Men Share The Noticeable Insecurities Women Have That They Could Care Less About

Being a woman isn’t easy. In today’s society, a lot of pressure is put on women to look and act a certain way. From model-type body ideals to traditional norms that restrict their full potential, many of these unrealistic expectations are leaving women feeling insecure and not good enough.

Social media has only amplified the problem. In the pursuit of instant gratification, many women try to portray their lives as perfect in order to keep up with the impossible standards that society sets for them. It’s truly a vicious cycle.

Stereotypically speaking, women are known to be overly critical of themselves. However, many of the insecurities women have are ones that men don’t even notice. Just take it from these men who recently shared some of the noticeable insecurities women have that they couldn’t care less about.

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#35 Pointless Stressing Over Periods

Periods. I genuinely don’t care if you happen to get your period around me. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’ll change the sheets and go right back to bed. You can wear one of my pants while I wash yours. Need pads or tampons? Tell me what you want and I’ll run to the store. It’s 100% natural. Any man who freaks out about periods has the mindset of a 13-year-old.


#34 Pore Choice Of Insecurity

Pores. What is with women’s obsession with their pores? I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a woman and been like, “Dang, she’d be so hot if it wasn’t for those pores.”


#33 Don’t Force The Jokes

Your sense of humor.

Don’t suppress your weird little sense of humor. When we’re with our male friends, not everyone in our group is funny. There are usually one or two guys who are really funny and the rest of us just keep the momentum of the jokes going.

If you’re funny, cool. If you’re not, then you don’t have to force it.


#32 Being One Of The Bros

A lot of girls try to participate in “bro talk” because they think guys think it’s hot. If it doesn’t come naturally and you think it’s stupid, just don’t do it. It’s fine.

Some guys know how to participate in “girl talk” and girls really like that, but if we don’t enjoy it, we aren’t going to pretend we do just to get attention.

It’s kind of the same thing. Most guys think “girl talk” is stupid and that’s okay. Most girls think “bro talk” is stupid and that’s okay. Don’t try to force it.


#31 Smart Is Sexy

In computer science courses, women typically do not think they are doing as well as the men even when they have top grades. As a CS teacher, I have gotten into the habit of pulling excellent women aside to explain to them that they are doing amazing, especially in lower level courses. This has helped keep women from dropping out too early.


#30 Junk In The Trunk

Do these jeans make my butt look fat? Heck yes, thank god.


#29 Fretting Over Freckles


My wife is SUPER self-conscious about her freckles. And I’ve known other women to be too. I love them. I think they’re super cute and wouldn’t change a thing.


#28 Enjoy What You Eat

You shouldn’t care about how you look when you eat something.

Ravish those chicken wings, girl.


#27 Social Media Obsessed

Social media pictures. I know what you look like in real life, so there’s absolutely no need to go overboard.


#26 Permanently Scarred

Scars. My crush has a huge one on her stomach and I love it. Before I get accused of being a stalker, I’m a lifeguard and she comes to my pool a lot.


#25 No More Eyebrow Envy

Unkempt eyebrows.


#24 Dolled Up For What

Say you’re hanging out with your girlfriend at 2:30 AM and you both decide to go to a drive-thru restaurant.

You don’t need to spend a half-hour in the bathroom to do your make-up and hair.

Not only do you already look beautiful, but you’re also just going to be in the passenger seat, in the dark. Nobody is going to see you. It would make no difference if you had make-up on or not.

Thankfully, most women aren’t like this, but the ones that are can be problematic.


#23 Emotions Are Healthy

Being emotional. A lot of girls seem to think that “being one of the guys” is the way to go. They often have emotional moments and later apologize for making a “scene.”

Ladies, you must understand that us guys repress our emotions almost constantly. Having to deal with your honest emotions, although taxing, is also a necessity in helping us bring some of our own feelings to the surface. If we get close and comfortable with you, we are going to tell you things we’ve likely never told another living soul. We draw from that emotional energy and can feel safe within it. You open up to us and we open up to you.


#22 Stressing Over Stretch Marks

Stretch marks.

Your body changed at some point in the past. This happens. Most people have them somewhere.


#21 General Lack Of Confidence

Insecurities in general.

