Hopeless Romantics Share How They Finally Met Their Partner

No one ever said love was easy. It’s hard to find and keep. Some people get lucky and find their special someone when they’re young. Others wait for what seems like forever to find the one. From the sounds of these hopeless romantics who found true love later in life, the wait seems to be more than worth it.

Plenty found each other on the Internet, some in a homeless shelter, and others on a butterfly hunting trip. The lesson to be learned is that love can spring up in any place, even when you are least expecting it. That’s the beauty of love—it’s everywhere. Perhaps these stories will restore your faith in it, make you cry, or even make you want to vomit a little from how cute they are. Whatever the case, there’s a tale of love in here for everyone.

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#1 The Path Of Least Resistance

My aunt and uncle met in their 40s after they both took an evening class on how to meet someone, which I find really adorable.


#2 She’s The Flirty Type

The little Filipina lady next door always smiled sweetly at me every time she walked to or from the bus stop. “She’s hot for me,”  I thought. I started hanging out with her on our front steps, eventually asked her on a date, and everything cascaded from there. Fourteen years and three kids later, she still insists she wasn’t flirting with me back then. She was just that friendly with everyone, and I misinterpreted.


#3 Searching For The Wrong Guy

I helped an old tipsy man who had fallen down on the road with his bottle. There was blood all over my car and the hottest paramedic in the universe cleaned it up. After three days of thinking about him, I called the fire dept and said I wanted to meet the hot medic. The guy who answered the phone was awesome, and so I went to dinner at the station. It turned out that the hot medic was gay. After they had a laugh about that, they set me up with another fireman and I have been with him for twenty years now.


#4 Growing Better With Age

I graduated from high school in Georgia. Never married. No kids. Did some things.

I moved to Los Angeles for a few years and I got homesick. I created a Facebook alumni group for my high school which had closed in 1989. Over time, 1,500 people joined, including the girl I thought wouldn’t give me the time of day while we were in school.

A few years later, I moved back to Atlanta. I started seeing the girl after she divorced from her husband. We married at 51 and 53.

Extra shock value. I was born at Fort Benning in 1964. My wife’s younger sister was born in the same hospital three days earlier.


#5 Don’t Dump The Introvert

Tinder. We really didn’t click on our first three dates. I wanted to call it off after that, but she went traveling to Japan for two weeks and I figured we would ghost after that. Surprisingly, she messaged me when she came back, and I figured why not give it another shot. It wasn’t until our fifth or sixth date that I actually got to really know her, so I’m glad I held on.

Everybody has their flaws, and if you keep going with that swiping lifestyle where you ditch a person after two okay-ish dates, you’re going to wear yourself out. Introverted people really take time to come through, and you should really give them that time because once you get comfortable, that’s when the magic happens. Give a person five to six dates before you decide it won’t work out.


#6 His One And Only

I was interested in women but the whole dating process seemed awful. I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with it, plus I’d grown up with a helicopter mom and was really enjoying my personal freedom post-college when I moved away. I wasn’t looking to be beholden to anyone else.

Four years ago, I decided to give some of the online dating stuff a try and after testing them all out, I decided I liked OkCupid the best. The first two girls that actually responded were friendly and then ghosted me, the third one stood me up, the fourth one backed out last second on the first date.

 The fourth girl made it up to me though and we spent a lot of time talking to each other online. We seemed to be getting along well and eventually, she did finally agree to meet. Our first date involved some quick Mexican food and the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It was an unqualified success and we’re still together.

I was 33 when I sent her that first message and she was my first and last girlfriend. We’re not officially married but really all we lack is paperwork. I thought she might be the one when I found out she owned more video game systems than I did. That was a big plus.


#7 It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life

My great uncle who happens to be a chemistry professor met a nun at some church volunteer function. They were both in their 60s. They fell in love and she left the Church to marry him. Now in their 70s, they’re the happiest and most chipper couple that can be and they travel the world together.


#8 Is Reddit The New Tinder?

I made a post on Reddit to find some new online friends last year when I was 32. I got a bunch of replies that didn’t really go anywhere, but I really hit it off with one commenter and it became obvious we liked each other. We ended up being in a relationship for half a year, and it was a good learning experience for an inexperienced guy like myself.


