People Share Why They No Longer Speak To Their Best Friend

Friendship is a beautiful thing. It’s wonderful to have someone you can tell all your secrets to; who you can call at any time for any reason.

However, certain things can cause a friendship to go sour. It’s sad to say goodbye to someone you are so close to, but some things just can’t be reconciled. Whether a best friend break-up happens because you grew apart, or someone committed something unforgivable, you just have to move on.

These internet users share their stories about losing a best friend. Some of them are heartbreaking, while others are so downright frustrating to hear about you might just pull your hair out.

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#48 I Called Dibs…

My best friend knew just how big of a crush I had on this one guy in our class. We made a pact early on that we would never go after the same guy. We had a system where we would declare dibs on the guys we were each interested in. Throughout our entire friendship, that pact has remained in effect and she never once violated it.

But things were different with this guy. I could tell she liked him too, but I didn’t care because I called dibs on him first. One day when I was sick and didn’t attend school, she approached him. When I came back to school a few days later, they were already dating.

How dare she.

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#47 Drifted Apart

My best friend and I had similar personalities. We were both pretty extroverted and outlandish, and that’s what made hanging out with each other fun. But we also clashed a lot, and whenever we did, both of us were too prideful to admit that we were wrong.

At some point, I matured enough to realize that I was the source of toxicity in many of our fights. I thought the responsible thing to do was remove myself from her life because I felt I was becoming a bad influence on her. After some time, we just drifted. It’s been five years since we last spoke and still going.

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#46 Siblings Are Off Limits

My best friend and I made an agreement that we would never date each other’s siblings. A couple of years down the road, he started making advances at my sister. I gave him a warning, but he didn’t care.

Eventually, he chose her over me. It sucks because he comes over all the time and it’s so awkward since we’re no longer friends anymore.

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#45 The Wife Doesn’t Want Single Guys Around

He got married and I was single. His wife didn’t want him hanging around a guy like me, who’s still single and dating other girls. I’d visit him and it got to the point where we’d just stand outside his place the whole time. It took me a while to realize he wasn’t inviting me in to sit down because his wife didn’t want me there.

I did what I still think was the right thing and faded into the background silently. I wished him and his wife the best.

This guy was the truest brother anyone could ask for. He stood up for me when I was a scrawny kid and even though it’s been many years since I never forgot that.

I was even his best man at his wedding.


#44 The Ultimate Wedding Burn

He didn’t invite me to his wedding on his wife’s behest. I was his first ever, longest and most trusted friend to that point.

#43 It’s Hard When Your Best Friend Is A Narcissist

We parted ways a while ago because of her behavior. It took me a long time to realize she is a narcissist. She’s been trying recently to reestablish the friendship, but I keep my distance since it’s obvious she does not care about me at all.

For example, she texted me two weeks ago because asking to talk on the phone about my brother’s wedding. She used to be friends with him, and a lot of their mutual friends attended, though she wasn’t invited. I called her, and she just talked about herself for two hours before saying she had to go. She never once asked about the wedding during the conversation.

I’m working on cutting all contact again.


#42 Forgiveness Is Not An Option Here

She seduced my husband. They’re married now and she taught my young kid to call her “mom.” I never retaliated, but she hates me and finds little passive aggressive ways to use my son to hurt me on a regular basis. Forgiving her just isn’t something I can ever make progress on, especially amidst her constant antagonism.

#41 When You Marry Your Best Friend, Who Also Happens To Be A Cheater

He cheated, and we got divorced. He’d been my best friend since I was 12. I’ve still not made another comparable connection, really. I’ve got people I love and whatever; just no one who understands me as completely as he did. We were friendly after the divorce and chatted. He wanted to be flirty. He told me how no one had ever gotten to him as I did. However, I knew I could never go back, and when I realized (not through him telling me) that he was married to the woman he cheated with, I blocked him. I’m not angry enough to turn the tables on her, but I miss the guy who WAS my best friend.

#40 Not The Kind Of Friend You Keep

He set me up to get robbed.

#39 This Was Just A Tragic Misunderstanding

I moved to a new country. I tried continuously to contact him and fix things with my best friend, but his social media was down (I thought I was blocked), so I started to hate him. I went back home after six years and asked my mom and dad about him, and it turned out he had died three weeks after I left. No one told me because they didn’t want me to lose it.


