Children Of ‘I Want To Talk To The Manager’ Type Parents Share Their Worst Story

It’s unavoidable: you’re bound to disagree with someone every once in a while. As a kid, you’ll often see your parents involved in these typical disputes. They might howl, kick, and even toss a few things here and there in their fits of rage. If you’re an employee or manager of a store, it’s best to simply hide whenever these types of parents burst through the doors. The following people have had the misfortune of watching their parents go off on undeserving people. Read on for some truly unbelievable stories.

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#1 Not A Pro Reaction

One time, I went to a Best Buy with my dad to return a GoPro that I got a couple of months before as a birthday gift. We went to the customer service counter and asked about a refund because it was broken. The employee kindly told my dad that they had stopped manufacturing that model of the GoPro, so if we wanted to return it using our warranty, we would either have to pay the difference and get a newer model or accept store credit.

My dad started to get angry. He told the employee that we should be able to get the newer model and use his warranty that he originally purchased. I tried to calm him down, telling him that the store credit was fine; but my dad wouldn’t have any of it. He proceeded to ask the guy for his manager. He was the manager.

At this point, my dad was furious. I was used to it, so I decided to take a seat and play some mobile games. A half hour later, they were still arguing so I decided to wander the store. At the end (two hours later), my dad asked for the store credit and we left. This same thing happened at GameStop a week later with Halo 5.

#2 Quest For The Cup

My mom is like this all the time. I always find myself telling my mom that she is being rude or something of that sort. She just has this tendency to blow situations out of proportion. Just today, we went to an arcade. At some point, we decided to get food at the restaurant inside. It was me, my mom, and my younger brother and sister (they’re twins).

When the waitress brought us our drinks, everyone but my brother had received an adult-sized cup. My mom then said, “Why did he get a kids cup? They are the same age!” She pointed at my sister who, while being his twin, was, undeniably, taller than him.

The waitress apologized and went back to get my brother another drink. The host who had referred us to our table was a very nice guy, and I guess noticed something was going on. He decided to come over, apologize, and offer a new drink, even though the waitress was already on it. He also told us how things were similar for him when he was younger because his brother was the same age as him but was considerably taller.

I later read his name tag and, as it turned out, he was the manager. Everything ended up working out fine in the end. The waitress was calm about the situation but still seemed a little agitated. I couldn’t blame her though, as I’m sure I would be the same way. After all, she was dealing with my mom (though, I’ve seen so much worse from her).


#3 Full Of Hot Air

For my 10th birthday, my mom rented out a room and we filled it with decorations. The guy who was renting the room to us came up and told us that we couldn’t have balloons because a nursing home was just across from us. If the balloons popped, they might disturb the peace. She proceeded to cuss him out and blow up a bunch more balloons in front of him. We got kicked out of the room and I had to frantically call all of my friends on my mom’s phone while she drove.


#4 Steak Your Claim

My stepdad in a steak house is a nightmare. He always orders his steak medium and if it comes out a little over or a little under, he will send it back. In my opinion, all of his steaks are usually in the medium range and perfectly acceptable for him to eat. When he does send them back, he makes a big show off cutting the steaks in half in front of the server.

He has done this several times. He will cuss out the server and complain about the cook not knowing how to prepare a steak. One time, he even had the cook come out so he could explain EXACTLY how pink he wanted his meat. It’s just sickening. By the time he accepts that he just isn’t going to get the meal he wants, he’ll order a salad while we all sit there mortified with our carryout boxes ready to go home.


#5 Makes No Cents

My mother somehow noticed that she paid 20 cents too much for a pumpkin at a grocery store. She instantly went to the cashier and started complaining. It was a busy day and the entire line was waiting for my mother to get her 20 cents back. This lasted for almost 10 minutes because the cashier first had to find the manager. I felt so embarrassed.


