Desperate People Share The Most ‘Single’ Thing They Have Ever Done

Whether it be through television programming, social media, or even family gatherings, we are constantly bombarded with society’s focus on romantic relationships. Even national holidays—such as Valentine’s Day—are constantly reminding us that love is in the air. This isn’t always the case, and being single when everyone around you seems to be falling in love can be uttering draining. Emotionally taxing and sometimes painfully lonesome, the single life isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

Finding yourself without a significant other for an extended period of time can cause you to do some rather lonely and embarrassing things. These people have shared the most ridiculously single thing they have ever done, and it has everyone saying ‘same’. We can all relate to these moments of desperation, and you can’t help but laugh at the fact that being single can sometimes be super comical!

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#25 Talk About Awkward

Went to a crowded IHOP for breakfast alone and was asked if I minded sharing a table with another single guest. I was hungry, so screw it. She was 20 years my senior and we chatted till food arrived. No more words as we both shoveled the food into our mouths and escaped the situation ASAP.


#24 Hallmark Holidays Are Long Forgotten

Accidentally scheduled my annual gynecologist visit for Valentine’s Day because I forgot the date 2/14 had any significance.


#23 Achieved Culinary Excellence

Heated up plain black beans in a pot, dumped siracha on them, and ate them with the big wooden cooking spoon.


#22 A Special Aquatic Companion

Told my beta fish how my day was for a couple months straight until he died. No roommates and no girlfriend led to a lot of lonely nights. I also cried all night when he died.


#21 The Most Epic Solo Adventure EVER

I flew to Vegas for my birthday alone. Stayed in a cheap hotel and partied on The Strip, spending money on Blackjack, ate at some restaurants and buffets. Went to some of the funniest clubs out there, and met some fun people. I partied with them in my room. Then the next day I flew back home. One of the best birthday weekends.


#20 The Gourmet Choice Of Singles Everywhere

Went out and bought about 20 dollars worth of Chinese food, and ate most of it standing in the kitchen.



#19 We’ve All Been There

I was dancing in a nightclub, and Jason Derulo’s “Riding Solo” came on. I started crying because I, too, was “riding solo.”


#18 Pillow Talk Taken To The Next Level

My bed has warped into a taco from sleeping in the center for so long.


#17 Drive-Thru Had Him In His Feelings

I once teared up because I was leaving the Burger King drive-thru to go eat at home alone and I saw through the window this 50-year-old couple in a booth smiling at each other and talking. I’m a 22-year-old man.


#16 Electronics Take Priority

My TV remotes had a space on the other side of the bed for way too long.


#15 Saturday Night Goals

Ordered a couple of large pizzas, both for me, got a couple bags of chips and some soda. Ate all of it in bed over the course of 12 hours while watching Netflix. If I had been with someone else you could call it relationship goals but nope.


#14 Just To Keep Up Appearances

Whenever I order food for me that could feed a family of 18, I answer the door, then turn and shout “Food’s here!” to my empty apartment.


#13 A Single Birthday Bash Indeed

Bought myself a cupcake and sang Happy Birthday to myself at midnight on my birthday.


#12 Single Memories To Last A Lifetime

On the night before my 21st birthday, I sat outside on my front steps alone and drank my last illegal beer just before midnight. A few minutes after midnight, I went to a bar alone to have my first legal beer. Then I went home and went to bed.


#11 Single Culture Shock

Slept in a sleeping bag for 6 months on an egg carton foam pad with no furniture. I woke up one morning and a homeless guy was sleeping in the spare bedroom. I told him to be out of my house by the time I got out of the shower. He was gone when I got out.

This was when I first moved to New York and I was used to that Midwestern life of leaving my front door unlocked all the time.


#10 Sounds Like A Stellar Time, Actually

Ate $20 worth of Popeyes and drank an entire bottle of Champagne on my couch, under a blanket, watching Alien and Aliens, on Valentine’s Day, alone.


#9 Just A Light-Hearted Jab At Single Life

RSVPed to a friend’s wedding with my plus-one as “Some Rando From Tinder” and she put it on a seating card.


#8 No Better Prom Date Than A Snack

Instead of going to prom, I bought a bunch of snack cakes, chips, frozen pizza, and doughnuts. I stayed up all night and played Forza Motorsport 2…I regret nothing.


