Females Share The Most Uncomfortable Situation A ‘Nice Guy’ Put Them In

There are nice guys, and then there are “nice guys.” The nice guys are the genuinely nice ones. They have a girl’s best interest in mind and are willing to help her out without expecting anything in return. The “nice guys,” on the other hand, are not really nice at all. They pretend to be nice just to get what they want from women, and if they don’t get it, they can sometimes turn mean, angry, pushy, and maybe even aggressive.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to tell the difference between the real nice guys and the fake nice guys, which can sometimes leave women in uncomfortable and dangerous positions. Hopefully, “nice guys” will someday realize how uncomfortable they can make women feel. If that ever happens, there will be a lot less of the stories like the ones you are about to read.

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#1 Watch Who You Give Your Number To

I met a “nice guy” over a dating website a couple of years ago. I gave him my number after we chatted for a bit and talked about possibly meeting. When he suggested we meet at a local elementary school in the middle of the night, I said no and made it clear that I didn’t want to meet anymore. He kept trying to convince me by saying he would buy me gifts.

When I told him no a second time, he blew up and called me names. He told me that I owed him $15 because he had already bought me a present for our “first date” and that I needed to meet him immediately to give him his money. I blocked his number right away and didn’t hear from him until the next day when he called me from a DIFFERENT NUMBER.

When I picked up, he acted pleasantly and asked me what time we were going to meet for our date. I told him off and blocked him again. Then, I got a text a couple of hours later from ANOTHER phone number saying that if I didn’t meet him, he was going to do something crazy. After a bit of dramatic conversation, I basically told him that I didn’t care and he needed to leave me alone.

I blocked him and forgot about it. Fast forward about six months later when I got yet another text from an unknown number. I knew exactly who it was when I read the text: “I have $20 and a fun night planned for us. Want to meet sometime soon? Miss you.” I blocked it, then changed my number. I’m never giving it out to a stranger again.


#2 Not A Very “Friend” Thing To Do

I had to get a ride from a “friend” during my junior year of high school. For some reason, I didn’t have my car. He stopped about a mile from my house and pulled over onto the side of the road. He told me he had a dream where we made out and that I was a really good kisser. He decided I could either walk home from there or kiss him. I decided to walk.


#3 A Very Unwanted Proposal

I had a VERY difficult, traumatic ending to a long term, live-in engagement. He went to jail, so I decided to go to Europe to backpack for the summer. My best friend, who is a male, agreed to come along and he was VERY aware that this was a post-breakup getaway intended to clear my head and have fun. He flew out ahead of me to visit his family.

I arrived at the airport to see him waiting for me in Europe on bended knee, ring and flowers and all. I was furious, and that friendship was destroyed. The vacation was equal parts horrendous and amazing, but it ultimately ended with him ranting about it all again in a hostel one night. He became aggressive toward me, and a group of stranger hostel bunkies helped me quietly pack my stuff while he was finally passed out. They got me to the airport immediately. I haven’t seen him since. It’s been about eight years now.


#4 That Trick Didn’t Work On Her

He purposely got too tipsy on our first date so that he could have a reason to stay over at my apartment and sleep on my couch (then try to worm into my bed at 3 a.m.) When I asked him politely to leave, he refused; so I called my brother who luckily lived just one floor above from me. My brother drove him out and stayed with me to make sure I wouldn’t be bothered again.


#5 The Lies Of A Creep

I knew this kid in 9th grade who seemed like a nice enough dude. Let’s call him Frank. We became friends over our mutual love of video games, and he seemed to be a lot more invested in the friendship at first. Then, one day, I invited him over to my house to play video games. We had a good enough time, but then I got to school the next day, my friends told me that Frank bragged to everyone that we got intimate.

Being an angry and petty teenager, I walked up to him during lunch period, in front of a bunch of guys, and called him out for what he said. He began stuttering, but before he could finish, I told him he was a creep and to never talk to me again. Cut to a few months later, when I was called into the vice principal’s office. I got there, and she asked me if I was still friends with Frank.

I responded that we used to be. She asked what ended our friendship, and I explained the situation to her. She looked at me and said, “That’s not what he told us, but I think I know who’s telling the truth.” It turned out that after I ended our friendship, Frank became fixated on another girl, only to discover she had a boyfriend. Frank decided the best course of action to get rid of the boyfriend.