#6 Not What They Appeared

When I was nine years old, we were at some restaurant and my dad ordered tacos. In the menu, the picture showed three tacos and the description did not specify that the order actually came with only two tacos. My dad called over the waiter and said that the picture showed three tacos and he only had two. The waiter told him it was only two but they brought him three new ones anyway.

Now had five tacos, however, the tacos did not look like the ones he had earlier. He once again called the waiter and told him that they did not look like the ones from before. The waiter obviously did not want confrontation, so they brought him three new tacos that looked exactly like the ones from the beginning. My dad was left with eight tacos and did not even manage to finish them. I had a small pasta.

#7 Caught In The Act

Last year, I turned 13, which was just old enough to qualify for full price at mine and my mom’s favorite restaurant. She said, “When we get in, just say you’re 12.” Well, everything went according to plan, but when the check came, they charged me at full price and my mother was livid. She called the waiter stupid and I felt so bad for him. He got the manager and it went down something like this:

“Is there a problem with your check ma’am?”

“Yes, this stupid waiter has my son at full price.”

“I know he’s 13 ma’am. The other parent told me.” Apparently, when my best friend’s father arrived at the restaurant, he told the waiter that they had been invited to my 13th birthday. At this point, the whole restaurant was looking at us. She paid and stormed out.


#8 Dish The Dirt

When I was 13, my mom convinced me to play volleyball. My dad got me kneepads but they were a bit too small, so he took me to the store to exchange them. The store said they couldn’t take back the kneepads because there was a bit of dirt on them. My dad went BALLISTIC. I have blocked most of it out of my memory, but I remember it ended after 10 minutes with him knocking over an entire rack of clothes. “Now you can’t sell that crap because it’s dirty!”  he yelled before storming out. I wanted to sink into the floor.


#9 Taking Matters In Their Own Hands

One time, when my family was out at a restaurant, the rest of my family had gotten their food but my dad hadn’t. After about 10 minutes, my dad decided he was done waiting. He got up from his seat, walked straight into the kitchen and asked the startling waitstaff: “So, is this the kind of restaurant where we get our own food or what?” He got his soup quickly after that and I wanted to jump off a bridge.

#10 What A Twist!

We were at JCPennys. My mom had an expired coupon and was wondering why the salesperson at the register wouldn’t take it. She started throwing a tantrum and demanded to see the manager. She yelled profanities at him for about 20 minutes before he had enough and just gave in. Plot twist, that manager is now my business professor and we both laugh about it now.


#11 Keep It Moving

When I was in 5th grade, my mom signed up to be one of the chaperones for our school’s big Safety Patrol trip to Washington DC. When our group was outside the White House gates doing a little sightseeing, the secret service or some other security personnel suddenly showed up. They said that all tourists needed to leave the area in front of the White House due to some kind of threat.

My mom straight up argued with them, saying that her kids had come all the way from Florida and that, by God, they have a right to spend more time taking pictures of the White House. She almost got arrested then and there. When we got back to our hotel rooms that night, I learned that she had been relieved of her chaperone duties.

In my mom’s defense, she probably thought she was doing something right by sticking up for the kids and making sure they got the full benefit of seeing everything they wanted to see on the trip. It just wasn’t a good idea to argue with armed secret service officers in front of the White House.


#12 Took It To The Bank

When the local bank had informed us that linked accounts would have to be registered under different passwords, my mother flipped out as if it was the guy at the front’s fault. Not only had she called the manager, but she pestered them after we left. For a little backstory, my sister had her own bank account and my mom wanted her password so she could put money into her account.

#13 If You Want To Destroy My Sweater

I used to live in Alaska and every so often, we would go to Wasilla or Anchorage for a basketball tournament. While there, my family and I would often go on shopping trips because Wasilla and Anchorage had all the big company brands and stores. Anyway, we went to a clothes store and I bought some stuff. When we came back home, I noticed that one of the items I bought, a striped sweater, had a small hole in the front.

