People Share The Creepiest Thing They’ve Seen In Someone Else’s House

Sure, every household is different. However, some are just so full of creepy and obscure things that guests get weirded out as soon as they walk through the door. Did you ever think home sweet home could be this horrifying?

From rooms of horror memorabilia to stockpiles of hundreds of automatic air fresheners, the following houses are truly out of the ordinary. Their homeowners don’t seem to see what’s so strange about owning stacks of doll heads or refurbishing their kitchen with prison bars, but their guests have certainly noticed. These freaked out internet users decided to share some of the most bizarre, creepy, and just plain weird possessions they’ve come across in other people’s homes.

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#1 Yeah, You’re In A Horror Film, Pal

I went to my friend Brian’s house once for dinner and his mom set four places. One for me, one for Brian, one for herself and one for a doll with a cut-out picture of Brian’s deceased grandmother taped to the doll’s head.

Very creepy.


#2 Well, That’s A Well-Balanced Diet…

I cat-sat for my neighbor once.

Some kitty medication was kept cold. When I opened the fridge to grab it, I noticed tub after tub of jello. Everything in the fridge was jello. There was like, 40 tubs of it. Nothing else besides jello and the medicine.


#3 You Guys Really Like White, Huh?

I used to install internet, telephones, and TVs in residential homes. Hoarders are common but I never had a bad one I couldn’t walk through.

Everything in the house was white. EVERYTHING. Walls, carpet, pictures, paintings, statues, plates, furniture, EVERYTHING. It was beyond odd and very weird.


#4 Come On, The Dude Likes To Dine In Style

One of my old best friends is a bit on the eccentric side. Instead of a dining table and chairs, he has a full corner booth and table recovered from an Applebee’s that was either closing down or remodeling. It takes up the entire dining side of his kitchen.


#5 Man, This Is Super Uncomfortable

I cleaned houses for a while. One client was an elderly funeral homeowner who lived alone in a big place. His master bathroom was carpeted and had a urinal. Directly above the urinal at eye level was an oil painting of a man staring back at you.


#6 And It Was Almost Normal…

They had a large moose head with amber glass eyes mounted high above their fireplace mantle.

There were electric bulbs behind the amber glass eyes that lit up, making the moose look like it was agitated and about to charge.


#7 Welp, This Is A Strange Way To Grieve

My friend and his family bred and raised cockatiels. For some reason, when one would die, they would wrap it in plastic and store it in their freezer. I found this out by randomly discovering a half dozen of them one day when I was digging for ice cream. He thought it was the most rational thing in the world, and as a person who never raised or bred specific animals, I didn’t second guess him. Only in hindsight did I start to truly think it was weird.


#8 This Isn’t Admiration, It’s Just Freaking Creepy

During my first week of freshman year, my new roommate and best friend took me to a board game night. It ends up being at some sort of church house. We played some train board game and have an alright time with a couple of people who only seem a little weird, but not enough to really throw me off.

So the game wraps up and my roommate and I are about to go home when the pastor says, “Wait! You haven’t seen the bathroom yet! You’ve gotta see it. Everyone sees my bathroom!”

Okay… So we open the door and walk into this little bathroom where every single square inch of the walls, sink, toilet, ceiling, and floor are covered in Elvis memorabilia. Posters, tickets, photos, albums, lyric sheets, everything you can imagine. And mounted above the toilet is a creepy, realistic Elvis animatronic singing head.


#9 Ever Wonder What A Serial Killer’s Bathroom Looks Like?

My friend’s main bathroom had a mirror with scratched in names and words covering the entirety of it. Also in that bathroom was a doorway, separated only by a sliding sheet, that led to a pitch black basement. All you could see from the top of the stairs… were the stairs.

I asked if I could use another bathroom.


#10 Well, That Just Got Worse And Worse

The living room had a collection of old photos from random families and a curio cabinet of old, disturbing memorabilia. His bedroom had a life-like alien laying on the bed just chilling. In the corner of the room sat a rocking chair with a life-like replica of the mother from Psycho. Needless to say, I got the heck out of there and haven’t been back since.


#11 So, I Guess They’re Dog People, Then?

I used to get dumped at my stepdad’s mother’s house as a kid periodically. She had a village of three-story micro-apartments in her backyard for her dozens of yapping pet Chihuahuas, complete with ramps for access and little front doors, at which the Chihuahuas would appear and bark fanatically at the slightest sound. They were like tiny furry housewives in some sort of dog version of a Brazilian favela.

