Girls Who Were Guilted Into Dating A ‘Nice Guy’ Share What Actually Went Down

The saying “nice guys finish last” definitely bears some truth in real life. Often times, girls who reject the “nice guys” they come across typically feel a sense of regret, especially after they get hurt by the “bad boys” they went with instead.

But that is not to say that all “nice guys” are good picks either. Love isn’t a charity, and some women had to learn this the hard way. Girls across the internet shared what actually happened when they ignored their gut and went for the good guy. While there are a few heartwarming stories, some girls have been scarred for life. Maybe these “nice guys” deserve to finish last. Read on for some unbelievable tales:

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#45 She’s A Queen And He Knows It

I moved to another state with my sister and she made some new friends. One of them begged her to set me up with him and I reluctantly agreed. She assured me that he was a very nice guy. On our first date, he kept gushing about how gorgeous I was. He even told me he was going to make me his queen and take me around the world. It was definitely flattering, but I just wasn’t that interested in him. After our dinner, I made it clear that I was only interested in being friends, but he continued to beg my sister to get me to go out on another date. I declined and we moved back home.

A few months later, he came to visit us. I didn’t want to invite him into our home, but out of courtesy, we did anyway. He wouldn’t stop looking at me. Luckily for him, it was my birthday and I was in a really good mood, so I just rolled my eyes and told him he could come out with my group of friends.

At the bar, he was really into me and I was getting annoyed because he wouldn’t let me relax. At some point during the night, I told him in front of everyone that I really only saw him as a friend. He then threw a fit, yelling at me and saying what a horrible person I was for leading him on. I ended up crying because it was so embarrassing.

My guy friends went to “talk” to him after they heard what happened. The next morning, my sister told me that he said he was really sorry. He wanted me to say bye to him at the airport. I obviously didn’t.


#44 Must Have Been Quite A Pizza They Shared

He was a friend of a friend, but we hung out with the same group of people and always went to the same parties.

The guys in the group would always say things like, “Ah man, you and Kyle would be so great together! You should give him a shot!” I’d kind of laugh it off because I already had a boyfriend.

When my boyfriend and I eventually broke up, Kyle asked me out. I wasn’t really ready, but I figured it was just a first date, so I agreed. Plus, everyone had been pressuring me into giving this guy a chance, so I felt like I couldn’t say no.

The whole evening was awkward. We just ordered a pizza and watched movies, and he would NOT STOP STARING. I couldn’t even eat because I felt like I was under a microscope.

After our date, we kept in touch through text. About a week later, he asked when we could have another date. I told him that maybe I had rushed into things too fast and that I just wasn’t feeling any connection with him. Then he dropped a bomb on me:


Yup. When Kyle found out that I was single, he dumped his girlfriend of eight months just so he could ask me out.

The timely cherry on top is that they got back together. I haven’t seen him in four years.


#43 That’s Going To Be A No From Me, Dawg

All my friends told me this guy from our group of friends was really nice, even though I felt like he was creepy. I gave him a shot and we went out once, but I regretted it immediately.

He asked me if I’d be interested in entering a relationship with him, and I said no because I truly wasn’t interested. He then said that saying no was disrespectful. Big yikes.

After that awkward date, he came over to my place, completely uninvited. He asked me if he could ruffle through my hair because he wanted to feel my scalp. He also kept asking me to sit closer to him, even though we were already next to each other. He also thought it was a great idea to mention that he heard voices in his head often and has dreamt of hurting people.

I immediately rushed him out of my apartment. I just wanted him to be gone. I checked my keys five times to see if he took any. He is, by far, the most creepy, socially inept person I’ve ever met. He’s so aggressive and impulsive.


#42 But Is He Really “Genuinely Nice,” Though?

He seemed nice enough, so I thought I’d give him a chance. Now I regret it. When we went out on our first date, he acted extremely snobby towards me. Every time I offered a contradictory point of view on any general topic of discussion, he would immediately disagree. And when he couldn’t prove me wrong, he would resort to mocking my appearance, attire, and personality, That was the last date, obviously.


#41 He Sounds Like A Stalker, Mom

During my first week of college, I was in the dorm common room going through the calendar on my phone. I didn’t realize that some guy was looking over my shoulder as I was doing so.

