People Share The Things That Cost Less Than $100 That Most People Don’t Own But Should

We live in a consumer-driven society. It’s virtually impossible to browse through social media or the internet without being hit with an onslaught of advertising in some form. Plus, thanks to online shopping, making purchases for items we need has become easier than ever, and this added convenience often results in people spending money on goods they don’t need or use.

On the other hand, sometimes impulsive spending can lead to discoveries of new products that are actually useful. Take it from these people, who shared some of the things most people don’t own but should. The best part is? They cost less than $100.

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#34 Getting More Out Of Your Computer

Get an external drive for your computer. They’re so cheap now. You can grab a terabyte for just $40 and voila, tons of space for all of your files.


#33 A Simple Toolbox

A basic set of tools. My neighbor periodically comes by to borrow stuff like a Philips-head screwdriver or a hammer. Go to Harbor Freight and get a basic home toolkit. It’s useful whether you live in a house or an apartment.


#32 Dodging An Accident

A dash cam. It will save you one day, and the benefits will, by far, outweigh the cost.

When I was 18, I bought a used car with most of my savings and some idiot hit me, head on. It was his fault as he wasn’t paying attention. His head was completely looking the other way. The damage he caused was just under the cost of my car. Even his daughter who wasn’t there tried to blame me.

Because there was no evidence and nobody stopped to help, insurance decided it was 50/50. If I just spent the $100 on a dash cam, their insurance company would have had to pay to fix my car.

I just bought a dash cam a month ago. It’s a VIOFO A119 pro, and I’m happy with it so far.


#31 Securing Your Comfort And Safety

Get a cheap security cam. I got a Samsung SmartCam for my apartment and have it facing my front door. I can set it to alert me any time it detects motion. I’ve caught my landlord showing my apartment without my permission once, and now I have peace of mind when I’m out of town. It was around $60.


#30 Always Powered And Ready To Go

Extra chargers. It’s so convenient to have one in your room, one at work, one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one in your bag. You never have to worry about battery issues!


#29 Spicing Things Up

A complete spice cabinet. You can eat like a king with the cheapest ingredients if you have a well-stocked spice cabinet.


#28 Worth The Plunge

A high-powered plunger, or one of those plungers that’s attached to a bicycle pump. They’ve saved my butt at least three times when I was living in this old apartment with a less-than-ideal plumbing system. Once, my toilet clogged for two days. 


#27 Getting Toasty

I don’t see toaster ovens in a lot of other peoples’ kitchens. Like, why the heck not? It’s super convenient, doesn’t heat the whole house in the summer, and reheats leftovers without making them a sloppy puddle of goop.


#26 Trimming On Personal Care Costs

This isn’t for everybody, but I like to keep my hair nice and short. Not army-short or anything, but shorter than most people have their hair. My wavy hair does not cooperate with me when it grows out, and short hair is just so much easier to care for.

I bought a $30 beard trimmer that I use to cut my hair, and a hand mirror to help with the back. I imagine beard trimmers come in all kinds of different styles, but the thing paid for itself in two or three haircuts. I haven’t gone in to get my hair cut by a professional in three years because I keep mine so short and simple.


#25 A Preparedness Package

Always be prepared. You can never have too many blankets, bottles of water, candles, matches, first aid kits, jumper cables, tools, flashlights, batteries, whistles, mirrors, compasses, solar blankets, extra clothes, ropes, needles, and thread when going on a wilderness excursion. All of these things should be available at a moments notice. Every item on this list fits into a small bag together.


#24 Tucking Anxiety Away

A weighted blanket. Even if you’re not on the spectrum and don’t have anxiety or sleep issues, they promote restful and deep sleep.


#23 A More Convenient Way To Charge

USB wall outlets next to your bed and desk and extra long cables for charging your devices.

It’s a magical experience.

I keep the quick charge cable near the couch or tea counter, so I can still charge my phone up fast.


#22 An On-The-Go Emergency Kit

A simple emergency kit for your car. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just look up ideas for one online and decide what will benefit you most. Some basic items would be spare clothes, a first aid kit, toiletries, and a toolkit. I’m able to keep all of it in a small duffle bag that I store in my trunk. You probably have spares of most of these items in your home, and what you don’t have is relatively cheap.