#38 Him, Him, And More Him

We could only talk about his stuff. Anytime we would get together; he would mope around if he were not the center of attention. Whenever I would start to open up a bit, he could not stand it. If I ever deviated from his plans, he would hold it against me.
Several times I got quiet as not to upset him and followed along with HIS plans, although nobody wanted to do them. I did this continuously until it got way too much and I stopped replying to him. I’m probably in the wrong for not explaining why I stopped talking to him, but he did so much stuff to me that he owes me this much.

#37 Some People Take Video Games Very Seriously

Roughly seven years ago, my best friend and I had a falling out over who got the diamond sword in Minecraft, and we never spoke again.

No, seriously.


#36 When Kindness Is Considered A Favor, It’s Time To Go

She just never, ever stopped asking for favors. We’d been friends for two decades, and every time we spoke, there was something she needed me to do for her.  She’d decide on her own to do a favor for me to make us even, but it was usually not something I wanted as a favor.

The last straw was my wedding. Her traveling to my town for it was a “favor.” She showed up late, left the ceremony early, left the reception as soon as the food part was over, and then left town without telling me. she wanted back all lined up. That was it for me. I ghosted her, and that was the end.


#35 Who Is The True Bad Influence Here?

My best friend since the second grade married an abusive guy, but her family always saw me as the wrong influence. I couldn’t stand to watch the abuse and didn’t want to be around the awful husband. We haven’t talked in 20 years.

#34 Fathers of Best Friends Are Off Limits

She slept with my father. I caught them and then had to lie to my stepmother.

My dad has had many affairs. My stepmother has broken up with him several times, but she always ends up forgiving him. My friend always told me growing up that she thought my dad was hot and would sleep with him if she could. I never thought it would happen. She is now married to a 70-year-old. We are 36. I guess she likes older men.


#33 A Crush On Straight Friends Spells Trouble

I made the terrible mistake I think most gay guys make in their life at least once. I developed a crush on a straight friend. When he came over once, I came out to him and told him I loved him. I even tried to kiss him. I can’t blame him for dropping me — it was dumb, and I was a stupid kid who just blindsided my friend who was probably just expecting to play video games. Years later, I apologized to him over social media, but never got a response and left it at that. At least I tried to say I was sorry.


#32 An Old-Fashioned Husband Called It Quits On Their Friendship

She got married, and her husband doesn’t want her having any guy friends.

#31 A Friendship Even Death Cannot Break

My law partner walked into our office and dropped dead of a massive heart attack. To be fair, I still talk to her. She just doesn’t talk back anymore.

I really miss her.


#30 An Unsolved Mystery

She was the best friend I ever had. We were constantly talking about how close we were; how identical we were. We had different schedules, so we got to see each other rather seldom, but we still chatted every day until late at night.

Then at once, she stopped talking to me and shortly after blocked me on all social media. Nothing had happened. Now she can’t even look me in the eyes. I am unable to answer why.


#29 Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Selfish Friends

She got mad that I was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder, but she was also one of the reasons why I developed an anxiety disorder in the first place.


#28 Big Mistakes Will Usually Cost You

We don’t talk because I’m an idiot. I only cared about my own struggles and not hers. I didn’t listen to her, and in the end, we had a huge fight over everything. Stupid things were said from both sides, and it cost us the friendship we had. We haven’t talked since. It’s been three years now this December. She said it would take a miracle for us to even talk to each other again. I respect that, but I miss her terribly much and think of her every day. She was like a sister to me, and I messed it up. I wish I saw her, respected her, and listened. Not doing so is the biggest mistake of my life.

#27 A Mooching Friend Won’t Be Around For Long

She and I drifted apart mostly because of our different views on life. She didn’t bother having ambitions because she said that we’re all going to die anyway. Why try for a nice job, house, and car if you can’t take them with you after death?

Along with this, she started mooching off of me. She’d invite me to dinner and then after ordering she’d say, “Oh, by the way, I don’t have any money, so you’re paying.” Or we’d meet out at a bar, and she’d tell me to give her money so she could buy a drink.

After years and years of this piling up, I just had it and cut ties.

I still miss how close we were, but it wasn’t a fair and equal friendship.


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#26 A False Accusation Can Really Hurt

After sitting with her and holding her through the pain of her miscarriage, she called me on my 10th wedding anniversary and accused me of having feelings for her husband who I dated 17 years ago in high school for a hot second. She I still had a thing for him because I had hugged him at the hospital to console him. A year has passed since that moment, and I still feel broken and hurt.