He went up to me and said, “I see you don’t have plans on Saturday. We’re going to breakfast.” I obviously objected, not knowing who the heck this guy was, but he just wouldn’t leave me alone. He just kept asking and asking.

Eventually, I agreed to go out with him. I was purposely on my worst behavior in an attempt to repulse him, but I must have not done a great job because he ended the date by calling his mom and telling her that he met his future bride.

He then handed the phone to me. I told his mother that I had absolutely no interest in her son and that I was only there because he wouldn’t leave me alone. His mom laughed and said, “Sounds like my boy!”

After our date, he would regularly sit on the couch outside my dorm door and wait for me to come outside. He followed me to and from my classes for two months and tried to befriend my roommate to get closer to me. He gave up after some time and moved on to another target who, apparently, ended up getting a restraining order against him.


#40 Nice Guys Won’t Guilt You Into Staying

I was guilted into a one-year relationship with this one guy. He was super nice at first, but I was also young and naive.

I realized quite quickly that he wasn’t for me. We just had very different political views and opinions on things. He was also very judgmental. He often made fun of my weight, and that really crushed my self-esteem.

When I finally mustered up the courage to tell him that I didn’t want to be with him anymore, he guilted me into staying with him, saying that I’d never find another guy who’d love me as he did. He even said he would hurt himself if I left him.

Eventually, I felt like I ran out of options and ended up just ghosting him. I changed my number, deleted social media for a couple of years, and moved out of my apartment. I never heard from him again, thankfully.

#39 Sounds Like He’s In It For The Green Card

The date kept getting weirder and weirder as the night went on. He made really intense eye contact and told me about how he didn’t drink. Like, we were at a bar. Who goes to the bar sober?

He also told me of his plans to stay in the country (he was a foreign student) and find someone to settle down with…


#38 Makes Sense Considering He Clearly Hates Women So Much…

We went on one date. He went on and on about how horrible women were and how gross their periods were. After our dinner, I never talked to him again.

A couple of years later, a friend of mine bumped into him at a party. He was in a room getting freaky with another dude.


#37 I’m Sorry, Who Is The Bad Friend?

In college, I got out of a three-year relationship and went into a pretty deep depression. My friends wanted to take me out to a club because they thought it would help me get my mind off of my ex. I reluctantly went.

After the club, we went back to my apartment. A couple of people we didn’t know ended up coming with us. One guy who was pretty tipsy went into my room and passed out on my bed. When I was ready to head to sleep, I woke him up and told him he could have the couch if he wanted. He said he lived just down the street, so he decided to head home instead.

The next day, I saw him on campus and he proceeded to berate me for not letting him stay in my bed. He then took it a step further by telling me he felt like I treated him poorly for not sleeping with him. I stopped talking to him entirely after that.


#36 Always Trust Your Gut

He brought flowers to my dorm and everyone saw. They assumed we were a couple. He made small talk with a few people as he waited for me in the lobby and even added them on Facebook, saying he would “definitely be seeing them again.”

He did a lot of things “nice guys” are expected to do. He opened the car door for me, paid for dinner, etc. But I could feel that underneath it all, I was accumulating some sort of debt; as if he expected me to owe him something in return for his chivalry.

My gut feeling ended up being right. When I told him I didn’t want to see him anymore, he started harassing me and saying that I owed him a second date. Gross, I know. Eventually, I just stopped responding to his texts. I realized afterward I should have trusted my gut and avoided him in the first place. So I’ll take the blame for that.


#35 This Guy Needs A Reality Check… And A Lesson On How Not To Be A Misogynist

He seemed genuinely nice. Despite a couple of my friends warning me, I went on a date with him.

Things started out fine. We went for beer and wings and we tried to get to know each other better. At some point, he started talking about how he’d like to make enough money to support a housewife. I told him that I was personally not interested in that sort of life and he got very quiet.

When the time came to pay for dinner, I asked for the bills to be separate, and he got very upset with me. The waitress was visibly uncomfortable and I didn’t want to argue, so I just let him pay. He walked me home, said our goodbyes and I made my way to the door. He ran after me, held the door as I opened it and asked, “Where’s my kiss? I paid so I deserve a kiss… or more.” I shook my head, shut the door and locked it.

