People Share What They Finally Realized About The Opposite Sex After Dating

The saying goes: “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” That’s because men and women are so different from each other that they might as well be separate species. When you start dating someone of the opposite sex, you can almost expect to find things about your significant other that are totally crazy to you.

The realizations men and women have about each other after dating are often hilarious. I’m sure both genders will no doubt relate to a few of these stories.

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#35 Her Hair Is Everywhere

When a girl moves in with you, hair suddenly appears everywhere. It gets wrapped around your belongings and body parts even though you’ve been gone all day without seeing her.


#34 Deeply Concerning Bathroom Habits

Men don’t actually poop for the full half hour they spend in the bathroom. When I first started dating my boyfriend, I was deeply concerned that he was pooping for so long. Apparently, he just sits on the toilet looking at his phone and scrolling through social media.


#33 Perpetual Temperature Issues

Women are always the wrong temperature. They are always either too hot or too cold and are deeply puzzled when you’re not aware of the ambient temperature.


#32 Marking Her Territory

Bobby pins and hair ties are a woman’s way of marking her territory. My fiance leaves them in just about every room in my house and she still can’t find one when she needs it. I collected 27 of them once and put them into a Ziplock bag for her. They have all disappeared since then.

She forgets that she has them too. One time, she found two of them on my nightstand and said, “Wow, where’d these come from?” I told her, “I don’t know, girl, you’re the only one who wears bobby pins.”


#31 Beauty Ain’t Free

Women put a lot of work into looking good, and I’m not just referring to makeup. They pluck their eyebrows, put on lotion, shave everywhere, make sure their skin is smooth, pick out clothes, paint their nails, etc. It’s so much work and I never appreciated it until I was with my first serious girlfriend.


#30 Don’t Listen To What The Media Tells You

Women are way more self-conscious about the way they look than men. But the reality is, a woman can wake up groggy with her hair all over the place, dark circles under her eyes and dried saliva around her mouth, and her man will still think she’s amazing and the hottest thing he’s ever known.

That’s because guys are way less fixated on superficial things. No matter how fat and ugly you feel, if a guy likes you, he will think you’re the most beautiful person ever. He’ll appreciate it if you dress up for him and make an effort, but it’s not mandatory.


#29 Beds Are Too Small For Two

Sleeping in the same bed together is amazing! It’s super comforting to have your loved one there; so much so that it can become really difficult to sleep without them.

That said, you don’t actually get much sleep when you’re beside each other.

I have a theory that the real reason parents are exhausted is because their bed isn’t actually made for two people unless they stay still the whole night. Expect your girlfriend’s hand in your face, and your knee going into her rear end.

I won’t get less than a Queen size bed. Ever.


#28 Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

Girls tell each other EVERYTHING. You do something slightly wrong or something she doesn’t like and her friends will know about it. You do something cutesy that you wanted to stay private and her friends will know about it. You’re good at some aspect of sex and her friends will know about it.

This one only usually happens until the relationship starts getting serious, then they’re more private about it.


#27 Everybody Toots

Women who “don’t fart” have no idea just how much they fart once they are asleep. Hold them in all you want—when you go to bed, you will rip huge, loud farts all night long. It’s usually whilst spooning too, which means your partner’s thighs are on the receiving end.

Also, women frequently scare themselves awake with their own loud farts. I thought it was only dogs that were scared by their own farts. I have actually checked the house “for intruders” after my girlfriend woke herself up with her own thunderclap.

I find its best not to confront them with the truth.


#26 Men Are Actually Complex Creatures Too

The saying “Guys only want one thing” is not true. Guys can have female friends. My dad warned me about “the male psyche” and made it seem like all men were animals. Not all guys hypersexualize girls all the time. Not all of them engage in catcalling either.

An ex of mine had a bunch of female friends who came over to his house regularly when I happened to not be there and I never EVER felt like he was cheating on me or anything like that. He also let me read all of his online conversations just to prove it.


#25 I’m Only Asking For One Thing

Women never shut cupboard doors ever. Please shut the stupid cupboard doors. I’m taller than you, and I bang into them. Just shut them. Shut them. Shut them. Shut them.


#24 Men And Women Are The Same Species After All

Women are not that different. I used to be really bitter towards women, to the point where I saw them as an entirely different species. It didn’t help that I had zero experience with them aside from rejection and bullying.

