Parents Share Something Their Kids Do Without Realizing It Deeply Hurts Their Feelings

Kids will be kids. They play games all the time and also have a tendency to say things without a filter. While many of the words that come out of a kid’s mouth are cute or funny, some of the things they say can be quite hurtful, particularly when the words are directed at their parents. Often times, when a child says something that hurts to a parent, it is not done with the intention to harm. Other times, it is 100% deliberate and fueled from anger, frustration, and even manipulation. The stories below have left many parents in tears, and they may just leave you tearing up as well.

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#1 Mom Comes In First Place

Four-year-old: “Daddy, I love you.”

Me: “Thanks bug, I love you too.”

Four-year-old: “Daddy, I love mommy more though.”

#2 Dads Just Want To Keep Dadding

I have a 12-year-old daughter. We’ve always been pretty close, and in most ways we still are. We always did everything together, but now she’s at the age where friends are becoming more important. I’ll bring up something we can do, like watch a movie that I think she’ll like. Five minutes in, she’ll get a message from a friend, light up, and just disappear for the rest of the movie. Now, I get it. I’m sure I was like that too. I’m not going to freak out about it or anything… but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt my feelings a little now and then. Dads just want to keep dadding.


#3 Some People Don’t Even Realize There Is A Father’s Day

My kids are teenagers. This year, they didn’t even acknowledge me for Father’s Day. For the most part, my wife didn’t either. Do you know who did? My nephew and niece, both eight years old. Made me feel pretty bad.


#4 Kids Really Do Say The Darndest Things

Both of my kids make a lot of comments about my body and some of them can sting. Last week, my five-year-old said my arms were like bags of cookie dough.

#5 Sentimental Value Means Nothing To Teenagers

My teenage son came across some old wedding photos that his dad had put away for him at his office. When his step-mom discovered the photos, she became upset, so my son threw them away to avoid the drama. The photos were 24 years old. There are no duplicates and my son doesn’t understand why I got upset that he didn’t just bring them to me.

#6 Not Quite A Death Wish, But…

When my daughter gets a night terror, she will tell me, crying, that she wished I passed away instead of mommy. She hasn’t done it for a couple of months now, but it hurts more than I can bear. I calm her down, get her back to sleep and usually go to my room to cry.

#7 Dad Is The Fun One

“I like dad, he’s more fun.” Look, I don’t like being the disciplinarian, either, but I feel like I have to be sometimes. It sucks to be seen as the less-preferred parent for doing something I wish I didn’t have to do in the first place.


#8 Just The Two Of Us Is Preferred

One Halloween when my son was about four-years-old, our little nuclear family went to a corn maze for fun. To make things a little more exciting, the proprietors had also set a tipi with a giant pumpkin inside. You were supposed to go into the tipi and make a wish on the pumpkin. So we sent my son in making a wish and he said, “I wish it was just me and mommy and daddy was at work.”  My heart shrank three sizes that day.

#9 Her Confidence That Mom Would Finally Find Love Too Didn’t Help

My ex left me for the proverbial younger woman. We had been married close to 25 years. About six months in, I was talking to my 20-year-old daughter and she asked if I would date again. I said, “I think so, we’ll see.” She replied, “Dad finally found love! I’m sure you will too, mom!” It crushed me. Absolutely cut me to the bone. I know she didn’t mean it badly, but wow did that hurt.


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#10 This Daughter Might Be A Bit Too Vocal With Her Opinions

I cut and colored my hair one time for my birthday. It went from waist-length brown hair to shorter blonde. A drastic change, but I loved the results. My daughter wound up hating it and kept asking why I did it. Her intense dislike really rained on my parade. It still does every time I go for a touch-up. This was about four years ago. She’s a teen now and has since gotten used to my hairstyle, although she still doesn’t like the color. I’ve been growing it out for the past few months and I plan on changing my color again to shake things up. She’s totally fine with it. She’s very vocal about her preferences, which we encourage.


#11 12-Year-Olds Are Generally Not Into Hanging Out With Their Moms

My 12-year-old son basically ignores me as much as he can. It’s puberty and it’s all normal, but a year ago, I was still his favorite person and now it’s all about his friends, girls, and video games. I’m the most uncool person on the planet, apparently. I made him go for a walk with me and the dog the other day just to try to have some conversation and he said, “Why do you make me do things that make me unhappy?” To which I responded, “Spending time with me makes you unhappy?” He said, “Yes.” I told him he could turn around and go back home then and he did. I cried the whole way to the dog park.