#25 The Best Friend That Turned Into The Worst Nightmare

I finally moved out of our apartment. Her mental health had declined throughout six years.

It started randomly one day. She started having unprovoked outbursts. She would scream, break things, and just say insanely hurtful stuff. An hour or so would pass, and she would suddenly be a totally different person, forgetting everything that just happened.

It happened only twice the first year (police were called both times by the neighbors). Then, the episodes became more frequent and more violent.

I would try to help her through her episodes and console her afterward. We’d talk her through her feelings together and go through meditation techniques. But even after everything we tried, her episodes continued to happen more and more frequently. She sought out a therapist, but she went only once, and nothing changed.

Eventually, I felt trapped and frightened all the time. I became depressed and developed serious anxiety issues. I stopped going out and hanging with my other friends. Our house became disgusting. I even started peeing in water bottles just to stay away from her. One of my lowest days, I spent it in my filthy bed writing dozens of sad notes and sobbing.

Finally, one day she had a particularly frightening episode in which she broke several glasses in a rage screaming about one of her ex-boyfriends. The night after her freakout, I was lying in bed, trembling until hours later after her episode. I realized there was only one way out of this and I started looking for an apartment that night. The day I moved, I completely cut her out of my life. I’ve seen her once since then, but it was brief. Last I heard, she is moving into her parents’ house after living in three different apartments with multiple roommates.

We were best friends since high school. We knew each other for over ten years and even made a blood pact together as teenagers. We went on dozens of vacations together, took care of each other when we were sick, and spent entire days together doing nothing but talking. She was the most important thing to me for a large chunk of my life, and it was really hard to throw away that friendship. Now six months later, my new apartment is spotless, I haven’t been late on rent once, and I am even planning to host Thanksgiving at my house this year.


#24 Politics Over Friendship

He became a right-wing guy, which is, per se, not a reason to end friendships. But he would often confront me about political standards, and that started to create distance between us. I live in a country where politics are getting more and more extreme, and I was walking down a completely opposite political road.

#23 Not The Christmas Gift She Was Hoping For

I came home for my first Christmas after being stationed across the country. I was super excited to see my friends and more so my best friend and her family. I went to her house. My bestie was acting super strange and wouldn’t look me in the eye or talk directly to me.

A few days later, I was doing my daily social media scroll and saw that she had been dating my ex-boyfriend. She had just posted their first Christmas pictures together as a couple. I tried to have a conversation about it and tell her that it was okay. During that conversation, she decided she would rather cut me out of her life.

I’m guessing she was ashamed or didn’t want to deal with the awkwardness.


#22 Disrespecting Grandma Is Crossing The Line

I took her to my grandmother’s funeral, and she complained to me that she was bored. Haven’t talked to her since we left the memorial!

#21 The Truth Is Sometimes Too Tough To Take

I told him he shouldn’t marry his fiancee. I found out she was cheating on him. He stopped talking to me and said I was lying.

Years later, I saw him at the bar and told him we needed to bury the hatchet. He told me he couldn’t do that after what I said to him.

I hear she is still cheating on him.

Miss my best friend.


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#20 Those Friendship Rules Just Won’t Fly

She started demanding that I reply to her texts within 10 minutes. She also asked me to call her “master.” We are both girls, I am straight, and we were never involved romantically. It’s like she changed completely in two months.


#19 A Friend Of Antivax Is No Friend Of Mine

She had a child and turned into an antivaccination supporter. I lost respect for her and it caused a rift in our friendship.

#18 Save The Judgments For God, Please

I have a daughter with a genetic disorder, and she was really sick when she was born, which was shocking to everyone because we had no idea anything was wrong.

As we were processing and grieving, my best friend told me, “My mom and I think that your daughter is a punishment from God for your past sins.”


#17 The Worst Welcome Home Imaginable

While I was deployed, he took my girl, got her pregnant, and married her. I only found out when I returned home.

#16 A Real Friend Wouldn’t Even Think That, Let Alone Say It

We ended our friendship because she insinuated that I was abusing the government assistance my husband received for life-saving medical treatment. She told me this while I was sitting next to his hospital bed watching him fight for his life.
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#15 Two Very Different Paths

We were friends from the very beginning of primary school but drifted apart in our last year of high school. She started hanging out with older friends, partying, and taking illegal substances. I was focused on doing well in my final exams and getting into a good university.