I didn’t mind, because the hole was literally smaller than a tic tac, and the sweater was only like, 10 bucks. I figured my mom would understand this as well. Nope. She made another SIX HOUR DRIVE to that EXACT store, yelling and demanding for a refund. I don’t even want to get into the part when she realized she forgot the receipt at home.


#14 Tournament Of Aggravation

My father, the youth baseball coach, yelled his head off over poor tournament administration. Youth baseball has different field dimensions for different ages. At one tournament, my dad, the coach, thought that the pitching-rubber looked to be too close to the plate. A quick measurement after the game confirmed it was 50 feet instead of 54 feet.

My dad found a tournament official to complain about how unacceptable that was and how they didn’t do their job. “I’m the customer here! We pay good money for these tournaments! Get your head out of your butt!” he yelled. I was nine years old and I remember walking to the car with my dad still turning back to yell at the guy. I tried to ignore the whole thing but felt extremely embarrassed.


#15 No Longer Welcomed

I was working at a cafe and had to run to the supermarket to buy something. While I was gone, my parents showed up and demanded to be served by me. My supervisor told them, “Sorry, she’s working in the kitchen and isn’t available to serve food.” My parents kicked up a big fuss. I could hear mom screaming from outside, so I turned around, walked the block to the back entrance and hid in the kitchen.

I was so embarrassed I was nearly in tears. They screamed at my supervisor and even threatened to call the police. Then, they said they’d be back tomorrow and if I wasn’t the one serving them, there’d be more trouble to pay. After my shift, I got a call from my teacher. She needed to see me and my parents immediately. We went to school and she went right off at my parents.

My supervisor had called my school and tried to get me removed from my work placement. There were no other businesses in the program that could take me and if I lost my placement at that cafe, I wouldn’t be able to pass my class or get my qualifications. I wouldn’t be able to retake the course before I graduated, either.

By some miracle, my teacher convinced the cafe to let me finish my placement, but when it was over, they withdrew me from the program. My parents wrote an apology to the business and came in while I wasn’t there to apologize to the supervisor and the staff. I finished my placement without any more issues and completed the course.


#16 Not In Front Of The Crush!

I was in a Safeway with my father and he wanted to use his “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” coupon that he had on his phone at the Starbucks there. It turns out that he had already used it, but he still threw a fit and yelled at the poor girl, saying that he should get my drink for free. The manager got called and ended up saying no to my father’s demands and we left without getting our groceries. The worst part was that the guy I had a crush on from school worked as a cashier there and saw the whole thing.


#17 Not Really A Fiesta

I was at Fiesta Fun for my birthday. I asked my mom if I could have $25 to spend on games and my mom said sure. Two minutes later, she found out she forgot her card at home, so she went up to the front and said, “I need $25 for my son.” They refused to give it to her unless she had a card with her. She then said, “Let me speak to the freaking manager.” They got the manager, but he still denied her the money. She immediately left after that and told all of her friends that Fiesta Fun sucked.

#18 Someone Didn’t Have Their Break Today

My dad started arguing with the McDonald’s staff for 40 minutes over the fact they ran out of straws. Everyone in the line behind us was starting to get agitated, and that made me feel even more embarrassed. My dad doesn’t really know where to draw the line. He just finds a reason to complain, even though it really isn’t necessary to.


#19 Let Them Eat Cake

I graduated from a small school in December. Naturally, the graduating class was smaller, but it was still a good size. She decided that it would be good to go out afterward. We ended up at Applebee’s with literally 15 other people. They wouldn’t accept a reservation, but apparently, that didn’t matter.

We showed up and waited two hours to be seated due to the graduation rush. By that time, it was almost 9 pm, so every worker in the place was already agitated. She complained multiple times to management about the wait. Eventually, after screaming for minutes on end, she somehow got them to agree to give us all free dessert. For fifteen people.

