People Reveal The One Person They Still Think About And Why

In a lifetime, you’ll come face-to-face with at least 80,000 people—strangers, acquaintances, family, friends—but you’ll only interact with a select few. It could be the person asking for the time at the laundromat. It might be the waiter serving your dinner. Overall, in your entire lifetime, you only truly remember a certain few.

Sometimes, you’ll run into people who you will forever associate with a specific moment in your life. These individuals will hold your attention for a moment and then disappear before you know it. While you might never see them again, they’ll be in the back of your mind for years to come. The following stories are told by people who have had some sort of long lost connections in their lives. Whether it was an old flame or some intriguing person, their stories will remind you of that one person you can’t forget.

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#1 Can’t Beat High School Love

When I was in 4th grade, there was this girl that I liked. I heard a rumor that she liked me too, but things were left at that and I never found the chance to talk to her. Fast forward to middle school, 7th grade. I still couldn’t really talk to her but I tried to say hi in the halls whenever I could. She was always with someone else so I found it hard.

But halfway through 8th grade, I found out she had a Discord, so I messaged her. That year, we talked a lot, and a week before school ended, I asked her out. She said yes. Unfortunately, she ended up going to a private Catholic school that was far from my area. On top of that, her parents had no intention of letting her date until after high school.

We kept talking, but I only got to see her three times that year. Going into sophomore year, I decided to break it off because I didn’t want to be in a relationship that wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. Despite this, I still think about her a lot and I wonder if she does too. I will never stop thinking of what could have been between us.



#2 Learned From The Best

Jane, the speech therapist who diagnosed my disorder from a very young age. She knew exactly what it was that I had, much to the relief of my parents. Through her advice, they were able to give me the proper schooling and better educate themselves on how to help me catch up with my peers. If it hadn’t been for her, I would be a very different person.

She’s possibly saved me from a life of confusion, self-loathing and heartache. Now, I know my limitations and how to overcome them. I’ve been meaning to catch up with her. As far as we know, she still lives in my hometown, where I have now moved back to. I’m hoping to visit her one day just to thank her for changing my life for the better.



#3 Myspace Is Your Space

I occasionally remember when I started playing on Runescape. I don’t remember how it happened exactly, but I befriended a boy named Dan. Once, around Christmas, he gave me a Santa hat in the game and told me Christmas was canceled. He was emo and he showed me some bands that I still listen to sometimes. We became MySpace friends as well. He was my first ever internet friend! It would be really cool to know how he’s doing now.


#4 Better To Have Loved And Lost

My ex. It’s been almost a year since we broke up, and she taught me what true love really was. She was the first girl I ever fell in love with. The only issue was that I never loved myself and I always thought I was beneath her. But she would make me feel like a king, and she was a queen to me. One night after a fight, she couldn’t take any more of my nonsense and broke up with me. She practically erased me from her world. Nowadays, I am okay, but not a day goes by when I don’t think about her and wonder if she is thinking about me.



#5 Munn’s The Word

I used to eat at a restaurant in Tampa called the Oxford Exchange, right across from the University of Texas campus. I didn’t go to the school—I was a little older than that—but there was a hostess there who was the spitting image of Olivia Munn. I know she knew who I was because we would eyeball each other every time I was in there. I thought she was attractive. We never said a word to each other. I was always sat by other hostesses. I often wonder what she thought of mes.

#6 It’s All Elementary

I had two friends in elementary school who I was really close with. We weren’t in a single group of friends, but as a kid, I liked hanging out with boys. Eventually, we all changed schools and lost contact. I saw one of them at the entrance ceremony in high school. He called out to me but that was it—he ended up going to another school, so I never saw him again. Years later, I found his Facebook and he moved to Australia. I just wonder if he’d still know me.

My other friend turned out to be looking for me. We didn’t know that we were going to the same college and even had the same college department. But I never saw him once. When I posted my graduation photo on Facebook, he commented asking if I remembered him. I’m typically a shy person so I didn’t know how I would strike up a conversation.

#7 No Wedding Bells For You

I dated a girl for 18 months. She dumped me. I wasn’t the best boyfriend and it was our senior year of college, but we had plans for the future that got royally screwed up. I thought she was the one but I could never seem to get her to put in the kind of effort that I was putting in. It was stupid on my part, but I should’ve let her be her and moved on.

