People Share The Dark Secret They’re Hiding From Their Parents

Growing up, our parents made it easy to confide in them about practically anything. They’re our best friends and provide us with some key advice. There are certain situations, however, that we like to keep to ourselves. These moments can lead to some uncomfortable moments with our parents. While we hold onto these secrets, we start to wonder what kind of secrets they could be hiding from us.

We searched across the internet to find out the secrets people have been hiding from those closest to them. As expected, some of these secrets are pretty severe. From a hidden child to a secret diagnosis, select situations will probably never be revealed. Other secrets are just downright silly, including a broken instrument and love for a specific kind of franchise. Whatever the case, these situations prove to be pretty tough for those individuals to confess. Let’s hope they can find the courage to finally explain these situations one day.

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#35 The Blame Game

I broke the clarinet over my knee, and then blamed my little sister’s friend because I was scared.

I hated that thing and still do. But the friend had a ton of stuff land on her and was already kinda a mess, so being picked on probably didn’t help.


#34 A Wild Night

During my second year of college, I got really tipsy and passed out at a park picnic table. I was subsequently found by some officers on duty who took a look at my wallet and used my fake ID information to send me to the hospital. Incoherent me realizes what is happening and goes with the flow. Thirty minutes of stealth (that would make Solid Snake proud) later, I am stumbling back to my house with a $4,000 medical bill. Woke up the next day thinking it was a dream until I saw the IV still in my arm. Parents are none the wiser.

#33 In Touch With Their Feminine Side

That I didn’t really “grow out” of girly things as a kid I guess. I once bought a wig and snuck makeup and liked it. I’m a guy, sometimes I wish I was a girl but usually I’m fine with being a male and I’ve never felt gender dysphoria. It’s confusing and I’m not sure what to think of it but I’ll probably never admit to or act on those feelings. Sometimes I wonder if it has less to do with gender dysphoria and more to do with wanting to be a different/better/idealized person. Also, I’ve never admitted how far and for how long I fell into depression several years ago, though I no longer feel depressed now. Haha oh god, this story is a mess, I just went all out. I’m just gonna hit send and then never check back.

#32 Brony Until Death

My parents found out I was a brony, then they thought I left the entire scene. Still am a brony, not gonna tell my family, I’ll never hear the end of it. Yes, I collect and praise My Little Pony horses. I even dress up as them too.


#31 Gone In A Flash

That my girlfriend and I were going to have a baby, and I dropped out of school and got my real estate license and was preparing to move back to California where I would do everything in my power to give us all a good life. Then, miscarriage. And all the mess that comes with that. It was such a crazy 16 weeks and no one knows a thing.


#30 Free From It All

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was 25 at the time, I’m lucky it was found early and I had to have a few small operations to remove the cancer. I didn’t and still haven’t told my family and I never will, we don’t have the best relationship and I couldn’t deal with the fake sympathy. I am happy to say that I am now completely cancer free and have regular check-ups to keep it that way.


#29 Finish The Fight

I skipped my uncle’s funeral to play in a Halo tournament. I told everyone I had work and I couldn’t get it off. I left in my uniform and everything. We took second place to a team from Michigan.

#28 Stash That Cash

My non-immediate family has no idea how much money I make. And I want to keep it that way. Why? It’s a lot.


#27 Happiness In Solitude

That I’m asexual. I have no interest in having a relationship with anybody and have never been interested in anyone. I hate the idea of revolving my life around “we” instead of “I” and sacrificing my personal growth to invest all my energy in starting a family. So please stop staying how much you want grandkids.


#26 Drinking Into Victory

My family thinks I’m sober. The truth is… I’ve actually won multiple chugging contests around the city.

#25 We Will Rock You

Me and my brother and sister unlodged and rolled a huge boulder down a tall cliff in the mountains, only to watch it hit an RV bus at the bottom and go inside of it as they were driving.


#24 Wizard In Training

First, I have to admit I have schizophrenia.

Second, I love literature a lot. By a lot, I meant naming-my-future-children-based-on-fictional-characters kind.

Now here’s the secret: I created a reverse Horcrux. What do I mean by that? This part will require Harry Potter fandom lore to get it. In the books, a Horcrux is created by killing someone and tearing your soul to attach it to an object. I did the opposite of that. I loved a girl so much that I split a piece of my soul and kept it within me. The soul is configured to her personality, likes, and dislikes.

Here is the worst part: She hates me so much that she blocks me on Facebook. I hope she finds happiness someday.

So glad I could finally say this.


#23 All Inked Up

I have 100+ hours of tattoo work. All of it is memorial pieces for my parents. (Mom died when I was eight, Dad when I was 16.)

I came home three days after my 18th birthday with my first tattoo and my grandmother saw it. She told me if I got any more, she would disown me. (She raised my brother and me after Mom’s death.). I wish I could say she was kidding.