Security, of course, got to him before he could do anything. He got suspended, but since it was close to the end of the school year, he just never came back and transferred schools the following school year. Now that I think about it, Frank never did have any real friends. He had no sibling either, so I guess he was always just lonely. Still, he was a huge creep. Good riddance.


#6 Why Can’t I Get Just One Kiss?

I considered him a friend. I stayed in his apartment whenever I’d visit his town. He would sleep in the living room, while I would sleep in his bedroom. When it got late, he started making “jokes” about how he had hidden the bedroom key and that I should get “ready” for him. I spent the night half-awake and fully dressed out of sheer fear.

In the morning, I packed my bags and got ready to leave, but he wouldn’t let me go without making me give him a “goodbye kiss.” He physically blocked the door so I couldn’t get out. I tried to play it off and somehow managed to squeeze by him without getting kissed, but it was a terrifying experience. And that was the end of our friendship.


#7 This Is A Real Case Of Macho Syndrome

A nice guy from college kept trying to talk to me even though I was clearly trying to do my homework. Now, I was okay with multitasking—I could do homework while listening and responding to him, but he wouldn’t have it. He wanted my full, undivided attention. “Hey, Tuna, you know what? I REALLY hate it when women ignore me.” I was dumbfounded but also really offended, so I shot back that I WAS listening to him, even if I wasn’t looking at him. “No, but when I’m talking to someone, I want them to LOOK at me.” A friend overheard this and went off on him faster than I did. He left me alone after that.


#8 He Wouldn’t Take No For An Answer

A coworker gave me a ride to the train station because I had missed my bus. It was a 15-minute ride and I thought it was nice of him to offer. I did not think much of it; I really thought he was just trying to help out. When we were still in the car, he mentioned wanting to invite me for a drink one day and also offered me to drive me all the way back home after the “date” (he lived near the train station we were heading to, which was a 45-minute drive away from my place).

I declined because I felt uncomfortable and because, without traffic, the train was actually more convenient for me. He mistook my refusal for politeness, saying that it would not bother him to drive all the way there (at that point I did not care about him, I was just starting to get scared).  He kept insisting and I had to practically beg him to just drop me at the train station. He eventually let me go, but that whole experience made me feel really uncomfortable.


#9 Friends Don’t Steal From Each Other

I had a friend in university that I let stay on the couch at my flat after nights out because he lived quite far away from the city. It was completely platonic. I’d let him use my laptop occasionally to watch Netflix, etc. Then I got a call from his girlfriend. She said he had a load of pictures on his computer that he’d shown her, of girls that had sent him nude pictures. There was some of me on there and he had openly admitted he’d taken them from messages to my ex without my permission. She made him delete them and then dumped him for it immediately afterward. I’m so thankful she was around.

#10 She’s Better Off Keeping The Boyfriend She Has

He wouldn’t leave me alone while I was working. He kept saying it was a “shame I had a boyfriend” because I was “so pretty” and he’d treat me right. He overtipped (like, WAY too much) because I was apparently too beautiful for him not to. I work at a busy music venue, so he basically had to yell all of this at me while I was helping a hundred other customers.

I eventually had to tell him to buzz off, which just meant he stared at me all night from the crowd, waving at me. After the lights went up, he came over to continue bothering me, so I gave him some horrible excuse and booked it. Why come to a show if you’re just going to creep on someone WHILE SHE’S WORKING?


#11 Whatever Happened To Taking It Slow?

On our second date, he pulled a “nice guy” surprise by proposing to me in a mall surrounded by way too many people.

#12 His Mom Was As Clueless As Him

I had a close female friend years ago who was super friendly and outgoing. We easily became friends because we had a lot in common but I never liked her in that way. However, her outgoing and friendly personality would often attract the “nice guys.” She was telling me about this one guy who she was sort of friends with. He had offered to take her shopping one day when she said she needed new shoes.

Being polite and friendly, she went with him but then he insisted on paying for her shoes which were $200 because he was a “nice guy.” Then, he asked if it was okay for them to drop by his house on their way to her house. When they got there, his mother apparently made a big deal about my friend and left the two of them alone in the house assuming they were boyfriend and girlfriend. During this time, the guy was grinning sheepishly and taking in all the praise. She had to set him straight after that.


#13 Full Of Himself

I went on a date with a guy to a local park. I was taking my dog for a walk and checking out some cool scenery. He was over 45 minutes late, and when we got there, he spent the entire hour-long loop talking about Westworld. I don’t watch it. He claimed to have watched each episode multiple times while taking detailed notes the whole time.