A few days later, he to told some of our mutual friends that I was in love with him. I guess he just couldn’t take the rejection and had to lie to make himself feel better.


#34 “I Mean It’s Crazy.” “What?” “We Finish Each Other’s—” “Sandwiches!”

I was the girl who loved bad boys.

The nice guy in my life had been my best friend for a number of years and I always knew he liked me, but I was busy chasing mean guys.

We grew up together and he watched me pick all the wrong people. Other friends kept telling me to give him a chance, but I just never listened. Two years ago, he asked me to come over for dinner. It seemed fairly casual until I realized he’d asked me for Valentine’s Day. I can’t say I was guilted, but it still felt a little awkward.

I was nervous thinking it was gonna be so weird but when I turned up it was fine. He cooked a meal, bought flowers, opened a bottle of wine, offered me chocolates and lit candles on the table. I don’t drink much, so he ended up getting through the whole bottle of wine because he was so nervous. Still, it was a lovely evening and things felt very natural.

Fast forward a few years later and now we’re approaching our second anniversary. We share a lovely home together, look after a beautiful (but evil) Egyptian Mau cat, and we couldn’t be happier. We even finish each other’s sentences and never run out of things to talk about. He is genuinely the best thing to ever happen to me. Sometimes the nice guy does win!

#33 Ah, Jealousy At Its Finest

I didn’t date him, but we were good friends in college. He was also very close with my boyfriend at the time. We used to chat for hours at night and he was a fun person to be around in general.

One night, he sent me a long letter, confessing his interest in me. I was really surprised because I had never noticed any signs that he was. I told him I really cared about him as a friend, but that I wasn’t interested in him in any other way. I also pointed out that I was still dating his friend.

At that point, he sent a wave of hateful messages, calling me “shallow” and saying that I only liked my boyfriend for his appearance. You think you know a guy…

#32 Boy, Bye!

He was the nicest guy I’d ever met. Super sweet, charming and all that good stuff. But it turns out he was only good at acting nice, sweet, and charming.

From time to time, his self-centeredness and manipulative nature would slip through his act, but I always hoped he’d grow out of it. For the record, he did not.


#31 Sounds Like She Needed A Megaphone

I wasn’t guilted into going out with the guy, but we were coworkers and I knew he liked me. So when he asked me to play pool with him after work, I told him that I’d go as long as he understood we would just be hanging out as friends.

After our pool night, he asked me if I wanted to play laser tag. I said ok. Then he asked me to dinner. Once again, I said okay, but told him I’d be paying for my own bill since it still wasn’t a date.

Halfway through dinner, he went to the bathroom and sent me a text message officially asking me out on a date. It was sweet, but I replied that I was still only interested in being friends. He got really upset, left the restaurant and never spoke to me again.


#30 Is Age Really Just A Number?

I went out with this guy I met while I was alone in a cafe. I was 17 years old at the time and he knew that.

Eventually, I found out that he was 30 years old… It creeped me out because he knew my age from the beginning and still wanted us to go out. I was a dumb kid.


#29 This Girl Was Told By The “Nice Guy” That She Would Get Fat From Eating

I worked with a guy who, after he found out I was divorced, asked me out on a date. I refused because I felt it was too early for me to be dating again. He started sending me emails at work asking me to give him a chance. He kept saying that he was a nice guy and that I wouldn’t regret it. After some deliberation, I figured I’d throw the guy a bone.

On our first date, he kept telling the female server to stop me from eating my dinner because he said I was going to get fat. He thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. Let’s just say that first date was also our last.


#28 I Guess Mom Doesn’t Always Know Best

I went on a blind date with some guy who my mom set me up with. He picked me up in his truck and off we went. We went to the mall and saw a movie, then walked around and shopped for a few things.

After a while, I got my period. I get really bad cramps, but I was ashamed to tell him, so I just told him I wasn’t feeling well. After that, his mood totally changed. He brought me home and didn’t talk to me at all on the way.

When he dropped me off, I told him I had fun with him and that we should see each other again. He just looked at me while I closed the door and left. No words, nothing. I know he thought I was pretending to be sick to get out of our date, but it sucks because that really wasn’t the case. What a shame.


#27 Uh, You Know You’re On A Date Now, Right?

It was more curiosity than guilt.