She had stacks of newspapers several feet high in the house through which one had to navigate to get from room to room. I don’t even think the house had electricity, but if it did, there were never any lights on. I wandered out to the garage one day and found a petrified Siamese cat, flat as a paper plate, wedged between two boxes. I told my stepdad about it and he demanded to see it, exclaiming, “There’s Sniffy! We always wondered about him!” He then took the flat cat and wedged it in the crook of a tree outside our own dilapidated home. It remained there for some months until some desperate scavenging animal took it away.


#12 Hey, Is This A Hippie Museum?

I did a window replacement on a big house in an expensive, old area of town. It was lived in by an elderly lady until she passed. It was recent because all of her things were still there.

The place was a perfect time capsule of the 1960s. Each room had a different theme and there were mannequins set up all wearing ’60s clothing in every room. It was really bizarre. It kind of seemed like the lady was lonely or something.


#13 Now This Is How To Repurpose A Coffin

When I was in high school, my mom came home from a garage sale with a coffin. It was a wooden antique from England. It was from the 19th century. It had screw holes in the top which lifted all the way off. The couple who sold it to her were getting rid of it because they disagreed about what purpose it should serve. The wife wanted to keep using it as a coffee table with blanket storage and the husband wanted to turn it into a hunting rack. My mom thought it was great as a coffee table so my siblings and I spent the next few years asking our friends, “Would you like a blanket from the coffin?” while we watched TV. So yeah, high school was fun.


#14 Maybe You Should Hide Your Pictures, Bud…

My last boss was a 42-year-old white, southern, wealthy businessman. He had a framed picture in his living room of Antoine Dodson, the “hide yo kids hide yo wife” dude.


#15 Good God, God Is Everywhere

When I was a kid, I knew a lady in the neighborhood who had her entire home religiously decorated. I’m talking crosses and placards in every room, plus religious-themed light switch covers, rugs, mats, towels, cutting boards, cups, plates, tablecloths, sheets, pillowcases, clocks, shower curtains. Just EVERYTHING.


#16 Wait…It Was On The Inside?

I opened the fridge of an apartment I moved into. There was a gigantic pig sculpture that had a big smiling face and Chinese characters on it.

I asked my new roommates what it was. They both replied, “Don’t ask.”

We called it the fridge-pig.


#17 It’s Time To Nope The Heck Out Of There

I dated a girl a few times who had a wall of tarantulas and small snakes. Horror memorabilia was everywhere too, including stick-on bloody feet that made a trail through her kitchen. The bedroom was wall-to-wall mirrors…


#18 I’m Not Sure If This Is Adorable Or Disturbing…

My mother-in-law keeps anything she finds that is shaped like a heart—seashells, pieces of glass, rocks, potato chips… They sit on a shelf in the living room.


#19 Wait, This Is A Voluntary Decoration?

We went on a tour of historic homes and all were occupied and lavishly furnished. One of them had a disturbing piece of art over the fireplace. It was a very realistic painting or might have even been a stylized photograph. It showed a little girl in a white dress, like a First Communion dress, but she was laying in a gutter covered in dirt. It was so awful and realistic, I could not imagine why someone would display it.


#20 Should We Compliment It, Or…?

A professor at my wife’s university had students over for meals every now and then. His wife was a belly dancer.

A life-sized painting of her almost naked was prominently hung in the dining room.

Conversation starter indeed. “Nice. Pass the potatoes.”


#21 I’m Sorry To Run, But I Think I’m Going To Suffocate

Hundreds of those automatic Febreze sprays. Like actual hundreds. I couldn’t breathe inside the house.


#22 Gotta Respect The Dead, I Guess

I dated a girl whose grandfather once demolished an old medical building. The first time I went to a Sunday dinner at her grandparents’ place, he just had a human skull chilling on a shelf in his living room.


#23 I Think This Is More Than A Halloween Obsession…

So my mom and I stopped at what was advertised as a garage sale in my neighborhood. They had a bunch of kid stuff in the front yard and we were looking for stuff for my son so we decided to check it out, but when we got close it was all in really bad shape. No big deal, we thought, let’s go inside. As we were walking, we were greeted by a person we assumed to be the owner of the house. He was wearing black pants and a tiny leather vest with no shirt underneath. I see this now for the red flag that it was. He welcomed us and told us everything in the house was for sale. Everything. “Look anywhere you want,” he said. “Open all the drawers. Look in all the closets.” Ok cool.

