Men Share The Little Things That Attract Them That Most People Wouldn’t Find Cute At All

Love is an amazing thing. Whether you are just starting to date someone in that ‘honeymoon stage’ or you’re decades deep into a marriage, no one in the world sees the person you love the way you do. No matter the stage of a relationship, when there’s love, infatuation, and attraction, there also tends to be certain qualities, quirks, and characteristics of that person that draws you to them.

If you’ve ever been in love, you have most likely found yourself adoring something about your partner that other people wouldn’t necessarily find quite as endearing. Often, there are little, less obvious things about their partners that men tend to really appreciate and cherish. Just take it from the following men who recently shared the little things that attract them that most people wouldn’t find cute at all.

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#1 Cuddling Coos

My girlfriend does this. I don’t about anyone else, but she’ll make a small noise to indicate that she wants me to get closer to her. Hot darn, I never thought I’d go crazy over someone saying, “Meep” in the smallest voice possible.


#2 The Perfect Peck

I’ve been with my wife for 15 years and I’m only 31 years old. I’ll never forget the exact moment that she went from some girl I was dating to being the girl I loved more than anything in the world. During our first year together when I was in high school, we made plans to go on a date. We had to bring friends along because her parents wouldn’t let her date alone yet. Everyone knew we were dating but we were not very affectionate in front of other people.

That night we had gone to a local hang out spot in our city that had movies theaters, ice cream shops and a fountain where all the kids would just hang out. About a few hours into our group date, she runs off with her friends to get ice cream while the guys and I hung around the fountain. When she came back, I had my back turned so I didn’t see her coming.

She decided to surprise me from behind so she put her hand on my waist and just as I turned to look at who was touching me she planted the smallest little kiss on my cheek and went back to talking with her friends as if it was no big deal. It was so casual and out of nowhere but I was stunned that she had just kissed me. It wasn’t our first kiss but before that, kissing was this huge deal and required perfect timing and overcoming nervousness.

That kiss rocked my world and showed that she was genuinely happy just to be with me. Recently when I bring it up she doesn’t even remember that night. To me though, that touch on my waist and that small peck on my cheek are what made me fall in love with her.


#3 The Likeability Of Listening

It’s so cute when they remember small things. If I mention that I like something and you immediately remember before I even remember, it shows that you care about what I actually had to say, which I find super attractive.


#4 Adorable Awkwardness

One of my really ridiculously cute coworkers came up to me and said hi but started laughing nervously in the middle of it. Before I could even respond she ran away. It was a textbook awkward interaction. Instead of being weird, it made me smile really hard. Something about her nervousness was kinda flattering and endearing and humanizing all at the same time.



#5 Caring Relationship

I have never been more attracted to anyone than to a nurse that helped me this summer. The level of empathy required to do her particular specialty, coupled with her goofy laugh, just made her irresistible. She’s not a traditional beauty, but I practically fell in love the first time we started joking with each other.


#6 Gushing Over Mushrooms

Women who find something beautiful in everything you do with them are the best ones. A girl I knew proved this—it was pouring rain, we were all freezing, and we had at least an hour walk back to the car. Suddenly. she was gushing over how cute a patch of mushrooms she found was.

#7 Comforting Presence

Being comfortable with somebody’s presence. Comfortable as in not having a care in the world what stupid stuff you say and do; comfortable as in being able to be vulnerable and exposed around another person (in a metaphorical and physical sense). Most people have some insecurities or problems with their bodies. Human bodies are disgusting and weird. That’s what makes them so beautiful and amazing; we’re all flawed in one way or another (and we always somehow see the worst in our appearance). I love being able to admire someone’s body and not even be conscious of my own.

#8 The Look Of Love

There’s a certain kind of look in someone’s eye. Like, if you say something and she looks at you in a certain way.  I don’t know if its best to call it admiration or something else, but it’s just something you notice. It absolutely makes me weak in the knees. It’s almost like at that moment, she sees you as the most important thing in the world. This is kind of something that comes when you may already be in a relationship with someone or close to that point, but I still thought it was worth mentioning.

#9 Aiming To Be Brave

A girl who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. My wife tells me that some of the best advice she’d ever heard was: “Aim to be brave, not perfect.” Couldn’t agree more.