We were apart for four months until she came back into my life full of apologies and with an entirely new perspective. She “ate crow” for a lack of a polite term. I was ecstatic for about two months but I learned she got with another man while we were apart. That was the only thing I asked her not to do if we ever wanted to try again.

It made me lose the drive and love I had for her. We had to break up permanently… I just didn’t feel for her anymore. She has a boyfriend now. I think about her every day but I have no romantic feelings or wish to see her. It’s a mix of anger, resentment, shock, etc. I’ve had a pretty great life and it’s the one thing that just royally sucked for me and I still struggle to wrap my head around what happened to us. I’ve moved on and so has she, but I wonder if she hadn’t broken up with me the first time if we’d be moved in together and be on the way to marriage.

#8 Lending A Helping Hand

My old psych nurse practitioner. She was awesome. She was the first person to see past my autism. She figured out which medication I had a weird allergy to and found a good rehab for me to go. Also, she sent her notes about me to my disability lawyer and I feel like that was the main catalyst that led to the judge approving me for SSDI.

She moved five hours away for a year or so, so I got a new psychiatrist. She’s back in my city now but on the other side of it. I wish I could be her patient again but I can’t make the drive very often due to my physical disability. I am going to call her this week and thank her for helping me get SSDI. It literally changed my entire life.


#9 Sit Right There!

When I was four, I got lost in a Fleet Farm and some nice old lady walked me to the nearest employee so they could call for my parents on the loudspeakers. I remember her picking me up and having me sit on the counter while we waited. The memory is hazy and all I really remember is being placed on the counter, then watching the nice old lady leave. This would have been almost twenty years ago now so she might be gone, but I’ve always wondered if that nice old lady ever shared the story with people.


#10 Some Birthday Surprise

There was a girl I liked at work. I didn’t really think anything would come of it until she wrote in a birthday card that she “adored every inch of me.” I waited like a week and asked her out, but she was back together with her old boyfriend by then. I don’t know if I ever really had a shot with her, so it’s not like she was “the one that got away,” but I really liked her, and I wonder if she ever thinks of me.

#11 A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

My best friend from second grade. She moved to the U.S. from Canada for one year and we became best friends instantly. When she had to move back to Canada, we took a picture together on a Polaroid camera and her older sister gave my mom her email address so we could stay in touch. My mom lost the email address and I never heard of her again. I still think about her often. I know we were only seven, but we just laughed so dang hard together and I would love to see what kind of person she is today.


#12 A Learning Experience

I still think about this guy I dated in university a few years back. He was from another country and was only at the school for about a year. During that time, we hung out almost every day. We traveled, almost drowned at sea, moved in together for a few weeks, and spent some really nice months with each other. What I think about most is the fact that I learned so much from him. He was younger than me (not by much), but he was so much more mature. I still wonder if he thinks about me, mostly because whenever I catch myself thinking of the positive experiences I’ve had in life, I always remember my time with him.


#13 And You Are…?

I had an internet friend named Val from West Virginia back in the mid-2000s. We met over Neopets but quickly moved to chat on AIM. We really got to know each other over the years and it wasn’t uncommon for us to talk several times a day for weeks in a row. We even tried to do the long-distance dating thing for quite a few months.

We had our own little online social circle, too, with a girl named Kristen from New York and another girl whose name I sadly can’t remember. Val was the closest friend I had, and I’m not sure what happened, but eventually, we drifted apart. A few years ago I found her phone number in an old cell phone and texted her, saying hello and asking if she remembered me. Nothing weird, I just wanted to say hi.

She seemed a little creeped out by the message, so I apologized and deleted her number. That was the last time I talked to her. I’ve looked her up on Facebook twice since then out of curiosity, but that’s it. I know that people change and that’s totally fine, but sometimes I still wonder if she remembers me, or if she knows just how important her friendship was to me.

#14 Good Day Sunshine

I recently met a guy at a concert two weeks ago. It was at a fairly small intimate venue. I was the first in line and he was second. We had a good conversation about music, life, school, and his clothing brand. At some point, the rapper we were there to see came out and asked if we wanted a picture. That’s when I mentioned to the rapper that the guy had his own clothing brand.

