People Share The One Type Of Person They Would Never Date Again

When it comes to dating, everyone has their preferences. It’s quite easy to see why someone would want to ignore the damsels in distress, the mama’s boys, and the overdramatic narcissists. Often times, things go terribly wrong when you dive into a relationship with one of these irresponsible, impulsive people. However, those traumatic dating experiences are crucial for growth and help you make more informed decisions for the next time.

Do you see the danger in going out with a guy who is super nerdy? What about someone who is extremely close to their family? How about a partner who is overly passionate about social justice? While you may not see a problem with these personality types, these people have valid reasons to harbor discontentment against them. Their tales of failed relationships are enough to make anyone reconsider going on another blind date!

They took to the internet to share the sorts of people they’d never consider dating again in their lifetimes. Can you relate to any of them?

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#35 They’re Not Helpless For No Reason

The damsel in distress.

There’s a reason life is so hard for them.



#34 Vampires And Werewolves Are… What?

Back in high school, I dated a religious conservative. Their conservative part wasn’t too much of an issue, but the religious part made for some interesting moments…

She said she was into Twilight. I asked her if she preferred vampires or werewolves.

She said neither because, according to her, both are “gross bastardizations of God’s will.”

I honestly should have stopped dating her right then and there, but hormones are one hell of a drug.



#33 You’re In A Band? Hard Pass

Male musicians.

I dated one, and he was the Earth’s biggest jerk. He broke up with me for his music. Apparently, my grieving over my recently deceased father was “impacting his music.”



#32 As Much As You’d Like To, You Can’t Fix Someone

I’m never going to try to fix someone ever again. The first girl I dated in university had untreated bipolar disorder and bulimia. There were many times I felt trapped because I was genuinely afraid she’d end her life if I left her.

However, I can proudly say we worked through a lot of it. After about a year of dating, I finally got her to start talking to a professional. Food was always difficult, but at least the purging ended. She grew into a much happier and more functional person.

For me though, the torture of our first year together was too much for me to get over. It hurt really bad to tell her that, despite how much she’d grown and improved, I couldn’t forget the person she was.



#31 Yeah, This Would Be Awkward

Nerdy guys. I’m into science, so I often dated other guys who were involved in science and they tended to be pretty nerdy. I have nerdy interests and tendencies, but that’s different from being an actual nerd.

I’m tired of the poor emotional communication and second-hand cringe that comes from their awkwardness in social situations. I’m tired of niche escapist hobbies full of weird, unpleasant people. I’m tired of someone preferring to sit in front of screens than in front of me whenever they’re home.

I like science, learning, and good conversations, but I don’t have enough in common with nerds for it to work.


#30 Oh, The Nightmare Of Sports Season…

Date a sports enthusiast and basketball, hockey, baseball, etc. will dominate all of your entertainment and spare time.

Weekends during football season are a bust. On Saturdays, you gotta watch all the college games. On Sundays and Mondays, there are the NFL games. It’s even worse when seasons overlap. NBA games three times a week, football on Sundays, maybe a baseball game peppered here and there. Nope.


#29 There’s Something A Little Off About Them…

People who come from “family” money. If your wealth is self-made, that is fine. However, the few people I’ve dated grew up with wealth and really seemed to have some warped views of how life works.


#28 You Can Wander Right Out Of My Life

People with wanderlust.

I get that their ideal life involves traveling to exotic or popular places, maxing out credit cards and “living their best life,” but it’s just not a practical enough lifestyle for me.


#27 God, Please Don’t Talk Therapist To Me

Psychologists. I’m all for having constructive conversations about the relationship, but when every little thing I say and do gets over-analyzed, I start to feel like I’m dating a textbook. I’ve learned that I like it best when my partner shows a little raw emotion here and there.


#26 So, Pretty Much A Sociopath

Don’t date an emotionally-detached person who repeats behavioral patterns that have worked in the past. He loves you but hides his real self from you and everybody else because he actually doesn’t know who he is.


#25 You’re Part Of The Family, Whether You Want It Or Not…

Don’t date a woman who is too close to her family. She’s not interested in starting a family of her own. She wants to try to incorporate you into her family. She also can’t think on her own… She always has to ask her family what she should do.

She’ll also vent to her family about all your shortcomings, and they won’t forget about all the bad stuff. The family will then make it their life mission to try to get her out of your relationship.