Literally, everyone in our party got a chocolate lava cake and it was free. I have absolutely no idea why management even decided to give in. It was probably the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me, but I still ate that gosh darn lava cake.

#20 Must Be An Important Person

My dad is a jerk and a narcissist. He is also extremely incompetent. These factors often combine when he calls customer service. He screams at people, often making the calls last more than an hour. The best example of this is when he calls the bank. When he gets transferred, they usually request some information from him that he may have already given. This triggers him to scream “YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” as well as to refuse to give them an ID number.

#21 It’s Time To Leave, Dad

We were out at dinner with my family. My little brother got upset about something and threw a tantrum. My dad quickly ran out and got him ice cream to calm him down. At this point, our food was already served. My brother calmed down and ate his ice cream while the rest of us started on our food. That’s when the manager came over and told us they had a no outside food policy.

She wouldn’t budge and insisted we either kept my brother’s ice cream in their fridge until our meal was over or we bring him out right at that moment to finish his ice cream. My dad got so mad. They started shouting at each other and we ended up leaving. Honestly, I think she could have given us a bit of leeway, but I also wish he hadn’t gotten so mad and started yelling. Either way, it was really embarrassing to be leaving with everyone staring at us and the manager going, “GO, JUST LEAVE NOW.”


#22 Welcome To Chili’s

My mother and I went to a concert and got out late. The only place that was open was Chili’s. We decided to go and when we got there, my mother went into the restroom. When she came out, she was screaming about how filthy it was in there. She was so disgusted she even yelled for a manager. She forced my little sister to take video footage of the restroom and show it to the manager on the floor.

They offered their apologies, but she still kept yelling, loudly proclaiming that she would never eat in a restaurant that had such a filthy bathroom. I walked out furious and ashamed. I worked in food service for years and sometimes getting people their food was more important than cleaning the bathroom. As a direct result of her actions, we couldn’t find anywhere else to eat. She finally said, “Well, we can go back to Chili’s then.” That’s when I lost it on her. She still didn’t understand why we couldn’t just go back.


#23 Have It Your Way

When I was around 10 years old, I went to Burger King with my mom and ordered my sandwich without tomato. They accidentally messed up my order, so my mom told them to remake it. When they handed her the new bag, my mom floored her car out of the drive-thru line without paying for the meal. When we got out to the main road that ran parallel to the drive-thru window, my mom flipped off the drive-thru worker and yelled, “Screw off.” I didn’t understand it then and I still don’t.


#24 Safety First, Mom!

My mom usually isn’t too much of a Karen, so this was a bit of a shock for me. When we went to get my driving test, the administrator asked to see my learning license, my insurance and the registration for our car. Lo and behold, the new slip for the recently-renewed insurance was still at home, so our car appeared to be uninsured. I understood that there was no way to do the test without an insured vehicle.

I started apologizing for wasting the administrator’s time. Meanwhile, my mom decided that we should ABSOLUTELY get an exception and told them they should just let it pass just this once. It was completely illegal for them to run the test with me in an uninsured car, but she just wouldn’t let it go. I was so embarrassed.


#25 The Gift Of Madness

I took a vacation to Lake Tahoe once. We went in the winter for the snow and rented a cabin. The area we stayed at was like a neighborhood full of cabins. We had an unproblematic stay until my mom noticed a discrepancy on the bill as we were checking out. She marched over to the building with the customer service counter and demanded a manager.

She explained the situation so loudly that the whole building could hear her. I slowly backed off with my brother to the gift shop. At the gift shop, I overheard the manager say that they couldn’t fix the bill, so my parents both went to find us. They found us in the gift shop and I wanted something. It was a weird snake plush. I wanted it, but my mom said that she was not giving any more money to that place ever again.

#26 Toast Of The Town

I went to Village Inn with my dad a few years ago. He ordered their mix and match breakfast where you could pick any four different items. The only rule was you couldn’t order two of the same item. He wanted two french toast, but the server wouldn’t budge. He got really upset and talked about how he could’ve ordered four different types of meat and it would cost the restaurant more than the french toast. I was ordering the mix and match as well, and I offered to order french toast for him. He wouldn’t do it out of principle.