Not shaving your legs doesn’t make you a Sasquatch. Saying you feel fat in your clothing doesn’t make you fat. Confidence is sometimes the sexiest trait a woman can have.


#20 If The Shoe Fits

A lot of women seem to have an obsession with the size of their feet. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at an attractive woman and thought, “Wow, she’s nice, but she’s clearly a size 7 and I only date women size 6 and below.”


#19 The Words Of Other Women

A woman’s biggest insecurity is other women. I don’t care what Becky and Karen think about my wife’s haircut, but my wife will overanalyze every word they say and react to it.


#18 Are You Still There?

Sending me messages every two hours to check up on me. It’s a flattering gesture but it’s also way too excessive (and obsessive).

Oh, and if I don’t reply right away, it’s not because I hate you. I’m not doing it on purpose. I’m most likely working, not intentionally ignoring you.


#17 The Overall Look

If you feel ugly and we’re already dating, chances are you’re not ugly. I date people I find attractive.

I wouldn’t worry so much about your looks. If you personally feel you don’t look good, then fix it yourself. But just remember that other people might actually like how you look.


#16 Tubby Toes

“My toes look sssssooooooooo fat today!”

The wife tends to discover new insecurities every day.


#15 Aching Over Acne

Girl here. I’m insecure about my acne. I’ve had it for about 10 years now and I rarely have good days. If I want to feel good about myself, I wear make-up. I’m DYING for the day when I can wake up and not feel like I need to put make-up on to feel comfortable.

With my ex-boyfriend, I wore make-up constantly. I even tried to go to bed with a little bit on in the beginning until I exhausted myself and realized he never actually cared. Now I’m nervous to take makeup off in front of guys I’m interested in because I don’t know how they’ll feel.

I’m in nursing school so it’s only gotten worse and started spreading from stress. It drives me insane!


#14 No Need To Get Fancy

Level of dressiness does not matter. For example, if I come home and don’t change out of the button-down and khakis that I wore to work and she is wearing jeans and a T-shirt, then one of us has to change before we go to dinner. She even does this with good friends that we’ve known for decades. I really couldn’t care less.


#13 Love Don’t Cost A Thing

I really don’t think the insecurities thing is unique to sex. I was going to say that men don’t have a fascination with brands and labels, but there are definitely some who do. At the same time, there are also women who clearly don’t care about brands and labels. We need to stop stereotyping based on sex because everybody has different preferences.


#12 You Like What You Like

Girls who are into things that are stereotypically “boyish” like video games or sports are super insecure of their knowledge on those subjects. Even when they really know their stuff. I guess they always feel like there’s a dude testing their knowledge. There also seems to be this notion that a girl can’t be into these things casually or else she’s fake and just wants attention from guys. Ladies, feel free to like what you like, and never suppress that part of you.


#11 Letting It All Boil

I hate non-communication. If it will hurt my feelings but you’re being honest and constructive, then it shouldn’t be the worst thing for me to hear. If you’re complaining because you had a bad day, that’s okay too. Just don’t let things boil up inside for too long. I don’t want you to lash out at me for no reason.


#10 Everyone Does It

Farting. Look, just let it rip. My wife farted when we first started dating. It was an accident and she had the most horrified look on her face. I was surprised, but also relieved at the same time. I can’t tell you how stress-free it is to not have to hold in a fart for hours upon hours.

Also, outfits. If you ask your guy if they like your outfit and he says yes, he means it.


#9 Dating You For A Reason

My girl is super insecure about me finding someone better than her.

Like, no honey, I wouldn’t date you if I thought there was someone better out there. You’re my whole world. I want to marry you because you’re perfect for me. The more you hate on yourself, the further you’re pushing me away. Just accept that I freaking love you, and genuinely believe it. I know it’s super hard because you’re used to dating serial liars, but I’m not like that.

If I had the time to build an entire relationship on lies, I wouldn’t be working 60 hours a week, learning new instruments, and hanging out with my family. If I had the prerogative to lie to you, you’d gonna find out sooner or later. But I don’t, so beat yourself up over nothing!


#8 Fear Of Rejection Is Real

I’ve noticed this a lot with girls and I think it just shows how little power women think they have over men. I lived in a fraternity for several years and I remember talking with a couple of girls who were at a fairly big college party. It was still early on in the night before most people started getting tipsy. They were asking me why a lot of the other guys weren’t talking to them at the party. They immediately jumped to the conclusion that they were ugly, even though they were really cute girls.

