Moms Share A Wild Secret From Their Past That Their Kids Will Never Know About


Just as children keep secrets from their mothers, mothers have plenty of secrets they keep from their children as well. There are plenty of reasons moms don’t necessarily want their kids to know about things from their past. One is that mothers feel they are protecting their children by withholding certain sensitive information, which perhaps they are.

There are endless wild secrets that moms will take to the grave, or at least not reveal to their kids for a very long time. That is their right, after all. These secrets range from very honorable to ones that are downright scandalous. Either way, moms around the world are spilling their guts with the anonymity of the internet to shield them, and these are stories you won’t want to miss.

#1 Parents That Met Behind Bars

Technically, I met my kid’s dad in prison. I was in county prison and he was in state prison. He found my name in the local newspaper and wrote to me looking for a pen pal. We wrote while I was in jail, and kept writing when I got out (he was in for seven years, and I was in for six months). When he got out, I just went back in for a violation, so he visited me there on Saturdays and Sundays. When I got out, we got together, straightened our lives out together, and have a pretty great life now. He just got his master plumber’s license and a great union job. He’s a real deal success story, and the life we have now wouldn’t make you think we started that way.

#2 Dark Beginnings Led To Happier Endings

I had my first-born daughter at a very young age: I was 18, in Grade 12, skipping every single day, partying all the time and “hanging out” with a criminal at the time… her dad. He and I are not together—I moved on, got married and so did he. He stopped all illegal behavior shortly after we found out I was pregnant. We co-parent really well actually, and he is now quite the stand-up father. All our daughter knows is that her mom and dad didn’t love each other so we separated, and now she’s lucky to have TWO moms and TWO dads that love her very much. She’s now 7. I’m wondering if it’ll ever come out later about how her dad and I began.

#3 They Have A Brother They’ll Never Know About

My high school boyfriend and I had a son when we were both 16 years old. We went through Catholic Family Services for open adoption. We both get updates on how he is doing, even though we are not involved anymore. Also, my son is included in my Will.

#4 They’d Never Guess What Their Parents Do Behind Closed Doors

Our kids have no idea we take ballroom dancing classes. There’s really no good reason why we keep this a secret from them… We just feel that ballroom dancing is our one and only opportunity during the week to have alone time with each other. We are very close as a family and usually when the kids find out my husband and I are into something, they want to join. It sounds selfish of us to keep it from them, but oh well.


#5 It Always Has And Always Will Be Dangerous To Meet People From Chatrooms

 Back in the ’90s, I flew to Canada and spent the weekend with a guy I’d been talking to in a chatroom. Nothing ever came of it afterward, but it’s something they will never, ever find out.

#6 Her Child Was Not For Sale

My husband’s older cousin had a daughter who was born severely unhealthy. She wasn’t stillborn, but she wasn’t going to make it past a few days. After our child was born (a few days later), my husband’s aunt came into the delivery room and said to my me, “You two are young, you’ll have plenty of time to have another child but my daughter can’t. Let me buy this baby off of you.”

#7 Hitching Rides Is Not The Safest Way To Get Home At 3:30 AM

One night, I drank away all my money and had no cab money left, so I had to walk home. This was about 3:30 a.m. in the morning at a time when there were no mobile phones yet. After a while, some car pulled over with two guys in their mid-’20s asking for directions to the city up north, about two hours away from where we were. I tried to explain to them the way and then they asked if I wanted a ride.

I got in and they dropped me off at home, where I changed outfits. Obviously, I took them back home with me and they stayed the night. Nothing happened—I didn’t get mugged and nothing got stolen, but wow, things could have ended so badly.

#8 A Strange Past With Parrots

My boyfriend in college gave me a parrot. He ended up being a parrot smuggler and I even helped him smuggle some across the border a couple of times. The one he gifted to me was one of the illegal parrots.

#9 Now That’s A Truly Bad Father

I have never told them, and never will, how their father treated us when I divorced him. There were weeks that we went without water or without electricity because he wouldn’t pay his child support. Their father always told me that I was the one forcing them to suffer because I could always just give him the kids. When the kids mention it now, I just let them believe that I was really bad with money. No child needs to know that their parent cared that little about them.


#10 Keeping Grandma A Secret

Her grandma. My mom was abusive toward me my entire life, so I’d rather her never even know she has a biological grandma on my side. I consider my best friend’s mom to be my adopted mom and she has my mother-in-law on her dad’s side. I don’t want her to go searching for people who will only fail her at best and hurt her at worst.