That was fine, but I told him I didn’t watch it and had nothing at all to add to the one-sided conversation. When we got back to the cars, I was like, “Thanks, but I gotta go, I’m meeting up with a friend for a concert tonight.” That prompted an hour-long one-sided conversation about Phish shows and how he and his mom traveled across the country following Phish.

Three different 10-minute long Phish videos were also played. Look, I love jam bands as much as anyone, but in my head, I was just like please LET ME GO HOME. When I finally left, I spent the next few days moving into my new apartment. He knew I was going to be super busy, but he still sent me a nasty two-page text about how I didn’t have to lead him on and that he deserved a text after our date. Yay, nice guys.


#14 Keep The Roses

I went on one date with a guy I had met online after a year of talking. After the date, I didn’t think it would go anywhere (he had exaggerated what he looked like, in my opinion) and after I told him this, we stopped talking. Then, one day, he rang SIX florists in my area to send me a dozen red roses. The worst thing about it was, I had never told him where I lived—he had used my location on the Snapchat map to get my address. When I confronted him about the roses, he sent me a full-length song that he had written about me and our one date. I was traumatized.

#15 Backpackers Only

I was 22 and working a night shift in a backpackers hostel in Mexico. I’d lay down on a bench close to the door so I could snooze during the downtime. An older Mexican guy (in his late 40s, the same age as my dad), came to talk to me. I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in chatting at 3 a.m. He started telling me about how he had divorced his wife, sold his house and had approximately $40,000 left over.

He was going to give $10,000 to each of his three kids and keep $10,000 for himself, but if I moved to the north of Mexico with him, he said he’d give it all to me. I reminded him that I had a boyfriend and that I wasn’t remotely interested in him or his money, but he somehow took that as a cue to try massaging my feet. I kicked him off me and told him I would call security if he didn’t leave. The owner of the hostel kicked him out the next day because of his creepiness, thank God.

#16 A Little More Manipulative, A Little Less Nice

There was a “nice guy” in high school who had a crush on me. He was never shy about it, and from day one he made me feel really uncomfortable. He’d ask me out multiple times a day, always in front of my friends (who didn’t help because they’d always egg me on to go out with him). I was the new kid in school and they’d all been friends with him since elementary school.

When I kept saying no, he assumed it was because I was seeing someone else, so he started telling people I was sleeping with random guys in school (I wasn’t, I had no interest in dating any of the boys I went to high school with). Any time I tried to tell him to stop doing that, he would say he was just joking and that I needed to lighten up.

It all came to a head at the homecoming dance my junior year. He was a senior, so it was his last homecoming. Apparently, the day before homecoming, he told one of my friends that he’d asked me to the dance and I said yes. He had not asked me, and I never had any intention of going to the dance in the first place.

He kept going on to my friend about how special he wanted it to be and how he spent all his money on tickets, gas, new shoes, and a corsage. My friend was so excited for him that she went over to his house the day of homecoming and helped him get everything ready. She also told all our friends what was going on, so EVERYONE was under the impression I was going to the dance with him.

He told everyone that I was going to get dropped off by my parents, so he and all my friends waited outside for me. They waited for three hours. Apparently, any time my friends told him I wasn’t coming, he’d tear up and say, “Just five more minutes.” So, of course, I showed up to school on Monday and everyone was FURIOUS at me.

None of my friends wanted to talk to me. I sat alone at lunch for three days completely confused about what was going on. So I went up to the guy when he was alone, asked what on earth he’d done, and he just started laughing hysterically and said, “If you agree to go out with me, I’ll tell everyone it was just a misunderstanding.” I never talked to the guy again. He permanently damaged my friendships with several people, so why would I want to be friends with him?


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#17 If Only He Had Listened

We were friends until one Valentine’s Day when he brought out his guitar and sang to me in front of a crowd. After he was done, he ended up asking me to be his girlfriend. I had a boyfriend of two years so I had to say no to him in front of all those people. The thing is, I had mentioned my boyfriend in almost every conversation and he still looked completely shocked that day when I rejected him. He was the nicest guy and I really appreciated our friendship! We stopped talking after that day though.