The guy gave a shirt to the rapper as a gift, and later on, when the show started, he came out wearing the shirt. I saw his face light up with pure joy as he screamed to me, “Look he’s wearing my shirt!” I’ve never seen look anyone so happy before. He was so optimistic, happy, gave me good vibes, and was just a ray of sunshine.

Right when the show ended, I asked for his Snapchat and followed him on Instagram. He didn’t follow me back. Often times, I’ll see his stories about him feeling so pathetic and wanting to be alone. I want to reach out to him and just check if he’s okay, but I feel like I’ll scare him away. I see him hustling, making moves and I respect how much of an impact he made on me the day I met him. I wonder if he thinks about me still because I know I still do and I feel like we really had a strong connection.

#15 The Walking Dead

I very often think about this one girl who I’ve known since childhood. I was on sour terms with her at the beginning, but then I got a crush on her at the end of elementary school. She seemingly had a crush on me too during that time, since she was the only one who laughed at my jokes. I never did anything really. I don’t know what happened to me at 12 years old, but I became like a zombie and lost all interest in anything while becoming timider.

We went to the same junior high and high school without talking at all but I still think about her here in college at 19 years old. I think that she thought that I was ignoring her purposely, but oftentimes, I just couldn’t talk to her for reasons unknown. Makes me a bit sad sometimes that even if it might’ve not been a potential relationship—I hurt someone without reason, not really on purpose.

#16 We’re Halfway There

The guy who sang a Bon Jovi song with me. To provide some context, I went to the Ekka earlier this year (basically an Australian carnival type thing in the city) with a couple of other people. We decided to buy a ticket for this haunted house attraction, and while we were waiting in line, there was a guy dressed as a creature who would interact with those at the front of the line as they waited to go inside.

We made it to the front, and immediately, the guy spotted the Bon Jovi t-shirt I was wearing and began singing “Livin’ On A Prayer.” I joined in and before you know it, he and I were singing together into the mic he had clipped to his mask while the other people in line were watching and smiling.

Just before we went inside, he said, “You should be on a talent show.” I wanted to talk to him after we left the haunted house, but he’d disappeared and another guy dressed as Frankenstein had taken his place. I still wonder if he ever thinks about the time he sang a duet with a girl in a Bon Jovi shirt.

#17 What A Jerk!

I sometimes wonder if my early childhood bully ever came around to realizing what he was doing. I think I remember hearing somewhere that he got diagnosed with a legitimate personality disorder later in life, though I haven’t heard from him or any of his relatives in ages (his sister was in the grade below us, and his dad was my baseball coach one year). While he didn’t make my life absolutely unbearable, there were definitely a few years where I wasn’t in a great place thanks to him.

#18 Turning On Everyone

My former best friend. We were inseparable, like the sister I’ve never had. We did everything together, talked on the phone for hours every day, shared our darkest secrets and always had each other’s back until she got in a dark place. Depression really changed her. She became mean to everyone and eventually to me. I really tried to stay but in the end, I started acting the same way as she did and I didn’t like it at all. I had to end our friendship. I still miss her every day and wonder if she feels the same. I don’t know if it’s possible for us to be friends again after all that happened, but I truly wish her the best of life and that she somehow will accept herself. She deserves all the love in the world.


#19 Leaving Messages Read

A former coworker. I grew to care about her during the time that we worked together and I definitely know that we were more than just coworkers. I haven’t seen her in nearly two years. We text on a regular basis to stay in touch, but it’s not the same as seeing someone every few days. When I first quit my job, she regularly initiated conversations through text, but nowadays, it’s usually just me who messages her. She’ll regularly respond, but if I don’t message her, weeks or months can go by without either of us texting one another.

#20 A Feel Good Conversation

I was having problems with my husband while I was at my grandma’s house. I went outside to sit on the sidewalk and cry around 11 p.m. The neighbor was dropped off by a female friend and he saw me crying, so he sat next to me to ask if I was okay. We talked and he told me stories about his life without asking what my problem was. I felt better after talking to him. I haven’t seen him since because I moved to another state. I wonder if he remembers that.


#21 True Ugliness Shown

I remember in sixth grade, a more “popular” girl just straight up called me ugly in front of a bunch of other girls. As a kid, I was always bullied but for some reason when she said that, it really humiliated me. I had almost no self-esteem from that point all the way out of high school, and only recently have I actually had any self-confidence. I just wonder if she understood how that made me feel; if she knows how much that hurt, how much it affected me throughout school, how that was just the cherry on top of all the bullying that everyone else already put on me.

