Partners Of Sleeptalkers Reveal The Darkest Thing They’ve Ever Said While Sleeping

An unconscious mind is interesting and complex. No one knows this better than the partners of sleeptalkers, who witness them first-hand as they ramble away in the night. In truth, hearing your partner speak while they’re out cold is not always a funny experience. Sometimes, it’s creepy, or even downright scary.

People who talk in their sleep have a tendency to seem like they are not sleeping. Some even carry on a full conversation. This can make it a difficult task to identify their statements as genuine or just nonsense. In addition, when the lights are out, it’s extremely easy to get freaked out. It’s all fun and games until it happens to you.

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#1 Bugs Have Needs Too

As I was about to turn the bedside lamp off, he turned over, obviously still asleep, and said: “Don’t turn the light off.”
When I asked him why he needed the light on in the middle of the night, he just said: “They need to see.”
At that point, I was freaking out wondering who might be in our bedroom. “Who needs to see?” I asked.
“The bugs,” he replied. He explained that they were reading something and needed the light on.
This happened months ago and I still haven’t let it go.


#2 The Correct Answer Is In Fact Meteors

My mother still loves to bring this story up. It happened in eighth grade. One morning, she walked and asked me, “Are you awake?” to which I apparently said, “Man, I don’t know, is it meteors?”

All while dead asleep.


#3 It Turns Out Feelings Are Easy To Control

I talk in my sleep. My wife has told me many stories.

The best one has to be when she was pregnant. She woke up with really bad heartburn and nausea. She tried to wake me up to tell me she wasn’t feeling well. While deep asleep, I said to her: “You know those feelings you are feeling? Just turn them off.”

I’m really lucky my wife knows I sleep talk. She doesn’t hold anything I say in my sleep against me, she just teases me a lot.


#4 Hopefully, It’s Not Here

My roommate woke up the whole house shouting: “Where is the head?! Where is the head?!”


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#5 Subconscious Horror Stories

I woke up to go to the bathroom one night. As I moved to get up, my boyfriend goes, “Don’t go out there…”

Thinking he was awake and just playing a joke, I ask him, “Oh yeah, why?” He sits upright, eyes wide open, and says: “SHE’S out there.”

I held it for the rest of the night.


#6 Five Dollars Would Be Alright

She said, “Don’t leave me for $3.”

#7 Who Is Johnny?

I talk in my sleep, and my girlfriend told me this story after we woke up. I had evidently turned toward her, shook her with my face, and yelled: “They took my freaking arms, Johnny!” Then I just slumped back over and fell asleep again.

#8 Unnecessary Violence

My fiancee is super active while sleeping. It used to bother me, but now I’m used to it. One time, I asked her to give me her pillow while she was sleeping and she said, “Okay.” She pulled it out from under her head and threw it at me. She slept the rest of the night without a pillow. She was quite angry when she woke up without a pillow, even after I told her what she did.


#9 There Are All Kinds Of Picture Frames

While asleep, my girlfriend asked me to pass her a light-up picture frame. When I asked her what she was talking about, she shouted: “Fine! I’ll get it myself!” Then she started sleepwalking to look for it.

#10 What Dad Is Really Thinking

I had a nightmare and went to my parents’ room to tell my mom. I knocked on the door and opened it very quietly so that only my mom would wake up and not my dad. I get in and at that moment, my dad jumped out of the bed and shouted, “I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU HERE AGAIN!” I fled up the stairs and cried. My mom followed me and told me she didn’t know what happened. My dad says he doesn’t remember it ever happening.

#11 Facts About Dorm Rooms

My roommate leaned up while he asleep, got about two inches from my face and said: “Two people sleep in a dorm room!” Then burst into hysterical laughter. It was our first night together.


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#12 Screams In The Night

My girlfriend will do this every so often. She’ll have a really bad nightmare and she’d just straight up scream at the top of her lungs, right into my face. I woke up with a huge adrenaline rush.

I woke her up by stroking her hair and whispering to her that it would be okay, and she thanked me in the morning.


#13 Even Asleep She Thought It Was Funny

My girlfriend and I were sleeping in my bed in college. Due to not being able to control the temperature in my room (which was kept at a tropical 105 degrees in the winter time), we always slept with the window open and my bedroom door cracked for circulation. I also lived on the ground floor apartment of a brownstone in Boston.
In the middle of the night, she starts smacking me.


