 10 Best Dogs For Starting A Family With

When choosing a dog to adopt, cuteness isn’t the only thing you should consider. There are three important factors that will determine how compatible a certain breed of dog is with your family: temperament, size, and energy level.

Temperament essentially refers to the dog’s personality. Generally speaking, dogs with a calmer temperament tend to do better in families with young kids, as they have the ability to make strong bonds without being excessively rowdy.

When it comes to size, it should be considered relative to the dog’s temperament and energy level. Just because a dog is large, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a brute. Likewise, just because a dog is small, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily docile.

Lastly, a dog’s energy level should complement the family’s lifestyle and preferences. When choosing a dog, the potential owners must be realistic about how much time they can actually dedicate to the dog. For example, those who have busier lives may not be suitable for dogs that require more exercise than average.

Nevertheless, all dogs are capable of being man’s best friend, but here are 10 breeds in particular that are perfect for families.

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Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is a popular dog breed of choice, especially among first-time dog owners. They are perfect for families that live a balanced lifestyle since they have a moderate energy level. They are satisfied just lounging around during the day, but also don’t mind going out for a hike with you in the afternoons. They are smart, easy to train, and relatively apathetic to young kids pulling on their tails and ears.


Labrador Retriever

While they may seem large and assertive, Labradors are actually super sweet and friendly. They are incredibly loyal to their owners and are constantly looking to play. If you have an active family, a Labrador would fit right into your lifestyle as they have an almost insatiable craving for games. They are also great with kids and often exhibit a protective nature around them. Just make sure to train them early to prevent excessive rowdiness as they grow up.



Collies have these beautiful, silk-like fur coats that require a bit more maintenance than other dogs. They are incredibly smart and quick learners, so as long as you give them proper training, you’ll be able to establish command over them. Collies are also playful but still gentle around kids, which makes them a great family dog. Because they can grow pretty large, they would better suit more spacious homes and environments.



The beagle is one of the cutest breeds out there. Their floppy ears, loving eyes, and goofy personalities make them totally irresistible. An important thing to note about beagles is that they flourish on companionship. They hate it when you aren’t near them, so they might not be the best choice for your family if your household is usually empty during the day.


French Bulldog

French bulldogs, or Frenchies for short, are small dogs with a big dog mentality. Their unique look and kooky personalities have made them a popular choice over the years. Like the beagle, French bulldogs were also bred to be companion dogs. They can be content even in small areas, which makes them great for people who live in apartments.

Bichon Frise

The bichon frise is a furry dog that has the benefit of being a low-shedder. They are very sweet and affectionate dogs that make amazing playmates for playful children. While they are relatively small in size, they do require frequent walks and moderate amounts of activity. They also respond best to regular training, so they would best suit families who have more time to spend on them.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are often employed as therapy dogs, so they are definitely a great fit for families with kids. Along with their cuteness is a fun personality that works well with an active lifestyle. Cocker spaniels will require more grooming than usual, especially around their ears as they are prone to ear infections (they absolutely love being pampered).


Dachshunds are known for their courageous nature. Despite being smaller in size, they are assertive and think with a big dog mentality. That actually works in their favor, as they are considered to be amazing watchdogs. Nevertheless, they are still great companions to haveā€”just make sure you don’t have too many steps in your home as dachshunds are prone to disk problems in their long backs.


Poodles are a good option for families with allergy-prone individuals. While no breed of dog is completely hypoallergenic, poodles are very close to being so, as they produce very little allergens. They also come in three different sizes, so there’s more variety to choose from. Poodles will suit those who have frequently transitioning lifestyles since they adapt well to new situations.


While the aforementioned pure breeds are great choices, don’t rule out mixed breeds! They provide you the traits of two breeds in one, which lets you be more selective with the personalities you seek.