#12 Give This Girl A New Father ASAP

My five-year-old daughter was screaming: “I HATE YOU AND I DONT WANT YOU AS MY FATHER ANYMORE” during a tantrum. She had no idea what she was saying, and I knew she didn’t mean it, but it still stings every time I think about it.

#13 The Mom With The Skinny Face

I was watching pro-wrestling with my 11-year-old. There was a female who was heavier, and when she came out, my son got all excited and said, “Look, mom, she’s like you. Her face is skinny but when you zoom out she’s not!” He didn’t understand how that was a rude comment. He thought he was saying something nice.

#14 Not Their Real Mom, Not Their Problem

On Mother’s Day, my step kids say they don’t have to get me anything because I am not their mother. It’s true and I don’t expect a gift, but when its phrased like that it’s hurtful.

#15 The Futility In Cooking Anything New For Children Is Real

Whenever I cook a big dinner with a new recipe of something I think my kids would love, my son always tells me it looks bad and that he’s not hungry anymore. Then, my daughter will follow with anything he says. Of course, 15 minutes after I eat alone and sad, they ask for chicken nuggets.

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#16 As Long As Mom Is Alive, It’s All Good

When my daughter was five, I let her watch The Lion King. She’s a fairly emotional little thing, so we were concerned about how she’d react to the passing of the father. We get to the scene, and I’m watching her carefully, but there’s no big reaction… which is surprising since this was a kid who cried during some commercials. Anyway, I don’t beg the issue and let it roll. Later in the movie, she asks where Simba’s dad is, and I think to myself, here we go… I pause the movie and talk with her about how he passed away in the stampede. Her reaction: “What’s the big deal, he still has his mom.” Ice cold.


#17 They May Have Been Right, But They Certainly Weren’t Kind

I wish I could say I had a lot of influence in the raising of my girls, but that wasn’t the way that things turned out. I did a lot of dumb things, as did my ex-wife. She was in prison for a stint, and I was in and out of prison throughout my daughters’ lives. My younger two daughters were raised by my ex’s dad, while my eldest daughter was raised by my dad.

Their lives were polar opposites, that is for sure. My ex’s family came from money, while our family lost it all. We lived in about as much poverty as is possible. Rock bottom. It didn’t help that I wasn’t around to contribute. I wasn’t allowed to see my two younger girls much, either. Their grandpa hated my guts. I understood that.

I did not understand the way they treated my dad. He was the most hardworking and honest man I ever knew. If something was broken, he’d come immediately over with tools to fix it without even being asked. He was never was late for anything in his life. I remember we had all the girls over once for the 4th of July. We were grilling up some burgers on a brand new grill and spent more than we should have, but we didn’t see them all together very often.

There was a lot of whining on my two younger girls’ part. They’d rather go to McDonald’s. But what got me was when one of my younger daughters said, “We want to go home, your house is dirty and we don’t have any good toys to play with here!” I’m glad my dad was almost deaf at that point because hearing that would have broken his heart.

My eldest daughter did hear though. She was about eight at the time. I’ll never forget the look on her face. There weren’t any tears or embarrassment. She just looked blank. Staring off into space. Eventually, my two younger daughters changed their last name from mine to their grandpa’s. They stopped accepting contact from my dad and me. Presents for birthdays and Christmas were regularly returned.


#18 The Worst “Sike” Ever

My 12-year-old daughter was in the kitchen with me while I was cooking. Out of the blue, she said, “Mom, you’re so beautiful.” I replied, “Thank you baby girl,” to which she responded, “SIKE.” She then started laughing like a hyena. I was so hurt I just went into my room and cried. She told me she was just joking and part of me knows that, but it still hurt pretty badly. Especially since I’ve always had self-confidence issues in the looks department.

#19 Kids Prefer To Go Where The Fun Is

I’m divorced with split custody. My ex has a large extended family that lives nearby and they are always together, letting the little cousins all play together. My family is the exact opposite. They live hours away and there’s nobody young enough to set play dates with. So, weekly my five-year-old cries when it’s time to go to my house because it’s “not as fun as dad’s.” I am on a budget and can’t afford to take her out every week to the zoo or movies… Every single dollar is budgeted. It makes me cry often when I see how excited she is to go to his house because mine is boring. I just want her to know that I’m trying.