#9 Way Better Than Road Rage

As unbelievable as it may seem, my now wife chased me down on the highway to get my number. I was just driving home from night school at about 11 p.m. Not a lot of traffic out. I hop on the highway to go home when I see a car coming up on my rear very fast. I thought I had maybe accidentally cut this person off earlier or something, and now they were road raging. I start to get a little defensive, and move to the right and slow down. The car ends up matching up my speed, and I’m thinking oh great, here it goes.

All of a sudden a girl pops out the passenger side window and yells “WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?” I tried using my hands to gesture my number, but it wasn’t working too well. We ended up exiting off the highway to exchange numbers. We started texting and we went on our first date three days later. We’ve been together eight years, married four, and have a six-year-old son together. I love her dearly, and still can’t believe I got that lucky.


#10 How To Turn Two Houses Into One

At 33, after being single for a while and planning on staying single, I bought a one-bedroom house.

A bad snowstorm came about and my mailbox got taken out by a plow truck. Before I got around to fixing it,  she bought the house across the street. She stole my mailbox post.

I took a board and put both our boxes on one post. I went over and told her what happened. She showed up at my house with a six-pack and a plate of brownies the next day.

We’ve been together for four years now. Married for three years. We just sold my house a few months ago.


#11 The Old Reading At A Bar Alone Trick

My now wife saw me reading in a bar on a Friday night. She came over, put her number in my phone and told me to call her. I was 38 and she was 40.


#12 Where Would He Be Without Dating Apps?

Honestly, I like dating apps. That’s how I met my partner—we matched and met up later that night. When I met her, I felt a freeness where I could just speak and not worry about being judged based on what I was saying. There was a level of comfort that I never felt before and that was very special for me.


#14 The Earliest Tinder

Not me but my parents. My mom put an ad in the newspaper and my dad replied. They were in their late 30s when they met and have been together for almost 20 years now.


#15 Timing Is Everything

I met my wife at 32. I spent my 20s in professional school followed by service in the Navy. At one point in my life, I lived in four states in a three-year time span. I dated lots of different women: some who really wanted a relationship with me and some I was too desperate to have a relationship with. I was just coming out of a short but toxic relationship when I met my future wife. My wife is nine years younger than me and I expected to have a brief fling. I liked her, but I didn’t think someone in their early 20s would want the same things in life that I did at that point.
Within three days and two dates, she was spending most of her time at my place. Five months later, she traveled to the Philippines for medical training rotation. I knew while she was gone that she was the one I wanted to marry. I waited another year to make sure that she was 100% certain this is what she wanted for the rest of her life. We got married about a year ago.

Successful relationships are all about timing.


#16 Holding Onto That Youthful Crush Might Be Worth It

I went to a ten-year meet up of my school’s graduation class. I told the girl I had a crush on in eighth grade that I had a crush on her back in school. Now we’re together and we recently moved in together. Haven’t had a real long term girlfriend before and I was 30 years old.


#17 My Friend Wants To Talk To You

We were at a bar. While I was out getting food with one of my friends, I asked a group of friends if they wanted to play pool. One of her friends said I should really talk to her other friend, and I did.


#18 Butterflies Not Just In The Stomach

I met my husband at the age of 50 on a group butterfly hunting trip in East Tennessee. We’ve been together seven years and married for five. We still go on butterfly hunting trips in different parts of the world.


#19 Painting Was The Way In

We met at work. She was an employee of a client. I overheard her on the phone that she had to paint a room in her house and had been procrastinating for a few months. I told her I would help her paint. She called my bluff. I had never painted before in my life. We finally got the room painted about three years later. We met that day 20 years ago and got married a year later. I was 33, she was 36.

Which reminds me, she wants me to repaint the family room. I’ll get to it eventually.

#20 A Friend Of A Friend Of A Friend

My car broke down and the shop ended up keeping it for a few weeks while waiting for a part. I lived about 20 miles south of the town I worked in and got several rides from both my coworkers and people at other agencies. I got a ride home from someone who worked with him (as a coworker) and he offered to set me up, completely out of the blue. I was 28, he was 33.


#21 You Owe Me A Coffee

My uncle had had multiple relationships through his life and they all ended badly. Either due to them cheating on him, losing interest, or vanishing off the face of the earth.

He was 39 and had been going to a bookstore every day after work. They sold coffee on the second floor. He was waiting in line for a coffee when a lady in front of him had her card declined. Seeing what was happening, he offered to pay with his card and said: “Usually works as long as I keep turning up for work.”