#27 Not The Perfect Fit

I was at Target trying on a pair of jeans in the fitting room. My mom made us show her everything we tried on before she bought it, but she wouldn’t just wait next to the fitting room, so I had to duck back out into the store to show her. When I went back, someone had taken my fitting room. I was an awkward little child, so I just loitered outside waiting for it to clear out again, but my mom got frustrated with the wait and stormed back in to ask what the heck was going on.

She started banging on the door, demanding to know why the woman who’d taken the room went in even after seeing there were clothes there. The woman was baffled, saying that people always left clothes in dressing rooms so she didn’t realize it was taken. My mom still flipped, for some reason. She started screaming for employees, demanding that the woman get kicked out and banned from Target for the terrible crime of using a fitting room I was already using.


#28 Getting All Juiced Up

When I was fairly little, I went with my mom and my grandma to the mall to buy clothes. About halfway through, I was feeling thirsty, so we stopped at a Booster Juice place and I got some pomegranate juice. Both my grandma and my mom freaked out at the poor guy running the shop, saying that it wasn’t “freshly squeezed” like the signs said because it was too sweet.

They got really darn worked up about some juice, and sure enough, they eventually had a talk with the manager. It did nothing except waste an hour of our time. Fast forward a few months, we ended up at the same mall for a different reason, only this time with just my grandma. I got thirsty halfway through again, so we stopped off at the same Booster Juice. I got a mango smoothie and again my grandma freaked about it not being real juice.

Another talk with the manager ensued. During both talks with the manager, I was just sitting in the corner while the employees made annoyed stares at me. It was highly embarrassing. Both drinks were fantastic though.


#29 A Waste Of Tickets

All arcades have those ridiculous “top tier” prizes that you can never win because they’re 1,000 tickets each. After three hours of gaming, you only win like, 62 tickets. I earned 62 tickets knowing full well I probably couldn’t get anything big with them, but my mom thought, “Hmm, that should be enough for the 1,000 ticket prize.”

After bickering with the lady for 20 minutes, she got the manager involved and demanded I get the top prize. She yelled, “It’s my sons birthday and he WORKED SO DARN HARD FOR THOSE 62 TICKETS and it’s not like you’re losing any money.” It was a $20 water gun, mom. We were right next to a Walmart, mom. Now we’re not allowed back to the arcade, mom.


#30 Room For Improvement

I was 13 when this happened. My mom had made a reservation at a hotel for a trip, but when she got there, the lady said there was some error with the reservation and that my mom’s payment didn’t go through. So the lady offered us a double-bed room for a discount. Rather than just taking the room, thanking the lady, and leaving, my mom made her life more difficult.

She decided the best course of action was to scream, in the middle of a hotel lobby: “NOBODY IS GOING ANYWHERE UNTIL I GET MY FREAKING ROOM!” She then proceeded to pester the lady, who clearly couldn’t do anything about it. Eventually, she called the police on my mom for public disturbance. Mortifying.

#31 The Pilots Outmommed Mom

When I was a young child on a long distance flight, my mother let me and my brother sleep on the floor. For safety reasons, the flight attendants told my mother that we were not allowed to sleep on the floor. She started to argue with the flight attendants, who then turned to the pilots. The pilots threatened to turn the plane around unless we got up from the floor but she continued to argue. The pilots announced they were about to turn around because of my mother, so all the passengers got pissed. Eventually, she caved in when she had all passengers and flight crew on the Boeing 747 against her.


#32 Getting The Cops Involved

I was with my parents on vacation and the hotel put extra charges on the bill by accident. My mom marched to the front desk and demanded to see the manager. There was a long line, but she cut right in front of it. The manager wasn’t very helpful, probably because she was rude, so my mom went to all the other customers in line and told them that the hotel was a scam and that they were ripping us off with fake charges. She made a total scene. The hotel called the police and we were escorted off the premises by actual cops. I died inside.


