People Share Their Creepy Neighbor Stories

You don’t get to pick your neighbors. Some of them are great, and some of them are a little weird. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, chances are, you’ve had to deal with at least one crazy neighbor, if not more. You’ve got your typical over-the-top spying neighbors, the obsessed-with-the-lawn neighbors, and even the ones next door who get into gunfights when they’re angry. These people shared their experiences about the creepiest neighbors they’ve ever had. Their stories will remind you to count your blessings for good neighbors when they happen to come around.

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#45 He Wears His Sunglasses At Night

My wife and I live in a large apartment complex in Chicago. I am not sure which apartment this guy actually lives in, but I always see him zooming out of the courtyard. We call him “Future Man”.

Future Man does not speak or walk or try to fit into society in any way. He is easily 6’7 and weighs at least 275 pounds. He wears sunglasses at night and I’ve never seen him actually walk. He rides everywhere on one of those two-wheeled hoverboard thingies and at night, he straps rope-lights to his torso that flash incredibly bright red and green. Sometimes he also has a little Bluetooth speaker clipped to his backpack that blasts some pretty solid 80s/90s hip hop. He does not slow down. He drives it mostly on the road and does not observe such things as stop signs or stop lights.

We have lived in this apartment complex for 5 years and just two weeks ago he acknowledged me for the first time. He simply gave me a head nod and put his hand into a fist as if to say, “You’re okay with me.” He said nothing in actuality, but I’m still beaming from the experience.

He’s my favorite neighbor, but he is weird.

#44 Addicted To Crosswords

So I had a neighbor, at least 80 years old, a widowed guy.

Every time I get the newspaper delivered to my mailbox when I open it, I find the crosswords done (I don’t do them or care at all).

One day, I decided to try catch who was doing my crosswords.

Day One: 8 a.m., they were already done.

Day Two: 7:30 a.m., already done.

Day Three: 7 a.m., I decide to give up.

One day, at 4 a.m., I was getting back home from a night out. I passed by the mailbox with nothing yet delivered, so I place a small camera inside and went to sleep. The next day, I FINALLY GOT IT. It was my neighbor. He had done the crosswords right up on my mailbox, for like 10min (it was absolutely cute, staring at my door from time-to-time, and scratching his head). The next day, I took a 1000 crosswords book, dropped it right at his door, rang the bell, and stayed in my car discretely. He took some time to open the door, then found it. I swear he was the happiest person, like a kid that got a puppy. He stayed on his porch and passed, like, two hours doing crosswords, then fell asleep.

The next day, I was getting back home from work, and he came to apologize (like a kid that has to confess something) and brought some cookies. We stayed talking about his World War Two service and how the world changed.

I frequently bought him crosswords books until he passed away one year ago.

May he rest in peace.


#43 Let’s Hope He Doesn’t Get Splinters

My neighbors’ kid stands on our shared fence and chews it.


#42 Every Single Day

So he has a truck and a car, both kind of old and beat up. Every day he switches their parking places, and every day he leaves the car running, opens the hood, and just stares at the engine for about an hour. He’ll step back for a smoke break, eyes still hard on the running engine from afar. Sometimes he’ll sit in the driver’s seat and listen to the one tape he has left apparently, and it’s Sheryl Crow. Every. Single. Day.


#41 It’s Like A Spare Room, Only Outside

My neighbors have a tent in their backyard. The tent is listed on Airbnb.


#40 The Ultimate Voyeur

We have a bunch of bushes that separate our gardens. Our neighbor cuts the bushes excessively thin on his side so he can watch us through the bushes. He does this exclusively at stretches of bushes where we spend time—so, next to our door and our backyard where we used to sit in the sun or play football with my six- and seven-year-old brothers.

You can see his side of the bushes when you’re on the main road, and the bush everywhere is dense and about two feet thick aside from those spots. Anytime we open the door (makes a noise), we can hear him turning off his lawn mower and making his way to the same place we are, but on his side.

The landlord got upset at him, so the guy bought fencing to put up where he had blatantly cut the bush too thin. This fence is purely a decorative one and can be seen through at head height. Whenever we leave the house, we can hear him finishing what he’s doing, and he’ll be standing down at the front gate to watch us leave. My mom’s also caught him a few times staring through the bush into our kitchen (very large window at our dining table) where mom spends most of her time, so we keep the blinds down all the time.

He got reported to the guards years ago for indecent exposure and some other weird stuff not related to us. We just don’t go in our yard anymore because he’s technically not doing anything wrong and we can’t stop him.


