Hotel Workers Reveal The Most Traumatizing Thing They’ve Found In A Guest’s Room


Hotels often portray themselves to be places of solace and relaxation, but there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes.

Terrible things have festered behind that do-not-disturb sign, and we’re going to be shining a spotlight-sized UV light over all of it here. Hotel employees were asked to share some of the unfathomable horrors they’ve had to encounter in the shadows of checked-out rooms, and what follows is a huge compilation of what could be considered the worst of the worst.

Be advised: after reading this, you may lose your faith in humanity and never want to stay in a hotel ever again. Come on in, and prepare to cringe endlessly.

#1 And The Award For ‘Best Parent’ Goes To… 

The family was on a retreat celebrating a kid’s birthday. The adults were getting tipsy while the kids were in the presidential suite causing a ruckus. They had decided to have a fully-stocked ice cream bar and allowed the kids to do whatever they wanted with it. M&Ms were crushed into the carpet, chocolate footprints were plastered on the walls, and whipped cream was freaking everywhere.

Fruit punch was spilled all over the bed. In total, we had to charge them about $7,000 in damages, which they took to court because they thought the clean-up would be included. “That’s why we did it at a hotel!” They also smashed glass all over our dog hiking trail, which I had to clean up.



#2 Bears: Fun For The Whole Family

I found a bear in a guest’s room. First, you must understand that a lot needs to happen for this to occur. Our lowest floor was still about a meter and a half from the ground, and each outside room had a balcony rail. A guest had decided to unload his motorcycle from his truck and leave the ramp down, so (I’m assuming) he could ride the bike up when he was done.

The guest had ordered room service and decided to leave the food uncovered with the balcony doors open. He later went to the hotel pool and spa to relax. Upon returning, they had rushed downstairs to reception and said that there was a bear in the room. Puzzled, we quietly approached the room and slowly opened the door. Lo and behold, there was a bear the eating room service and making a mess of my afternoon.

We called Parks Canada to deal with it. The guest was not charged a cleaning fee.



#3 All The Glitz And Glam You Never Asked For 

A bachelorette party came through our hotel and when they left the next night, we decided to instate a new $400 glitter fee. I mean, you couldn’t even see the floor anymore due to the amount of glitter those girls left behind. It’s been a few years and you can probably still find glitter in the carpet throughout the hotel.



#4 The 0.001% Of Germs That Lives Terrifies Some People 

A woman with mysophobia (a fear of germs) stayed with us.

She never let the cleaning ladies into the room as she preferred to clean it herself. One day, she left her room and removed the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

The maid called down and said the room had a strong chemical odor. She found bags of excrement in the drawers. The woman was probably too scared to use the toilet because of the germs.



#5 War On Pestilence 

Three guys in one room left ALL of their windows open overnight in the summer. I have never seen so many different types of bugs flying around the room. It was terrifying. We ran in spraying bug killer like our lives depended on it, then ran out and left the room for an hour. We came back to a floor that was almost black with dead bugs. I can still hear the crunching.


#6 Polly Want A… Oh God 

I found bloody parrot feathers all over a room. The guest claimed it was a service animal and it had gotten so stressed it pulled all of its plumage out. The guest tried to blame the hotel, saying the excessive noise caused the bird to stress out. We charged them for the clean-up.

Later that month, the front of the hotel was swarmed with police cars. They raided a room without giving the front desk any notice. It turned out, a guy and his accomplices were cooking illicit substances in one of the rooms. There was a short standoff before everyone was arrested. Their car was seemingly forgotten about in the parking lot, but it disappeared a week later. We were unable to charge for damages since all of their cards were stolen.


#7 Thank A Hotel Worker 

I worked security for a while at a really large hotel. A guest was escorted out by ambulance because of some “allergic reaction” she had. The room was full of excrement and the smell was horrible. I have never smelled anything like that in my life and hope to never again. I know the guest didn’t mean to make a mess intentionally, but I still feel sorry for the workers who had to clean up after her.