#20 Embarrassed By His Dad For The Wrong Reason

Before my back surgery, I had to use a cane to get around. My son told me that it was embarrassing to be seen with me. I acted like it didn’t bother me, but it cut deep. After my surgery, I was determined to get rid of the cane so my son wouldn’t be embarrassed by me. It took many painful months of physical therapy along with surgery, but I haven’t walked with a cane in three years. I don’t think I would’ve worked as long and hard as I did if my son didn’t hurt my feelings like that.

#21 Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

My daughter knows how much I miss my ex-wife. She is five years old. My ex has no intention of reconciling, and I miss her a lot. My daughter brought home a Father’s Day gift once—it was a hanging ornament made from a bunch of popsicle sticks with some drywall anchors and screws hot glued to it. Her teacher had written, “Happy Father’s Day! My daddy can fix anything!”
She gave it to me on Father’s Day morning and said, “Here daddy, I made you this, what does it say?” I replied, “Oh, sweety, it says, ‘My daddy can fix anything.’ Then she looked me in the eye and said, “Except your marriage with mommy…”

#22 Daddy’s Girl

My youngest is 15 years old now but has always been a daddy’s girl. I’m fine with it—I’m happy they have such a great relationship. I don’t want to sound jealous here, but when she was little she used to say to me, “I am going to sit on your knee now for a cuddle, but when my daddy gets home from work, I will be sitting on his knee.” She always made it very clear I was just the one who looked after her until her real hero walked through the door.

#23 He Didn’t Abandon His Daughter, But She Thought He Did

When my ex and I separated, it wasn’t great and I wasn’t allowed to see our daughter for over four months while the court proceedings took place. When I finally won a third of the custodial rights, my daughter told me to “not ever leave her again.” It absolutely crushed me to think that, the whole time, she assumed I just left her because she didn’t know any better.

#24 Not Pretty Enough For Her Daughter’s Liking

My five-year-old daughter said she wanted a new mommy because I don’t have a pretty face. She didn’t realize it would be hurtful I guess.

#25 This Father-Daughter Dance Didn’t Go Exactly As Planned

I don’t know if this happens all over the country, but in the south, they have these father-daughter dances in elementary school. I always thought they were ridiculous and a little creepy, so I had zero interest in ever going to one, but I have daughters so I knew there was a chance I would end up at one of those abominations at some point.

I never made my opinion known to my girls, it was just something I would gripe to my wife about from time to time. My oldest daughter came home one day with a flyer for the daddy-daughter dance and she was pumped to go. I thought to myself, great, here we go… but I sucked it up and pretended to be just as enthused as she was to go.

I was dreading it, but honestly, I would endure much worse to see my girls happy. A couple of days before the dance, my daughter asked my wife to take her to get a nice dress and shoes. My wife told me later that I really needed to take this seriously because it was all she had been talking about for a week. I figured I would go along with it and if she was going to look great, then so was I!

]So I went out and bought myself a nice outfit for the affair, complete with shoes and everything. I rarely buy myself anything, so I just knew the gesture of her seeing me wearing new clothes would give her a big kick on the day of. I hid my clothes so they would be a surprise. The more excited she got, the more I looked forward to it. Maybe I had judged the dance too harshly.

It started to dawn on me that maybe we didn’t do enough together and it made me feel like I really need to spend more time bonding with her. I felt like maybe I was kind of a bad dad and that this dance would be the beginning of turning over a new leaf. I found myself actually excited about the dance, I couldn’t believe it. On the day of, I rushed home and got all ready. When I came out, she beamed when she saw my new outfit.

My wife took a bunch of pictures and we were all set for a great time. We arrived at the dance and I was looking at all the other dads in jeans and T-shirts, thinking, “Ha! My kid must be so proud of her dad!” We went into the gym where music was playing and everyone was congregating. I gave my daughter a giant hug and said, “I’m so happy we came!”

She said to me, “Oh hey, that’s my friend over there. I’m going to say hi!” My daughter never came back for the rest of the dance. I stood there on the wall watching every other dad in jeans and a T-shirt dance with their daughters and mine never did. She didn’t say a word to me just hung out with her friends. When her friends went dancing with their dads, she just hung out with whoever wasn’t occupied the time.

I stood there in my outfit listening to song after song, embarrassed and sad. The longer the dance went on and the more songs meant to be about dads and their daughters, the sadder I got. I was fighting back tears. I had stood in the same place for two hours because I didn’t want to move in case she came looking for me. But she never did.