She left and thanked him, saying she would buy him a coffee if she saw him here again. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, so for every day for a month he went back to the cafe at around the same time, buying himself coffee. He never saw her.

He told me that he was thinking of giving up around the month mark, but decided the last time to go in the morning instead. He saw her sitting at a table by herself near the window reading a book. He later told me that was the most nervous he had ever been in his life. He walked over to the table, got her attention and said: “Excuse me, madam, but I think you owe me a coffee.”

They have been married now for nine years and have two kids.


#22 The Loner Not So Alone Anymore

 In my early 20s, I concluded I would probably always be on my own, which I was absolutely fine with me (sometimes I still struggle with living with someone else). Then at 25, I spoke to someone on an online forum about dogs (a shared passion). It transpired they didn’t live that far away, so we met up. When I was 27, we got together.


#23 It All Started At The Online Gym

I was 36 and he was 34. We met on MyFitnessPal of all places. We hit it off right away and met face-to-face four months in when he came to Colorado for an adventure-filled visit. We did the long distance thing for a year and a half, then he moved across the country to be with me. We’ve been together for five years now and still going strong. It’snot without its ups and downs, but a great relationship nonetheless.


#24 The Magic of Pokemon

POKEMON GO! There, I said it.

No, we are not 15 years old. We are still together. Actually, we just moved in together.


#25 I Found Love In A Hopeless Place (A Car Repair Shop)

I was convinced I would be single the rest of my life and was comfortable with that. Then my car broke. The mechanic asked me out for lunch. I was crazy about him from day one. I was 37, he was 27. We’re going to celebrate 11 years together in November. I didn’t even have my baby until I was 44!

#26 Now That’s What I Call Waiting For Love

I have a patient who is 96. He met the love of his life when he was 18 and they were best friends. He left for the war and she married someone else. He waited for her. She lived for over sixty years with her husband until he passed away. My patient and his lady reconnected and got married in their 80s. She died two years ago of Parkinson’s. They had been married for six years. He tells me every single visit that those were the best years of his life. He still cries for her.


#27 My Friend’s Ex Became The Love Of My Life

He briefly dated my friend, but they didn’t work out. Then, my friend and one of his best friends decided that the two of us would be good together. We were both 25 at the time and each other’s first actual relationship. Five years later and we’re married with a one-year-old who runs our lives.


#28 Opening Her Eyes From A Sheltered Life

My girlfriend was 36 years old when I met her. She’d gone through life super —her mom told tales that people would kidnap her for slavery if she went out alone at night and that even showing her shoulders is too much. They lived in a city just outside of Toronto so there was no excuse for this. Her friends encouraged her to meet people and after a string of strange men who tried to kiss her on a first coffee meeting, had weird fetishes on display, or had mental disabilities, she met me.

I plan to be her first and only.


#29 Seven Months In Waiting

She was a friend of a friend. She was amused by the banter between me and a mutual friend on a Facebook post. We ended up talking to each other.

Seven months later, we got together.


#30 Love Has Always Been Right Under Your Nose

My wife and I were really close friends for about ten years before we started dating. Sometimes the love of your life is right in front of you and you don’t even know it.


#31 For The Love Of Basketball

I work for a basketball team. She is a season ticket holder. We saw each other frequently but never said hello. We bumped into each other on the internet a few times, then in a coffee shop. I still work for the team and she’s a regular at team functions. Been together about 18 months now.


#32 Never Too Old To Meet A Soulmate

I am 68. She is 62. It was a cliche of a meeting—in the produce department of a local grocery. I saw her, wandered over to her, and asked how I could choose a ripe cantaloupe. That was last spring. Now we are meeting each other’s siblings. It has been a soul-satisfying adventure!


#33 From Team Trivia To Married With Kids

I went to a quiz night every week and this one week, my team couldn’t make it. I’d asked someone I’d met through work to come that week, and she brought her husband along. Her husband then brought a friend. I married the friend a couple of years later and now we have three kids. I was 36 and he was my first boyfriend.


#34 Carpooling: Good For The Earth And The Heart

We met in a carpool.

My country started having big rollerskating rides through its main cities. Some enthusiasts built a forum and I started offering carpools to other people. It was a company car and gas was free, so everybody was happy. It built a really nice community and that’s how I met her. I was 26 at the time and that was over ten years ago.