#8 The ‘Huge James” Saga 

I’ve done night audits at a couple of hotels for a few years now, and I’ve got a few stories.

This story is about a man who we called “Huge James.” Huge James is literally the largest man I have ever seen. He’s pretty tall, and easily at 500 lbs. In his room were his wife, his daughters, and himself. The women in the family were all normal size.

The family quickly developed a bad reputation with our local pizza chains that delivered because they would order a lot of pizza and never tip the driver. The drivers would come down and complain to me or other front desk staff about this. It got to the point where some drivers would just give us the pizzas to take up to their room. Huge James and his family never let housekeeping in for about a week, and when they were finally allowed in, there was so much trash from fast food and pizza that they had begun to stuff it under the beds.

What’s worse is that Huge James was physically too big to use the toilet in the room (we have rooms with reinforced toilets, so we absolutely could have accommodated him), so he went in the tub. He then would use our nice white hotel towels to wipe himself, and just leave it on the floor. Nobody knew about the towels until our laundry lead, Miss Brenda (the sweetest and nicest little woman I know), found them herself. We had to throw the towels away, and we nearly lost Miss Brenda that day as well.

In the bathroom, the tub wasn’t draining, and when they pulled the stopper mechanism out to try and clear the blockage, a lot of excrement came with it, and that’s how we knew they were shoving excrement down the shower drain.

During this time, they had been staying on a third-party reservation and making a new reservation every few days. When a new reservation popped up in our system, the GM decided to evict them. Huge James came down and started screaming at the front desk supervisor about how the mess wasn’t his fault and that his daughter was responsible for all of it. Everyone had met his wife and daughters and they were really nice people, so we didn’t believe his claims.

Huge James drove a lifted Hummer with huge chromed-out rims, and the night before his eviction, I jotted down his license plate number in case he tried to pull something before he left. When he found out that he was no longer allowed on the property, he trashed his room and smeared all the sauce packets from fast food and actual food on the walls, the TV, and the windows. They found food between the mattresses, and the bed frames had been broken. When it was time for him to go, we had police there to escort them off the property.

After they left, I gave the police his license plate number and he was charged with vandalism. We later took them to court for the damage to the room. It came out in court that it was actually him who destroyed the room before they left.


#9 What Was Going On In That Room?

Pizza. And not just leftovers. An entire pizza. And not a single slice of it in the box. The first red flag we found was the slice of pizza smeared all over on the TV. Then we saw two slices side by side like they had worn them for slippers and dragged their feet across the floor. One slice was in the dresser, one in the nightstand, one in the sheets, and one in the bathroom sink.

We cleaned the room as normal and put all the pizza in the box. The whole time, I wondered why someone would do this. Was the pizza not good? Was one slice enough and the rest could be disposed of? I was doing the final checks in the room and it still smelled like pizza. I flicked the lamp on and looked for the final slices.

I finally found them, shadowed in the lampshade. This individual had smeared the last slice on the inside of the lamp shade. That was the final piece of the puzzle. This person bought an entire pizza just to hide it in his hotel room.


#10 Remnants From The ‘Danger Zone’ 

Twenty-five years ago, I worked at a snooty part of a ski resort in Park City, Utah. Most of the regular guests were just typical old rich white dudes, but during Sundance season, the celebrities come out. There is a certain musician, entertaining us for decades now, who has a disgusting hobby. Or did in the early ’90s, at least.

Next time you’re cutting “Footloose,” or getting close to the “Danger Zone,” just know that Kenny Loggins gives his entire family coffee-ground enemas, which leaves a giant mess, and leaves it for the hotel staff to clean up. Twice in one stay.


#11 At Least They Had The Courtesy To Warn Against Their Disease… Right? 

The two worst experiences I had to witness: A couple came to the desk early in the morning. They clearly had been in an all-out fist fight. They were cash-paying customers and all they said was, “Sorry, we got in a fight, there is blood in the room, we are HIV positive.” Then they took off. The room was an absolute horror show—we had to hire special cleaners to gut the room and ended up replacing everything.