#11 “Casual Encounters” Gone Right For Once

I met my son’s dad through a post he made on the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist. Our families think we met at a sports bar.
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#12 But Who Did She Try To Kill And Why?

I spent two months in jail for attempting to end someone’s life when I was 18. They know me as a potty-mouthed Mary Poppins and they would never guess how mean I used to be. I could have ended up in prison and had a very different life.

#13 A Secret Past With The Russian Mafia

I worked as a jazz piano player in Russia during the ’80s. I was asked by a freaking CIA operative to spy on members of the Russian mafia who entered the bar I was playing at. At one point, I was even caught in a shootout between rival mafias.

#14 Breaking And Entering For Fun

My friends and I used to break into buildings for fun when I was in high school. We never got caught. We also never stole anything. But it was still super dangerous and also just really creepy on our parts.

#15 Pressure From The Father

I will be frank with her about my partying days and my mental health struggles, but I will not talk to her about her father abusing me. He is a wonderful father and I will leave that to him if he ever wants to bring it up. The two of them have an incredibly precious relationship and I don’t ever want to damage it.

#16 A Mom That Used To Date Women

I’m married, but before I met my husband, a lot of my relationships were with women. I would talk about it, but I think they’d be grossed out about the thought of me having any life at all before they existed.

#17 Dropping Out Of High School Usually Doesn’t End Well

I’ve never told my daughter that I was a high school dropout. I actually went on to have a fairly successful career (due mostly to luck) and I didn’t want her to infer that if she dropped out, then everything would still be okay. She’s since graduated college and has a career of her own, but I still don’t know if I’ll tell her. It’s kind of hard to bring up: “Hey, not to change the subject, but did you know that I’m a high school dropout?”

#18 You Do What You Have To Do To Survive

I supported myself and my infant daughter by working in an “adult novelty store” when I was a struggling, teenage mom. Her father had taken off, and I was trying to get through school. I did what I had to do. That involved selling adult merchandise and not asking questions about the section that was corded off and curtained.

#19 The First Marriage Is A Secret

My daughters think I have only been married twice. My first marriage was straight out of high school. The guy went to Vietnam and I stayed back while he was away. By the time he had come back, we were both completely different people, and he didn’t like how independent I had become. So we split. I’m really embarrassed by the whole thing because it was a “scandalous” marriage from the get-go. I am from an East Texas Baptist family, and his family is Louisianan and Catholic. It was the talk of the town back in the day.


#20 There Are So Many Kinds Of Love

We are polyamorous. The kids know we have friends but don’t know that it’s anything more than that. It’s something that we will never tell our kids because secretly we’re ashamed of it.
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#21 This Mom Is One Great Liar, Thank Goodness

My kids will never know that their dad tried to end me when I was pregnant with the third baby. We were driving down a long mountain road and he tried to push me out of the car while it was still moving! He didn’t count on me fighting him. But, what made him stop was the fact that I held onto the seatbelt for dear life and started screaming that if anything were to “happen” to me, my dad would absolutely end him. They suspect that he may have been abusive to me, but they’ll never know he actually tried to kill me.

#22 The Quiet Life Wasn’t Always This Mother’s Life

I dropped out of school at 17 and took off to a big city, where I got into a crowd full of ridiculously rich people and loads of illegal stuff. I spent most of my days modeling at high-end car shows, partying on yachts, and in a penthouse with a prominent music producer. I was 19 at the time and he…was not. I became pregnant with his child and he left me. I was convinced he was my soul mate.

But as the weeks went by, I became horribly depressed. I loaded up my car with my belongings and drove back to my small home town. A month later, I met my husband, and within two months we were engaged and pregnant with our daughter. We now live a quiet life. I’m a stay at home mom, my husband has a good job, and we live in a home on 12 acres of wooded land in the country, where we spend our time riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes. My daughter is in elementary school now. I always wonder what she would think of me if she learned the truth of who I was.


#23 A Daughter That Was Conceived Because Of A Naughty Book

Our youngest was conceived because I’d been reading Fifty Shades of Grey and got excited. She was unplanned. I never want my kids to know I read those books… but at the same time, I am deeply grateful they exist because our daughter is freaking awesome and she perfectly completed our family.

#24 People Can Change

I just don’t want my kids to know how I was raised. At least not details, not until my parents are gone. I want them to build relationships with their grandparents based on how they are now and not their past. I try to be open with them about everything else so that they know I’m human and make mistakes. I want them to feel comfortable coming to me with anything.