His profile was okay—he seemed like a nice guy; the kind who opens doors and pays for everything. He arrived first for our coffee date, so he bought himself one and sat down. When I arrived, he never stood up or offered to buy me one. Not that I cared, but in his profile, he said it was what he liked to do.

He spent the whole date complaining about how hard it was for him to find dates, and how he was going speed dating the following week.

I didn’t bother pointing out that he was already on a date.

When I left, he didn’t open the door for me either. In fact, I think I opened it for him.

I wished him well at the speed dating.

#26 “We Could Move To Alaska Together”

He told me we could move to Alaska together… on our first date.


#25 Oh Come On, He Couldn’t Even Pretend To Like Them?

I went on a date with a guy to a pancake house. I recommended the banana strawberry Nutella pancakes because I had them once and they were delicious. He took my suggestion and ordered them, but didn’t touch his plate for a full fifteen minutes.

I asked him why he wasn’t eating and he said he didn’t like strawberries.

I almost ended the date right then and there. I don’t understand why on earth he would order food he hates. It was just plain moronic.


#24 Just Let Him Be The Gentleman!

I dated a guy in college who didn’t have a car, so I drove everywhere. On one date, I parked the car when we got to our destination and got out before him. He screamed at me for not waiting until he got out of the car first. He wanted to run over and open the door for me. The relationship did not last very long.


#23 That’s Worse Than A Marriage Proposal

He told me he was excited about the possibility of getting into a relationship with me. He also said he couldn’t wait to delete our individual Facebook profiles so he could create a joint one for us.

No thanks.


#22 Stalkers Can Be Nice Too, I Guess…

Everyone said he was very nice but also extremely shy. We started dating and it was pretty boring, but at least he was a great listener. He was attentive and seemed interested in my hobbies.

Though, it bothered me that he never had any stories of his own. He probably retold the same two stories over and over. I know not everyone is terribly exciting, but he was a lot older than I was and he was always talking about his bucket list, so I expected him to be much more interesting.

As soon as he sensed that I was starting to lose interest, he would panic and start watching me. I would be talking on the phone and he would be waiting nearby, peeking around corners. If I caught him doing it, he’d have something like a snack or mail handy to pretend to be doing something else. The longest I noticed him lurking was during a 30-minute long phone call I had with my dad. I could see his shadow underneath the door, lingering the entire time.

I broke up with him after I realized the extent of his lurking. I felt a little bad because he truly was a nice guy, but the lurking just creeped me out too much.


#21 This Guy Doesn’t Sound Nice In The Slightest

I dated him after several people convinced me to give him a chance. I went along with it because I didn’t have anything better to do in the 10th grade.

He ended up leaving me three months later because he got super paranoid. I needed to take time off of school for a few weeks because of a surgery, and he thought I just made the whole thing up to get some space from him. It didn’t matter that I could show him the scar when I got back.


#20 Sounds Like A Manipulative Sociopath To Me

He asked me out to lunch and I said okay because I had been friends with him years. When we sat down, he told me he had a brain tumor and that he needed to confess his love to me before it was too late. I was not about to be the girl who turned down the guy with cancer, so I reluctantly said okay.

Three months later, I found out that he knew the tumor was benign the whole time. He toyed with my emotions so that I would go out with him.


#19 Was She Being Punk’d?

I wasn’t impressed with his limited conversation topics and obvious attempts to show that he was “not like other men.” When he saw that I wasn’t having a great time, he cut me off mid-sentence, hugged me, and said he was going to head home. Very weird experience.


#18 He Just Broke All The Rules Of Snapchat… And Dating

A really nice guy had been asking me out constantly in my DMs and I figured I would give him a chance. The date was okay—the conversation didn’t flow well, but I didn’t hold that against him. We ended up getting coffee and taking a walk around town… which ended up being a five-mile walk. At that point, I was ready to go home, so he walked me to my car and I drove home.

Here’s where it gets weird: As soon as I pulled into my driveway, my phone blew up with Snapchat notifications. The guy sent me three minutes worth of Snapchat videos confessing his love for me, begging me for a second date, and saying all the minute details he found attractive about me. My drive home was literally 10 minutes long.


#17 Makes For Some Interesting Water Cooler Gossip

He became a creepy stalker and I pretty much had to tell him to leave me alone or I’d call the cops on him. Oh yeah, I also work with him.