In the same hotel, we had some wards of the state staying. The worst was a couple with a newborn. They couldn’t afford anything, so they decided to use our towels as diapers. The state wouldn’t let us kick them out and they were just taking the towels off the carts. Ended up having to evict them from the hotel as they had been there long enough to establish residency…


#12 Don’t Trust Needles 

There was a syringe under a mattress. I felt a prick on the end of my finger. I was tucking in a sheet under the bed, and there were actually two uncovered “insulin” needles under there.

I got rushed to the hospital for hepatitis shots and a tetanus shot. I was also put on two different HIV prevention medications for a month, and had monthly blood tests for about a year.

I’m fine, and it barely stuck me in truth, but I was still traumatized. I was not going to post at all, but I’ve always wondered if there was anything else I should have done. The doctors assured me that they were more precautious than necessary.


#13 It Doesn’t Need To Be Disgusting To Be Traumatic 

The worst thing to clean up, not because it’s gross, but because it’s annoying and time-consuming is popcorn. A baseball team stayed in a couple of rooms and I guess they had those like, caramel popcorn balls? They threw it all over the room; at the walls, the furniture. It stuck to the carpet and was almost impossible to vacuum.


#14 It’s Like The Zodiac Killer But Worse 

I found a blood-soaked Dora the Explorer doll. There were no kids in the room (as far as we knew). It was just one dude in his mid-30s. There were two cans of energy drink beside it and $180 dollars left in tips under the pillow. We had no idea what the guest had been up to in his room. It was a little creepy, to be honest.


#15 Spiders And Fiberglass: Dementia Is Tragic 

There was an older woman who checked in during my second week of being there. She definitely should not have been independent. She lived in the town and booked a room for a week. She said that she was getting her house renovated because it was infested with “fiberglass.” She was probably in her 70s. She would walk around wearing one of those surgical masks and yellow rubber gloves.

As the week went on, she started to wear bandages on her arms (we think she was scratching herself; I bet if we asked it would have been because of the fiberglass). She shouldn’t have been able to drive but she kept going to and from her house to get more things. Our hotel was on the main road and she would just back up into it without looking. It was a miracle she never got into an accident.

Other than that, she would spend most of her time in the room. Occasionally, she’d walk to the office (where the manager would sit and just spout crazy stories about fiberglass and how it was everywhere in her house. Once the week was up, she extended her stay another five days because her house “wasn’t ready yet.”

She repeatedly declined maid service so we could never really get a glance of the condition of the room, yet she would keep complaining that her air conditioning had “fiberglass all over it.” One day, she came to the door complaining that the room was infested with spiders. She showed us a tissue that she said had “spiders in it” but there was nothing.

Unfortunately, since we didn’t really have any real way of helping her, my boss advised me to tell her that we were booked solid for the rest of the summer so she couldn’t extend her stay any longer. We waited out those last few days dealing with her. Occasionally, the maids who brought her towels and such would receive nasty glances from her as they came and went.

From what they saw, there were pillows everywhere, as well as a big bag of like perfumes and pills sprawled out on the dresser. She was seen a few times carrying large garbage bags into the room but we weren’t sure what was in them. She also had a few weird interactions with guests that made them complain, so we really could not wait until she was gone.

But here’s the freakiest part: when she was finally gone and we checked her room, IT WAS SPOTLESS. On her last night, we think she climbed out the window, put stuff in her car and left, stealing the key, too (but that’s common enough, we just replace them). We went back and looked at the camera footage and she wasn’t on it. The night manager did not see her leave either (if you leave the regular way, you have to be seen by the manager, as his the office is in the front). The only way she could have done it was through the window.

Every worker at the hotel was so curious to see what the room was like after she was gone. It was so bizarre—everything was clean and nothing was broken except for the air conditioner. We still had a third party company clean the room but it was freakin’ weird, man. My boss said she drove by the woman’s address and it was a beautiful house, but there was also a metal trailer in the driveway (we think she started living in that after the hotel).