#21 A Way To Break The Windows

Get a window breaker of some sort. You never know if your car will roll over or if it will end up in a body of water. The window breaker could save your life. I recommend getting one that also has a “seat belt knife” so you can easily cut the belt.

Also, get a digital tire gauge and read the owners manual for how much tire pressure you should have. Don’t solely rely on the door jam as that PSI rating is intended for temperatures between 60°F to 70°F. If the average temperature on a given day is higher, you should lower your PSI to improve the tread wear. In the winter, you should have more PSI than the door jam.

Again, read your owner’s manual.


#20 Easier Than Shredding

Get a camouflage roller stamp, so when addressed junk mail comes through the door, you just obliterate your personal information, and the paper can go straight in the recycling.

We used to have mountains of papers waiting to be shredded. Now, we just obliterate and recycle. It saves hours of very boring organization, and it is much tidier. Costs maybe $10 US, shipping included.


#19 A (Mini) Double-Edged Sword

A double-edge razor. A good shave is tough to come by, and these things get it done. You can get everything — the razor, the blades, a good shaving cream, a brush, and some aftershave— all for less than $100.

My world completely changed when I started shaving like this. I can shave more frequently and get a better shave with less irritation. Men and women alike can appreciate the style of shaving. It’s relaxing to me personally, and the different artisan shave soaps are limitless.


#18 A More Concise Way To Car Clean

Shop-Vac. You can get a fairly strong one for under $100, and it’s very versatile. Cleaning out your car is a breeze. Sucking up spilled water is no problem. It even sucks up stuff that would give a regular vacuum trouble like pennies and rocks. You can also flip the hose on the other side and use it as a leaf blower.


#17 A Perfect Pocket Knife

Just a good, small, lock-back pocket knife. When I was a kid, everyone had a pocket knife. Now it seems like no one carries one. You don’t even notice how often you use it until you forget to put it in your pocket for the day.

Just a plain old Swiss army knife is excellent. Not locking, but it does the job. An Opinel is super handy if you find yourself needing to make a sandwich. A Leatherman Wave is great as well, but a bit bulky.

Just carry some kind of pocket knife, and you can solve all of life’s problems.


#16 Preparing For Other Peoples’ Kids

If you live in a house with no kids, get a few toy cars, dolls, and blocks. If a friend ever stops by with a kid, it makes their visit a whole lot stress-free.

My mom used to take me when she would visit an old lady with no family. The lady had a special box of stuff for kids to play with and it was awesome.


#15 Some Quality Glasses For The Bar Cart

High-quality glasses. Personally, I buy Schott Zwiesel glassware, because they are very durable and freaking thin. They make for an awesome drinking experience.

You can get six wine glasses, high balls, hurricanes, martini glasses, and balloon glasses for €75 and you’re pretty much set for most occasions.

I don’t know if they are as available in the US, but I think there should be similar brands in the US.


#14 A New Way Of Listening To The World

I work in a production facility and they won’t allow stereos at work due to the fact you have to have them cranked up so loud to hear them over the machine noises.

I picked up a pair of 3M Bluetooth earmuffs. The ones I got were called “Work Tunes,” and they cost about $50. The batteries will last up to 60 hours before needing a recharge.

They both protect my hearing and allow me to listen to music and podcasts at work. As a bonus, you can even take calls with them.

Honestly, they are good enough to the point that I use them at home all the time, just because of the quality and how comfy they are.


#13 Floor Lamps For Those Who Fear Heights

Floor lamps. As a short person, I learned that if I have floor lamps, I don’t have to climb scary ladders and take down breakable ceiling fixtures to change the light bulbs. It’s so much easier and safer to change the bulbs in the floor lamps!

In the same vein, buy the kind of step stools that have retracting castors, so they’re easily movable but don’t collapse when you’re on them. These are essential to my life!


#12 Sewing It All Back Together

A sewing kit. I got a cheap pocket kit for, like, $3. It’s not a very good kit, but it gets the job done.

You don’t need a machine for minor repairs; if you’ve popped a button off or a seam has come undone on your pants, you can probably sew that thing back together by hand as long as it’s not denim. Most kits even come with a needle threader and a few lengths of thread in common colors for quick repairs. Get a thimble if you’re worried about poking yourself.


#11 The Power Of A UPS

Get an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) rather than a power strip. I’d been bugging my friend to get one for years. He’s a highly-paid coder, and his wife does very well as a teacher. Neither of them has backed up anything on their computers (which is another mess in itself), and they don’t have a UPS in their living room or home office.