#18 Harassment In The Workplace Does Not Fly

Some utter creep at work posing as a “nice guy” once asked me to join him and three other employees for drinks at a restaurant up the street from my house. I liked the other three people who were attending, so I met them all and had dinner there before heading home. This guy left immediately as soon as I did just so that he could tell everyone at work that he’d followed me home and we slept together.

I had just started dating a huge crush of mine who also worked there (we were dating incognito because he was hourly and I was a director, and that kind of interaction was frowned upon). I wasn’t about to let some horrible rumor started by this jerk ruin a good thing, so I went straight to HR and reported him for harassment. He was gone by the next day.

#19 Time To Break Up

I wore a V-neck T-shirt. It wasn’t that deep that it showed cleavage… It was a cotton athletic tee with a college logo on it that just happened to have a V-shaped neck. My ex-boyfriend (who was very religious) told me it was rude of me to tempt him. He kept making comments and passive-aggressively shaming me for the rest of the night. I had just come home from the gym and was wearing sweatpants over jogging shorts.


#20 Accidentally Texting The Wrong Person Works Out In The End, Sometimes

My old housemate went to bed and left our mutual friend downstairs. I was uncomfortable straight away because he was the kind of guy who hit on everyone. He asked if he could stay in my bed and I said no. He asked again. And again. And again. So I went outside and sent my friend a text: “‘Nice guy’ keeps asking to sleep with me and it’s creeping me out loads. I’ve said no and he’s still being a creep.” I got back inside and realized I had sent it…TO THE NICE GUY. Turns out, that got rid of him quicker than saying “no” did!

#21 The Entitlement Of Some Guys Is Unreal

I was at a coffee shop drinking tea when this guy, who was a friend of a friend, came and sat down next to me with two adult beverages. I told him: “No thank you, I’m not drinking,” and he said, “Wow, you know, you’re really annoying me. I’m being nice to you and you’re being really freaking rude.” I said no thank you again, and he kept on going off about how rude I was. Finally, I told him that I’d take the shot and throw it in his eyes if he didn’t walk away. He walked away finally.


#22 You Don’t Need A Ring To Be Engaged

I was working as a volunteer in a shady parking garage, directing drivers to designated parking. One of the drivers came up to me, said I was beautiful, and asked for my number. I replied, “No, sorry, I’m engaged.” Also, I wasn’t going to give my number to a random stranger in a dark parking garage, hello. He immediately countered with, “Why would such a pretty girl like you say she’s engaged and not have an engagement ring?” We were newly engaged and couldn’t afford the ring I wanted yet, but thanks for not taking my word, jerk.

#23 Doesn’t He Realize How That Is The Opposite Of Nice?

I once was out with friends and I got pretty tipsy. One dude stayed with me, offering to take care of me while my other friends left because they all knew him. Turned out, he only offered to stay with me because he had ulterior motives for that night. Thankfully, one of my friends called me to ask if I was doing okay and she called me an Uber. I got out of there real fast.


#24 What A Drama King

I was 19-years-old and working the third shift at a gas station, casually sweeping the floor. The door opened and I made eye contact with some guy. I couldn’t figure out what was going on in the guy’s head, but it was like he thought he was in some kind of slo-mo movie situation. He “staggered” back, widening his eyes and staring at me.

I felt like I was reading a scene from Twilight in my head. I went behind the checkout counter and he grabbed his soda or whatever. He kept looking at me in shock and shaking his head like he was trying to psych himself up for something (ladies, you know that feeling—when you know someone wants to catch your attention and talk to you but you’re trying to keep it casual).

This went on for like, 20 minutes and I couldn’t accomplish anything because I was waiting for the guy to check out. Anyway, he walked up to the checkout super dramatically, I checked him out, and he stared at me the whole time. Finally, he sighed, saying, “I never expected to see such a beautiful woman at a gas station. This is fate, you shouldn’t be working here, I just can’t help myself, I have to ask you to go out with me.”

I said, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.” He seriously looked enraged. He clenched his fists and gave me this overly dramatic scary look, grabbed his stuff, and stormed out the door. He moved his car so the bright headlights were facing the front of the store and sat there until the next customer came, probably an hour later. Honestly, I wasn’t too scared, it was just like, really? I just wanted to finish my list of duties at this ugly gas station and move on my life.


#25 If Only More Guys Learned Their Lesson Like This

I was the “nice guy” in this situation. Back when I was in high school, I really liked this girl and thought for whatever reason I had a chance. She was on the verge of graduating, and I was young and stupid. I bought this girl a promise ring with a diamond. I gave her the ring with a note while she was at work, only to end up in the counselor’s office the next day and getting the ring back.