I wake up, startled. “What?”

GF: “There’s someone standing in the doorway.”

Adrenaline starts pumping, I prepare myself to fight the intruder. I quickly scan the room for something to make an impromptu weapon out of. Finally, my eyes adjust to the dark, I’m fully awake and I see that no one is actually there.

Me: “No there isn’t, you’re sleeping!”

GF : *muffled laughing*

She had zero recollection of the entire incident the next morning.


#14 The Subconscious Mind Knows More Than We Think

Not so much creepy as it is odd, but I overheard my wife accurately recite my social security number aloud whilst sleeping. When I told her about it the next morning, she said I had to have been making that up, as she definitely did not know my social security number.
It was the oddest thing.


#15 Next It Will Be The Taxes

She starting shaking me, yelling: “The financial reports don’t match!
” She’s an accountant.

#16 Strange Things Can Come Out Of The Faucet

GF: “Steven.”

Me: “What?”

GF: “He’s coming out of the faucet.”

Me: “What?!”



#17 Don’t Expect Logic In Sleeptalking

Wife (while asleep): “Why is the dog barking?”

Me: “We don’t have a dog.”

Wife: “Yes we do, and he’s in the kitchen, barking.”

Me: “Okay…”

Wife: “Go see why he’s barking.”

Me: *I reluctantly walked to the kitchen and back to the bedroom.*

Wife (now awake): “Where did you go?”

Me: “I went to the kitchen to check on the dog.”

Wife: “But we don’t have a dog…”


#18 A Better Place Would Be On The Toilet

I thought she was awake but we were laying in bed last week and this is how it went:

GF: I’m gonna poop myself

Me: What? No, go to the bathroom.

GF: Ugh! I’m gonna poop the bed!

Me: Why don’t you go to the bathroom if you’ve got to poop?

GF: What? That doesn’t make any sense at all, I’m trying to make these trees grow, just shut up!

This is when I realized she was sleeping and started laughing hysterically, which made her angry.

She didn’t remember any of it the next morning


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#19 What’s This About Needles?

My girlfriend sat up in the middle of the night and started scratching her head. She said, while asleep: “There are needles coming out.”


#20 When It’s Time To Go It’s Time To Go

My husband is OUT OF CONTROL with his sleep talking. You almost can’t call it sleeptalking because you would swear the guy knows EXACTLY what he’s saying. It isn’t just talking. He gets up out of bed and will literally be walking around the house doing things as if he’s totally aware. You could hold a full conversation with him. It takes a minute to realize whether he’s awake or not.

One night, while we’re both knocked out, he BOLTS out of bed, waking me up and frantically yelling: “WE HAVE TO GO NOW! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! FOLLOW ME! HURRY UP!” I literally go into full panic mode and start trying to grab things, all while asking him what is going on. Within a minute or so, I noticed that, as frantic as he was, he wasn’t really DOING anything; just kind of going in circles. At that point, it clicked that he wasn’t really awake.

I started saying his name over and over, telling him it was okay, and he kind of just snapped out of it.

I was definitely super freaked out.


#21 The Crazy Laugher

My husband has, on more than one occasion, laughed in his sleep. But it’s not a normal laugh… It’s either a lot deeper and slower (almost insidious), or it’s at a higher pitch and kind of staccato (sometimes up and down, rapidly with the pitch). Neither laugh sounds like him when he’s awake. It’s unsettling, but fortunately, it doesn’t happen too often.


#22 If Only The Burrito Were Real

“Can I have a bite of that burrito?” my girlfriend said while sleeping.

Proudly and very serious.


#23 The Aftermath Of War On The Psyche

My boyfriend has PTSD from his time in the Marines. The other night, I had my arm around his waist and he patted my hand, saying, “You’re never going to make it out of here. You’re just another casualty about to happen. You’re going to die and luckily we’re married because you have life insurance.”

We’re not married.


#24 A Bed That Talks

We were lying in a king-sized bed on vacation.

Her: “I love you.”

Me: “I love you too.”

Her: “I love you, big bed.”

Me: “Big bed loves you, too.”

Her: “Oh my god! Big bed! YOU CAN TALK!”


