People Share The Weirdest Thing They’ve Done With Their Partner

You and your partner have a connection like no other. Together, you share a special bond; one that includes plenty of inside jokes, intimate moments, and a deep understanding of one another. However, having a relationship built on mutual trust can sometimes lead you to develop habits or traditions that are considered strange to people outside your relationship. Just take it from the following people who recently shared the weirdest thing that they have ever done with their partner.

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#1 In The (Ever)Clear

I drank way too much Everclear with my friends one night and I started feeling insanely sick. My boyfriend knows I’m terrified of throwing up, so he stood over me and started listing off really gross things. I cried in sheer terror and puked really hard. It made me feel better instantly. He cheered really excitedly and started chanting, “One more time! One more time!” He’s a good boyfriend.

#2 Fish Me

Occasionally, I hold out both of my arms with the palms of my hands facing each other, just a few inches apart as if I’m about to clap. I then say, “Fish me.” My significant other will stick one of his hands in between mine and slap it back and forth against both of my hands. I don’t know how it started, and I don’t know how it will end.


#3 Shopping For Smells

My wife and I went shopping for a new perfume. My wife can’t smell, so I was tasked with deciding which perfume she should buy. At the store, the perfume lady took a tester, sprayed perfume on it, and handed it to my wife. She then directly handed it over to me. I sniffed on it and declared, “No, that’s not you. That’s too pink.”

The perfume lady seemed a little bewildered but went on to the next bottle, and then the next.  We finally settled for a “bright green and blue” smell. Meanwhile, the perfume store lady was totally confused by our decision-making process and asked in all politeness if we were screwing with her. We told her how I always described the smells to my wife using colors so she can have a sense of it.

#4 Put It Here, Partner

Sometimes, after holding hands, my partner will shake my hand and say something dumb like, “A solid business transaction, put her there,” in her best impression of a businessman. Other times, whenever she suspected me of doing something fishy, she would pretend to be a police officer, holding up her wallet and saying, “FBI, we have a few questions.” I guess she enjoys role-playing.

#5 Night Light

Every night for the past eight years now, I rattle the light on the nightstand. Whenever I do, my wife makes a completely absurd face. Then, I turn the light off. There are a lot of nights where we giggle about how odd she can make her face look. I won’t turn the light off until a face is made. It’s our nightly ritual.


#6 Spider Couple

We are now proud parents of a bathroom spider. Despite keeping things tidy and using poison our apartment has an ant problem. One day, I found a harmless house spider in the bathroom and started dropping ants into its web. It got rid of ants, so I told my fiance about it and we ended up deciding to keep it around.

It developed into us both feeding the spider and watching it feast together. We’d laugh whenever an ant accidentally got dropped onto the spider’s web and scared it. I mean, to be fair, if food just rained from the sky on me, I’d be scared, too. The first bathroom spider we ever had disappeared after I accidentally destroyed his web while cleaning, but another spider just showed up a couple of weeks ago.


#7 Animal Accents

We narrate our dogs in different accents. He does a French accent for our male dog and I do a Spanish accent for our female dog. We have no idea why we picked those accents in particular; it just kind of happened. We recently started an Instagram page for our dogs and now we regularly post little skits we do with them.


#8 Candid Kissing

Sometimes when I go in for a kiss, my wife opens her mouth all the way open and like eats my mouth instead of kissing me. It took me a few times before I realized how to get back at her. It really freaked her out the first time I did it, but now I just blow as hard as I can into her mouth when she does it. Kind of weird, but it’s a fun little game.


#9 Spicing Things Up

My ex and I were in a long distance relationship for a few months before we got involved. During that time, we ended up getting competitive about who could eat the spiciest food. Mind you, we weren’t together before she left and only got close from talking online, so when she came home, I invited her over and cooked.

At the end of dinner, I pulled out this spicy salsa and ate a big heaping spoonful. Being the competitive type, she did the same and quickly realized that the stuff wasn’t a joke. After about two spoons each, we were both clutching our stomachs in pain. I eventually ran out to get some Pepto Bismol. It really didn’t do anything but make our puke pink. Romantic, right?


#10 Cat Daddy

We both get equally excited about shopping for sweaters for our cat. We love our cat and we enjoy spoiling it with gifts and treats. His kid even started calling the cat her “brother.” It’s weird, but I find it absolutely adorable. Any man who is kind to kids and animals will make it to the top of my list instantly. He’s definitely a keeper.

#11 Big Mouth

For whatever reason, we wanted to see whose mouth could hold more liquid. She filled her mouth with as much water as possible and baby-birded it into mine. At that moment, we discovered that mine was bigger. The people at Panera Bread thought we were the weirdest people ever, but it was honestly just a normal day for us.