#16 That’s Been There Longer Than You’d Like To Think 

I used to play in a semi-serious band. We did little mini tours around the East Coast. Somehow, we found the money to actually stay in a hotel for once, instead of the van. I drew the short straw and since there were only two beds and five of us, I slept on the floor. It was the cheapest hotel around. We were in Breezewood, which is at the end of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, so there are about a million hotels.

It’s clearly sketchy. Cracked pavement, cars in and out all night, weird loud music, but who cares—were having the time of our lives. After playing the show for the night, we went out partying. I passed out in my little spot between the two beds and woke up the next morning to see a huge puddle of dried blood all over the bottom side.

I had never been so grossed out in my life. I talked to the front desk trying to get a refund or explanation or something. The dude said, “You got what you pay for.”


#17 You Can’t Run Away From Your Problems 

The worst ever one I can remember is when there was a Christmas party and people got extremely tipsy. One particular gentleman, upon checking out, said he had a lovely stay and left fairly quickly without any free breakfast or anything.

When the housekeeping went into his room, they were met with the most god-awful smell. I think someone described it as the smell of sewers mixed with the smell of the bin lorry on a high summer day. They could not find the source; that is until they whipped off the duvet. The whole bed had been covered in excrement.

When I say covered, I mean covered. The man tried to hide it with a duvet cover! It was so bad that it had leaked through the sheets, mattress protectors, and most of the way through the mattress. The man thought he could get away with that without a word, but luckily we always ask for contact details and a credit card at check-in.


#18 A Very Odd And Kind Of Gross Jumpscare 

I worked as a housekeeper for about a month. During one of my shifts, I was on my way to pull linens. I swiped in, shut the door behind me, and started to go about my routine. The first order of business: do a once-over of the bathroom. I should’ve known something was up because the light was off and I couldn’t see clearly into the bathroom.

I walked forward, keeping my eyes on the floor for some reason, swung my arm around to hit the light, started to walk forward onto the tile, and as I tilted my head back up, I almost bump straight into a pair of men’s briefs, hanging from the ceiling at about face level. I yelped and stumbled backward into a wall as my eyes adjusted to the laundered nightmare I had just found myself in.

I dusted myself off and walked back into the bathroom to find the guest had a laundry line running along the shower and the ceiling and the door. He had been starting to wash clothes in the sink,  God as my witness, those briefs I almost faceplanted were not clean.


#19 Why Are People Like This Famous? Disappointing…

My mom worked at a nice hotel in Florida when I was little and she had to clean up a room after a rock star stayed there. She said that the room wasn’t too bad at first; there were the usual food wrappers and such laying about. The worst part was the bathroom. According to her, the rock star had broken bottles in the bathtub and ground the glass into the bottom. It took her and another worker a good part of the day to clean. She quit not long after that.


#20 At Least He Has People Who Care About Him 

There was a guest who had a suite with a jacuzzi tub. He had placed all of his belongings in the tub and proceeded to use it as a toilet for a few days. I should mention that his belongings were all VERY nice items, including multiple designer bags and suits. The hotel was eventually contacted by his family who let us know that he had gone MIA after refusing to take his antipsychotic medication. They came and picked him up, but he never returned for his belongings.


#21 Get Out, Get Out Now 

I went to NYC with my brother and my dad. We each had our own beds and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I woke up in the middle of the night to sleepily scratch my feet. My feet often get very itchy in the middle of the night since I overheat easily. I got very aggravated at this particular itch and pulled the blankets off. At the foot of my bed, I saw a large, dark stain.

My lungs squeezed out all of their air and I tried to form noise. My brother heard my alien noises and told me to shut up. I flicked the light switch on and my fears were rightfully established. It was blood. First, I thought I was the source, but I was in one piece. I didn’t want to wake up my dad because I didn’t want to freak him out.

He ended up awake with my brother and I and all three of us were weirded out. Our solution was to simply use some towels from the bathroom to cover the spot. We told the staff in the morning that our sheets were definitely NOT cleaned properly.