#39 The Cat Lady Man

Across the street, the neighbor feeds the stray cats outside. After he empties the food on their plate, he runs his fingers inside of the can and licks the remaining cat food off his fingers.


#38 Can You See Me Now?

We built a fence on our property line (a few feet into ours actually) and the night it was finished, I heard banging outside. I went to the sunroom we have downstairs and saw a headlamp moving back and forth quickly. I went outside and saw my neighbor throwing lead pipes into our fence screaming, “Can you see me now?” and kept repeating that over and over again. Soon after, he spotted me and ran back inside.


#37 Peeping Tanya

I’ve caught my neighbor probably like 5-6 times just staring at me through the window with complete focus.


#36 Strange Generosity

My neighbor secretly does my yard work.

He’s a very reserved man in his fifties, and my fiancé and I are in our mid/late twenties. Our neighbor never talks to us, and will frantically avoid conversation with other people. He blows the leaves in his yard every single day, even during summer. He also waxes his car once a week. If there’s a storm, the next day he’ll walk around his yard picking up twigs that have broken off of trees until his yard is perfectly clear of twigs. I should mention we live in a forest and both of our yards are at least an acre or so with dozens of trees.

The yard obsession doesn’t end with his property line though. At least once a month, I’ll come home and our yard is magically groomed: the leaves have been blown (even if we just blew the leaves a few days prior), our gravel driveway has been sprayed for weeds, our tiny section of grass has been mowed, etc. We take care of our yard; I have flower beds I maintain, and we do a big “yard maintenance day” once a month. But it doesn’t come close to our neighbor’s yard maintenance. I’ve even caught him in our yard a couple of times and he just hustles out without saying a word. We have a picket fence around our acre lot, so it makes him silently leaving our yard just a little awkward since he has to walk all the way up to the gate.

I’ve tried to thank him multiple times, but the last time I brought him cookies as a thank you for blowing our leaves he would only open the door a crack, took the cookie tin, dumped the cookies into his hand, handed me back the tin, and quickly shut the door. Now I just leave thank you cards in his mailbox.

I’m guessing he’s either bored, has an obsession with yard maintenance, or is just trying to be nice to the young couple next door but really hates social interaction.


#35 Recognition Error

I had a neighbor who thought there were two women living in my house; I had dyed my hair blonde from brunette. He continually asked where the brunette was and how she was doing. I finally just said she was fine.


#34 Pool Rules: No Laughing

There is an old man constantly out only in his boxers and he yelled at my family member for laughing in our pool.


#33 Some People Live For The Stink Eye

The people who live next to me like to invite all the other neighbors over for BBQ sometimes. When I first moved in, It was the only time they had come over to invite me. I’m not super sociable, so I politely declined. Once I’m home, I enjoy my solitude. Probably my own fault, though, for choosing an apartment complex that tries to promote “community.” Apparently, the fact I wasn’t in the mood to socialize must have deeply offended them, considering they spread a rumor around the neighborhood that I’m a drug-addicted ex-convict.

That’s not what’s creepy though. What’s creepy is how every time I take my dog for a walk, my neighbors will come outside and glare at me with crossed arms. It’s the consistency with how they do it too. It could be 3 a.m and here comes the husband in his underwear to give me dirty looks.


#32 Mom’s Got It Goin’ On

My parents have a neighbor that is obsessed with my mom. It was innocent enough at first; he was just nice and they’d have small conversations. They became friends and we would invite him over for BBQs and everything. Then he started to get creepy. Every single time my mom would take the dog out, he would appear outside and want to talk to her. He would find an excuse to come knock on our door every single day. He got the same haircut and grew the same goatee as my dad and started to dress like my dad. He then went and bought the exact same type of motorcycle as my dad. He started showing up at my mom’s work bringing her lunch and flowers. That’s when my dad had to confront him, and it almost became physical. He has mostly stayed away since then.

#31 Social Anxiety Taken Too Far

The neighbor doesn’t leave his car if we arrive home at the same time. He waits until I go inside.


#30 Every Day Is Independence Day

My neighbor sets off huge fireworks in the street throughout the year and just shoves the remains/trash down the sewer. Take that, Pennywise.


#29 Gossip King Of The Hood

(At my parents’ house growing up)

He was a horrific gossip, and would literally run outside when he saw you to talk about so and so.

Anyway, one time I needed Plan B. I went to the store, and he was there. I noticed him following me aisle to aisle, so I doubled back, grabbed the birth control, and split for the checkout. I was in the clear until the cashier couldn’t open the box and yelled to her boss, “I NEED HELP OPENING THIS PLAN B.” Of course, he showed up.

