People Share The ‘Thing We Don’t Talk About’ In Their Family

Each family has its own strange customs, quirky members and juicy secrets. Often times, when drama and gossip arises, most of the quarrels are settled by dinnertime. However, sometimes the disputes run so deep that it’s better to forget about them entirely and never bring them up again.

That’s because these are the kinds of conversations that could ruin a reunion, send your crazy aunt into an emotional spiral, and even end family connections altogether. Luckily for the netizens of the world, there’s no harm in anonymously sharing the darkest, undisclosed secrets of their families online! After reading these jarring incidents, you’ll understand the reasons why!

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#35 Careful, This Family Slideshow Might Be Rated-R

It was Thanksgiving. My parents had recently returned from Hawaii. My dad wanted to show everyone the photos. He connected the digital camera to the giant flat screen TV and started up a slideshow.

Then, my mother pops up on the screen… in their bedroom… fully nude. He scrolled through several pictures before quickly turning it off. “Whoops, wrong cartridge,” he said.

I was 21 and my boyfriend was with me for the holidays for the first time. He turned pale and went completely silent.

Somehow my 100-year-old grandma missed the whole thing.

We never speak of it. If it is brought up, my mother will yell “WE SWORE TO NEVER MENTION THAT!”


#34 “And This Is Why We Can’t Get A Dog, Kids”

Never mention the parrot from Hawaii.

When I was in kindergarten, my family took a trip to Honolulu. While there, a man on the street asked if we wanted to take photos with his parrots. My sisters and I were jazzed up about it, so my parents gave us permission.

The man had each of us holding a parrot as my mom snapped some pictures. The man then asked my dad to kiss the parrot. My dad was not having any of it. He really didn’t want to kiss the parrot, but to make my family happy and to get away from the man, he did. And that’s when the parrot chomped his lip. Blood and everything.

To this day, over 10 years later, mention of the parrot will incite a 20-minute rant from my dad regarding parrot negligence.


#33 Looking Back, It’s Kinda Funny… Right?

When I was about five years old, my mom, grandma, brother and I were driving home. With about an hour left to go, we decide to stop for gas. We went inside the gas station to pay, but we were $0.13 short. My mom told the clerk “Be right back, I’ll go get it from the car.” So we all go back to the car, and my mom hands me $0.13 to pay the clerk.

I go inside and by now a line has formed. I waited in line (not realizing that I probably could have just gone up to the front to hand him the money). When I finally finished, I walked outside and I saw our minivan driving away. My family was nowhere to be found.

They’d left without me, in an unfamiliar neighborhood, 50 miles from home.

I got scared but I can remember feeling like, “Surely, they’ll be right back, right?” I walked over to a concrete slab next to the gas station and began to cry. It must have been a good twenty minutes when they realized and came back for me. When they pulled up, my mom was bawling and she began hugging and kissing me, apologizing.

It tore her up inside anytime we talked about it. She finally confessed to us how it made her feel, and we all just sorta agreed to never bring it up again.


#32 This Goes Far, Far Beyond Awkward

One of my uncles got a girl pregnant and then ended up in jail. While he was in jail, his brother (my other uncle) ended up marrying the girl and raising the child as his own. Just recently my first uncle got out of jail and has to deal with the fact that his child is being raised by his brother. It’s awkward.


#31 It’s Like He Never Existed

My brother who died. We never ever talk about him. It’s so strange; growing up, I knew I had a brother and that he was hit by a car while he was walking home, but I don’t know anything about him aside from that. I’ve seen his pictures and know what he looked like. I just don’t know anything about his personality—his likes or his dislikes, the type of music he listened to… One time, I found his comics in my mom’s closet when I was younger but that was about it. It’s almost like he was just a fictional character.


#30 Religious Hypocrisy

My mom told my brother that he and his wife can’t ever get divorced because “Divorce isn’t in our religion.”

Her parents are divorced. Same religion.


#29 Way To Make Us Feel Special, Mom

Apparently, our dad had a kid with another woman. He is probably about eight years older than me. My mom blurted something about it after their divorce when she was in an angry mood. It was along the lines of, “If he thinks he can forget you exist like that other kid of his…”

So yeah, I guess I’m not the oldest sibling.