I told them to stop. They had no idea what they were talking about. I explained to them:

“You see all these guys kind of hanging out with other guys? ALL of them want to be talking to you instead. They ALL think you are amazingly attractive, but they’re actually just too intimidated to talk to you right now while they are sober. They know they need to approach you, be charming and interesting and then hope that you like them. They are extremely afraid of you rejecting them. They are hiding it by hanging out with their friends right now.”

Then they said, “But they are all confident guys who I see talking to other girls all the time.” I assured them that it didn’t matter if a guy had a lot of experience, cute girls will always be intimidating.

Afterward, it changed their whole view of the party, and I saw that they were being more outgoing and friendly. The guys got super comfortable with them really quickly and talked to them a lot more.

Girls, guys aren’t approaching you not because you aren’t attractive enough, but because they’re afraid of you rejecting them. A lot of them will hide their insecurity with a lot of false confidence. I’ve known a lot of good-looking, successful, and smart dudes who seem super confident on the outside, but are still really afraid of rejection. They just have learned to play it off really well. You are beautiful and you are intimidating. Don’t worry too much.


#7 A Hairy Situation

The biggest one for me is body hair. Everyone needs to manage body hair to some degree, but a lot of women go overboard with it.

As a man, I’m a friggin’ gorilla compared to you. That little bit of upper lip hair, those few insignificant unibrow hairs, those stubbly leg hairs, and armpit hairs don’t compare or matter to me at all. My wife is absolutely beautiful, and I can’t believe that she thinks people care about a few stray hairs. And if they do, screw them. I could not care less about body hair.


#6 Work More On The Inside

Look. Here’s the deal. At the end of the day, we’re gonna grow old. You’re gonna look like a raisin, I’m gonna look like a raisin. Everybody is. So forget what you look like. Forget your social media presence and forget those reality shows you watch. Educate yourself, improve your skills and work on your insecurities.

Work on becoming a better person. Work on becoming a better human being. I’m tired of people being so stuck up with their stupid Instagram feeds and other social media accounts.

I don’t care how many likes you get. If you’re good looking on the outside and trash on the inside, you’re still gonna be trash no matter what.


#5 A Crooked Smile

This one probably isn’t super common for most people, but some women are concerned with having crooked or gapped teeth.

The cutest smile I ever saw was a waitress at some little restaurant I went to about 10 years ago. The lady was maybe in her mid-20s and had a gap in her front teeth, as well as crooked bottom teeth. There was just something about her smile that was so utterly genuine and endearing. It’s hard to explain.

My great-aunt also had a gap in her front teeth when she was much younger. She eventually had it corrected, but she still looked adorable in her old wedding pictures with my great-uncle.


#4 A Little Too Skinny

Being skinny. Seemingly all girls are obsessed with weight loss to the point that it gets so unhealthy. No one can blame them for being that way, either. The media is making money off of their insecurities and perpetuating them.

All I have to say is if you’re doing it to make men like you, you needn’t even bother. We’re really not fussy. In fact, a lot of guys prefer some “junk in the trunk” if given the choice.

Now I’m also aware that it’s not just about getting guys to like you, of course. It’s a competitive thing among females and also how you feel about yourself personally. But you should never kill yourself to get skinny.


#3 Make The First Move

Women have insecurities about asking men out.

In today’s society, it’s fine for men and women to ask each other out. Women shouldn’t have to wait for the men, so ask him out first and I guarantee the guy will say YES.


#2 Filtering Out The Truth

Getting addicted to how they look with the pretty filters, so they proceed to only post pictures of themselves with filters.

Please go back to posting normal pictures, even with just normal make-up. You still look pretty. Even on dating sites, girls use filtered photos and I have no idea how they actually look. The filters change the sizes of their faces, eyes, noses… They become almost completely different people and that seems like a bad habit to get into.


#1 Flaws Are Fantastic

What kills interest for me is a major personality clash, not imperfect details. I don’t care about your physical flaws, but I do care that you have a genuine personality and try to be a good person. People need to let people be flawed, for Pete’s sake. All I could ever ask of you is that you try to better yourself beyond the external and superficial things.