#10 The Dark Side

Dirty jokes and a dark sense of humor. When we were showing pictures of our dogs and my ex showed me a picture of a tombstone. I was horrified, but that was also hilarious and really attractive in my book.


#11 Nursing Back To Health

My girlfriend and I went to a lake this past summer and swam out to the floating boundary. While we were sitting on it, I decided to try to balance on it. Her younger sister who was with us decided to jostle it to make me fall. I fell and cut my second toe on my right foot, open to the bone. My girlfriend is a lifeguard and immediately went into her first-aid mode. She got me out of the water and to the car where she bandaged it up and cleaned it out. The confident way she did everything when things went wrong was so sexy. I’m going to marry her one day and she’ll make the best wife.


#12 No-Reason Affection

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. When we are doing separate things, she’ll walk past and touch my back, hair, arm, hand… just a brush as she goes. Sudden, brief, no-reason affection—there’s nothing like it.


#13 Insecurity Over Interests

That moment when a woman is going off on a tangent about something she thinks is interesting, but right before the social conditioning kicks in and she becomes self-conscious. Darn it, woman, how dare you be interested in something! Super cute.


#14 Serious About Puzzles

I was on a fourth date the other day with this girl and we were about to tackle a giant kids jigsaw in a touristy place. She took her jacket off and tied her hair up. It was something so benign to her but I could not stop my face lighting up. She looked even more gorgeous than two seconds before. I’m in trouble.


#15 Independent Women

I think it’s sexy when women don’t act as they need me to be complete. Growing up in the deep south, most of the girls are taught to just find a husband and support him as if that’s their only purpose in life. That’s dumb to me. Now, introduce me to a lady who knows she’s smart, strong, and successful, one who is her own person and not just a compliment to me. I don’t want a subservient housemaid; I want someone who I can grow with and learn from equally as we tag team this wild journey of life.


#16 The Embarrassed ‘Mink’

My girlfriend gets really embarrassed when something surprises her and she’ll say “mink” instinctively. I always have a good laugh every time she does it because I think it’s such an odd way to react, but I also find it to be very cute. She always gets embarrassed when she does it, which honestly makes it cuter.


#17 Brains On A Bike

A girl on a bike is instantly sexy to me. Also, intelligence is super sexy. An intelligent, super sexy cyclist lady.


#18 Happy Penny Dance

My girlfriend gets excited over the smallest things and I love that about her. She could find a penny on the ground and she’ll do a little happy dance because of it. I always encourage her to do this even though some people think she’s weird for doing it. She’s a colorful person in a world that is gray, even though she’s going through some of the hardest times in her life right now.


#19 Controlling The Conversation

Humor, personality, and thoughts on the future. I fall for literally any girl who can make me laugh consistently and hold a conversation. Too many times must I have to take control of a conversation and it just turns into an interview. I also like girls who are interested in learning more about you and knowing what they want in the future. I hadn’t known I liked this before, but after talking to someone I hold dearly as a friend, I’d have never known I’d be so attracted to such things.


#20 The Girly Excuse

I want a girl who doesn’t try too hard to be especially girly or feminine. Then again, I’m mostly into tomboys. I’ve met some girls that use the excuse of “I’m a girl” to explain why they aren’t good at something. While I haven’t dated any of them, it definitely doesn’t make me want to date them after that.

#21 Thinking Outside The Box

When a girl isn’t following all the rules that she’s supposed to. When she wears unfashionable clothes, laughs loudly, corrects men who are loud and wrong, and isn’t afraid to smell bad after camping or working out. Pretty much someone who makes decisions for themselves.


#22 Why Horse?

My wife has a master’s degree, but occasionally, she says really dumb things. Once, she asked me, “Why horse?” Without any type of context. It turns out, she wanted to know if someone who has a horse on their land counted as a farmer even if they didn’t grow anything. I love this goofy woman.


#23 Sleeping Beauty

When she is sleeping, with no makeup on, and her pillow is kind of smooshing half her face. ADORABLE!

#24 The Beauty Of Grace

Actual grace. I had an ex who, despite being bad-mouthed and mistreated by colleagues, continued to show them love and kindness. I was blown away by such genuine compassion. She was a real sweetheart.

