Picky People Share The Pettiest Reason They Chose Not To Date Someone

We’ve all had at least one moment in our lives when we realized that the person we were interested in just wasn’t a good choice. The best stories are the ones that come from people who decided to call it quits after something silly. Maybe she honked when she blew her nose and he just couldn’t take it, or maybe he never untied his shoes and she found that too odd.

In times of curiosity like these, we turn to the internet for our answers. The online community never fails to present when asked for weird and funny stories. We wanted to know the pettiest reasons people decided to break up with their partner over, and we got some pretty golden responses.

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#1 Name Game

I didn’t like the way she spelled her name. When we first met, she said her name was India. When I saw her write it out, it was spelled “Endia.” I don’t know, I just couldn’t do it.

Satt Padford


#2 Stuck In Traffic

I know someone who broke up with his girlfriend because the trip to her place always involved at least an hour of sitting in traffic (Los Angeles). He said he didn’t terribly mind that, but because he drove a manual transmission car he got annoyed.



#3 Say Nope To The Trope

I was in the middle of breaking up with a guy who had bad anger issues. At first, I felt a little bad about it, so I was trying to let him down easy. But then, to my complete surprise, he pulled out this gem:
“I want you to be the Black Widow to my Hulk.”
Um. Nope. Not the kinda life I want. Didn’t feel bad after that. I told him straight up, “No thanks.”
But he wouldn’t give up. He proceeded to pull out two action figures and started reenacting a scene in one of the movies where the two characters had a connection. 
Still a hard no.



#4 A Reel Bad Time

In high school, I went on a date with a girl I had a HUGE crush on. We went for a hike along a river and it started getting cold, so we headed to the movies. She would NOT stop asking questions during the movie. I get that movies are usually bad first dates because you can’t have a conversation, but we already knew each other pretty well by this point. It was as if she thought I had seen it before. I couldn’t take it. Super nice girl, really pretty, but didn’t want to date her after that.



#5 Driver Picks The Music

I once ended a date early because, while driving to dinner, she started changing the presets on my car radio without asking.

It was our first date; the first time I’d ever met her in person after chatting a few times on OKCupid. We ended up going to dinner because the place was a really good pizza spot and, even though her radio faux pas had already disinterested me, I had been really looking forward to that pizza for most of the day. The original plan was Netflix & chill at my place after dinner but I just dropped her back at her place instead. I never spoke with her again.


#6 Nailed It (Not)

My best friend and I both had a crush on this dude in high school. He was really cute and played nine instruments. We thought he was a total catch and we would always joke about which one of us was going to eventually date him. One night, we went to watch his band play a show. After the concert, he came up to my friend and me at the venue and started chatting with us. Then, ever so slowly, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a nail file.

He proceeded to file his nails while talking to us, which wasn’t too bad, but then, practically in unison, my friend and I noticed that his fingernails on only one hand were filed into really long, sharp, points. He had them filed that way so he could fingerpick his mandolin, but damn they were horrifying. My friend and I excused ourselves to go to the bathroom together, where we immediately burst into “You can have him!” as both of our crushes dissolved into thin air.


#7 Over Before It Began

When we were getting to know each other, she sent me the following text: “Let’s go out tonight. Loser buys drinks.” She was referring to the football game occurring that night, in which both of our school’s teams were playing.

“Loser” hit me like a right hook, but maybe it was just a typo. I replied, “Make it dinner and drinks.” She said, “Deal, there’s no way we’re going to lose.”

I got my dinner and drinks, then said maybe we should just be friends.


#8 Icing On The Beefcake

He had naturally dark red hair. I didn’t notice at first because he wore a hat, so I agreed to a date. Otherwise, he was absolutely perfect. He was funny, tall, smart, driven, handsome, gorgeous eyes, fit, very romantic, attentive, and in his last year of a profitable major.

It’s just that red hair shuts me down like a bucket of ice water. It makes me think of my grandma.

The poor guy offered to dye it, but that seemed like an unfair and mean way to start a relationship. Instead, I set him up with a neighbor who I knew had a crush on him. She’d all but swooned when I first told her who had asked me out.