#28 Yeah, Being The Queer Kid Can Suck

They don’t talk about me.

To my family, the queer eldest son who primarily went into theater rather than accounting or engineering doesn’t exist!


#27 If You Thought You’d Heard It All…

The fact that my cousin got kidnapped when he was a baby. Long story short: My aunt got pregnant by an abusive guy and later tried to divorce him. When he refused to leave her, she fled out of the state and came to our house.

He followed her and asked her to try and talk things out with him. When she let him inside our house to talk, he took her baby away.

Twenty years later, my cousin finds us again and we all reconnect. Thanksgiving dinners are great, but we don’t talk about that whole ordeal.


#26 She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

My mom’s cousin is a transgender woman, but that’s not why my family refuses to speak about her.

She’s a compulsive liar and drama queen who actively tries to make everyone’s life miserable. She spread rumors about my mom once, even though my mom did absolutely nothing to wrong her.

One time, when I was much younger, my mom saw her coming down the driveway and we all hit the deck pretending we weren’t home. Nowadays, we don’t even mention her existence. She’s like the well-dressed, sassy Voldemort of my family, only significantly less dangerous and far more annoying.


#25 Sounds Like They’ve Already Got Heaven On Earth

I’m an atheist. When I told my family about it, they said that I wouldn’t be successful in life in comparison to my siblings and cousins because I don’t have faith in something.

But guess who has the only Bachelor’s degree in the family, a well-paying job and a beautiful wife? Me.


#24 Sure, Estranged Father, Take My Bone Marrow

My biological dad showed up last summer after 27 years of not having any contact with me. Turns out, he needed a bone marrow donor for his other son.

I agreed to be checked to see if I was a match. I wasn’t going to blame the 10-year-old kid for his father’s mistakes. But my family and I don’t talk about the whole situation because I had gone behind my mother’s back to help him.


#23 Wait, You’re Still Talking To Her?

We don’t speak about the time my sister stole thousands of dollars from my father’s business while working there.


#22 You Could Have Easily Added The Years Up…

When they were younger, my grandpa left his wife for my grandmother and got her pregnant. They eloped in the 1940s. My grandma was 18 and my grandpa was 27 at the time.

No one in my family knew about this until last year.


#21 That’s Some Very Extreme Irony

No one dares to bring up the fact that my grandfather died on my birthday.


#20 Why Ruin A Perfect Love Story?

My grandfather’s brother was a priest when he was younger. His wife of 40 years used to be a nun. Their first child was born a few months after they left.


#19 Come On, Everyone, It’s The 21st Century

My very Catholic parents never bring up my uncle and his “friend.”

For as long as I can remember, they’ve always been at each other’s sides. Currently, they live together and even own a gay bar, but they are never really open about their lifestyle around my family.

I thought it was something my parents kept from just us kids, but when I asked my dad about it, he said that my mom never really talked to him about it either.

They seem happy and travel all the time so that’s awesome. I just wish they could just be who they are around their loved ones.


#18 So, You Might Have A Mystery Sibling?

We don’t talk about the fact that my dad thinks he has a fourth kid out there somewhere from before he married my mom. He isn’t entirely sure, but I could well have a brother in his 30’s and there’s a good chance I’ll never find out.


#17 This Sure Took A Morbid Turn

Huntington’s disease. My grandpa died from it, my uncle is getting worse from it, and my niece and nephew have a 50% chance of getting it. We all pretend it doesn’t run in our family because it’s difficult to talk about, especially since my grandma is still alive.


#16 I Guess Every Family Is Weird In Their Own Way

My family does not talk about cottage cheese.

My father is a lover of all things dairy. He would drink so much milk as a child that his mother would tell him “You either have to become a dairy farmer, or marry a farmer’s daughter.”

But he’s also very squeamish. He cannot stand the thought of blood, bodily fluids or cheese curds. This makes it hard for him to enjoy his cottage cheese. No one is allowed to talk about cheese curds, whey, or how they’re all made while he is enjoying his snack. If you make the mistake of mentioning any of those things, my dad would end the conversation by throwing his hands in the air and yelling “WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT!”


#15 I Don’t Think This Is Healthy

We don’t talk about how my uncle is schizophrenic. He thinks the voices he hears in his head are coming from heaven, and that the creatures he sees are from hell. I guess you could say he’s pious.