So the next day, I had a pit in my stomach because I knew he was going to tell the neighborhood. I passed these two older ladies, who mentioned the Plan B I took once they assumed I was out of earshot. One said not to tell my mom, it was my business and she understood how rough that must have been. The other commented the neighbor had no business sticking his nose in a tennager’s life and she was going to talk to him.

My mom never found out.


#28 Monthly Gun Fights

My old next-door neighbors had a habit of threatening each other with guns whenever they argued. It wasnt uncommon for their kids to come to our house for safety and to borrow a phone. One or the other was regularly arrested because of this. It was very very rare that a month passed and this didn’t happen at least once. It was weird, to say the least.

#27 The Noise Police

I grew up with neighbors downstairs who would complain about every little noise. Like walking across the floor, running a bath, flushing the toilet, laughing. They used to bang the ceiling all the time, and it was a rented flat, so they used to make official complaints as well. I couldn’t listen to music, not even quietly, had to use headphones. I couldn’t even play the board game Frustration (the one with the dice in a bubble) because they would bang the ceiling. So yeah, weird people.


#26 A True Nudist

A guy who lives in the building next to me is always naked. That’s totally fine, but he always has his windows open and he lives on the first floor. It’s getting to the point where whenever I go out to get the mail or just leave my apartment he’s in plain sight. Now my girlfriend is anxious about bringing her friends over because “Fappy Stan” could be naked in the window at any moment.


#25 Every Person Is A Potential Customer

I have a neighbor who is, by all appearances, very nice. One day he tells me we should get together and I agree, thinking that it’ll be nice to have a friendship with someone lives next door to me. So we get together, and it’s a full-on multi-level marketing pitch. Nine years later, we’re really little more than acquaintances.

#24 Praying For No Wind

They have seven sets of wind chimes—all tuned in different keys—making sleep difficult on windy nights.


#23 Some Pranks Never Get Old

My old neighbor used to collect rabbit poo from her garden and put it on another neighbor’s back doorstep (she frequently went out without shoes on because it led to the garden), Thing is, she pretended to be super nice to the other neighbor, didn’t seem deranged in any way, and was in her mid- to late-twenties.

I saw this all happen from my garden. And then another time, she had her young daughter with her and she cackled about how she was going to kill the rabbit one day… in front of her kid.

It was weird.


#22 Walking The Farm

There was an old guy who walked his three goats, a miniature horse, and two dogs around the large block. Sometimes he had a parrot on his shoulder.  I liked his animals, but it was a sight to see.


#21 Tears Aren’t Enough To Stop Dinner

I have a bipolar neighbor who is always getting in huge fights with her boyfriend that I can overhear. Not that weird, but a week or so ago I got out of my car to her standing in the driveway bawling, and she asked me through the tears if I had any rice.


#20 Pickle Relish And Mustard Too

Not our neighbors, but us.

We have a cat named Ketchup. He likes to go outside and sometimes he’s gone for days at a time. We don’t know where he goes, but we call for him every night he’s gone and he eventually comes back.

Anyway, our neighbors asked why we yell for condiments in the evenings sometimes.


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#19 The Blessed House

It’s my landlady.

She’s super religious and will walk around the house chanting in some language I’m not familiar with all hours of the day. Also, every Sunday she’ll be right on the other side of my bedroom door whispering some blessing about Jesus’ blood cleansing the walls of this house. It is definitely a terrifying sound to wake up to.


#18 Stuffed Animal Display

My former neighbor kept displays of stuffed animals on the porch and front lawn of their house. When I first saw it there, I thought maybe they were moving, but I lived there four years and only watched that weird collection grow.

#17 The Best Way To Herd Chickens

One time I got to see our neighbor running around shirtless screaming “BOOGIE WOOGIE!!” trying to herd a bunch of chickens.

#16 A Neighborly Grudge

They videotape us 24/7. Whenever we come home, they stand on their front porch and watch us. They put a big wire fence up between our houses a few years ago. If we’re backing out of the driveway, they come and watch to make sure nobody hits the fence. Also, their entire house is covered in plants. I can’t see in any of the windows. It’s very weird. If it’s snowing and we accidentally shovel a tiny bit of snow through the wire fence, they will come out and shovel all their snow onto our side. They will cut down trees on our property that are too close to them and throw all the branches in our driveway too. They have paintballed our house. All because we didn’t lend them money a few years ago.


#15 Nice To Meet You

I rarely see my neighbors, but there’s this guy who acts like we’ve never met before everytime we meet. It’s weird, funny and a bit sad.