#22 Letters To You

My first penpal who I met in a chatroom when I was 10 years old. She was from NSW Sydney Australia, and it came up somehow that she’d never heard of Jell-O but that they had something similar called Aeroplane jelly, so we sent a package of each to the other. We corresponded lots over a year or so and then just kind of dropped off. I often wonder where she’s at in this weird world of ours today.

#23 Delete His Number

I met this guy at work and we really hit it off. We were both attached at that point in time. We talked a lot and hung out during breaks, but time passed and we moved on to university. We still met up once in a while to have lunch, have long talks, or just play online games together with a few other colleagues. I broke up with my boyfriend a few months into university and told my friend about it.

About two weeks in, after we had lunch together, he told me that his girlfriend wasn’t very happy that we were spending so much time together and talking almost every day, and he wanted to only talk occasionally. I accepted it at first, but after thinking about it, I decided to completely break off contact with him. I haven’t talked to him up till now, but I wonder if that was the right move to make. I still look back at the times we had, and it really hurts to have lost that friendship.

#24 Reunion To Remember

I went to my 30th high school reunion recently. I saw a woman who used to be in one of my classes and she was absolutely stunning. I recently divorced and she still has her maiden name, but it’s hard to tell her marital status. She lives 10 hours away and I couldn’t take my mind off her for a couple of days. I doubt she gave me a second thought after that night. I barely even talked with her at the reunion, but remember her being down-to-earth with a good sense of humor.


#25 Leaving The Boy Behind

In the ’90s, I lived in an apartment in the suburbs with my dog. Every day, when I came home from work, I brought my dog outside for a walk. There was a row of houses across the street from the apartment complex. A boy who lived in one of the houses across the street would come out his front door and over to the apartments to talk to me and play with my dog. He was about 11 or 12.

He would tell me about all the movies he saw and all his favorite SNL sketches. It was just him and his mom in the house. His dad was not in the picture. I could tell he was starved for attention from a father figure. After a couple of years, I bought my first house. I had to tell him I was moving to the next town over and would not see him again. He said he understood. That poor kid. It’s been almost 20 years. I hope he’s okay.


#26 Love At First Sight

When I was 18, I worked in a grocery store that had a coffee shop. One night, I needed a boost to get me through, so I decided to grab a coffee drink on my break. My eyes locked with the coffee worker and I could practically hear my heart pound in my chest. Oddly enough, I think about that experience sometimes.


#27 For The Horde

There was one person in America that I used to talk to about World of Warcraft. I was about 11 at the time and I played with my brother’s account. She was about 55 and I remember being really surprised that someone so old was playing an online computer game. We’d talk often about our lives and she told me she was caring for her dad at the time who was ill. I remember she’d log off saying, “I’ve got to go take care of him.”

One day, she told me he’d passed and I felt really bad for her, but I knew he would have passed really happy because he had such a caring daughter. This whole time she was also single and being the kid I was, I had a crush on her. But even then, I knew I was just being silly. Later on, she found a man that she really loved and would tell me about how great her grandkids were and how her life was really good. I remember being really happy for her.

We stopped talking shortly after, but back then, I decided my favorite number would be 44 because I knew she’d always be 44 years older than me. Every now and then, I wonder how she’s doing, hoping that someone would be able to take care of her when she’s in her old age like she did for her dad. I wish the same thing for me, too.


#28 A Combustible Partnership

We were inseparable. He was ten years older than me and became my mentor for five years when I was a teenager. We had many adventures. I even helped raise his firstborn and taught her how to walk. Eventually, we started a company together. Through business and his personal relationships, I got to know his true colors better than anyone else and decided I didn’t want to be in his life anymore.

It’s been a few years now and I’m finally getting better through therapy. I’ve never known a human on that level since. It wouldn’t be healthy for me to re-open that door again, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss that part of my life, my friend and his daughter.


#29 Running For Miles

My first friend was a boy named Miles. We were little—maybe five or six years old—and lived around the corner from each other. We would meet halfway in a spot where the neighbor fences were recessed a bit. We’d bring our toys and play for hours in that little patch of dirt. He taught me how to dig tunnels for my Hot Wheels cars, and I thought he was just the coolest and cutest boy. My oldest child is a boy, and I named him Miles. I often wonder if he has ever thought about me.