I was told that it was a nice gesture, but a bit weird. At the time, it seemed like a completely normal and nice thing to do. In my head, I misread so many things, and I had that young romantic feeling in my head. As an adult, I find it completely creepy that I even did it. It still kind of bothers me to this day. Sometimes, being too forward can be creepy.


#26 It’s Creepy Nonetheless

My now-husband was in the cab with me on our way home from our second or third date. He lived two blocks over, so we shared a cab. “I’m going to marry you one day,” he said to me. Umm… I nervously laughed and couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I was so uncomfortable. Well, you see who got the last laugh there.


#27 Straight-Up Mean

I dated a “nice guy” for a while. He would oink at me and call me a fatty whenever I ate food in front of him.

#28 That’s Not How You Film An Event

In a university group, a “nice guy” had a serious crush on me and I just wanted him to leave me alone. We were holding an event that he was to film. There was going to be about 20 people in attendance. We all went to a lecture room the next day to watch the footage back, as no one had seen any of it. About halfway through the one-hour event, he randomly started zooming in and out on my chest. He did this for about 30 seconds.

#29 Good Call On Her Part

I was on a second date that I thought was going well, but I hadn’t realized that he had been there already for a while and was pounding down the drinks before I even sat down. After what I thought was our second drink, he started talking about how much he loved me and how he hoped I loved him back. I said, “Okay, but how would you feel if I didn’t love you?” He suddenly burst into tears, saying that he was a “nice guy” and if I didn’t love him, then he didn’t know how to live. That really annoyed me, so I got up, wished him luck and told him that he should see a therapist.

#30 There Are Some Actual Nice Guys Left Out There

I was hanging out with a buddy at a local bar in college. Two cute girls came over and immediately said, “Can you help us out? That creeper over there won’t leave us alone and we used you guys as our excuse by saying, ‘Those guys are our boyfriends.'” Without skipping a beat, we both gave the creeper the ‘boyfriend look’. We got a “happy to see you hug” and a chance to chat with some great girls.

I knew the creep from high school and he was the classic “Mr. Nice Guy”. I was flattered to be asked to help them out, but it makes me sad and angry that finding their “boyfriends” was the only way out for them. As I watch my kids grow up, I think of those two girls often. I hope my daughter never has to find a “boyfriend” and if she does, I hope he’s a standup guy. I’m also doing my best to ensure my son is never the “nice guy” and that he is a genuinely nice guy.


#31 Girls Don’t Owe Guys Anything For Drinks They Offer To Buy

I had a guy offer to buy my friend and me a drink at a restaurant. then when we wandered off after a little while, he came and scolded us for being “rude” because he had bought our drinks. 1) We didn’t ask and 2) You don’t own us because you spent $10 on overpriced drinks you absolute creep. I hate, hate, hate guys like that.

#32 Was Jumping Out Of The Bushes Really Necessary?

He jumped out of a bush to give me flowers and tell me he loved me after we met two times in college. Apparently, he hid there to wait for me after my classes. I was never so afraid for my life.


#33 The Dog Deserved Better

I work with animals. I had a guy come in that I’d met under professional circumstances several times as his pug was very ill. This particular time, his pug had passed away at home the night before and he was bringing it in for cremation. I did the usual condolences and he was crying a little. In the middle of discussing the care of the remains, he stopped and said, “I really love your scrub top!”

I was wearing my Star Wars scrub top. It was weird, but I said thanks. I met him at the back door to get the remains from him. He handed me the remains and sort of shifted his body into mine. In the process of putting the body in my arms, he full-on open-handedly groped my breast. Like, I could feel the whole breast shift up and when he let go I could feel it “plop” back down. It definitely wasn’t an accident graze. At this point, he wasn’t crying anymore. He kind of half smiled at me and just walked away.


| Humaverse

#34 He’s Just A Jealous Guy

During my freshman year of college, my guy friend and I got a little too tipsy and were (consensually) making out. A self-proclaimed “nice guy” found out and told an RA that my guy friend had assaulted me. We both had to meet with the title nine coordinators, and I had to go to mandatory therapy sessions while my guy friend was told they were considering expelling him (even after I told the title nine directors and therapist that it was totally consensual many times). It all worked out in the end though— two years later, the “nice guy” dropped out, and my guy friend and I are dating.