#33 Wrong Kind Of Taxicab Confessions

My mom asked me to call her a taxi via an app. She ended up calling me multiple times complaining about how the driver didn’t use the route she thought was best, even though the guy just used the best possible route the GPS suggested. She ended up getting out halfway and using the subway. The driver proceeded to call me in tears, completely shocked, unsure of what he did so wrong. I never called her a cab again.


#34 Don’t Want Anyone Falling

My mother is a nightmare with customer service. So many incidents stick out in my mind but one that really embarrassed me was the time when we were at Walmart. The stocker was struggling and dropped their price scanner on the ground. I was going to help her gather her things when my mom came out  like a bat out of heck and yelled, “YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD PICK THAT UP, PEOPLE COULD TRIP.” She then darted off with the cart. I was so embarrassed that I just walked away in shame, and when I pointed out to my mom the girl dropped it by accident she said, “WELL, SHE SHOULD BE MORE CAREFUL!”


#35 Making Hamburgers Taste Like Steakburgers

When I was six, my mom took my brothers and I out to Golden Corral for dinner. She went up to the buffet, got a steak, and came back to the table. She’s an avid A1 steak sauce fan and cannot, I repeat, cannot eat steak without it. She poured out the A1 onto her plate, tasted it, and was instantly horrified. She proceeded to pour out the Golden Corral Steak Sauce right next to the A1 and it matched perfectly. Outraged, she called over a waitress and eventually the manager, showing them her little experiment and how she exposed the “Great Steak Sauce Fraud of ’06.” My brothers and I were scarred for the rest of our lives. I still have nightmares about it.


#36 Every Penny Counts

One time, I was in a record store with my dad. He bought a record that was $19.99 and paid using a $20 bill. The clerk took the money, put it in the register and gave my dad the CD in a plastic bag. I started walking off when I noticed my dad wasn’t moving. As I turned around, I heard him say to the record store clerk, “You still have to give me my cent back.”

The clerk replied that they don’t return one or two cents because they don’t accept them anymore and, as such, they didn’t have them in the store. My dad replied by saying that was “judicially impossible.” To make a long story short, one of the clerks gave my dad a cent from his own wallet. I dread going shopping with my dad.

#37 Displaying Your True Self

My mom needed to return some shirts at the mall because they didn’t fit right. It was past the allotted time that she had to return them, so the employee said that there wasn’t anything she could do. My mom started SCREAMING at this girl who was probably about 16 years old, calling her names and demanding to speak to the manager.

When the manager told my mom that they couldn’t do anything and that the return policy was on the receipt, my mom threw a fit and knocked over a display that was next to the register. She then stormed out of the store. I was probably six or seven at the time and was mortified. I apologized for her behavior and picked up what I could before she started calling for me to follow her. The manager was super sweet to me though and told me that I was a good kid and to stick up to my mom when I could get away with it.


#38 Egg On Their Face

I was out having breakfast with my mom and our waitress straight up disappeared. We sat for a good 30 minutes, after having ordered nothing but eggs. It was an off time, so the place was pretty quiet. It was as if our waitress had just evaporated. Naturally, my mom asked someone if we could speak with the manager.

She stopped by and my mom let her know what happened. She asked if she can check on our waitress and our food. Ten minutes later, the manager showed up with our food and the waitress in tow. She put our food down, then proceeded to rip into the waitress. This poor woman broke down in tears, apologizing profusely.

We felt so awful that we didn’t even bother finishing our food. Once the manager was out of sight, my mom found the waitress, gave her a hug, and a larger tip than usual.