#25 Mature With Money

I’m surprised no one has said it, but being good with money. Having a budget, not wasting money on overpriced brands, talking about their investment portfolio. Instant turn on. The thing that scares me though is how rare it is, at least in my experience. Get ahold of your finances people!


#26 Kind With Kids

One of the biggest things about my ex that I loved was her passion for children and how sweet she was around them. She worked at a daycare and became super close friends with a two-year-old… to the point that on her days off she would pick her up and take her to Chuckie Cheese or go see a movie. We had even had her stay the night for movie nights. I wasn’t ever too sure if I wanted kids until I saw her with kids. It sure made me want to have children with her.

#27 Conversations With Herself

When my wife is getting ready in the bathroom and she thinks no one can hear her, she talks to herself. Usually giving a play-by-play of what she is doing like, “Now, I’m going to straighten this little piece of hair here, and it’s going to listen like a good girl.” It’s adorable.

#28 Sexy Sneakers

I think I’m instantly more attracted to a girl who chooses to wear sneakers instead of flip flops. I live in southern California so the majority of girls wear flip flops. But a girl just rocking some converse or Air Force Ones is instantly sexier.

#29 The Downward Smile

Looking down when a girl smiles. I first noticed it when a very good friend of mine would do it. I’ve been crazy about her since the day I met her. We live 4,000 miles apart and still manage to get together whenever we can, including random flights to surprise each other at work or something. But yeah. When a girl looks down when she smiles. It always drives me crazy.


#30 Naturally Comfortable And Confident

If the girl takes initiative with me. I’m super shy and will never initiate for various reasons, which I have learned most women don’t find attractive. So I find it really attractive when they come up to me and dispel the doubt I have of whether they are interested. I also don’t find makeup attractive unless it’s in moderation. So when a girl is totally okay not wearing makeup, that is really cute to me.


#31 Hands Through Hair

Do you know that thing girls with long hair do when they comb their fingers through their hair and put it all on one side? I just love it. I don’t think I can emphasize just how much more attractive someone looks when they do this.


#32 Honest Eyes

Honest eyes. The eyes that still see the good in the world, in others and in themselves. They are not judging, nor are they condemning, but they rarely lie. Honest eyes show an honest soul. Everything else comes second to that.


#33 Comforted With Candy

This girl I used to work with noticed whenever I was upset at work. She’d always pull a piece of candy out her pocket to give it to me. Also, one day, she was talking to another coworker, and I guess she sensed me walk up. She turned and looked me in my eyes from a few moments and I could see a bit of stress on her face. I asked if she needed a hug, and she wordlessly accepted. Then, she went right back to talking. At that moment, I was insanely attracted to her. It felt so unusually intimate despite us not really being close.


#34 Honest And True

A woman who will come to you with her concerns, have a real conversation with you, give you appropriate space to respond in an honest manner and will respect that you may not change everything to be her “perfect” guy. A woman who pushes you to take better care of yourself. Mine helped me find a good dentist because she recognized that I was putting it off because I was anxious about the idea. My teeth are so much better than I would have ever realized.

A woman who accepts the real you. I love being openly affectionate with my friends and those I love. I have been this way for years, cuddling and kissing my friends openly, and my lady hasn’t tried to change me; she just asks that I make sure she is sufficiently attended to as well. A woman who is willing to discover your “love languages” and communicate with you in them.

I feel most appreciated and loved when someone shows me affection, does things for me, and spends quality time with me. My lady loves to wash my hair, cook together and clean together. We’ll also have dinner with just music on so we can talk. When I was in Australia, she contacted my roommate to let her in so she could surprise me with a ton of organizing and decluttering around my place. She’ll sneak out of bed on the weekends and go about her day because she knows I’m not a morning person. She rarely asks me to get up as early as her.


#35 Endearing When Eating

I don’t know if it is sexy as much as it is cute. But watching my wife eat something without realizing I am watching her is so adorable. For Halloween, we bought some candy. As she was digging through to find the pieces she liked the most (and then putting them aside) I made a sound and she looked at me like she was caught stealing or something.

#36 Genuine Laughter

My wife’s laugh. It is very loud and her family considers it obnoxious. I, on the other hand, appreciate it because it’s very genuine and difficult to fake, so I know she actually finds me funny. And it’s contagious as heck.