#25 Hopefully Photos From That Time Never Pop Up On The Internet

My son is at the age where he’s beginning to formulate more complex sentences, so I don’t have to worry for the time being. I have explored the internet and there is no evidence of my “wild secret.” Back in my college years, I quickly realized that I would not have enough money to pay for living expenses and tuition at a certain college in California. I had a part-time job as part of the wait staff at an upscale restaurant, and the tips led me to make a respectable income for someone my age.

However, the amount of student loan debt I was taking on was ridiculous. I had always been told that I was attractive and one thing led to another… I found myself becoming a burlesque dancer in my late teens. It was a toxic environment, but I managed to stay clean. Later, I realized that I hated college and I dropped out after the fall semester of my junior year, meaning the whole thing was for nothing, but my debt was pretty much paid off. I now earn a modest living as a hairstylist.

#26 Her Online Stranger Danger Hypocrisy

I met their dad on World of Warcraft when I was 16, and ran away to be with him two days before I turned 18. He is 11 years older than me. They can know the overview but boy, the details of it are really shady, especially when I am going to have to teach them internet safety and online stranger danger. I am now divorced and their dad has moved away, but we have a positive co-parent relationship.

Though he’s not very involved, we both just want the best for the kids, which leads me into the fact I don’t want them to know how I feel about the relationship when I look back at it.


#27 From Gang Life To Engineer

I was a REALLY active gang member in the Chicago area during my teen years. I joined the military to escape that life, was honorably discharged after 10 years of service, went to college, then became an engineer. Most of my old friends are passed or in prison, but I live a good life in the suburbs now. My teenage daughter has heard a few stories here and there from family members, but I’ll spare the details of my past life.

#28 The Truth About Their Dad Isn’t Something She Wants Her Kids To Know

I would love for them to never find out that their biological dad didn’t want them. They’ve grown into such amazing, beautiful, intelligent and caring human beings in the last 10 years, and I know this would break them. He moved on and made a new family with two kids. If I could keep this from them for forever, I would.

#29 Some Things Are Better Kept As Memories

I was a serious groupie. The mid-’80s and ’90s were great times to be into hot guys in rock bands. Things were a lot freer back then—musicians and backstage areas were far more accessible. I met up with various members of really famous metal and grunge bands. I enjoyed expensive gifts, trips, and lots of partying. I also traveled a ton and saw hundreds of shows from backstage.

I suppose I had something of a reputation amongst industry folk. Thank heavens this all went down before the advent of social media. My husband thinks I “lucked” into the tons of autographed swag, old backstage passes, rare memorabilia, and photos with rock stars I’ve kept. He figured bands just handed boxes of free stuff to fans and hung out platonically with concert-going females.

He was never much of a live music fan and hasn’t been to many shows. If he suspects otherwise, he hasn’t let on. Now I’m just an uncool, SUV driving mom in a perpetual ponytail and yoga pants. They have no idea how wild I was. Whenever I catch the hubby or our kids listening to these bands from back in the day, I smile to myself. Wow, if they only knew. Good times. I regret nothing.

#30 A Wild Youth Can Make For A Strict Mom

When I was sixteen, a friend and I stole a car from a used car lot by climbing in the window and getting the keys. We took it for a joy ride and then had to abandon it because we couldn’t get the key out of the ignition. I was arrested several times for felony shoplifting. I sprayed “cattle crossing” on the sidewalk in front of a girl’s house I hated. I got in several fist fights with other girls. I didn’t graduate high school on time because I skipped so much school.

I snuck out of my house almost every night in the summers and hitchhiked around because my friend and I weren’t old enough to drive. I went on to graduate college, went to law school, and became a lawyer in a pretty good area of town. I am SUPER strict and uptight about my kids. Literally NO ONE I know would guess the kind of kid I was. I now stalk my own kids in fairly unhealthy ways to ensure they aren’t doing any of the stuff that I did growing up. Good or bad, they seem to be making completely different screw ups.


#31 No Wonder She Wants To Be A Pilot

My daughter was conceived at work, on airport property, in the back of a Ford Focus, while we were waiting for a med-flight to land. She knows nothing about this, but tells me she wants to be a pilot when she grows up.


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#32 Biological Mother: Unknown

My wife is not the biological mother of our twins. We did IVF and their biological mother was an egg donor from a country in South America. My wife carried them and gave birth to them, but she has no biological connection. We’ll tell them someday when they’re older. It’s a little bit strange, but one looks exactly like me at that age, and the other one looks very much like my brother.


#33 A Close Call For This Desperate Mom

My son was planned, but after separating from his father and having basically nowhere to go, I thought about the possibility of dropping him off at the hospital and skipping town. I never did, thankfully.