#35 Seems More Like Purposeful Misinterpretation

My friend was in the same freshman intro course as some guy, and he sent her some notes when she missed a day. She said something like, “Thanks, I owe you one.” Apparently, this guy thought “I owe you one” meant “I owe you a night of intimacy,” because he asked to “take her up on that offer” pretty soon after.

#36 What An Inappropriate Comment

When I was in high school, I had a group of guy friends I used to hang out with to play video games after school. Everyone was really into Monster Hunter and I was the only one without a 3DS. One of the guys offered to sell me his 3DS for like, $100 if I bought Monster Hunter and play with them back at his place. I ended up doing it and when I got there, the place was an obvious neckbeard nest.

The place was really cramped so we had to sit really close to each other. I ended up sitting next to him and about halfway through a hunt, he said, “Has anyone ever told you, you have really a really nice body?” I just said awkwardly, “Oh, thanks,” and left it at that. I didn’t end up going back, but I got a 3DS out of the deal.


#37 From Nice Guy To Creep In One Second

He asked if he could have a lock of my hair.

#38 Not The Time For That

Being a close friend of mine, I confided in him when I experienced some heavy duty trauma. While I was blubbering to him, absolutely bereft and vulnerable, he told me he would never hurt me and asked me why I wouldn’t go out with him. NOT THE TIME FOR THAT. Sometimes, moments like that make me think that guys and girls really can’t be just friends.


#39 No Means No

I had just moved to a new city and I went on two dates with a “nice guy.” The first one was fine, so when he asked me to get ice cream the next night, I said yes. But then I met up with him and he immediately asked whose apartment I wanted to go to. I rebuffed this question more than once, and he wouldn’t keep his hands off of me all night.

I knew I needed to get away from him, but I did let him walk me home because he wouldn’t take no for an answer and I didn’t really know anyone to come to help me. When we got to my building, he grabbed my face and forcibly kissed me. Then he said, “You can invite me up if you want. I know you want to.” When I said no and walked inside, I looked back and he had held the door open to watch me leave his sight. I blocked his number and hope to never see him again.


#40 That Jealousy Trick Didn’t Work

A “nice guy” asked me out in high school on the bus and I declined. He gave me the silent treatment after that. The next day, he appeared in my friend group with his arms encasing one of my friends who looked clearly uncomfortable. He told her he loved her and how great of a woman she was to be giving him a chance to treat her like a princess.

He looked at me while saying this. I talked to her after and apparently, he had asked her over and over to date him until she said yes. She was a very nice girl and I felt bad for her. I told her what happened and that seemed to give her the confidence to stop the dating after only a few hours. We never saw him much after that, thank goodness.

#41 Not First Date Behavior At All

He tried feeding me during the first lunch date. We’re talking a forkful of spaghetti.

#42 Professing Your Love Does Not Mean You Have Permission To Touch Her

We were 17 years old and we’d been pals in class together. Our school went on a trip and we all got a little bit tipsy. He and I hooked up for five minutes, then awkwardly pretended it didn’t happen. At the end of the trip, he hit me with a “We need to talk,” so I agreed to meet him in a coffee shop. There, he proceeded to tell me for 45 minutes that he was in love with me, with his arm around my shoulder the whole time, just completely crowding me. After telling him multiple times that I didn’t feel the same way, I thought he got the idea and we went our separate ways… until he ran back to me through traffic and asked me for one last kiss. I rejected him again.


#43 Being Nice Once Does Not Make Him Nice

I had a friend help me out once. Because he helped me out, he thought that meant he could hold that over me forever. He tried to tell me I owed him naked pictures because he helped me once…

#44 Doesn’t Take Much For Some Guys To Turn Into Stalkers

I met a guy on a dating app a few months ago and was messaging him for a bit. I started to get some weird vibes, so I told him I wasn’t interested and unmatched him. He found my Instagram (I have more than one account and he got them both) and he started messaging me there. He’d say that I was “a naughty little girl” who needed to be taught a lesson. I blocked him, made all my accounts private and changed usernames. I haven’t heard from him since.


#45 How Incorrectly Full Of Himself

My best man at my brother’s wedding wouldn’t leave me alone. He told me all night how pretty I was and that he could easily take me away from my fiancé if he really wanted to. He said this in front of my fiancé and while his girlfriend was in the room.