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#25 Not A Fan Of Repeating Himself

My boyfriend talks in his sleep all the time. The funniest one was when he woke me up out of my deep sleep to tell me about a gift he bought his dad. He started off by saying, “Did I tell you what I got my dad? It’s a hat that hangs on the wall.”
Then he drifted off into gibberish. So I asked him what he said, and he repeated it the same way. I asked him what he said again, and he yelled, “FORGET IT OKAY!”

#26 When Housework Gets Out Of Hand

To set the scene, it’s about 2 a.m. in the morning, and my girlfriend and I had spent a busy afternoon doing house chores, so she was extra passed out. All of a sudden, she started twitching and grumbling in her sleep, which means that means she was having a nightmare. I tried to wake her up, but as I was leaning over, her eyes shot open and she sat her self upright. In a low whisper, she said:

“Next morning, I need you to ask me if we did the laundry.”

I got about halfway through explaining that we already did the housework when she raised a finger to her lips and hushed me sharply. She leaned in closer and broke into a whisper underscored by an unsettling sense of urgency.

“No, listen, you have to be quiet. I need you to ask me if we did the dishes when we wake up.”

Confused, but now sufficiently freaked out, I nod to indicate agreement.

“When you ask, if I say we need to, it’s not me anymore. Run.”

And with that, she collapsed back onto her pillow and was out again in two seconds. I, on the other hand, didn’t sleep that night.

#27 Hidden Talents

An ex-girlfriend said I was speaking in what sounded like Latin in my sleep. I only speak English.

#28 The Best Way To Scare Your Daughter

This happened one night when my daughter climbed into bed with me. She wasn’t feeling well.
Anyway, the next morning, I asked how she slept, and she said she didn’t get any sleep because I creeped her out. She said we were both on our sides facing each other, and she heard me mumbling something but couldn’t make it out. She opened her eyes and said: “Mommy, what did you say?” She said I slowly lifted my hand and pointed behind her and said, “Shh be quiet, it’s right behind you,” then went back to sleep.
She said she was too afraid to turn and look since whatever it was that I was pointing at, it was on her side of the room behind her. It creeped me out when she told me.


#29 Helicopter Landing

I regularly talk in my sleep. I’m 58. One time, my wife and I were both really tired and went to bed very early, at about 9 p.m. At that time, we lived in a small terraced house with a tiny garden that was overlooked on all sides by other houses and a children’s play area.
About half an hour later, it was dark and I leaped out of bed, stark naked. I switched the overhead light on,  then went to the window and pulled the curtains back, repeatedly opening and closing them. My wife shouted, “What on earth are you doing?” I apparently said, “I’ve got to signal to this helicopter so it can land in the garden.” I’m not sure how many small children I traumatized that night and I’m pretty sure there was no helicopter.


#30 What A Huge Disappointment

My ex used to sometimes talk in her sleep. One night I was up really late just watching TV and I heard her say very clearly to me, “Let’s get McDonald’s.”

I thought to myself that it was a great idea, so I got up and started getting dressed. After I was done, I went back to wake her and she was out. I shook her a couple of times and said, “Let’s go, I’m ready.” She finally woke up and said, “What? No, it’s late, go to bed.”

I was so disappointed because I totally thought she wanted to go and I was in no condition to drive, so I had to get undressed again and go back to bed. Looking back, I totally should have known that was just her talking in her sleep, but because of my inebriated state, I did not want to accept that as the reality and chose to believe I was gonna get some McDonald’s.


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#31 Worth The Risk

The first time we ever slept together, I woke up to him looking at me. “Hand me my spear. I will end you now,” he said. Then, he closed his eyes and laid back down. I thought about it for like five minutes, decided I could take him, then went back to sleep myself. We dated for six years.


#32 What’s So Bad About Triangles?

My wife is a college math teacher and when she was pregnant, she would sit up and mutter about random students and how disappointed she was in their work. One time, she woke me up to tell me that she really hated triangles. I just stared at her and said, “What?” She proceeded to lay back down and go to sleep.

#33 If Only It Had Been One Of The Good Witches

My ex used to grind her teeth, talk and move a lot while sleeping. One night, she was making this weird noise with her throat. Since I was a light sleeper, I woke up and decided to go to the bathroom. As I got up, she suddenly snapped her neck, turned her face towards me and said real quick: “The witch has arrived.” Then, she turned her face away and stopped moving. I spent the whole night lying down wide awake trying not to go #1 on myself.
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#34 Getting Serious About Pineapples

I apparently shouted to my mom in the middle of the night. When she came running, apparently all I said was, “Those pineapples… those freaking pineapples.” I don’t normally swear either, so I have no idea why I suddenly got passionate about fruit.