#34 Her First Time Has Become A Newly Familiar Place Again

My daughter’s friend lives in the exact house that I lost my virginity in 25 years ago. New owners of course.

#35 Save The DNA Kit For Later, Child

Their grandpa’s not their grandpa. I didn’t find out until I was 30 that my dad adopted me and my mom was married to someone else when I was born. My 15-year-old self was looking at those DNA kits in the store. “I wonder what surprises it would find!” Oh, more than you think, sweetie. I’ll tell them someday when it is the right time.

#36 Motherhood Does Not Come Easily To Everyone

I don’t want my son to know that he was an unwanted accident. Even during my pregnancy, I didn’t want a child. I was still so young and had my whole career ahead of me. I wanted to travel the world, finish school, and advance myself in life to the fullest. After he was born, I had a hard time adjusting and it took me a long time to fall in love with motherhood. I didn’t feel a connection to my son and felt like the worst mother in the world.

Now, I can’t stop looking at him or hugging him or crying over him. I’m finishing school and I got promoted at my job. I can have my life and still be a mother too. I only regret my feeling of not wanting my son, because he means so much to me and there are no words to describe the deep love that I feel for him.

#37 Anything Not To Break Her Baby Girl’s Heart

The reason we got divorced is that he left me for another woman, Amy, his friend’s wife. When my daughter was two, we moved back to my mom’s house while my world fell apart, and she innocently said, “Daddy’s on the floor and Amy can’t say no,” which was evidence she witnessed at least some of what was going on while I was out of town. She’s 11 now and has asked me a few times about it.

I always tell her to ask her father because I can’t bring myself to lie. She asked me one day if I still loved him. The best I could come up with on the fly was, “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have you, and for that, I am grateful.” I didn’t even want to break her heart by telling her THAT truth. Then she asked me if daddy still loved her… The worst part is my husband didn’t even fight for custody because he didn’t want anything to do with my daughter.

On a side note, Amy’s ex-husband has since become one of my best friends, who my daughter knows, but she has no idea why he and I are such good friends. We bonded over our spouses’ infidelity.

#38 Happily “Married” But Actually Divorced Parents

Years before they came along, spouse and I decided it wasn’t working out and got divorced. Years later, things still weren’t working out fantastically for both of us, so we got back together. Never did get around to getting remarried though.


#39 What Will She Think Of Her Godless Mother When She Finds Out?

My daughter doesn’t know I’m an atheist. She goes to a Christian private school. It’s going to be an interesting conversation when she is a little older.

#40 The Real Father May Always Be A Mystery

I don’t trust the at-home paternity test I took because we didn’t test the second guy at the time and my kid looks a lot more like him than he does the man who raised him. Before anyone judges me, I was painfully truthful to both men at the time I was pregnant and only one of them stuck around and wanted to be a dad. Also, he was the one who agreed to a paternity test which came back extremely positive, like 99.9%.

Additionally, there was no cheating involved. I went from one relationship into another within a two week period and so I may have been stupid but I was not trying to be cruel to anyone involved. My son knows these details but he doesn’t know that sometimes I question the results. I’ve looked up the other guy on social media, so I’m not going on memory of looks. Additionally, we have mutual friends, so if the guy in question really wanted to know for sure, he should have reached out.

#41 Who’s The One Who Really Lacks Mental Stability Here?

I want a divorce but I can’t because I am bipolar and my husband holds it against me. He promises he will keep me from my children.

#42 Not All Marriages Start With Love

I wouldn’t tell my daughter that her father and I were “friends with benefits” for several years before she was born. We’re happily married now.

#43 The Things Moms Do For Their Children

They will never know that he cheated and they’re the only reason I stay. He means the world to them and I don’t have the heart to take away their daily contact with him. We’re friends, we’re civil, we co-parent well, and we still love each other, but we’re not in love in the way that we used to be. I miss my old life. We’ve had to build a new one I guess.

#44 Money Doesn’t Always Come From Happy Places

My son was hit by a car at two years old. I went to great lengths to make sure he didn’t get a dime of money at 18, so at 25 and 30 he will receive a total of $125,000. He’s 17 and thinks he might get $5,000.


#45 A Secret Sister Might Not Be The Worst Surprise

I put a child up for adoption when I was a teenager. I will tell my kids eventually, I guess. I talk to the adopted mom regularly. The child has no desire to talk to me, which is totally fine. She has had an amazing life because of her parents. I am here if she ever changes her mind. My kids are probably old enough to know, but it just hasn’t ever seemed like the right time.