#30 Do The Math

This boy in my eighth-grade algebra class saw that I got 38% on a test. He got 98% and offered his help in the sweetest way. He told me he got 0% on a test once and his dad had worked with him until he got the hang of it. A 13-year-old boy was better at teaching me math than my math teacher, who seemed to get kind of peeved about him helping me. When we graduated, we went to different high schools and he gave me his watch. He told me he just didn’t want me to forget him. I didn’t.


#31 Finding A True Friend

I knew a kid in elementary school who had really bad anger problems. He went to anger management classes and the other kids bullied him for it, but he was always nice to me. We also had some things in common so we hung out a bit at school. Shortly after getting to know him, my dad was transferred across the country (he was in the navy).

Before I left, my friend invited me over to his house and gave me a cake that he baked, along with a ring that read “Best Friends.” We had only spent a bit of time together but his mom told me I had a big impact on him. I still have the necklace and think about him sometimes, and I wonder if he thinks about me (we were little and he doesn’t have a keepsake from me). I hope he’s doing well.

#32 The Doctor Is In

I was newly single and had to go to Italy for a doctor’s appointment. The doctor was absolutely gorgeous and couldn’t speak English. We had all these giggles while she showed me these stretches and positions I needed to be in for the exam I was taking. We went out later that night and she showed me a great time around town. I never saw her again after that.


#33 A Fire In His Spirit

After closing the restaurant I work at, I noticed an older conversion van in the front of the parking lot with two people who ended up being a mother and son arguing. So I walked up to them. He was mad and his mom was threatening to call the cops to have him taken in because of his anger. What started this was that the son flew in from Colorado to pick up the van. He planned to drive back to Colorado and use it as a temporary home since a fire destroyed his actual home. But once he got there, his mom changed her mind. They didn’t have the best relationship, and apparently, this is how they “solved” problems.

Anyway, I told him I was going to the bar for a drink by myself and would go regardless if he came with or not. I wanted to lend an ear if he wanted to chat or rant. He and I hung out on the patio for a couple of hours, and we ending up having a great time. He managed to get ahold of an old friend who came and picked him up to help him get back home.

I can’t remember the name of the park he lived near but he said there were massive, beautiful geodes, and once he got back on his feet again after the fires, he’d get ahold of me and send me one. I didn’t expect that to actually happen but would have been a cool gift with an interesting story attached. This was only a couple of months ago, but I still wonder how everything worked out for him. I hope he’s doing good.

#34 A Hard Lesson About Money

I was a cashier at a grocery store when I was 16. One day, these two little boys came in and tried to buy a few cans of chili. They didn’t have enough money on them, and they got really embarrassed. I tried to tell them I would just buy the chili for them but they just dashed out. I kept their cans at my register in case they came back but they never did. I think about those kids all the time. They were so sweet and respectful. It broke my heart at 16 and still makes me sad now. I hope wherever they are they’re okay and happy.

#35 Sing Your Heart Out

When I was in Montessori, probably about four years old, I was absolutely in love with a little boy named David. Apparently, we were quite the topic of the moms’ circle. We had a show and tell one day and I said, “This is for you, David,” and belted out the chorus to “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. I remember just being so infatuated with him but had no memories of much else regarding him. Going through old pictures with my mom, we found a class picture from then, so, of course, it came up. As she remembers it, he had a little crush on me too. I wonder if he ever thinks of that very exuberant little girl.

#36 Ready Player One

I met a bunch of people on Halo 2 or World of Warcraft who I’d talk to every day on Xbox Live or Ventrilo. One day, I stopped logging on or they did, and we never spoke again. Some of the best memories from my teenage years are with people I never actually met, and probably never will meet. I think about them a lot when I solo queue on games nowadays, and I really wonder if they think about me…


#37 Born This Way

I stopped for a lady who was crying in the middle of the street. Turned out, she was also in labor. We didn’t have time to get to a hospital, so I called 9-1-1 and stayed with her as she gave birth in the front seat of her car. I never heard from her again. I hope she and the baby are doing fantastically.