#36 She Gets The Award For The Longest Reach

My sister and I shared a room up until we moved out last year.
One night, when my sister was about 16 years old, she slowly leaned up out of bed until she was sat at a 90-degree angle looking straight ahead at the wall. She put both her arms straight in front of her with her fingertips pointed out and very sassily said, “Betcha didn’t know I could reach that far,” and then lays back down. So I asked her, “Sis, are you awake?” And she goes, “Yeah I’m at the gym.” Okay, sis…

#36 He’s Her Favorite Snack

My significant other once had a dream about eating a cheeseburger. She went to take a big old bite of that juicy, meaty delicacy and sunk her teeth right into my shoulder. It’s good to know she thinks I’m a snack, but that is not a pleasant way to be woken up.


#37 For Some, Acting Comes Naturally Even In Sleep

I’m an actor and I was once in a staged production of Number the Stars where I had to play a horrendous German officer. A couple of nights before we opened, I woke my girlfriend up at 3 a.m. in the morning, sleep-shouting orders in German to search the bedroom.


#38 Beware The Bunny

My partner once grabbed my legs and pulled me out of bed during one of his particularly bad episodes of sleepwalking. He was screaming about a bunny being in our bed and he kept saying that he needed to save me from it.

#39 It’s A Very Important Hammer

My wife told me once that I shook her awake, screaming: “DO YOU SEE THIS HAMMER!” I waved my hand in her face, and then went back to sleep.


#40 Never Take A Sleeptalker Seriously

I was on a business trip years ago in Europe with a coworker for several weeks. Over the weekends, we’d travel to various tourist spots. One weekend we stayed at a chateau. It’s was pricey, so we shared a room that ended up being on the ground floor and overlooked the garden courtyard.

She neglected to tell me she had night terrors.

In the middle of the night, in the pitch black, I wake up to screaming. My roommate, while asleep, kept saying that there was somebody in our room trying to get her. I have no idea where the light switch was, or the door, or anything.

I had never been so scared in my life.


#41 The Truth Finally Comes Out

“I love Nickelback,” my boyfriend whispered in his sleep. It could be part of the reason why we broke up a few days later.


#42 You Don’t Have To Be A Good Singer To Sing In Your Sleep

I recently found out that I sometimes sing in my sleep. I’m not a very good singer.


#43 Sure, Blame The Baby

Soon after having a child, my wife sat upright in bed in the middle of the night, shouting: “My baby! What has she done?!”


#44 Ghosts With Unfinished Speeches

When my wife and I were dating, we moved into an apartment in a rather sketchy area. She has always been a sleep talker.

Often times, I would be awake enough to catch her sleep conversations. They were usually nonsense, but she would talk with me and I’d keep the conversation going just to see what she would say.

We moved into this new apartment and one night the sleep talk took a weird turn. I’ve always had a habit of doing voices or accents to mimic things from TV or other people, but my wife never does— she won’t even try it as it’s just not her thing.

One of the first couple nights in the new apartment, my wife was sleeping and she started talking in a deep voice. She spoke about “the war” and how “he” was happy to be home. I thought it was just another silly dream, but the change in her voice made me pay more attention. I asked her questions but she didn’t respond much to them; she just continued on with her “speech”. She said her name was “Cole Brown” and then mentioned something about being “back in 1950 something.”

She eventually went back to sleep, but then started up again in a female voice that wasn’t her own.

The apartment we lived in was an old house converted to an upper and lower duplex. We lived in the upper while the lower was still being remodeled. While speaking with the contractors, they explained that the house had been condemned and sat vacant for a number of years. They did a great job restoring and updating the 100-year-old home.

Fast-forward about a month, I’m getting the mail from our mailbox. We would occasionally get junk mail, you know the type.

We received multiple pieces of junk mail for Cole Brown.


#1 There’s Only One Way Out

I woke up once to the sound of my wife whispering (I couldn’t understand what she was saying), then she let out a very loud scream. It really made me jump it was that loud.

The next morning, she told me about a dream she had, where she was trapped in a prison cell, screaming for someone to hear her and let her free. So I guess it makes sense now.