After meeting my girlfriend though, I began to realize they’re not part of this “hivemind” that I initially imagined them to be. They’re really just people.


#23 Who Are The Real Pigs?

Women are either super neat or just as messy as a pack of wild dogs. I’ll get yelled at if pillows on the bed aren’t placed exactly right, yet the bathroom is a trash dump of half-used cosmetics bottles, bobby pins, clothes, and hair.

#22 The Secret Intimacy Within The Male Gender

Guys are really touchy and intimate with each other when they forget women are around. Like, I hug my friends and open up about my deepest feelings, but I’d never chase them around the living room trying to pull down their pants for fun.


#21 The Curious Necessity Of Belts

Men actually really need to wear belts. I haven’t worn a belt since it was a required part of my school uniform. Since then, I’ve developed hips that keep my pants up for me, but guys are just like… straight down. Without a belt to cinch their pants, they just fall down constantly.


#20 The Scary Side Of Being A Woman

Girls get hit on by random creeps, get catcalled often, and get touched inappropriately. Often, not rarely.

I used to think that stuff was uncommon or a myth. Nope. It turns out my girlfriend was getting catcalled literally every single day on her commute.

I never realized the sheer amount of planning girls do to keep themselves safe from creepy men. They need to keep an eye on their drinks at all times and be watchful of men who stare at them. Sometimes, they even have their phones kept dialed on 911 when they are out at night, just in case.

Even just casually talking to men they don’t know is risky. Men often “mistake” that as flirting and get angry when it turns out they aren’t interested. Or worse, they try to make a move regardless of if they’re interested or not.

It just seems so bizarre. I don’t worry about any of this. Men suffer from harassment too, but I never realized the everyday fear of this stuff that women go through.

#19 Putting Your Sense Of Smell To Good Use

Women rely on smell a lot more than I realized. Is this pot clean? Give it a sniff. Is this rag clean? Give it a sniff.

I laughed at my ex when I first saw her sniffing a pot to know if it was clean. Now I’ll occasionally do it too because, in her words, “How else do you know that it’s really clean?”


#18 What We Deem Important

Women place an extremely high value on stuff men don’t even think about. For example, cleaning the hair out of the drain in the tub, or letting her put her cold feet on you. Even pumping gas for her. These little things make a woman feel taken care of in a way that they absolutely treasure.

When you see beautiful women with average-looking men, it’s probably because those men know that the details matter.


#17 Fighting For What Matters

Girls respect you more if you have the guts to argue with them.

Obviously, you can’t just be mean, but at the start of a relationship (after the honeymoon period), a girl will test you to see if you’ll stand up for yourself.

If you let her walk all over you, she’ll lose interest, and rightfully so. But if you show that you can argue (and reasonably), then she’ll be able to rely on the fact that you care about the important matters in the relationship enough to fight for them.

It is legitimately a quality I have admired about many of my past significant others.


#16 The Truth About Boobs

I was really saddened, and have been forlorn about it ever since, to hear how painful breasts can be, literally. They become super tender, cause all kinds of back issues, and everything I’ve ever heard about bras sounds like a nightmare. It’s astounding that breast reductions are not as popular than implants. If I had to deal with breasts, I probably would have sanded them off by the time I was 20. I’d much rather pay for drinks and speeding tickets instead of all that garbage.


#15 The Biggest Beauty Scam Of All?

Some guys legitimately do not care about makeup, painted nails, perfectly groomed eyebrows, and blemish-free skin. I thought for years that I had to wear makeup and do all that ridiculous amount of work to look nice, otherwise, a guy would never want me. One day, I just told myself “I’m not going to do this. I don’t need a man. I’m going to do whatever I want and if they don’t like it, I’ll leave them.”

Pretty much every guy I dated actually preferred that I didn’t do any of that beauty stuff. I shaved my legs and armpits, and that was about it. They liked seeing me the way I naturally look. Also, there was something about the fact that I was comfortable enough in my own skin that they guys I dated loved about me.

I’m married now and haven’t worn makeup in over six years.


#14 Gossip Is For Everyone

Men are fierce gossips. The stereotype is that women are the ones to gossip away in their knitting circles or whatever. But wow, men are just as gossipy and curious. There seems to be this accepted notion that when women do it it’s gossip, but when men do it, it’s a “discussion.”