#12 All In His Earwax

I cleaned my ex’s ears with Q-tips (I know you’re not supposed to but, oh well). It wouldn’t have been so bad, but he never cleaned his ears before and he asked me to do it after months of him not cleaning them. I must have gone through at least twenty Q-tips and they were all so gross by the end of it. I’d never seen dirtier Q-tips in my life.


#13 Strangers In Love

We pretend like we can’t see each other in public places, just to embarrass each other. Like, he’ll be at the water fountain at the mall and he’ll start waving his arms wildly to get my attention, even though he knows I see him. The most embarrassing moments are when he starts calling my name from across the mall. We’re a little weird that way.

#14 Picture Perfect Couple

We dressed up in terrible ’70s sweaters and took photos in front of the Christmas tree holding our cats like babies. We also posed looking slightly to the left. It was absolutely hideous, but now we have a tradition of doing really terrible photos each year. Our postcards are always a topic of conversation among our friends during the holidays.


#15 Battle Of The Boops

We compete for the “First Boop of the Day,” however, neither bed boops nor car boops count because bed boops are too easy and car boops are dangerous. We also compete for the “First Boop of the Year” or FBotY, which is a special boop that involves poking a nose softly with your index finger. FBotY is very important and prestigious.

If you lose the FBotY, you have to wait until next year for a chance. There’s none of that “best two out of three” nonsense. I have won FBotY for four out of the six years that we have been playing. The first year we did FBotY, we practically fought for the boop and almost tripped over ourselves. I swear we poked our eyes out in the process.


#16 Tongue Dab Wars

We have what we call ‘tongue dab wars’. We will try to pin the other down and tongue dab their face, then blow on it to make it cold. I have no idea how this started but we love it. We have even created various ‘moves’ and techniques to aid us in our ongoing battle. For example, the “love tongue dab” is a cruel attack as you believe your partner is leaning in for a kiss but actually, all you’ll get is a swift tonguing up the cheek or down the neck followed by a gust of cold air and a victorious giggle from the tongue dabber.

The “cow tongue dab” is another one: it’s a somewhat nasty attack where you wet your tongue up as best you can, roll it out and then proceed to lick all over their face at a slow pace. Tongue dab wars led us to start giving each other punishment tongue dabs. I’m just so glad I found someone as weird as me to enjoy this with!


#17 Bloody Knuckles

We had the hairbrained idea to play bloody knuckles when we were in college, about 12 years ago. Neither of us had ever played before and, as it turns out, it is EXTREMELY difficult to break the skin. We did this for an absurd length of time, with neither person wanting to be the one to give up. Eventually, we saw reason and stopped, but our hands were bruised for days afterward. We have been together for 15 years now. It remains the most flabbergasting thing we’ve done together. We’ll bring it up on occasion and wonder why we were so stupid!


#18 Hairy Behavior

My husband and I write messages and leave little pieces of art for each other made out of my hair that’s stuck on the shower walls. I know it’s super weird, but between us, it’s the most romantic thing ever. Of course, when we have guests staying the night, we make sure to take photos of our art pieces and take them down.


#19 Fighting It Out

Wherever my husband and I have a bad argument, we put on 15 minutes of intense music, grab two boxes as shields and have an all-out Nerf war. We both end up laughing our butts off and any remaining tension resolves itself. We try our best to stick to this form of resolution, no matter how bad our argument is.


#20 Chicken Squawks

We spent about five minutes going back and forth making chicken noises while simultaneously singing the Duck Tales theme song. There was nothing leading up to this; nothing said beforehand or anything. We do a lot of weird stuff. I made a Tumblr for the stuff he says in response to the things I say or do because I find him quite funny. He once said I was like Ted from Scrubs. The quotes I posted on Tumblr went viral.


#21 Bad Behavior

My husband and I are freaking weirdos to each other on a regular basis. If one of us is annoying the other, even if they have already been warned of the consequences, they cannot get mad when said consequences are enacted. We wrestle regularly but he annoys me so much sometimes that I spit in his mouth to punish him. He used to get really mad at me when I would do that but now he just accepts it.

#22 What A Display

We went to the art museum together once. Since we couldn’t have drinks, our mouths were getting dry. I left him to find the ladies room and happened upon a water fountain, score! I drank for myself and then, being the thoughtful girlfriend I was, I filled my mouth with water to bring to my man. I walked about 100 feet to find him, went in for a kiss, then filled his dry mouth with some nice cold museum water! What a lovely surprise! Apparently, water doesn’t stay cold when stored in a human mouth… He was equally amused and disgusted. Good times.