#16 There Seems To Be A Good Reason Why This Guy Doesn’t Have A Girlfriend In The First Place

I broke up with a guy after only a few weeks. He said I owed it to him to help him find a girlfriend because I wasted his time.


#15 Sometimes, It Just Doesn’t Work Out And That’s Okay

I went on a date with a friend from high school who also happened to be my ex’s roommate. It was a quiet date even though we’d known each other for years. He was nice, but nothing ever happened. Later on, I set him up with my sister-in-law. They dated for a year. Now he’s married (to someone else) and has an adorable son. We’re still friends, 20 years after we met.


#14 Nice To Hear Some Heartwarming Stories

I married him! Literally the best, most reliable guy who supports me in absolutely everything. Gives me everything I never knew I needed. He is my absolute hero and I couldn’t be happier!


#13 “Sometimes A ‘Nice Guy’ Is Actually A Nice Guy”

When I was single, my sister was planning a party and mentioned that her boyfriend’s very nice, very single friend would be coming. When I met him, he was shy but sweet. He later messaged me on Facebook and asked for my number since he was too nervous to ask me in person.

We talked for a bit and went out on a fun date. Then another. And another.

Four months later, we moved in together. Now, it’s been five years. We’re married and have a two-year-old little boy.

Sometimes a “nice guy” is actually a nice guy.


#12 Guilt Seems To Be A Common Thread

I spent six years of my life with a “nice guy” and the feelings of guilt never went away. I always felt guilty for being with him even though I knew I didn’t really love him. I got no support from family or friends because they all loved him and couldn’t understand why I would want to leave. I became the bad person for leading him on.

It’s been two years since we split and he’s happily in another relationship. We spent all those years wasting each other’s time for no reason.


#11 They Do Say That Poetry Is What We Live For

He showed up to our first date with a framed print of an original poem he wrote for me. That lovey-dovey stuff is just not my cup of tea. The dinner was also super awkward. Never again. Never. Ever.


#10 Sounds Very Awkward For Everyone…

My high school friend really, really liked me and kept hinting at a relationship. I tried to drop hints that I wasn’t into it, but he wouldn’t let up. All of our mutual friends were trying to talk me into it. Eventually, we ended up alone and I let him kiss me. He immediately told me he was in love with me, and that his whole family thought we were dating. I told him that I was still not into it, and set the record straight for everyone. It was very awkward.


#9 He Just Wasn’t Ready To Let Go

I told him I liked him, but I just wanted to be friends. When he drove me home, he held my hand in the car as if he didn’t even hear me. I had to fake a coughing fit to get it back.


#8 It’s Okay To Say No!

I somehow ended up in a disappointing two-year relationship because of a guilted first date.


#7 And They Say That Women Are The Emotional Ones…

He was awful—overbearing, possessive, and disrespectful of all my boundaries. He proposed to me once we were broken up and proceeded to marry someone else less than a month later.


#6 This Sounds Like A Sitcom

His mom called the cops on me at our prom because I danced with another boy…


#5 Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

After our initial “date,” we stayed friends for five years. Then, we got back together for three and a half years and eventually got married. At the start, I wasn’t physically attracted to him and didn’t want a relationship, but still agreed to go out with him because he was nice. I told him how I felt and he was fine with that. During the whole time we knew each other, he was an actual friend. It took me living far away from him to realize how much I loved him.

When I went to visit him, we decided that we wanted to be with each other and we’ve been together ever since. He’s still the nicest guy.


#4 “And Proceeded To Draw A Punnett Square”

I met up with an old coworker for what I thought was just drinks. He professed his undying love for me and proceeded to draw a Punnett square of what our future children would look like. Needless to say, I got up and left.


#3 I Would’ve Just Taken The Jewelry

His mom invited me to their house and tried and give me their family heirloom. I declined. It was really awful and awkward.


#2 This Poor Guy…

It lasted two weeks, but only because he asked me out the day before winter break. We didn’t even talk to each other once. A few months later, I was talking to my friends who had dated him before, and all 10 of us said we dated him because we felt bad.


#1 And Here’s A Happy Ending

We met during our freshman year of college. He was my best friend for months and I wasn’t really into him when we first started talking, but now we’re in love. We have been together for almost a year.