Shortly after we finished high school, she got pregnant and I never really saw her again after that, as her boyfriend didn’t really want her hanging out with any of her old friends. She has two kids now, and last I heard she was planning on going to university. I wish her well, but our lives just went down very different paths in the end.


#14 Don’t You Hate It When Feelings Get In The Way?

He was my best friend, but then he started having feelings for me. It was hard for him to continue being around me, and we eventually drifted apart.


#13 Sometimes You Have No Choice But To Move On

We were best friends from childhood. Always together. Always! Once we got to college, he started acting odd. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I tried talking to him about it but to no avail. I talked to his little sister a while later (after we began drifting) and found out that he was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia.
I tried being a good friend but couldn’t when he became really angry and violent. We’ve always been like brothers that legitimately never even had a spat, let alone arguments leading to punches being thrown. I slowly backed away from our friendship but always find myself thinking about him. He stopped talking to his family and everyone else — poor guy.

#12 Someone Needs A Serious Attitude Adjustment

I couldn’t handle her attitude anymore. She used to be a pretty chill, logical person who could admit when she overreacted or would give warnings she was in a bad mood.

She started dating a guy who encouraged a lot of bad and irrational behaviors. She’s a totally different person now. Nothing is ever her fault; the world is just out to get her. She’s constantly going back and forth between extreme emotions but refuses to get help even though she has insurance and can afford it. She also doesn’t think anything is wrong with her. It’s everyone else who can’t handle her.

And what actually bothers me the most is how she still wants to talk to me all the time. It’s clearly set up to prompt me into asking her questions about her life, and her life only.

I hate people who try to have conversations like that. You clearly want to talk about something, so just say it. I refuse to talk to someone who is just prompting.


#11 Growing Apart Is Harder Than It Seems

He joined the Marines and found a brotherhood that made ours pale in comparison. It sucks, but I’m sure America got one heck of an awesome Marine.

We’re in our 50s now and have families of our own. We still have some mutual friends, but for reasons unknown, he never seemed interested in contacting me after his service days. Maybe it was just because I didn’t join? We both knew that was not my path.

I used to visit his family when he was away, so maybe they told him I was a freak. We went through a lot of crazy stuff together, and we thought we’d be friends forever.

I just chalked it up to people moving away and drifting apart

#10 She Gave The Word Ghosted Meaning

I reached out to talk to her because I needed someone to help me figure out what to do after my husband had cheated on me. She was completely absent. Like, she gave meaning to the word “ghosted.”

#9 The Pain Of Trauma Can Be Stronger Than The Bond Of Friendship

I’ve known him for 15 years. We both got married around the same time. Our wives both got pregnant around the same. But his daughter died a few days after birth and ours didn’t. I was there for him as much as I could be, especially since we live in different states now. But things just haven’t been the same since. It was a huge loss for them. I don’t want to imagine the pain. But I think it just made it difficult for them to be happy for us.


#8 It’s Either Me Or The Guns

He became a Jordan Peterson fanatic and obsessed with guns. He even brought a gun to Dungeons & Dragons night because he “wanted to be protected from any possible threats.”

#7 Three Is A Crowd

There was another girl on the fringe of our friend group (I’ll call her B) who wanted to be her best friend as well. We all went to the same college and B made her move. She told my best friend that I was trying to steal her boyfriend. It was all petty stuff but my best friend believed her instead of just asking me, which was odd as we’d been best friends for over ten years.


#6 Immoral And Immature To Boot

My former friend was having an affair with a married man and constantly canceled plans with me so she could sneak around with him. She would also do weird stuff like prank call his wife and hang out with him and his kid.


#5 Racism Is Never Good For A Friendship

We are both white, and I married an Indian man, who has a child. I love his child like my own. Anyway, my ex-best friend and her boyfriend made comments about how their little white girl couldn’t marry “someone like that,” in reference to my stepson, along with some other nasty racial stuff. She was okay telling me about it while laughing.


#4 When Your Best Friend Gets Violent On You, It’s Over

The military broke him… He became randomly hostile and violent. After he hit me in the head with a tripod, I stopped talking to him.

#3 Stealing From Your Friends Won’t Get You Far

We’re no longer friends because I offered him my home when he was in need and he took it as an opportunity to steal from me.


#2 Saying No To Her Fiance Wasn’t Good Enough

Her fiance began repeatedly coming on to me. It was apparently my fault for not saying no affirmatively enough.


#1 To Call Her Insensitive Is Putting It Lightly

My brother died. Two weeks later, she told me it was time to stop talking about him and get over it.


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