First things first: the house was kind of trashed, but still looked relatively normal. The only obviously weird thing was that they had a giant TV playing a crazy looking horror movie. Super scary and gory. He said the TV was for sale too, so maybe they were just playing whatever was on to show it worked. We looked around and didn’t find anything good, so we went upstairs, into the first bedroom. Looked pretty normal. Kind of small and furnished for a kid.

The next bedroom looked like someone was sleeping in the bed. But no, it was a full-sized human horror prop of a very realistic zombie woman and, oh dang, in the corner was a very realistic prop of half a human crawling across the floor. These things looked so real. We were like, what the heck. These people are serious about Halloween. We went to the next room and it was set up like a full-on dungeon with torture equipment props and fake humans.

We were seriously freaked out and decided to leave as quickly and quietly as possible. As we were walking out of the dungeon room, a woman came out of the other creepy room. We looked at each other, wide-eyed and silent, and proceeded out the front door to separately process our trauma.


#24 I’m Not Sure How Safe This Is…

When I was little, I had two friends who had a trapeze in their living room.

I loved playing in their houses.


#25 All She Needs Now Is A Coop!

My best friend’s mom is obsessed with chicken trinkets. I’m talking chicken pictures on plates, chicken pillows, porcelain chickens, pictures of chickens on blankets, etc. Everyone I know has just gotten used to it, but it’s always fun watching someone new walk in.


#26 Honestly, This Is Pretty Epic

My grandfather had a pair of medieval shields mounted to the wall above his fireplace. One had a flail and sword behind it; I think the other had two axes. They were purely decorative, but it made their Tudor-style house look extra castle-like.


#27 Yup, This Is Absolutely Horrifying

My neighbor’s living room was filled with ventriloquist dummies.

She lived alone, and she looked to be about 60 years old.


#28 If Only They Were Magic…

Do you know that scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Harry gets detention and walks into Umbridge’s office? And she has those magic plates with cats in them? I’ve seen a non-magical version of that in someone’s office before.

For those that haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, picture a 10-by-5 wall of mounted dinner plates with pictures of cats on them.


#29 That’s Probably Something Worth Mentioning…

When I was 17 or 18, I went with my brother to a real estate showing.

We enter and everything about the house is normal. The owner’s stuff is there, nothing unusual. The real estate agent gave her spiel, and we start exploring the house. I opened a door to a bedroom that was very much inhabited by a very sick individual. Meds everywhere, tubes and machines, the works.

To be fair, caring for a sick loved one is not weird. But to not mention his presence when the real estate agent calls and wants to show the house… so odd.


#30 Sorry, Sweetie, You’re Not A Designer

A bedazzled headboard. It was so tacky. It was owned by a girl I went to high school with whose biggest goal in life was to be the next big designer. She would constantly post everyday items that were over-bedazzled with captions like “Classy,” “Diva,” “Luxury.”


#31 Excuse Me, It’s An Artistic Statement

Someone installed decorative prison bars in the dining room… I went to an open house and part of the wall had been cut out between the dining and living room and replaced with metal prison bars. The owners said their daughter was an art student.


#32 What Do You Mean By “Modest”?

My friend’s mother has a modest carousel horse collection, including the horse she always sat on when her childhood carousel was being sold and torn down.


#33 They’re A Member Of The Family, Guys

A horse. My parents’ friends kept their horse inside and when they came to our house, they brought the horse inside too.


#34 You Uncovered A Real House Of Horrors, Guys

In college, I rented a very old but huge duplex with six of my best friends. After we moved in, we discovered that while the basement had a concrete slab in the laundry area, most of the basement had an exposed, dirt floor instead of foundation. One area of the basement was divided off with sheets into a few makeshift rooms. Some of them had furniture or mattresses. The largest “sheet” room in the center of the basement was about 15 square feet. In the center of this room was a pit about four feet in diameter and depth, dug into the dirt below the house. In the pit, there was a variety of candles, broken lamps and a shopping cart. Stuffed into the cart was a mannequin, with its body parts twisted and contorted to fit inside the space of the cart. This became known as the cult room.

Also, the house had a third floor, but since there was no fire escape the landlord had padlocked the door. A few months into our lease, we decided to break into the third floor. We simply unscrewed all of the lock hardware. There were several other bedrooms upstairs. One was painted from floor to ceiling with a psychedelic mural that was a cross between a black light poster and a scene from heavy metal. We also found a very nice pair of speakers, a solid lead 4’ long rod, and a full-size rusty scythe. This became known as the second cult room.

It was a great house!