Over the next 16 years, I have covered one arm and most of the other, my chest, my side, and both legs. I have been in tattoo magazines and won contests. My grandmother has NO idea and neither does my brother. Neither will ever know.


#22 There’s One In Every Family

When I was around eight, I saw my dad cry at a Disney movie he took my brother and me to go see. It was Lilo and Stitch on one of his first visitation weekends with us. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. He will never know I knew.


#21 What’s My Age Again?

When we were cleaning out my grandma’s house after she passed, I ended up getting tasked with her bathroom. She had tons of medication since she had technically beaten cancer. I ended up spending that whole week flying on Oxycontin while my mom would be in tears here and there (it was her mom who passed.) She couldn’t tell why I never seemed to be upset.

There’s that, and the fact that during my first two years of college, I wasn’t staying with friends for like half of each week, I was staying with my girlfriend whom I’d met when I was 19 and she was 28. It was actually really awesome, and helped me learn a lot about living on my own and away from parents. My parents knew about her but thought that she was only 21 and didn’t know she had her own place. She even went on vacation with me and my mom’s side of the family, kept her age and everything a secret the whole time. My mom may have figured it all out, but she’s never called me out on it.

#20 Do The Hamsterdance

My late hamster didn’t chew a hole in the blow-up mattress, crafty little nine-year-old me just made it look that way. ‘Twas I that popped it whilst propping against one of my bed pillars for slide usage.


#19 This Sinking Feeling

My secret that I don’t tell my family is that I’m severely depressed. I can’t tell them because they would only blame themselves and I don’t want them to pay for any kind of treatment because I have anxiety about spending money. I know I shouldn’t be so depressed because other people have it so much worse than me, but I can’t help it.


#18 Severe Trust Issues

I got into a relationship with a girl that already had a boyfriend, and I didn’t really care about it being wrong at that time. I was 14 and it lasted like the whole school year.

The funny part is that we started officially dating like three years later when we were 17, and the only person who knew about it was my mom (my parents are divorced). Some months into the relationship, some very close friends discovered and proved she was cheating on me. I got what I deserve I guess.

My father is overprotective on relationship stuff, about being selective and responsible, so I never told him about the episode. Now I’m 21 and I have heavy problems with trusting women, and I tend to judge them a lot before even knowing them.

#17 A Hidden Relative

I gave up my daughter for adoption when I was 14. I was stupid and I got pregnant from this encounter with a friend. I was a good student and everyone pressured me to have the baby aborted. I was against it. So finally I was allowed to give birth to her on the condition that I give her up for adoption immediately before I got a chance to get attached to her. When I saw her for the first time, it was the most heartwarming thing I had ever seen. I just didn’t have the heart to give her up. My parents were very heartbroken and just for them I put on a brave face and signed the papers. I heard she was given to a pretty educated family but I was not allowed to meet them.

Today I am a mom with two boys and a loving husband. But they will never know they have a lovely half-sister and a great step-dad somewhere in this world.


#16 Just Give Me The Cat And I’ll Go

That I know that they’ve been tapping into my credit since at least 2010. I’m waiting on the detailed credit report to come back in the mail (I couldn’t get it online because I don’t know what companies my mortgage and car loans are with). Soon, I’ll be making a surprise ten-hour drive to their house to get their charges taken off my record, taking my cat, and never going back.

#15 Baby, You’re A Firework

When I was five or six, my brother was hit by a firework on his neck.

Every time we talk about it I say “yeah I don’t remember much” but I remember everything and he doesn’t as I’m pretty sure he passed out for a while.

Scariest incident of my life as I can recall having to get my dad, and his screams are the worst thing I’ve ever heard and I hope I’ll never have to hear something like them again.

But that was a while ago now so it’s cool.


#14 Stephen King Is Pleased

When I was in early high school, our family cat died (she was about 16 years old).

I wanted to bury her in a remote area of the backyard where she had spent so much time, but Dad insisted on our cat to be placed in the trash, and taken away.

When he wasn’t looking, I removed her corpse (from where he had placed it in the trash) and dug a grave far out of sight, but still on our property (made a small marker, too). It felt like the right thing to do— even if Dad thought otherwise. They never knew that we had our own little “pet cemetery”.

#13 Fake It ‘Til You Make It

In middle school, I realized I didn’t have to pretend to get people to like me, so I would just be myself. That is until my mom picked me up one day crying saying (actual quote) “It’s like the light has gone out in you”. So that is the day I learned to fake my entire personality to fit other people, and I will keep doing it to make them happy.


#12 The Ballad Of Mr. Steak

I was camping with my family and we’d been out there for almost a week. It was morning and time to go find a tree to lean against while I did my morning business. Found a good one with a nice view, got it done, and was on my way back to camp when my uncle’s dog came and gobbled it up. He knew there was a steak in there somewhere. He was a big lumbering lab and beloved family pet and my uncle let the dog lick him on the face all the time. There was nothing to do, the damage was done, and I couldn’t let the little kids in the family know what dirty deed their devoted family companion had done.