#14 The Downfalls Of Having Different Dads

My sister’s biological dad. We all know she’s our half-sibling and that our dad isn’t her dad, but we never talk about it. None of us know who he is, or if he ever paid child support, or if our sister knows him. Nothing. And I’m sure none of us will ever bring it up.


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#13 Well, That Sure Wasn’t The Happiest Day Of Their Life

My wedding day.

I was in a six-month marriage to an emotionally abusive woman and it ended with infidelity, depression, and homelessness. I’m totally fine now but I don’t ever mention it, so no one else does.

My grandpa has brought the wedding up a couple of times for necessary reasons, but refers to it as “that time we met you in the park.”


#12 How On Earth Did They Pull This Off?

My father lied to our family about everything: where he grew up, where he lived, his military background, having another family, his jobs, etc. We found out all of the secrets he was keeping after he died and never spoke of it again. It’s been 10 years since he died.


#11 We Could All Use A Grandpa Like This

No one in my family talks about how my grandfather was the only one to accept my older brother when he came into the picture. My dad married my mom when my brother was three years old, long before I came along.


#10 Dang, I Wouldn’t Talk About Her Either

My dad never talks about his sister. She stole thousands from their father, fled to New Mexico, and is now hosting my great uncle and waiting for him to die so she can claim his belongings. I don’t know if he’s actually going to will anything to her but she seems certain. I haven’t seen my aunt in over a decade but she’s a real piece of work.


#9 Something Just Isn’t Adding Up…

We never talk about how there’s negative downtime between all my brother’s girlfriends.


#8 Hey Bro, Your Wife Is Insane!

My sister-in-law has one of my parent’s credit cards which she uses to buy groceries for her family. My brother isn’t aware that she is spending $400-$500 per month on the card. I told my parents they should tell my brother about it, but they are too scared that he will get mad and refuse to bring their grandchildren around. I offered to confront her for them, but they told me to stay out of it. I try to honor their wishes, but it sure is awkward being around my brother, knowing what I know.


#7 Best We Never Mention This Again…

That time I came back home tipsy and hurled all over my mom’s carpet before passing out.


#6 There’s No Excuse For This

The fact that my mother abused me until I was about 14. When I was nine, she kicked me out on Christmas Eve during a winter storm. I ended up walking to my grandparents’ house three miles away, with no shoes on. Everything is all “forgiven and forgotten” now and everyone pretends it never happened. It was all blamed on the fact she suffers from bipolar disorder and depression. No diagnosis can erase her deeds, though.


#5 Get Your Head Out Of Your Bible, Dad

My former minister father dresses in full drag twice and frequents gay nightclubs, despite the fact that he acts so strongly opposed to gay marriage. He had even led a religiously funded political organization to oppose equal rights once. The only times I’ve spoken to him about his secret were during the two times I caught him.

I wish he could just accept who he is, but his faith will never allow him to. Almost everyone in the extended family knows about it now, but we never talk about it.


#4 Oh, Fathers And Their Finances

My dad selling off his Enron stock before the scandal broke and the company collapsed.

He got sick of everyone saying, “Looks like you dodged a bullet there,” so now we all just keep our mouths shut about his good timing.


#3 That Must Have Been An Eventful Work Trip

When my grandmother was a young adult, came home from a business trip pregnant. The child she bore ended up being my mother, but she was raised entirely by the man my grandmother had married. We have no idea who the biological father is since grandma passed away without telling anyone his name.


#2 They Finally Got Some Answers

My parents died from AIDS in the early ’90s when I was just two years old.

Growing up, I never knew how my mother died, and I was simply told my father suddenly disappeared. I remember throwing a tantrum in middle school because I was frustrated with everyone not telling me what really happened to my parents. When my aunt finally told me the truth, I remember crying alone in my room for hours. I’m pretty sure their deaths are the reason why my family is so strange.

Anyhow, since my family avoids the topic entirely. I’m now 27. As far as I know, we’ve never say the words HIV or AIDS aloud in my family. If it must be talked, we refer to it as “that disease.”


#1 Hate To Break It To You, But Everyone Knows

My grandfather has had “secret” girlfriend since like, the ’70s.