At the end of the night, she told me about how much fun she had with her friends. I tried my best to act like I had fun too. She was completely oblivious to the fact that I was sad I was forgotten. When I got home, I went to my room, locked the door and cried. She had no idea she was hurting me that night. And I kept it that way. It’s not the best memory.

#26 Lighthearted Teasing Doesn’t Feel Lighthearted To Everyone

When I was young, my brothers and I would tease my mom’s singing voice every time we sang together. From our side of things, it truly was done very lightheartedly. I loved singing with my mom, and her crooked voice was a big reason why I did. A few days ago, I was driving with her. She was in her 70s at the time. A great song came on the radio that I knew she loved and I started to sing along, asking her to join me. She did a little but soon stopped. I asked her why she wouldn’t sing with me and she said, “Because I have a funny voice.”


#27 Nightmares Are Better Soothed By Mommy

If my kids ever have night terrors, I am normally the first one to wake up to go and comfort them The majority of the time, our two-year-old daughter just screams at me: “I don’t want you, I want mommy.” It hurts every time.
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#28 Whose Fault Is The Bum Knee In The First Place, Kid?

My five-year-old makes comments or noises when I have issues relating to a bad right knee. Sometimes, I will stumble as I’m walking, and he lets out an exasperated, “Really mom?” Sometimes I stall my car and he’ll actually say, “UGH, REALLY, mom?” I love him to death but, honestly, my five-year-old can be a huge jerk sometimes. I actually hurt my knee protecting him when I got hit by a car in a parking lot. Sometimes I really have to bite my tongue. I don’t want him to blame himself for it.

#29 His Gaming Days With His Son Are Over

I’m not my son’s gaming buddy anymore. He has online friends from school. I still had so many games I wanted to play with him, but he just isn’t interested in couch co-op anymore with me.

#30 Cancer Can Bring Out The Worst In People

My husband is dying of cancer. We have two boys, aged seven and 10. My little one isn’t handling things well—mostly he’s been avoiding, but he finally had an absolute meltdown about it a couple of weeks ago. I walked in on him absolutely sobbing in my husband’s arms, snot and tears everywhere. “But who will snuggle me? Nobody will!! Who will take me fishing EVER AGAIN?!”

I approached and said, “Honey I’ll take you fishing, you can teach me too!” Then, he screamed, “But you don’t even like fish!” And he gave me the most dagger-filled staredown, to end all stare-downs. “It’s. Not. The. Same.” He melted back into his dad’s arms in a puddle of tears, and I quietly left the room and cried too. I know it isn’t the same, but I’m still going to try. I know he’s a kid with enormous emotions and he had a horrible hand dealt to him in life. This whole conversation is burned into my brain though. I’ll never forget it. I’m still going to try my best, even if fish are slimy and gross.

#31 The Stepmom Gets No Credit

Stepmom here. His kids are teenagers. It hurts my feelings when I am obviously the one who is cooking dinner, but once it’s over, they look over to their dad and say, “Thanks for dinner, dad.” Lots of things they say hurt my feelings, but I just chalk it up to teenage girl meanness.

#32 This Four-Year-Old Knows Not What He Says

My husband works in a different state all week, so I’m doing the single mom thing. I do everything with them—I take them to all the fun events in our town and all that jazz. Every time we do things like that, someone at the event always says, “What an awesome mommy you have, huh?” My four-year-old would always reply, “I like my daddy better.” I understand he misses his dad. Man, I miss him too, but it still makes me feel awful.

#33 Laughing On The Outside, Crying On The Inside

My daughter said that when she grows up, she wants to be like my younger sister because my sister is more beautiful than me. I laughed, but yeah, thanks for that, kid.

#34 Dad’s Bad Habit Is Unfortunately Rubbing Off On The Kids

My kids have picked up a habit from their dad that kills me. When I try to share things from my childhood, or stories or whatnot, they either mock me or roll their eyes and say, “Yeah, whatever. Can we talk about something else now?” It used to be really humiliating when it came from their dad, but it’s next level hurtful when it comes from my own kids. I’ve always had a hard time sharing and opening up to people, so it just feels like I’m getting crushed every time I try. I know they’re kids and they don’t really understand what they’re doing, but it makes me sad. I do have some happy memories that I’d love to share with them, but they aren’t interested.