#11 R.I.P. Old Yeller

In high school, I accidentally ran over the family dog. Both of her back legs were broken. I dragged her into the middle of the driveway, crying, and called my dad to tell him I had found our dog hurt in the street. He came home and we took her to the vet. She was 12 years old and broken. We put her down. I never told a single soul that and no one saw me do it (my parents live in a rural area). I haven’t even told my husband. I still cry sometimes. I’ll take it to my grave. I feel horrible because I know how wrong this is.


#10 An Intense Exchange

When I served in the Marines, I threatened a Commissioned Officer with deadly force in Iraq when he threatened to shoot at civilians, who were not a threat to my friendly forces. I took his sidearm (9mm) he had on a seat of my troop/command section. If he would have raised his M16 anywhere near me I would have shot him. The only person who witnessed the exchange was a driver for a trail HMMWV. Next to getting an RPG shot at my vehicle when I was standing outside of it having a pee, that was one of the scariest life or death moments of my life so far.


#9 Building A Fortune

That I graduated from college. I got a fake diploma and a nice diploma frame. Faked some transcripts. Even forged a letter from the administration congratulating me. I bought a grad cap and gown and just as I was on my way to graduation ceremony (which would not be naming me to walk) I got in a car accident on purpose just to cover my massive lie.

My parents were disappointed they did not see me walk but it was far better than the disappointment of them finding out that I’ve been lying to them for so long about going to school and graduating.

I own a mobile development firm and we just hit $1M in revenue this past October, and I help pay for my grandparent’s caretaker (he’s 90 years old living by himself) and have to subsidize my brother’s rent otherwise he would be homeless…my parents are divorced as well.

It would absolutely crush them. But I do it to keep them happy and my family in one piece.

#8 Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now

My parents were in the mall while I was waiting in the car. Note that I’m a female and I desperately had to pee. Not wanting to go into the mall due to laziness, I took a plastic bag and decided to pee in that. Well, it wasn’t the most brilliant idea because the plastic bag doesn’t have the capacity to hold ounces of pee. The bag breaks and pee quickly leaks onto the ground of my car, evident from the wet car mat. I panicked because my parents will kill me. I quickly took my pants and wiped the floor of the car. Afterward, I had to wear those pants to avoid suspicion. No one noticed a single thing or that they were surrounded by dry pee Til this day, nobody in my family knows.


#7 No Beliefs

My family currently doesn’t know I’m an atheist. I can’t get up the courage to tell them because I don’t know how they will react.


#6 The Gas Master

I can’t stop farting. Whenever anyone smells it, it was probably me, but I will never admit it. I am a master of the silent but violent.

I may have a medical issue.

#5 Bus Stop Incident

I was almost kidnapped or could’ve been murdered when I was 12. I will never tell anyone that might tell my mom. It was the one day she didn’t feel well enough to walk with me to my bus stop and I know she would be horrified and never forgive herself.

#4 Happy Pills

That my happy pills aren’t working. My parents were hoping this one would finally be the one but it’s not. I give up.


#3 King Of The World

I’m a drag king and my drag mother is eleven years older than me. She has been a better parent to me than my biological mother has ever been and I’m more attached to her than I ever have been to my abusive biological mother. People ask me about my mother and she is the first person I think of, and the person I consider to be my real mother. My family knows we’re close but don’t know just how literally I think of her as my mother. I’ll never tell them.


#2 Didn’t Even Fry It

Sister had a chicken she no longer wanted to care for. I said I’d find a nice home for it. My friend had a 17′ Burmese Python that needed its monthly meal. Worked out for everyone.


#1 Somebody’s Watching Me

That I’m a paranoid schizophrenic and have been since I was about 14. I remember one of my friends telling me about her psychiatrist’s questions that he put to her when she was going through treatment for depression, asking her if there were voices in her head (until this point I thought that everyone heard the voices). Two years later, I asked my doctor to refer me to a counselor and after a few sessions he told me in confidence (he was a trainee at the time and was not allowed to give diagnoses) that his superior had watched our tapes (his first two sessions were taped for exams, I was asked if I was okay with this) and said that I showed some of the outward tells of being a schiz.

After he talked me through what the disease was and explained that I had a (relatively) mild case, I started noticed marked improvements in my coping skills. I’m now 19 and though I would say my delusions are ‘worse’ (as in more vivid) than they used to be, I don’t find them to be as restricting as they were. My closest friend knows, and he looks at it as some big joke that crazy people are actually the best, and just work differently than others. I doubt I’ll ever tell my family, they don’t need to know what I see when I look at them.