#35 Um, This Is Really Darn Spooky

I went over to my friend’s house once and she had a small pet play area. They didn’t have a pet, so I thought she must have a little sister because there were baby toys in it. I asked her and she said it was for Abigail. When I asked who Abigail was, her eyes got all glassy and she said, “Me.”


#36 Hey, You’ve Got To Admire His Authenticity…

My boyfriend has an autopsy table in the backyard. He got it from our college when they were tossing out the old ones. His family is really big into Halloween, so his folks were really excited about him bringing this home.


#37 Yet Another One Of Life’s Many Mysteries…

A friend bought a house and asked us if we wanted to see something really weird. We said sure and she guided us into one of the bedrooms in the basement. She opened the closet and lifted the carpet inside. Underneath, buried in the floor of this basement closet, was a chest freezer. Our first guess was that it was for storing game meat for hunting but the chest freezer did not appear to have power running through it.

Plus, this house had a garage and a barn. Why go through all the trouble of hiding this freezer? It was not set up for a padlock so it didn’t lock. If they were stashing something illegal they weren’t terribly smart about it. We speculated for hours but never did come up with a satisfactory explanation. I still don’t know why the previous owners dug a hole in the basement and put a chest freezer in there.


#38 Ever Heard Of A Little Film Called Annabelle?

My grandparents have this creepy, child-sized doll that faces the corner of the room in one of their guest bedrooms. It’s supposed to look like a kid in time out, but it just creeps me out. I don’t get to visit my grandparents more than once or twice a year because they pretty live far away, and every time I visit I still get startled by that doll because I forget that it’s there.


#39 Man, They Must Really Like McDonald’s…

I went over a friend’s house once. His entire house was pretty normal; probably even tidier than most peoples’ homes. The kitchen was clean and tidy, the living room was clean, etc.

Except for his bathroom, where there were literally hundreds of empty McDonald’s cups. They were everywhere—around the sink, around the bathtub, on the windowsill, on the towel rack, on the shelving, on the toilet cistern, on the floor.

I still wonder about this to this very day.


#40 Uh, Is That Even Legal?

I went to this guy’s house in Georgia and his mom had a stripper shower in their living room as well as a pet beaver. When I say beaver, I mean they had a little pond with rocks and cage thing that housed a happy little beaver inside in the middle of their living room. The beaver came right up to the edge of the cage and let me pet it. It was awesome.


#41 I Mean, The Fact That He Kept Them…

In the living room, my ex’s dad still had a collection of doll heads. Just heads… piled on top of each other… staring out. I had to spend a night alone in that house at one time. It was unsettling, to say the least. I never got a clear answer as to the “why” he kept all of them.


#42 Don’t Fret, That’s Just My Bowl Of Nail Clippings

When I moved out for college, I had this set of nail clippers with a little built-in receptacle to catch your nail clippings. It was really handy, but obviously, you had to dump the nails out once in a while. I decided to clip my nails before bed one night and the clipper was full, so I dumped the old nails into an empty bowl in my room because I didn’t have a garbage can and was too lazy to go out. I met up with friends at school the next day and they all decided to come over. I forgot all about the bowl full of nails but of course, it was the first thing they saw when they entered my room. I tried to explain but it just seemed to make things worse. Still makes me cringe.


#43 Honestly, I Would Do The Same Thing…

My aunt has a framed photo of Meryl Streep in her computer room. I was very perplexed and asked my cousin if she noticed the rogue Meryl and she casually said, “Oh yeah, I told Mom that her and Meryl Streep looked alike and then I guess she printed that out!”

You go, Aunt Yvonne.


#44 Don’t You Know What Fine Art Is?

I work in a job where sometimes I have to go deploy equipment in people’s homes. I was doing a project where I had to set up some stuff in the kitchen of a very nice vacation rental, which was unoccupied due to the fact that this was February in northern Michigan. The whole thing was decked out to the nines in cutesy, wealthy Grandma-type decor, except for the kitchen. The only artwork in there was a painting of three fish, hanging above the stove so that it was the first thing you saw when you walked in.

I have never been so disappointed that our project instructions forbade the photographing of property owners’ belongings.


#1 Did You Just Walk Into Dexter?

Plastic covers on everything.

Telephones, end tables, the computer, some furniture. Even the riding mower in the garage had a clear plastic cover on it.

They weren’t serial killers, just extremely into keeping things like new. The son who I was friends with had a 90s fox body Ford Mustang that, throughout the years he owned it, continued to look like a showroom model.