When I checked back with her, she didn’t believe me that there was nothing wrong with him. Did he have some horrible secret that would make an otherwise reasonable woman not only pass on the relationship but actively try to redirect his interest? Yes. Yes, he did. It was red hair.

Luckily, she thought his red hair was just icing on the beefcake and agreed to go on the date in my place.

They’re married now, so I think that worked out well.


#9 How’s The Weather Down There?

Women who are under 5’7″ just aren’t my type. I’m a very tall man, and I’m sick of injuring my back, dating all these shorter girls. I’m 6’7″ and a lot of things bother me while standing up—trying to hear them in a crowd, whispering, holding hands, etc.


#10 Bubble, Bubble, Toil, And Trouble

I went on a date with a girl I had known for a while. She was gorgeous, fun, talented—the works. Then, we got to the improv comedy show and I heard her laugh. It was like a witches cackle in my ear for an hour and a half. There wasn’t a second date.


#11 Too Much Space

I just rejected someone on a dating site because they put spaces before commas, periods, and question marks. It was so annoying.

He wasn’t foreign. I don’t think it was auto-correct or an app, and even if it was, I’d reject him for not figuring out how to fix it. I think he’s just one of those dummies who doesn’t understand that writing has rules.


#12 Not The Adventurous Type

He wouldn’t eat at Taco Bell. It’s my favorite guilty pleasure and I got irrationally upset that he wouldn’t even try it.

The problem wasn’t that he didn’t like it. I get it, it’s not real Mexican food, blah blah. The problem was that he wouldn’t even give it a shot, which is just stupid.


#13 Patience Is Key

Sometimes, I don’t respond to a text right away. There are girls who just can’t wait and constantly send me messages on Snapchat or Facebook. Relax! I’m going to respond, but messaging me on two different platforms isn’t helping.

I don’t know, maybe I’m too old.


#14 Love Stinks

Smelly feet. I was seeing a girl for a few weeks and one day after work, I picked her up and we went back to my place for dinner. She had her shoes off and the smell was just rank. The relationship was still too new to say something about it, so I made some excuse about forgetting to do something. I dropped her home and never spoke to her again.


#15 Interpersonal Relations

I personally have never had a good experience with someone who works in HR. Every single person in HR that I’ve ever had to deal with seems to be on a mission to screw over the company’s employees in any way they can. I’ve found them to be deeply unpleasant people.

Sorry if you work in HR and you’re not like this, but this has been my experience.


#16 Toxic Veganism

I dated a girl for only a few days in high school. While staying over at her house, I suggested we order pizza. She informed me that she was vegan and FORBADE me from eating meat or dairy. I went home before dinner and ordered myself a pepperoni pizza.


#17 See You, Space Cowboy

I showed him my favorite anime, Cowboy Bebop. He said it was stupid.


#18 Dying To Know The Truth

A guy once ghosted me after he found out that I dye my hair.


#19 Only So Much Affection

I went on a date with a girl who got very angry anytime someone called her anything other than her name. Even in a long term relationship, she said that she didn’t like to be called “honey” or “baby” or “love.” I thought that was pretty peculiar, and needless to say, there was no second date.


#20 Halitosis

I didn’t go on a second date with her mainly because she had poor hygiene (especially oral hygiene). We met for a date once and I quickly realized I could smell her breath even on a windy day. During the couple of hours we spent chatting, I noticed I could actually see the plaque build up on her teeth.


#21 Netflix And Chill In The Park

His first date suggestion was to watch a movie on his iPad in the park. His movie choice was 50 Shades of Grey…


#22 Like Kissing An Oyster

If he’s a bad kisser, it’s a no for me. It’s like a test for if we have any physical connection or not. No bad kisser has been good in bed—that’s what I’ve learned in life. If they keep pushing their tongue down my throat and cover my whole face with saliva, I really don’t like it. If this person is willing to improve, I might give him a chance though.


#23 Language Barrier

I was with someone for a couple of years. English wasn’t his first language. I also spoke his primary language, but I always felt slightly uncomfortable. The next guy I dated was a fellow native English speaker. Whenever he would use colloquialisms and pop culture references, I felt both profound relief and deep shame for feeling relieved. I’ve never admitted that before.