Dating nowadays often leaves little chance of getting to know each other properly. The forum allowed a lot of people to discuss a shared interest and gave a reason for people to meet in real life. Also, you never feel like you’re going there to meet people, you just go for fun, which removes a lot of the pressure.

So my advice is: find an activity that gets you out of your home and lets you meet other people who share that interest. Best if the activity has little gender bias. Even if you don’t find a partner, you’ll gain friends.


#35 Airport Romance Isn’t Just For The Movies

I met her at the airport when we were both 38. She was a grade school classmate of mine. I recognized her and asked where she was traveling. She said, “I’m going to California. It’s my birthday today.” I asked if I could buy her a birthday Bloody Mary and she said, “Sure.”

Three years later, we bought a home and got engaged!


#36 Dating The Dishwasher

My fiance was a dishwasher at the restaurant I was working at. I had an immediate, inexplicable feeling that he was meant to be in my life even though I had never spoken to him. He was 19 and I was 25. I made up some ridiculous excuse to friend him on Facebook and we chatted about liking The Smiths. Seven years later, we have two dogs and will be getting married soon. He’s also now the head chef. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thank God for gut feelings!


#37 First Impressions Almost Ruined It For These Two

I met her through one of my best friends. He studied abroad with her in Australia. Ten years later, my friend decides to visit me and, since she also lives in NYC, he invites her out to a bar with us.

It took us a year to start dating. She found me attractive, but pegged me as a “meathead jock that never had to work to get a date.” Which is hilarious to me, because that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Anyway, I wore her down and now here we are.


#38 People You May Know

I saw this gorgeous man on Facebook. I clicked on him because he was so good looking I thought he must be fake. Turned, out we had a lot of mutual friends! I sent him a friend request, and he replied back with a “Howdy stranger!” I fell instantly in love with this hunky dork. A week later, we were dating, and a year-and-a-half later, we were engaged. Now, we have been married for about a year-and-a-half! He is 36 and I’m 38.

#39 Who Knows You Better Than Your Kids?

My AP US History teacher met his wife when he was in his mid- to late-’40s. One of his students had a single mom and he decided that the two were a match made in heaven.

She invited him to her house for dinner, and because our school was so small, and our teachers did home visits with families of students often, he accepted.

The two of them got married the year I had him as a teacher. He had never been married before, and she hadn’t been married since her children were quite young.

I’ve never seen two happier people.


#40 Mom Was Right, But Not Exactly How She Thought

Volunteer work. My mother said I would meet heaps of women doing it.

There were heaps of elderly women. The only women my age were the people we were serving food at a shelter.

One girl was pretty cool. She was homeless and couch surfing. She said she was paying off her mortgage when the floods hit. She lost everything.

We’ve been dating for eight months. I want to have babies with her.


#41 It Started Off As Business

She interviewed me for an article she was writing. We added each other on Facebook, then there was nothing for a long time. Eventually, we started commenting on each other’s posts and started talking. Eventually, we got married.


#42 Hackers Unite

My wife and I met at a now defunct hacker conference in a foreign country. We both lived in the same city in our home country at the time. We hit it off, and the rest of the story is still ongoing. We just had our seventh anniversary.


#43 Turn That Frown Upside Down And See What Happens

I was tipsy and in and out of shallow relationships for about 15 years. I sobered up in treatment and worked in a therapy program at the VA. She was a CNA at the hospital and initially came off as mean. I steered clear of her for months. One night, she smiled at me and we actually talked! We became fast friends after that and took our breaks together. I got hired full time and we started “secretly” dating. I proposed to her on my dad’s birthday while he was getting his first round of chemo at the hospital we worked at. I was 40 and she was 27. Been together eight years and married six.


#44 Music Brings People Together

I fell for her at a music festival, but when she made it clear she wasn’t going to reciprocate those feelings, I just accepted it and moved on. A year-and-a-half later, she was apparently into me and waiting for me to make a move. Patience is your friend. The law of attraction is always at play. I was 29 when I first became attracted to her, and 31 when we finally got together.


#45 Activists In Love

I was working a polling station in 2016, handing out flyers for a candidate I knew through my activism. He showed up to hand out flyers too because he was a political consultant working on a campaign for a local state rep and everyone kicked him out of the office on election day because he was driving them nuts. We spent more time talking to each other than trying to convince people to vote a particular way. He asked me twice to come to the after-party to watch the results. I gave him my number when I left the party. We’ve been together a little over two years and we’re getting married in three weeks.