#22 Never Go Under 4 Stars, Everyone Should Know That 

I used to work in a cheap three-star hotel. One time, these guests wouldn’t check out even if it was noon already. I went up to their unit with security and we found a pipe and some needles. That room ended up being out of service for a while. This is why I will never stay at a cheaper hotel.


#23 Hopefully It Wasn’t Part Of A Ritual 

I was working at the front desk during a night shift and had to stay a little longer to give a hand moving something from the archives. I was called in by the girls from housekeeping. There was a decapitated deer head in one of the bathtubs. We learned later that our guest went hunting and he thought it was a good idea to chop up his big game in the bathroom.


#24 People, Dispose Of Your Bodily Secretions Properly Please 

I used to be a housekeeping manager at the Most Magical Place on Earth, and we used to host the global cheer competition. There were two tiers of competition: collegiate and high school. The collegiate cheer teams were purely athletes. They were up at seven in the morning to stretch and practice for like 10 hours. Crazy dedication. The high school cheer teams, on the other hand, were… high school cheer teams.

They were some of the least considerate guests we had. They’d leave horrendous messes all over the rooms. Think multiple bags of chips blown open all over our carpet and linens or melted gummy bears on the furniture. I had a housekeeper tell me that a room had a horrible smell, but she couldn’t find it. I walked in, and she was absolutely right.

It smelled like rotten beef. I looked and couldn’t find anything. We then realized it was coming from the mattresses. We pulled the linens off and found… nothing. Then, she suggested we pick up the mattress. Underneath was a mostly empty bag of peppered beef jerky, filled to the brim with used pads. It was one of the most disgusting things ever. Hotels are terrible. People are gross.


#25 Must’ve Been A Heck Of A Night 

I used to work at the front desk at a seedy hotel. One day, a cleaning lady came up to me crying. She said she quit, right there on the spot. English was not her first language and I wasn’t understanding her. She took me to a room, opened the door and it was completely covered in Vaseline. Floor to ceiling. There were dozens of empty jars littered on the floor. I called the manager who then called in a professional cleaning crew.


#26 Don’t Stifle Their Creativity 

The strangest room I’ve walked into was a room completely covered in feathers. Like, those cheap colorful ones that you get for arts and crafts. There were so many feathers you could barely see the floor.


#27 When Fantasy Goes Too Far 

My dad owns a hotel in Santa Monica and I work at the front desk.

We had a guest initially check in with a bunch of camera equipment. The hotel does have a no professional filming rule in place, so we kept a close eye on the guest after we checked him in. That night, the same guest had a bunch of people in his room. When security went upstairs to kick people out (only four people were allowed in his room type) they shoved our security guards out. We then called the cops and they kicked them out. They didn’t retrieve any of their belongings at that point.

The next morning, housekeeping and a few managers went into the room to see if there were any damages. When they walked in, there was a huge red carpet layout across the room, leading to a wall that had red curtains. There was a huge logo that read “The Bachelor” behind the curtains. The logo was also posted all along the walls.

We Googled the guy after and didn’t find anything, but in Google Images he had a bunch of BADLY photoshopped pictures of himself with celebrities. When he came back to retrieve his stuff, we charged him $500 for cleaning costs. He started cussing everybody out again, so we called the cops and got him to sign. He got his stuff and left.


#28 A Very Strange Stalactite 

One time, my boyfriend and I were guests at a hotel. He’s a lot taller than me, so I have to look up when I talk to him. As I did so, something on the ceiling caught my eye. We’d been checked into the room for all of maybe three minutes at this point.

There was a pair of underwear stretched over the top of the fire sprinkler, dangling down like some kind of weird drop light. That was an interesting conversation to have with the front desk. Not that I would know; I made my boyfriend do it.


#29 Sometimes You Just Gotta Have Fish 

I’ve got about a thousand or so stories, but the worst one is quite simple in its disgusting originality: guests fried fishes, then smeared the leftover olive oil from the pan all over the kitchen walls.

They had reserved two rooms and were shocked to discover the rooms were on floors. They demanded to stay in adjacent rooms but everything else was already booked, so they decided to “cook something, sleep a little bit, then leave,” which we were fine with considering they had traveled a thousand kilometers non-stop to reach us.