#7 Crazy Cat Ladies Unite

Being really happy about an upcoming long weekend, and when my colleagues asked me why, I answered that I could spend more time with my cats at home, staying in my pajamas while playing video games. My cat also has his own side of my bed.


#6 Thanks For The Memories, Bill

One time, I was up in Big Bear, CA with a friend of mine. I was probably 32 at the time, my friend is in her 50’s. I went up to help her with cabin repairs and wrangle huskies. Between the two of us, we had ten huskies. One evening, I was getting a bit antsy and wanted to go into town. She wanted to stay behind and watch the dogs, so I fancied myself up and went out alone. It was super awkward. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink, trying not to look like a weirdo sitting all by herself. There was a live band, so at least I could watch them. Soon, an extremely tall, extremely good-looking guy came up to me and asked me what I was doing sitting all alone. I completely lied and said, “My friend was supposed to meet me here, but she bailed on me.” I don’t know why I lied. Probably not to seem as awkward going out by myself. He invited me to come out on the dance floor with his friends. They were so nice, fun, and friendly, and I had one of the best nights of my life. I’ll never forget when the live band ended, and the DJ put on “Cupid Shuffle” (which I’d never heard before), and they all taught me how to do it. I still smile when I hear that song. Thank you, Bill, for coming and talking to a weird single girl who took herself out for a night.


#5 A Reddit Silver Lining

Ate a bucket of KFC, drank 6 cans of brews in a night, woke up on my couch the next day, saw the TV was still on for some reason, was confused about what happened last night…Yeah, just broke up with my ex recently, and this is basically how I live through weekends now.


#4 A True Inspiration Honestly

I broke up with a live-in girlfriend, sold everything I owned and rented a room in a neighbor’s house for $300/month. Aside from the rent, the rest of my income was completely disposable. I would work and go to the gym 7 days a week and stack that paper. Whenever a concert within a reasonable distance from me popped up, I would travel to see it and go all out with the hotel and restaurants. I did this for a couple of years. Saw a ton of cool shows, ate at some of the best restaurants on the East Coast, and was able to save up about $25k.


#3 Didn’t See That One Coming

This is the story of someone else’s most single thing they’d ever done.

I worked at a liquor store for a bit. There was a guy who’d come in often—4 times a week maybe? Each time getting a six pack of Guinness. It’s, of course, not unusual for a liquor store to have regulars. But this guy was in his early to mid-thirties, nice looking, smelled AMAZING.

I’d come into work after a day off, and a co-worker said that one of the regulars had asked about me. She described who it was—turns out it’s this guy.

I was a young poor single mom at the time, you see. But also rather quiet, anxiety prone. But I was flattered that he had asked about me, even if he was a frequent drinker.

Anyhoo, sometime later, a co-worker and I went halfsies on a scratch off and won a couple hundred dollars (I think, might have just been a hundred). I was feeling giddy and high from the win when that regular came in. Having lottery winning induced nerves-of-steel, I felt bold enough to tell him that I thought he smelled amazing. From there, we set up a date.

A couple of days later we went out to eat. I went back to his place.

His place is…actually the basement (or was it the garage? God, it was so long ago) turned into a living space…in his mom’s house. And lining the stairs…were tens of six packs of Guinness.

So, the most single thing this person had done was live in his mother’s basement while incessantly frequenting the local liquor store, buying more beer than he could drink, all just to look at the clerk of said liquor store (I initiated the first conversation!).

Turned into a two-night stand for me.


#2 A Dedicated Fan

When I was studying abroad in Scotland as a 20-year-old, no one wanted to go to the taping of an episode of Antiques Roadshow. I loved the show.

So I caught the bus from Glasgow to St. Andrews [over two hours] and proceeded to pop up in the background of as many of the interviews/appraisals as possible, wearing my rainbow colored beanie and trousers, to be more noticeable. I nodded and pretended to be knowledgeable. And SHOCKED when they announced the value!

The episode is randomly repeated on Aussie television and I still get bewildered messages from my friends asking if they saw me with a bunch of old people in the background of multiple shots of an Antiques Roadshow episode.

For a souvenir of my trip, I added to my tea towel collection with an AR tea towel.


#1 Super Mom

My boyfriend of almost two years broke up with me the day after prom while I was at my friend’s birthday party, and I spent a couple of weeks just laying in bed watching TV and whatnot. My mom would try to talk to me to cheer me up and she’d come in and get my dishes.