#24 Misophonia

Chewing with their mouth open. Not because it’s rude, I just have a sensitive audio sensory thing that makes me irrationally upset at noises caused by sucking, chewing, swallowing.

But yeah, it’s also rude.


#25 Killjoy

A guy I was talking to called my friends stupid. I posted a video of them on Snapchat goofing around while we were helping a friend move, and they put a box spring on rollers and rolled it across the street instead of carrying it. He told me they were stupid, despite the fact that they are all Ph.D. students…  How dare people have fun, you know??


#26 New State, Old Hat

After a couple of lessons in college, I learned to never date anyone who comes from a state beginning with the word “New.” Sorry, New Mexico, for you it’s just guilt by association, but the others ruined it for you.


#27 On-demand Audience

The last guy I talked to was so proud of his new guitar. I was genuinely happy for him, but he would invite me over just to watch him practice two songs for four hours. He was improving very quickly from what I gather, but I don’t think I would even enjoy that from someone who can actually play really well.


#28 A Real Stickler

Man, I’ve got tons of petty reasons. How did I ever get married?

I will never date Green Bay Packers fans.

Also, no one who has hands smaller than mine. As a rather compact Asian American woman, men whose hands are smaller than mine make me feel like Cthulu. Hard pass.

Lastly, it’s pronounced PIC’chur. If you pronounce it PITchur, get out!


#29 More The Bookish Type

A woman texted me asking, “What does vapid mean?” This was just a couple of days ago. I know it’s minor, but the lack of irony kind of turned me off.


#30 Hip And Not Happenin’

Honestly, using phrases like “woke” or “af” or any of that internet lingo. Even Snapchat filters, like those dog ears. If they appear, and I disappear. I’m too old, cranky and British for that kind of stuff.


#31 Self-care Is A Priority

If you don’t take care of your body, I can’t take you seriously. Seriously, I’ve met some of the nicest people on the planet, but if you’re defiling your liver every day by drinking, I’m not investing in that. I’m not increasing my chance to be with someone who’s going to die early.


#32 Short Hair, Don’t Care

A guy told me he liked my hair better when it was long. I’d just gotten it cut for the first time in seven years and I was feeling really happy with my new look. To heck with that guy not liking my new look!


#33 A Long History Of Hardship

She went through a lot of abuse for a period of time.

She found me through a dating app and we chatted for a few days before I decided to have dinner with her. We had some casual conversation, exchanging some more private information, and I could tell she was a nice person. However, I did notice something off about her mannerisms. After dinner, we went to a local karaoke club and suddenly, in the middle of singing, she started crying.

She explained to me all of these bad things that happened to her and how her family couldn’t help her. I asked her what happened and she confessed that she was abused after she broke up with her ex.

I felt really sorry for her and proceeded to accompany her throughout the night. We sang, had a blast, and I took her home after. The next day, she texted me if we could be together, and I just politely declined. I gave the bogus excuse that I wasn’t ready for a relationship when the truth was that  I didn’t want to have the psychological burden of being in a relationship with her. But I did tell her I wanted to be friends with her support her.

Needless to say, I felt like a complete loser after that. It was a long night, and I couldn’t sleep, but I still standby my decision to this day. We’re still friends, by the way.


#34 Turned Down For The Touchdown

I won’t date guys who are obsessed with watching professional sports. I love playing sports; in fact, I’m very athletic, but I just don’t care to watch. I actually blank out when guys start talking about it. I don’t care who got traded to whatever team. I’m not a fan of the tailgating scene either. If you’re wearing a team hat or jersey on your dating profile, I always swipe left. I’m more into guys who like the arts, nature or have interesting hobbies.


#35 Tuned Out

Sorry, but there are just certain music genres I can’t stand to listen to and if one of them happens to be your favorite, it is going to be irritating for me.

I won’t list which genres, to avoid a whole debate here. It’s probably a good idea to know if your significant other hates a particular music style with a passion. Then maybe you could both negotiate a common playlist if you intend to spend a long time hearing music together.


#36 Politically Charged

I really liked this one girl I work with—she was patient, smart, empathetic, and in general, the kind of person that just makes you happy.

Then, I found out that she liked to argue with people about how great Trump is—the good that he’s done, the compassion he’s shown, and how everyone on the left must not want to admit how great someone without any political experience has been doing in office. (I should add, while I live in a red state, she’s also the daughter of two Mexican immigrants. My confusion knows no bounds).