#24 You Gotta Cut The Cord, Man

Anyone who has a messed up family dynamic and refuses to acknowledge it. I learned the hard way that you can’t force someone to set boundaries with invasive, rude, and manipulative family members if they don’t want to.

My ex’s mom treated him like her husband, expecting him to run errands for her even though he didn’t live with her anymore. She already had a caretaker, but she didn’t ask him to do anything for her because she felt like she would be imposing.


#23 …Were They Ever Actually Dating?

A flake.

I dated one girl who would keep pushing back dates because she just didn’t feel like going on them. I’d give her space, and we’d reschedule a couple days later, but what really hurt was that she would spend her nights with her co-workers getting tipsy whenever she pushed me back.

One time, we both were going to go on separate week-long trips. Mine was for work, and hers was a vacation. Three weeks before our trips, I made plans with her, but she kept pushing them back until the day of. By the end of our trips, I realized I hadn’t seen her in over a month, and while I was on the trip she posted pictures of her hiking with her male co-worker, Alex. When I finally got her out for a nice dinner, and she kept bringing up her time with Alex. We broke up in the parking lot. I was sick of it.


#22 Yeah, It’s Take To Take Some Responsibility

The perpetually lazy. If you’re in your mid-20s, not in school, and your only source of income is maxing out your parents’ credit cards, you can leave.


#21 Maybe You’re The Source Of The Drama, Sweetie

Those girls who only have male friends because they claim girls are “too much drama.”

That’s just code for, “women see right through me because they approach my attitude from a neutral position and call me out on it,” and “guys are mugs so I can use my sexuality to get away with things women would never put up with.”


#20 Don’t Project Your Insecurities Onto Me

Someone who is narcissistic and puts way too much emphasis on how they look. A person like this, whose defining characteristic is their physical appearance, eventually pushes the same expectation (to look as good or care about looks just as much) on you.


#19 I Think They Wanted To “Save” You, Dude

Devoutly religious people. I’m not religious, but the last two girls I dated were. It was never that I had problems with their beliefs. However, they would tell me it was okay that I wasn’t Christian and that they would never hold it against me, then proceed to hold it against me for the entirety of our relationships.


#18 If You Don’t Like Kids, This Is A No-Brainer

Single mothers.

After years of self-debate, I decided in my early 30s that I was going to be 100% childfree. Kids are great, but not for me. I don’t want to be in a relationship where I know I will ALWAYS be a second priority.


#17 Okay, Now That’s A Little Excessive

A “social justice warrior”.

I briefly talked to a woman with a Ph.D. in sociology.

She was dismissed from her position as a professor for talking badly about her students online. She also sued the university, claiming they discriminated against her, and they let her continue working as a researcher. Everything bad that happened to her was apparently because she was half Mexican or a woman or whatever. As a straight white man, she would constantly remind me to check my privilege, and I was mostly at fault for many of the world’s problems.

Now, I’m very liberal. I have friends of all colors, sexual orientations, and gender identities… I’d say I’m fighting the fight. Our last date ended because I referred to our waitress who had a pixie haircut as a “she.” Apparently, she might have been gender-fluid or non-binary. There was no evidence to support this assertion. I didn’t say it in front of the waitress, I was just like, “Oh, I’m sure she’ll be right back.” She then got angry, accusing me of assuming the waitress’s gender and marginalizing her. How dare I use my cis white male perspectives to oppress her!

I just walked out of the restaurant, slipped enough cash to the waitress to cover the bill, and a tip, and left her there to ride her high horse home.


#16 Chatterboxes Aren’t Compatible With These Guys

Quiet men. Not because I’m not attracted to them or because I think there’s anything wrong with them, but mainly because I talk a lot and get embarrassed that they aren’t talking. I’m always the one to fill the silence with utter inanities; then I kick myself for days for being annoying. I hate myself much less with a goofball type.


#15 I’m Too Old For This Crap

Anybody who is part of a “scene.” Any scene. I’m too old to care about things like fitting in with a crowd or basing my identity on clothing, music, and pop culture.


#14 Yeah, “Firsts” Aren’t All That Special

I’m never going to be another girl’s “first.”

When I dated my first girlfriend, I was her first boyfriend as well. Four years later, things were going great, and she ends up cheating on me out of nowhere. She said she did it because she wanted to know what else was out there.

I dated another girl, and I was her first boyfriend as well. It was like clockwork—several years down the road, the same thing happened. She said she felt trapped and curious about other possibilities.