It took me weeks to make the smell go away.


#30 I Fought The Law And The Law Won 

Some guests got into a loud argument in the hall and out in the parking lot. It got so heated that another guest called the cops. It turned out, the guy had a warrant out for his arrest so when he saw the squad cars he bolted it back into the room and dove through the window to get back outside. Shortly after, he was taken down and arrested out front.

The cops then had to close off that room for about a week because they found thousands of dollars in cash, loads of illicit substances and a weapon all stuffed into the mattresses. It was the scariest darn week I’ve had since I started working here. Thankfully I was at home when the initial incident happened. Somehow on the night shift, I avoid all the crazy stuff that happens here.


#15 I Don’t Beliebe It

My aunt worked at this super high-end vacation rental company in Big Sky, Montana that apparently a lot of celebrities use. One of her jobs was to help prepare the houses for the guests, and one time Justin Bieber came to stay at one for his birthday. He had a long list of stuff he wanted in the house, including specific snacks and drinks, certain colors of towels, etc.

She said that he and his friends trashed the place and were put on the watch list. But she got to take home the fancy bottles of wine that they never opened.


#32 Just Say No, Kids 

After a few noise complaints, my boss decided that we needed to check on the guest since he was not answering his phone in the room. We knocked on the door, asked the dude if everything was okay, and the screaming stopped immediately after. The next morning, the same noise started again, so I knocked on the door with another manager. There was no answer.

Since he was not opening the door, my manager and I opened it ourselves and we saw the biggest mess in a hotel room you could ever imagine. The TV was broken, bottles everywhere, broken lamps, and shattered glass everywhere. The cops took good care of the situation and to this day, we still don’t know what type of illicit substances he used. Whatever they were, I don’t recommend them.


#33 Goodnight To Everyone Except This Guy 

Some web developer stayed with us for a week. He checked in with two dogs but nobody noticed the poor pups. The guy was well off and was consistently leaving at 11 p.m. He’d return every morning at 4 a.m. \We got multiple noise complaints from his neighbors of “children” crying from his room. When I and a fellow guard went to inspect the room, we found dog excrement all over the sheets, illicit substances all over the night table, and two human molars. The dogs whimpered as they hadn’t seen daylight since he checked in.


#34 Seriously, What Is It With Hotels

I worked in a hotel that had one whole suite closed down for three months. Four men went in there and hosted a party. There was trash everywhere, furniture destroyed and even holes punched into the walls. Some people just don’t know how to behave outside of their own homes.


#35 At Least She Owned Up To It 

My parents run a B&B and rent properties. This is one of my mother’s stories. Somebody had rented out all the rooms in the B&B for a wedding party and had pre-paid online. The wedding guests came back quite tipsy. One of them rushed off early in the morning without saying anything but the rest stayed for breakfast. My mom got to work cleaning the rooms, which had very expensive white linen and towels.

Everything was fine until she got to the room of the person who left early in the morning. Long story short, there were liquids that had come out from both ends. On top of everything, the woman had been heavily spray-tanned and left orange stains over everything she had touched. She then had to send a very long email to the groom with a description of the mess, photo evidence, and a quote for the cleaning fee.

His email response was just “I am so sorry,” and he paid the charges in full (which were pretty expensive as the room practically had to be redecorated). He didn’t even complain once. Sometimes I wonder if the bride and groom had stayed friends with that woman after that… I would have been mortified.


#36 Finally, A Celebrity That’s Actually Nice 

I worked part-time at a very upscale hotel in NYC to make extra money. I walked into work like any normal day and my manager called me into his office. There was a very famous actor staying at our hotel for a few days and asked that anyone entering his hotel room sign an NDA. Security would check if we had phones or cameras and wouldn’t let us come in with them. The manager told me I’d be helping room service set up dinner and dessert that weekend.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I wasn’t told who it was either. We had celebs stay there frequently, but this seemed like a much bigger deal. That evening I was setting up dinner with two others (security let us in) but no actor was to be found. Just as we were finishing up, the actor walks in (think Joe Black, Benjamin Button, Troy, Se7en, Fight Club). I was 26 at the time but my 16-year-old self almost died. I kept it together.