#14 Keep It To Yourself

My downstairs neighbor told me how “heavy-footed” I am the first time we met. Then, he tried to ply us with red wine to make up for it. He makes really odd comments about our comings and goings. The weirdest was when he told me he had a dream that I was pregnant and he’s had prophetic dreams about other neighbors so I would be soon.


#13 The Definition Of A Friend

According to my parents, in the first house they had, there was a boy next door who made “friends” with my older brother. He always threw rocks at him and shouted “FRIEND” whenever he came into the backyard.


#12 Small Town Crazies

Everyone’s weird in my town, but my neighbor, in particular, stands out from the rest. My parents think he’s definitely hopped on some sort of illegal substance or something.

One time, he approached my mom and asked her, “What would you do if I killed your sister and cut off her head?”

My mother backed away slowly.


#11 Fence-versationalist

He always talks to me from his side of the fence but he never shows more than his eyes when he does. He also only goes by his last name.

[User deleted]

#10 Home Experiments

The guy across the street from me starts weird projects all the time and never finishes them. He once knocked a big hole in his attic and three years later it’s still there, open to all the elements. I don’t think getting snow in the attic is good for the house…

[User deleted]

#9 “I’m Just Landscaping…”

I had a neighbor who would stand in his bushes and stare at me while playing when I was 14… I tried to ask him what he was doing and he said he was just landscaping. That same neighbor would stare at our chickens across our fence for hours.


#8 The Lonely Cameraman

Our neighbor is about 80 years old. He hoards things. His house is filled with clutter and no one in the area has ever really gotten a good look inside. The most I’ve ever seen of it is from the pictures he would give us of our cat, who likes to hang out inside his house often.

He had a camera obsession for a bit. One time, he got a new camera and showed our other neighbor some of the pictures he took. A lot of the shots were of her garden, taken straight from his bedroom window. It was creepy, but I don’t think he meant anything weird by it. He didn’t seem to talk to many people.


#7 Doesn’t He Know Staring Is Rude?

My neighbor goes in and out of his shed all night. He stares us down every time we go outside and stands at his front gate gawking at what we’re bringing into the house. He even tried to open our front door once when he was tipsy. Creeper for sure.


#6 Random Bangs On The Wall

My neighbors sometimes bang on the wall in the middle of the night.

Though, it doesn’t bother me too much because I’m generally still awake playing the drums.


#5 My Neighbor Is A Creepy Voice In The Dark

My neighbor waits for me to come home and greets me from his window. The window faces my driveway and is about 10 feet from the ground. It’s always dark when I walk by so all I ever hear is his voice. It scares me almost every time.

Sometimes he tries to strike up conversations with me and it’s basically like talking to a shadow since I can’t see him.


#4 98% Sure He’s A Burglar

My neighbor has no job but somehow manages to pay his bills. He also always has a van full of random stuff he’s trying to offload. He says they’re just Craiglist finds, but I’m not too sure.

He’s always wearing different safety vests and jumpsuits when he pulls up. 98% sure he’s a burglar.


#3 A Snobby Senior And A Shovel Of Poop

When I was in high school, I had a neighbor who really weirded my family out. She came across as super snobby — she would never look in our direction or even acknowledge our existence.

One day, I had to be at school early for football practice. When I walked out of my house, she was standing in our driveway in her underwear holding a shovel.

I asked her what was going on and she said that our dogs had been pooping in her yard all this time. She then dumped a shovel of poop in our driveway and walked back inside her house. I was completely dumbfounded! We haven’t had dogs in over a year.


#2 Fishy Cars

The guy across from me has multiple security cameras aimed at the road from an upstairs bedroom.

Several cars idle for hours in front of his house, often blasting music. They are clearly not trying to hide, as they are often parked in right in the middle of the road. Many cars stop by his house multiple times a day.

About a week ago at around 4 a.m., several loud bangs echoed throughout the street. When I looked outside, a car was speeding away. My neighbor then appeared about 10 minutes later, loudly telling a driver not to park his car in front of his house. It was if he was expecting someone.

He didn’t seem to care that everyone else on the street had been shaken by what we all thought were gunshots. Later on, another car pulled up to his house and my neighbor took the driver inside. The car remained idle in front of my neighbor’s house.


#1 What the heck, Brad?

Brad, my next door neighbor, has always been a strange dude. One time, around 9 p.m. I was using the washroom and as flushed the toilet, I heard a sudden explosion outside. I jumped nine feet into the air out of fright and run outside to see what the heck happened.

When I get outside, I see Brad standing in his front yard with a massive sledgehammer over his shoulder and spraying a fire extinguisher in his yard. He looks over and sees me, waves the hammer at me, then walks back inside.