#37 Falling In Love

I don’t know why, but I think it’s super cute in autumn when girls get excited about crunching leaves. We could be taking a walk through the park or a parking lot, and the sight of leaves would just light her up. It’s freaking adorable to me.


#38 Hugged From Behind

The most romantic moment of my life was when I was on my balcony in the morning, stretching. She came up behind me and hugged me around my waist. This was in my early 20s and for the first time in my life, someone had shown affection to me that was not platonic or intimate. My heart melted.

#39 Thinking For Herself

Being her own individual with her own thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Having an actual personality that defines you because, in the end, that is what we actually fall in love with. Sure you might be beautiful, you might be sexy, but that is not what we fall in love with; that is merely the cover of the book that is you.

I love it when my girlfriend disagrees with me, I love it how she tells me that is not how she looks at something, I love everything that makes her who she is and not someone that blindly follows an ideology. I would rather have a relationship with someone that I argue with daily than someone that just tried to please me in all her actions and speech.

 Sure, it comes with a lot of problems, but I would prefer to know the real you over someone blanket agreeing with me on everything. So in the end, when it comes to me, be yourself always; don’t agree with me just to make me happy. Believe what you really believe, and be yourself always.


#40 Gracious Guest

This might sound a bit weird. I once had a female friend come visit from far away and in the evening it got late for her to catch a train back home, so she spent the night at my house. We were just friends so we slept in separate bedrooms. She obviously didn’t have pajamas so she borrowed one of my t-shirts. In the morning, I took her to the station and we said goodbye, then I went back home. When I entered the guest room, I found the bed perfectly made and my t-shirt folded in the most gracious and precise way imaginable. That attention to detail and the care that she put into such a small thing made me fall for her a little bit.

#41 Fake Sci-Fi Fan

In my freshman year, I moved to a new school. I basically didn’t talk to anyone for a while, and I can’t remember having any real school friends until the end of tenth grade. As I started to get to know a few people, I was invited to join the sci-fi club. I didn’t know anything about sci-fi, really. I pronounced all the planets and places in Star Wars wrong.

I was just desperate for friends. But there was this girl—cute, popular, a strawberry blonde little thing. She joined after I did, but she knew all the stuff. I had a hard time keeping up with her. But I could make her laugh, so that was pretty awesome. People in the club kept telling me to ask her out. I finally got up the nerve. Our first date was at a bowling alley and our first kiss was there too.

 And that’s when she confessed that she wasn’t initially a sci-fi fan. She’d only joined the sci-fi club because I was in it and wanted to hang out. She figured I’d know if she wasn’t a true fan, so she immersed herself in books and movies so we’d have something to talk about. She became a Star Wars fan after the fact. Years later, we got married If a girl who’s not into sci-fi, joins a club just to spend time with you, you freaking marry her.

#42 The Kind ‘Mine’ Gesture

I was going out with this girl, she used to hook her arm around mine whenever we were walking somewhere and quietly say to herself “mine.” It was so quiet and subtle, but she used to do it all the time. If we were in a crowd of people she’d hunt me out in the crowd as soon as we started walking, even if she was in a conversation with someone else, and just hook my arm and whisper “mine.” I just felt so at home. So comfortable and peaceful, as if I’d found somewhere I could belong. We broke up two weeks ago. I’m never going to hear that little whisper again. I don’t think she ever realized how much it meant to me.


#43 The Cute Kick

I’m amazingly attracted to this woman I worked with. Someone was going to carry a dish to the back to be washed, and she was walking towards them. As the person carrying the dish was distracted talking to someone else, she squared her shoulders and faked a kick at the dish they were holding. The most attractive thing I’ve ever seen.


#44 Attracted To Apathy

There’s just something about a girl being completely apathetic towards something. Like, I remember in school when we had assemblies or boring classes or whatever, some girls just had this look like they were so done with the situation and it was really attractive for some reason. I don’t know. It’s weird.


#45 The Listening Look

I’ll be doing something—cooking, cleaning, whatever—and talking to her at the same time. Out of the corner of my eye, I’d see that she is looking directly at me, listening. I’ve had people listen to me before, but her look is just amazing. You just feel like you’re being listened to and she’s genuinely interested in what you’re saying. When I first noticed she did it, I didn’t realize it was something I wanted so bad. It was something so small but it certainly helped me fall for her.