One day, the power went out. When it came back on, they found every electronic item they owned wouldn’t turn on. They were using secondhand power strips from probably the ’90s.

They lost everything: All his projects for work, all her grades, and assessments… Everything.

Whenever my power goes out, thanks to my UPS, I usually have thirty minutes or so to shut everything down before they shut off.


#10 A Way Of Keeping Things Hot

So, you know those pizza bags the delivery people use to keep the pizza hot? You can just buy those on Amazon for around $20. I only got one because I work at a hotel and found one in the trash. My guess is the delivery guy forgot it and someone chucked it in the trash cart by my area. I keep mine in the trunk of my car since there’s nothing else there. It’s so convenient. My trunk opens with a button press from my keys, so when I have a pizza in my hands, I press the button and just slide the box into the bag.

No more awkwardly placing it on an entire seat. No more worrying about any grease stains on my seats. No more having to dig out any pepper-cheese packets. Since those go in the bag too. Also, since the pizza is still hot, I no longer have to buy it last if I have other places I have to go to. Now, I can pick it up first and go home sooner. It never occurred to me that you could just buy your own. I guess I just always assumed they’d be hard to get or something, but no! Amazon will just sell you one easy.


#9 The Right Kind Of Smoke Detector

A working smoke detector that is also not expired.

Get at least one on every floor, ideally one in each bedroom, especially in the kids’ bedrooms. Also, invest in those with a permanent battery. They eliminate the need to replace the battery during the full life of the detector.

Don’t forget to test them on a regular basis. Most deaths that happen during a fire are due to a non-working or missing smoke detector.


#8 A Gem For Any House Party Host

A roleplaying game. It’s great for social situations and doesn’t need screens. Roleplaying games let kids learn basic math, social skills, language, storytelling and much more. They let adults explore themes and different perspectives, thus broadening their horizons while having fun. With a good group and a dedicated game master, you’re set for entertainment that can last as long as you want it to.


#7 A Powerful Compressor

A small compressor that plugs into your car. Man, I got one of these 20 years ago. It came with a can of Fix-A-Flat. I think I paid, like, $14.95 for the two items. It has saved me so many times. That little plastic compressor takes about five minutes to fill a tire, which beats sitting stranded in the middle of nowhere for hours. Heck, it even came with a needle to fill basketballs, as well as attachments to fill air mattresses and so on.

Recently, my father bought one that looks just like a full-size air compressor, but it’s a micro version. It’s good quality, wasn’t more than $30, and I’d most definitely suggest one for everyone!


#6 Getting All The Paste Out Of The Tube

Toothpaste roller. Squeeze every last drop out of your products.


#5 Because Ironing Is Just Unnecessary Nowadays

A portable steamer! They’re super cheap, maybe like $30 to $40, and they’re so much more convenient than ironing.


#4 A Better Way To Start Your Morning

A hot water kettle. Brits typically have these, but not so much Americans.

You can make coffee using a manual drip filter. You can make tea. You can make instant cereal or pour it on the anthills that form on your sidewalk.

I mean, seriously, there are so many uses for hot water. A good kettle can set the appropriate temperature for various drinks. It’s also just faster, easier, and less messy than any other method, hands-down.


#3 A Convenient Way To Prop Your Phone Up

A PopSocket for your phone. I initially thought they were just for teen girls taking selfies, however, as someone with small hands, it makes today’s large phones MUCH easier to use. Besides making the phone easier to hold, it can be propped on a table horizontally to watch videos during lunch!


#2 The Sweet Sound Of Silence

Earplugs. Most of my family (including me) has a fair amount of hearing damage and a large chunk of my friends have it as well. If your surroundings are too loud, don’t suck it up! The hearing loss only gets worse, so keep those ears safe!


#1 The Small Things That Amount To A Lot

If I say to myself, “This would be so much easier if I had that handy,” I know I have to get whatever that is.

So far with this rule, I have bought an electric screwdriver, a ball of string, an ax, a flat cap, an umbrella, a starter set of modeling paints, and a cheap desktop that runs Windows.

It’s surprising how many things you don’t buy for yourself for stupid reasons that make no sense in hindsight — like, people judging you for thinking you need something. I’m a grown adult and I know what I like, so why do I worry so much? Just buy the stuff if you want it if you can afford it.