It was one of those moments where I could feel my opinion of her plummeting.

She’s still a nice friend; just not someone I could consider dating anymore.


#37 Family Matters

My mom made fun of me because the guy I was dating was an inch shorter than me. They reminded me every time. “Guess you like short guys? Does he stand on his tippy toes when he kisses you goodbye? Can he reach the top shelf or does he make you grab it? Does he have man heels when he’s with you? Do you have to wear flats so you won’t tower over him?” I was 19 and he was my first serious boyfriend. It straight up messed with me big time. I didn’t even notice the height difference until it was pointed out to me.

Ever since then, I have never brought a guy home. I don’t tell anyone who I’m dating. Relationships don’t last with me now because I look for everything that is wrong with someone. If you are a parent, don’t make fun or belittle your kid’s partner. You don’t realize how even a small comment can impact your kid’s relationships.


#38 On The Flip Side

I’m 5’8″, which is not crazy tall or anything, but I have a hard time dating dudes who are shorter than me. I gave it shot a couple of times and just couldn’t do it. I felt like a giant. There was one guy who was at least my height, but rail thin and I couldn’t do that either. I don’t want to feel like I can crush him.


#39 Enough To Bring Out The Interrobang

He had an inability to parallel park and drive a manual. He referred to women as females. He also didn’t own any books, nor has he read one since college.


#40 Banned From The Band

I struck up a conversation with a girl in a grocery store. She was much younger and more attractive than me, but she gave me her number out of the blue. We went on a date and she picked me up in a Jaguar. She took us out for a night I would never have been able to afford. She was way out of my league, but we had a great time. At the end of the date, we were making out in the car when a Matchbox 20 song came on. She stopped to turn it up and mentioned she loved the song. I cringed and never called her again. Tonight, I’m sitting in my dank studio apartment watching Old Dogs on DVD and drinking cheap wine alone. So, I probably made the right choice with that one.


#41 Soda Pressing

He threw a tantrum because I would not give him my soda. He even teared up when I asked him what his deal was. He eventually started crying, telling me that he had a dream where “I said mean things to him” and that was the reason he was throwing a fit about the soda. I realized I didn’t want to date a child and broke things off.


#42 Condiment Contention

So, I hate mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. I was dating this girl when I was 19 and I was over at her mom’s house one time. She said she was going to make some burgers for everyone and I told her not to put any mayo on mine. She started joking about it, but I once again told her in a serious tone that I really don’t like mayo. She ended up putting mayo in my burger, despite my multiple pleads. I asked her to not contact me again and left.


#43 Musical Discord

I know this will come as a shock, but if all they like is bad music and they aren’t open to anything else, then I won’t date them. Yes, I know it comes off as really petty and judgmental but I’ve found that my best relationships were with someone who had a shared taste in music, or at least the ability to listen to something other than the radio.

It’s not that I’m afraid I’ll have to sit and listen to their music, it’s more so that even though I can’t play a note of music, I spend so much time going to shows, reading books and watching documentaries on it, etc. My dad was an absolute music junkie and so was his friends, so growing up a shy kid, it’s what made it easier to have conversations with others. Plus, as corny as it may sound, I totally fall for gals who will lay on a floor with me and listen to a mix I made for them.


#44 Soda Is A No-Go

I would never date an excessive soda drinker. I don’t have a problem with soda itself, but my mother used to drink soda constantly and it always put her in a terrible mood. I also refuse to date anyone who’s more than five years older or younger than me. In my experience, people outside that age range tend to have grown up in a different environment and culture, so there usually isn’t as much in common to base a relationship on.


#45 Fact Over Fiction

I was seeing a guy for a few weeks that I really liked. He came over one night while my roommate and I were watching this debate between Bill Nye and a creationist. Not only was the creationist’s argument complete bull to me, but the guy was a terrible debater in general, and my roomie and I were having a grand old time making fun of him. My roommate eventually got tired and went to her room. At that point, the guy told me he actually sided with the creationist. We hung out for the night, but that was the last time. I always felt bad about it, but I just could never date someone with that vastly of different beliefs than me.