#23 Animal Instincts

I asked a buddy of mine and his wife for advice on how to resolve marital disputes. They gave me the weirdest advice ever. They said that whenever they fight, one of them will start acting like a cute animal. Apparently, it will diffuse the tension because “it’s impossible to stay mad at a little kitten or puppy.” I have to say, if I was yelling and fighting with someone and they started purring like a kitten, it would NOT calm me down.

#24 Staying Abreast The Situation

My fiancé nursed from my breast. We took a weekend trip while I was still breastfeeding my son and I forgot my pump at home. The pain was horrible. He legit nursed from my breast the next morning until it wasn’t full anymore. I told him he could spit it out, but he just kept swallowing it and saying it was really good. He also said he legitimately got full from it.


#25 Magazine Mess

We were camping up in the middle of the mountains at a spot where there was no civilization nearby. About 10 minutes later, my boyfriend says he needs to go #2. We had forgotten to bring toilet paper, so we ripped pages out of a magazine. I went up with him because we were in bear country. He started doing his thing and roughly five minutes later, he started having difficulties wiping with rougher paper. I eventually helped him wipe his butt because we weren’t showering that night. Who else loves their partner so much they would do that for them?

#26 Nacho Your Normal House Warming Party

Not really a weird thing, but the night before my wife and I went to close on our first house, we purchased 7-Eleven nachos and a few drinks then sat in the driveway of our soon-to-be house. The funny thing was that the next door neighbor called the cops on us for trespassing so when he showed up, we explained everything and even offered to share nachos with him. He was a good sport about it and introduced us to our soon-to-be neighbors. Years later we still have a good laugh about it.


#27 Permanent Partner

We attended a wedding in Oregon and needed to kill some time, so we randomly wandered through a town. We went into an art studio that was crowded with volunteer artists carving animals and creatures for a carousel restoration. Some were just wood blocks with the design behind them, while others were fully painted and lacquered. The artists were all going at their own pace and they were more than happy to take a break and chat about their project. So trippy.

Here’s another one: I have a very specific healing routine when I get tattooed. When I got my full back piece, there was no way for me to clean the entire area myself. I would strip down and “assume the position” in the shower while my wife gently washed me. She would then pat me dry and apply the A&D, usually using the Buffalo Bill voice to say something about putting the lotion on the skin.


#28 Diaper Rash Romance

I had severe preeclampsia and delivered my baby early via C-section. I was on magnesium sulfate for two days after the birth to try to keep me from basically dying. You’re not allowed to be up walking around when you’re on it so I was catheterized and had to lay on this giant diaper-like pad for two days to catch any leaks as well as deal with all that comes out after you have a baby.

On top of that, the best way to explain what being on magnesium sulfate is like someone has filled your veins with gasoline and then set them on fire. I have never been so hot in my entire life. So sitting on a giant diaper pad sweating more than I’ve ever sweated before, gave me this swamp diaper rash hybrid that was horrific. The nurses got me diaper rash cream from the nursery and my wonderful husband applied it several times a day because I was just not bendy enough after being sliced open. It was definitely an “in sickness and in health” moment.


#29 Creepy Midnight Snack

We dressed up like vampires for a night on the town with our friends. It was not Halloween. The waitress’ at Denny’s would always get nervous when around 30 people dressed as werewolves and vampires showed up at 2 am. We even pretended the pancakes and syrup we ordered was the flesh and blood of our victims. Maybe we took that part a little too far, now that I think back on it.


#30 Fruit Fight

In college, my now-wife and I were walking back from the cafeteria. We both stole some bananas for the road, and out of nowhere, I got the childish impulse to pretend it was ray gun and began shooting her with it. Without hesitation, she dived behind a tree and started firing back at me with her own. It’s called the honeymoon period of a relationship for a reason.


#31 Morning Rituals

Every morning, I set my alarm about 20 minutes before I need to get up. When it goes off, I set it to the right time, roll over and cuddle up to my wife. I don’t remember when it started, but she gets upset if I don’t do it and makes sad eyes. It seems to be little things like that that keep us close. Who would have thought the snooze feature on my alarm clock would end up being my most prized possession?


#32 Kiss To Makeup

My husband and I have this weird competition. If we’re in a fake argument and one of us kisses the other before they can disagree, we go, “See! You agree! We kissed on it!” It even works with things like, “I love you more,” or “I love you most.” We’ve both agreed to not do this for birthdays or New Year’s Eve, as it would make us look suspicious to avoid kissing one another.


#33 Santa Baby

My wife and I have a tradition where we would take a Santa picture at Christmas BUT with a random baby that was in the lineup. We would then send this picture to our good friends. It’s hilarious since every year because it’s always a different baby, usually of a different ethnicity. It’s tough trying to explain this to our grandparents.