#38 Tip Your Bartender

I don’t get along super well with my family. I’m kind of an outsider as everyone else has common interests and I don’t. After the same generic questions from just about everyone in the room at a family reunion, I decided the bartender had been super nice to everyone so I’d go talk to her instead. We spent a solid hour or two talking and getting to know each other. She had me smiling for the rest of the night with real conversation, but I haven’t been back there. I still think about how nice it was to feel like someone cared about me to ask about more than my weekend.

#39 Love On The Tracks

I met a random stranger on the train in Tokyo. He was cute. He was looking at me in the window reflection. So I looked back. There was almost certainly a language barrier and it’s rude to chat on trains anyway. So we watched each other silently. We shifted a few times and ended up closer to each other. Then, it was my stop and I got off the train. He looked visibly sad and rejected. I still think about you, cute boy on the train in the hoodie.

#40 Saving The Day

A couple of months back, I helped a mother whose baby had stopped breathing. I was sitting on my balcony when I heard her screaming for someone to call 9-1-1. I ran down while my brother dialed. I’m a nursing student and my bother is a lifeguard. We made sure the baby was okay—I monitored his breathing, calmed him down, walked around with him until he stopped crying, and went into the ambulance with him while his mother packed a bag and made arrangements for her other child who was still at home.

I had been wondering if she even registered everything I did as she was obviously very distraught and in shock. Yesterday, I bumped into her in an elevator, pushing her baby in a stroller. She instantly knew who I was and gave me a huge hug, telling me that she had been looking for me. She had bought chocolates and had been hoping to bump into me to thank me and my brother.

#41 Paying It Forward

I had a weird night with a stranger who was having a very bad night. I spent the whole night making sure he had fun and that he felt included. His friends were around but didn’t seem interested in bearing the bulk of helping him. I spent the night just talking to him, keeping him company, and when he drank too much, I took him home in a cab.

He asked me why I was doing that, and I told him that I was once going through a difficult time in my life and I had no one there for me. I knew what it was like to feel dejected and knowing that all I needed was someone to sit next to me for a little while. I decided to be the person I wish I had back then.

He thanked me for everything and asked what he could do in return. I told him someday there will be someone in his life that will need help, and that he should be there for them. He agreed. I haven’t seen this guy since, but I wonder if he remembers me and if he ever followed through on that promise.


#42 Didn’t Mean To Steal

I think about my husband’s ex from time to time with a tinge of guilt. When I met him, it was like love at first sight. We met at a party and it was like magic. I didn’t find out until way into our relationship that he had an ex who he was in the process of getting back together with when we met. He was supposed to meet her the next day, Valentine’s Day, to see if they could work it out.

She was really upset he canceled their plans and I still feel guilty about it all. It was like I stole her boyfriend. She apparently kept a little box of things like movie tickets and train tickets from their relationship so I know he meant a lot to her. I know she has issues with depression and anxiety too, which makes it worse. I think about her a lot and hope she’s okay.


#43 Looking Into A Mirror

A TA from college. When I started school, I was extremely shy and my confidence was non-existent. Over the next four years, I was able to grow into the type of person I knew I was always meant to be. But during my last year, I had a TA I was drawn to because he so clearly reminded myself of the old me—same nervousness, stuttering around people, always flustered, etc. Even though we never became close, I was able to tell him how I felt that we understood each other. I just hope he’s doing well.


#44 Meet Me At The Swings

One of the playground supervisors at my former elementary school. I was bullied a lot and I had no friends. She was the only one who hung out with me and I always followed her around at recess. On the days that I couldn’t, I just stood around waiting for the bell to ring again. I haven’t seen her in a few years and I do still wonder if she thinks of me sometimes.


#45 Have A Little Faith In Me

My wife and I were driving down the highway, in near-blizzard conditions with snow and wind. There was this despondent teen girl walking along the road, arms crossed with no coat. We saw her but passed her before I had a reasonable time to stop. We had to take like, a two-mile detour to see her again. I’m a 6′ 2″ guy, and if alone, I would never approach her in fear of scaring her.

But with the wife in the car we did the loop; stopped near her, and my wife approached her asking if she needed a ride. The girl was scared, obviously sad, supposing bad break-up. She refused a ride (I get it). My wife then gave her her brand-new coat so at least she’d be a bit warmer. Tells you something about my wife. I hope the girl got somewhere safe and maybe had a bit more faith in humans than before.