He’s Just Not Into You: 5 Signs That Signal That Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

Every relationship is unpredictable. Some have the potential to last a lifetime, while others are temporary and ultimately destined for collapse. In either case, there are a couple of signs that can indicate the fate of your relationship. It’s important to be aware of such signs so that you are prepared for any outcome. After all, when in a relationship, you should always take it upon yourself to do periodic evaluations in order to identify if there are any areas for improvement, or if things are just unsalvageable.

It’s always sad to see a relationship fail. People typically get into one hoping that it will stand the test of time, so when it doesn’t work out, they inevitably end up feeling disappointed and emotionally spent. It sucks, but at the very least, you can take the good and the bad of it all and learn from it. How healthy is your relationship? If you’re currently having doubts, read the following five signs to figure out if your relationship might be coming to an end.

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#1 Your trust is gone

Perhaps the most important pillar of a healthy relationship is trust. Without it, a relationship just cannot last. You should, at the very least, feel secure about your partner’s loyalty to you for the majority of the time that you are together. The moment you and your partner find yourselves questioning each other’s motives, reasons, or behavior is when you should both take a step back and ask yourselves—do you still trust each other?

In most cases, mutual distrust can lead to a relationship’s demise. It opens the door for jealousy, possessiveness, and other negative feelings to flood in and cause irreversible damage. For most couples, reaching this point is very hard to recover from and it often leaves them with no choice but to end the relationship altogether.


#2 Your values are too different

They say opposites attract and in various cases they do, but sometimes two people are just too different from each other to make a relationship work. Everyone has their own set of personal values that are deeply important to them—some have conservative beliefs, some have liberal beliefs, some want financial security, and some desire the traditional route involving marriage and having kids. In order for a relationship with opposites to flourish, both parties need to accept the other’s personal values while compromising on those that can be compromised on.

If even one party refuses to embrace the differences, things could start to rub together and create an uncomfortable friction that could threaten the relationship. To be with someone, you have to be willing to respect their values despite the fact that they may largely contradict yours. If you and your partner keep arguing over the same things and neither one of you is willing to try making compromises, then maybe that’s a sign that you both need to move on.


#3 Your partner isn’t a top priority anymore

When you first start dating someone you really like, they’re all you can think about. They’re on your mind as soon as you wake up, as you go about your day, and right before you go to sleep at night. All you want to do is keep talking to them, and you do the very most to make plans with them as often as you can. As time goes by, this type of “puppy love” eventually fades, but if you truly love the person, they will still remain a top priority in your life.

No longer making plans with your partner is a significant indicator that the relationship is on a downward track. If you no longer feel excited to spend time with your partner, that could mean you no longer see him or her as something you hold dear in your life anymore. You should never view your partner as a burden, and similarly, hanging out with them should never feel like a chore. If it’s come to that point, it’s probably time to end things for good.


#4 You fantasize about someone else

Part of being human is fantasizing about what could be. However, it’s never a good sign to find yourself regularly daydreaming about an alternate life with someone else. If your imagination frequently runs wild with visions that involve a completely different person, that could indicate that you are unsatisfied with your current partner and are craving for more in your relationship.

This isn’t the same as those little daydreams you might have of the Starbucks barista you ran into the other day or the cute coworker you always see passing by during your lunch break. Those are harmless thoughts, for the most part. It’s when you start to rely on your fantasies to keep you emotionally afloat in your relationship that it becomes unhealthy. If you’ve taken that route, you’ve more than likely already given up on your relationship psychologically.


#5 You can’t see a future with each other

As previously mentioned, most people get into relationships hoping that they will stand the test of time. Part of that mentality is largely influenced by whether the two people are able to see a future with each other. If you cannot imagine your life without your partner in it, then they might just be the one you want to keep forever. However, if you cannot picture your partner at your side during each important milestone in your life, perhaps they’re not worth pursuing for the long-term.

That’s not to say casual relationships aren’t worth it—they can be fun, enjoyable and valuable learning experiences for both parties. However, if you’re looking to settle down, you’re going to have to start thinking about your future and who would be the best person to take along with you. If you just can’t envision a future with this person, then it’s time to call it quits.