Same with emotions. It’s taken as common knowledge that women are emotionally volatile and illogical. But so are men, and perhaps even more so when it comes to aggressive emotions. However, being socially conditioned to suppress it, men tend to think of themselves as the stoic, logical gender. They’re not. Yet, when women get emotional, it’s “hysterics,” and when men get emotional, it’s “serious business.”

It really does close the gap between these perceived social differences between men and women. Sure there are slight differences, but they’re so negligible it barely matters. At the end of the day, we’re all gossiping people with emotions. I actually find it kind of attractive when a guy is willing to admit that they’re totally trash-talking that guy Kevin without trying to frame that trash-talking as anything but petty gossip. Have at it, my man; be the uninhibited human being you were always meant to be! And share the tea.


#13 The Real Reason Women Cry

Women can cry because of anger and by far it’s the most common reason for it.


#12 Hangry Is A Real Thing

Women are always hangry: being so hungry to the point of being actually angry at being hungry.

If your girl is acting mean and irrational for no reason, there is a 97% chance she is just hangry. For your own sake, you need to feed that little ball of anger as soon as you can.


#11 We’re All Slobs When We Eat

Women are just as disgusting when eating as men are.

When we first started dating, she’d always be clean and neat. Small bites and quietly chewing.

Then, I came home from work one evening to her standing in the kitchen in sweat pants and a t-shirt pounding what was left of a fast-food burrito straight out of the wrapper.

And that’s when I knew I was in love.


#10 What’s Going On Behind The Stare

Men will stare off into space for seemingly hours, thinking of the weirdest, most unimportant thing, only to be pulled back into reality with a break in the silence. The other day, I stared at our wicker basket we put our shoes in and thought, “Where does wicker come from? Who was the first person to decide it had the textile abilities it possesses? Surely there are other, better materials to build things out of. Is it the look?”

How do I even explain that I have been contemplating the industrial use of wicker as a building material without sounding absolutely crazy?

Let men have our weird thoughts ladies. We can’t possibly begin to explain what’s going on in our heads so we often just say “nothing” or “not much.”


#9 Gender-Based “Blindness”

Men can stand directly in front of the item you asked them to go get and say, “I don’t see it.” You will have to get up every time and say, “It’s directly in front of your face.” I knew my dad was like this as a kid, but I didn’t know most men were like this until I started dating.

When you point out the item that was right there they always say, “Wow, how are you so good at finding stuff?” I don’t know, I use the eyes on my face.


8. Big Mouths

A bisexual guy here. Girls’ mouths are much smaller than guys’ mouths. I never noticed it until I started dating women and now every time I make out with a guy, I feel like I’m going to fall in there.


#7 The Fickleness Of Female Hair

I never realized how infrequently women washed their hair! Maybe as a man, I’ve oversimplified the daily routine, but I always just thought it was normal to wash every body part every day. Nope. Female hair is apparently fickle.


#6 The Case Of The Missing Toilet Paper

I never noticed how much toilet paper a woman uses. I put a roll in on Sunday, used it once and it was gone on Tuesday. If I lived by myself, it would probably last a month.


#5 If You Have To Do It Every Day, You Might As Well Enjoy It

Women don’t enjoy pooping nearly as much as men. Like plenty of other men, I catch up on news, play some phone games, and scroll through social media. I can be on the toilet for almost fifteen minutes, just enjoying some quality time on the porcelain. My fiance is in and out in 60 seconds and finds it ridiculous that I enjoy pooping.


#4 Thinking Machines

Women have the ability to actively think about 10 different things at once. They can have all these little boxes open in their head at the same time, and pull from any one of them, even if it’s hours and hours later. And it’s why a question like, “What are you thinking about?” is difficult to answer because it’s like someone asking, “What are you eating?” after you’ve just piled your plate high with every dish on Thanksgiving dinner.


#3 Why Do All Men Rip Their Pajamas?

Men’s pajamas have a hole in them for peeing! My husband gave me a pair to borrow when we first started dating and I thought that he ripped them.


#2 There Is A Sound Effect For Everything

Men tend to make a lot more sound effects in their daily lives.

#1 Comfort First

Women enjoy not wearing a bra and underwear at home as much as men enjoy not wearing underwear at home.