#35 Living The Single-With-Tacos Life

I gained 30 pounds after hitting 30. My daughter always asks me when the baby is due, mockingly.  I’m single for life and I like tacos. Screw off, kid.


#36 Maybe Her Dad Is Just Better At Reading Bedtime Stories

When my kid says, over and over again, that she wants her dad to put her to bed instead of me. Gee, thanks. I’ll just go sit and read a bedtime story to my C-section scar instead.


#37 Spoiled Children Sometimes Never Grow Out Of Being Spoiled

Last year, my father cried to me because he saw my sister share a post about giving her child what she never had. My dad worked 80 to 90 hours a week as so we could have new laptops, an in-ground pool, and a boat to go out on whenever he wasn’t working. We grew up as a middle-class family.


#8 The Best Worst Dad Ever

It hurts my feelings that he speaks so highly about his dad. The thing is, his dad hasn’t called him since the day after his birthday months ago. He’s called him three times this year in total and hasn’t seen him for much longer. His dad also stopped giving me child support money two years ago. I’m all alone and work full-time, but I don’t miss a beat.

I get little sleep and have not done anything for myself in a very long time. Sun up to sun down is nonstop work. And I don’t mind being a mom. I love raising my little family. His dad hasn’t had a job or a cellphone in two years and he is currently squatting in our mutual friend’s house, refusing to leave. He owes me, my dad, his own mom, and our mutual friend so much money it’s ridiculous.

When he was in our son’s life, he would just make my job so hard. He’d say, “Don’t worry buddy your mom is a jerk. You did nothing wrong, let’s go play video games,” whenever I tried to discipline him. This caused my son to not take me seriously. My son goes to therapy now and is in the big brother program. I’ve been told by teachers, friends, and therapists that my son is suffering from having a “toxic male role model.”

My son deserves so much better, yet he still thinks the sun shines out of his dad’s butt. He brings up his dad every day. “Mom, dad’s hair is so cool right?” He is constantly talking about his dad being a great guy. He even excuses his dad for not calling him for months by saying, “He’s just sick, it’s okay, I’m not mad at him.” I’m so mad… It’s slowly killing me.

I called his dad not long ago, and when he answered, I asked, “Why haven’t you called your son? He asks about you every day.” He yelled, “BECAUSE HE’S STUPID,” and hung up on me. I would NEVER do something like that. I can’t go a day without seeing my son. It hurts me with how much my son loves his “can’t do wrong” dad and it just breaks my heart every day.


#39 It Isn’t A Competition, But It Kind Of Is

Every time they say that their dad’s new wife cooks better food than me, it destroys me inside and out.

#40 A Son That Never Calls Anymore

I am a long time widower. My son and I were left alone and we used to be really close. After he moved to college, he used to call every day. I lived for that phone call. Gradually, they started decreasing from two days a week to once a week. Now, he has a girlfriend and rarely talks to me. I sometimes watch his Instagram and feel sad. I wish he would call more.

#41 The Stepfather In The Shadow Of The Real Father

I’m a stepfather of three girls. Their dad isn’t around at all. He sees them for an hour every three or four weeks when he can be bothered. They are my life—I love them and they always say I’m the only dad they care about. But when he shows up, randomly, with loads of gifts and buying their love, it all goes out the window.

It’s “I love my daddy,” or “Daddy, you’re the best,” or “Did you see what daddy got me?” I know they’re just children and I know they’re just sucked into the false pretenses he gives. But it hurts me when it happens. I want to confront them about it, but I’m afraid they’ll hate me. It’s crazy to be jealous, I know, but I just want them to myself. Especially when it’s clear he has no interest in them at all. I bring them to school, I pay for their trips, their parties, their clothes, their food. I go to their gymnastics lessons and watch their plays. I do all of it.

#42 Angry Children Sure Don’t Hold Back

One day my daughter was upset and screamed, “I want to go back to China and live in my old orphanage.” Yeah, I’d rather get hit by a bus than hear that.


#43 A Game Of iSpy That Ended In Silent Tears

One time, my kids played iSpy, and they said they spied “something yellow.” It was my teeth.

#44 The Meme Police

My adult kids say ” That’s old” whenever I send them a meme I think is funny. It just makes me feel bad.


#45 Society’s Brainwashing Doesn’t Stop At The Front Door

I am half black and her father is white. She has very fair skin. She once said that she was prettier than me because she is white. I, for sure, explained that both are beautiful, but I bawled my eyes out for a good 30 minutes when she napped that day. Just brutal.