#39 No Lower Rates For You

I think every memory I have of my mom is her yelling at a customer service employee, either on the phone or in their face. I always felt bad for the employees. I remember at least one instance in which I felt really embarrassed. I did an online program that was geared towards new drivers. It was all about driving safety, so it took forever to do.

At the end of the course, the young driver had the opportunity to get lower insurance rates. I had to call a customer service representative and confirm personal information as well as answer some things from the course in order to get the rates. My mom kept insisting I put the phone on speaker. Every time I did, the rep would tell me to take it off of the speaker.

My mom would then try to follow me around the house, trying to listen in and the rep could hear her. She said she needed to stop due to confidentiality reasons. My mom got mad at the rep and I ended up not getting the lower rates on my insurance because the rep was so fed up.

#40 Not A Thrifty Approach

About the only thing my dad and I have in common is that we like to go thrifting. Garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, and charity thrift shops. The thing is, we do it for different reasons. I do it for the fun of finding something unusual and offbeat. My dad does it because he likes to find bargains and be one-up on the suckers who didn’t know what they had. I was mortified when my dad went to the charity shop checkout and yelled for 10 minutes about being overcharged $0.50. I left him in the store alone. When he finally came out, I went in and dropped $5 in the donation jar and apologized for my jerk of a father.


#41 You’re In The Wrong Place

My mom constantly does this, but one time really sticks out. We went to a local Mexican restaurant and as we were paying for the food, she tried to use a coupon. The cashier said they wouldn’t accept the coupon and my mom was furious. She demanded that the manager come out and accept the coupon. She caused a massive scene in the restaurant and it lasted at least five minutes.

As the cashier was getting the manager, I decided to look at the coupon… It was for a totally different Mexican restaurant in the area. My mom also wasn’t wearing her glasses. The cashier and manager both came back, my mom apologized, and they ended up accepting the coupon anyway. Thankfully, they took the high road.

#42 Know The Score

My mom came to my school because she thought I was lying about what I got on my SATs. She didn’t think I was that smart. No one in my school would give her that information because they didn’t have to. She went to my principal and said, “I want to speak to your boss” in front of me. He refused and they argued for a while. The principal knew I was an okay guy and that the score I told my mother was legit. It was really embarrassing though.

#43 An Awkward Pillow Fight

When I was around six or seven, I went on a road trip with my family to Florida to see my grandma. Because of various travel hangups, we ended up getting to the hotel at 3 a.m. We then discovered that there were no pillows in our room. My dad took myself and my mom down to the main lobby and asked the concierge what he was going to do about it. The man said he didn’t know what was to be done because all the extra pillows were for guests. This is why my dad blew up. It was the first time I ever heard my dad curse.


#44 What Are You Talking About?

When I was 10, my mom got a phone for Christmas and it had a warranty on it. A little while later, my mother threw It on the ground and called the company asking for a full refund plus a new phone because they gave her a broken one. After a few weeks, the company staff came to our house and asked my mom what happened.

She lied, saying that the phone they sent her was broken, to begin with. He gave us a refund but not another phone. I thought it would be settled then and there, but my mom wouldn’t stop. She then started yelling and told him that she would call the police. She never did. Recently I asked her about it and she said, “I have no memory of any of that happening.”


#45 Whatever Happens In Vegas…

I spent two hours in the lobby of the MGM Grand in Vegas. We had arrived with family friends to attend a hairstylist convention (friend’s mom owned a salon) and we discovered our family suites had a window view of their dumpster area about a minute after walking into the room. Cue my mother storming back down to the lobby and demanding the head manager at the front desk switch our rooms immediately. Watching her make a scene and get even angrier once security was threatened on her was mortifying. I was 10, tired and embarrassed, and just wanted us all to have fun.

Luckily, the head manager offered a vacant Presidential Suite for “all of the trouble” after getting my mother to calm down. Looking back, I realize he did it just to shut her up and restore calm back to the lobby for other guests. To this day, I am overly-nice to retail and food service workers. I never want to be THAT person.