No more. If you don’t sift through a couple of relationships first, you’ll never have a frame of reference for when something good comes along. How do you know what a good relationship feels like? You don’t.


#13 Codependency Is A Big No-No

Anyone who’s dependent on me as their sole source of happiness, entertainment, etc. If you’re that dependent on me, it’s just a huge turnoff.


#12 You’ve Got To Get A Life

I got together with a girl who didn’t know what to do with her life. She hated her parents and really relied on me. I thought if I could just be her emotional support that she would eventually get over her issues, but she just relied on me more and more.

She missed the day to register for college dorms and had to go to enroll in another school. She complained about it every day, and I tried to comfort her. She eventually dropped her own friend group and integrated with mine. She would often visit me at the college or make me visit her during the semester. It got very tiring and frustrating missing out on so much time in college that I wanted to have with my friends.

She later applied to the college I attended. I felt so emotionally exhausted from school that I felt I couldn’t deal with all of her problems on top of everything. I tried to hang out with my own friends every once in a while, but she would get mad at me if I didn’t invite her. I felt so bad for breaking up with her, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I have to try to find someone with their own social life I guess.


#11 They’re As Bad As They Are In The Movies

Manic pixie dream girls. You’re not unique, and no, you don’t “only indulge in substances when you drink.”


#10 It Better Be Me And Only Me

I’m married now, but I personally would never date somebody who didn’t like monogamy. The only time I wanted to sleep with other people was when things weren’t healthy between us, and I found that out the hard way.


#9 Doesn’t All That Hate Get Exhausting?

Dating someone that doesn’t even attempt to love themselves. It’s draining be around a person like that for a long time, man.


#8 So, You Should Probably Get The Heck Out

As someone who grew up in a deeply religious household with controlling parents, I realized that I wasn’t into dating women who were brought up the same. At one point, I was super attracted to a girl who was part of a family with eight biological kids and eight adopted ones. They were a total clan with rather controlling parents, and it was tough. I value autonomy and independence and couldn’t imagine becoming, by proxy via a significant other, tied to family so tightly. Especially when I already had issues with my own parents trying to micromanage me.


#7 This One Seems Pretty Obvious

As a straight male, I will never date a lesbian again.

Now, I didn’t know she was a lesbian at the time. I dated her for a year, and she just seemed to have a LOT of weird hang-ups about intimacy. It actually really screwed with my self-esteem because I was really into her. However, whenever I seemed to be fed up enough to want to leave, I would suddenly matter for a day. Looking back, I can’t understand how I let myself get stood-up and jerked around for so long.

Anyway, many years later I searched her on Facebook out of curiosity and found out she got married to a woman. It actually made me feel enormously better.

Suddenly, I didn’t feel like there was something wrong with me. I just didn’t have the right anatomy. I didn’t even realize I was still hanging on to the way she made me feel for almost a decade until I saw her pictures with her wife and realized that it really wasn’t me, it was just her trying to work her own stuff out. It was like a weight was lifted off of me.


#6 Please, Don’t Pursue Them Once They’ve Said This

The ‘too busy’ guy. Not the guy who uses “I’m too busy for a relationship” as an excuse for not being interested and trying to get rid of you. The guy who genuinely thinks he is “too busy.” If he says this, please don’t think you can change that person’s mind! He just won’t.


#5 No, We Can’t Go Back To The “Friend Zone.”

Someone in my friend group. No matter what they say or promise, it’s impossible for some people to remain friends after breaking up.


#4 Please Don’t Be Their Rebound

The guy (or girl) who is not over their ex. I’m so sick of hearing about their terrible crazy ex, or how they are still great “friends.” Run the other way!


#3 You Have To Take Care Of Yourself

A person who needs fixing. My last girlfriend needed constant attention.

My best friend for five years dated her briefly before me and continued to crush on her, causing unending drama in our relationship.

She needed texts from me constantly, and I couldn’t work quietly for an hour without my phone blowing up. She made me stay up very late despite the fact that there was a seven-hour time difference between our locations. There was a girl in my pottery class I was friends with, and she’d get mad at me for hours if I even mentioned her.


#2 “Free Spirit” Doesn’t Mean “Fun”

The “free-spirited” girl.

A free spirit is just that—a free spirit. She has no commitment standards, no moral obligations, she stays in bed until three in the afternoon, but always complains that you never do anything together.


#1 Yes, Communication Is Ideal

Someone who chats with five others at once and posts on social media, but doesn’t reply to my texts.