#34 Cheese Crunchy Competition

My girlfriend and I were trying to find my phone that fell into the couch cushions. Instead of my phone, we found a leftover cheese crunchy that had fallen in there after our movie marathon the weekend before. The cheese crunchy looked perfectly fine to me so I brushed the little bit of hair off of it and tried to eat it. My girlfriend stopped me right before and said, “Don’t! I want it.” We ended up playing rock, paper, scissors to determine who got to eat the leftover couch crunchy. She won. That was the day I knew she was the one.

#35 Battle In The Buff

Back at my mom’s place, she still had a bunch of toys from when I was a kid, including a bunch of small green army men. We were stark naked and decided to go set up the army men on opposite sides of the “battlefield” all over the basement. We played a turn-based dice rolling war strategy game in which the green soldiers were set up in squads and they could summon the different toys in the box for special attacks.

#36 A Romantic Rock

When a male Adelie penguin wants to woo a female Adelie penguin, he combs the beach for the prettiest pebble and presents it to her in the hope of becoming her mate for life. While a myth, it’s cute as heck. I found a rock in a stream, stained it to give it a subtle purple color (her favorite), and presented it to her with that story. I knew she would love it, but I didn’t think I’d get so caught up in that moment that I’d propose to her right then and there. Luckily, I had purchased an amethyst ring already and had it on hand because I meant to give it to her for her birthday, which was to happen a few days after.

#37 The Neanderthal Way

I ate a watermelon the Neanderthal way! I, being stronger, broke it in half with a rock and proceeded to eat it with bare hands. She joined in as well. Now, we can’t even imagine eating a watermelon any other way. We even go outside into our backyard to pick out the perfect rock for breaking it open. It’s a tradition that’s ours and ours only.

#38 Ready Or Not

My husband is an electrician and usually he gets home a few hours before me. When I get home, he’ll typically be in the living room, “hiding” as I walk in. Sometimes, he’ll then jump out at me and scare the heck out of me. The best was when he was hiding in the coats on the coat rack and waited a good five minutes before finally jumping out at me as I walked past on my way back to the living room.

Other times, he’ll just be sitting there on the sofa with a cushion in front of his face or even just standing in the room hiding his face with his hands to “hide”. I’d come in and pretend I couldn’t see him, then start a conversation with one of the cats, asking where he is and saying, “Oh, he must not be home yet.” I’ve no idea how it started, but I love that we do it.

#39 Cowering Behind The Shopping Cart

My wife and I were newly married. Like, less than a week married. We went for our first shopping trip together to fill up our little apartment fridge. She reached past me to grab some peanut butter off the shelf in the store. I flinched extra hard like she was violent and abusive with me. Everyone in the aisle saw and several gasps were followed by hands to their mouths. I thought it was hilarious, my wife did not.

#40 T-Rex Hugs

My husband and I used to do T-Rex hugs. We’d pull our arms back into our shirts so that only our hands were left hanging out of our sleeves like tiny T-Rex arms. It made sense at the time, but now it just seems stupid to me. When we had kids, he revived the T-Rex hug and they love it. I guess that’s just one tradition between us that that never died.

#41 Clearly In Love

I had a bad habit of sleeping in my contact lenses after a long night out. He would often bring my contact lens case and some cleaner, pluck my contact lenses out of my eyes, rinse them, and store them for me. He didn’t even wear contact lenses. He learned what to do from watching me. That’s true love (and good hygiene).

#42 Blinded By Love

We took turns in guiding each other whilst the other kept their eyes closed. We don’t do it to each other because we have a surprise waiting or anything, we just randomly do it without any particular reason. It’s always fun to do, though we probably get a few weird looks. One time, we ended up walking for about an hour, under the warm sun.


#43 Feast Of Flowers

He tried to get me to eat flowers. He just kept stuffing them into his mouth proclaiming, “Wow! These are SO tasty!” Needless to say, I didn’t buy it.


#44 My Friends Are Here

My girlfriend and I live near a corner store, which is walking distance from us. One day, she was already pretty plastered and decided to get us all more drinks. She called me up and said, “You have to see this.” I came to the corner store and saw what was probably the largest gathering of ants on the sidewalk. My girlfriend picked them up in clumps saying, “My friends are here.” Instead of being utterly disgusted and confused, I felt nothing but pure love and joy as I too began to play with our new tiny friends. Even the confused onlookers could not interrupt that blissful moment.

#45 Pitas In The Peripheral

We were stuck in traffic, trying to feed each other pita chips using only our peripheral vision. It was probably one of the most wholesome moments I’ve had with him. Now, whenever we go on a long road trip somewhere and we get stuck in traffic, we always do that. We just have to make sure we always have pita chips with us.