I didn’t find anything weird really other than the fact that he ordered a lot of food frequently. He was very nice and left us a big tip to split. It allowed me to stop working part-time to help pay my bills.


#37 Is Anyone Keeping Count? 

One time, I had to clean a room where there was excrement flung on the walls, ceiling and smeared into the bedsheets.

There was also another incident involving college kids blending beverages with a blender without the top on. The mixture shot up all over the walls and went rancid.


#38 Hotels Aren’t For Permanent Living, You Know 

The royal family of one of the super rich oil countries would book the entire top three floors of the best hotel in Beirut for an entire month. The housekeeping bill would dwarf the other bills, as basic things like curtains and furniture would have to be replaced twice a week or more. Sometimes, they would order in “roast lamb” and the restaurant would send the whole thing, head and all. Then, the next day, the housekeepers would have to play hide and seek to find the head.


#39 That’s Gonna Knock A Star Off 

I worked at a five-star resort where it was normal for conferences to be held. The resort had a good restaurant and bar that I would sometimes moonlight at. There must have been a pretty big event, as our team had several villas and apartments scheduled for cleaning. As we walked in, we could smell excrement straight away. The place was absolutely disgusting.

We immediately documented everything. Then, a hazard cleaning team had to take care of it. I remember hearing that the people that stayed in the villa were the key speakers at the conference, and were promptly fired.


#40 Not Your Usual Infestation

My dad works for a hotel and told me they had an older couple complain about hearing movement in their room at night. They didn’t know what to say and assumed they were just hearing things, but later they found clothes and shoes in the cupboard under the sink. Apparently, a small person was staying in the cupboard and would go use the bathroom when he thought the guests were asleep.


#41 The Gift That Keeps On Giving 

I was on a road trip alone and decided to stay in a small, family-owned motel instead of a chain. I arrived late at night and went straight to bed. The next morning, I felt really itchy and realized that the entire place was infested with bed bugs. It was so gross… I started getting red rashes all over my body from the beg bugs and all the scratching. The worst thing was that I was moving to college and had all my worldly possessions in the car with me.

I isolated everything that had been in that room in trash bags and bought bedbug spray immediately, which prevented some of my stuff from getting infested. But all the time I spent anticipating the worst got me hugely stressed out.


#42 You Know These Rooms Have A Shower, Right?

One room had an untraceable odor that we could not get rid of. I’m pretty sure the dude hadn’t bathed in a while and must have sweated all night. It was disgusting; we had to take breaths through an open window and then put a sheet. We brought in a machine but there was still a lingering smell for a couple of days.


#43 Why… Just Why… 

I was a room inspector and our guest decided to marinate a whole pig in their bathtub with gallons of wine, pineapples, and garlic. At first, we thought someone had died in the tub. That I will never forget.


#44 And I Would’ve Gotten Away With It If It Weren’t For You Meddling Exterminators 

The first hotel I ever worked at was a resort that had beautiful grounds and would sometimes host weddings. Guests often booked several rooms for a wedding. It was expensive. There was this one wedding party that started to complain of bed bugs.  At first, our hotel freaked out. We immediately called an exterminator to deal with the situation. After checking the rooms, he confirmed that every single bed bug he found was male—none of them had ever fed or nested, and they were ONLY in the wedding guest’s rooms.

I don’t know how or what kind of psycho family decides to do this, but they brought the bed bugs with them and planted them in the rooms to get them for free. I don’t want to be in the same world as bed bugs let alone CARRY THEM WITH ME.


#45 Surprise Visit From Dracula

It was a hallway. I worked at the front desk. A little league baseball team was staying the night and a guest complained to my manager about bats flying around. My manager assumed the baseball team was just being rowdy and headed upstairs to tell them to calm down. Turns out, it wasn’t baseball bats… Just a normal, flying bat hanging out in the hallway.