People Share The Most Obvious, Stupid Things That Others Waste Money On

No one has perfect discipline when it comes to money. We all spend the cash we make on the things we want, not just on the things we need. I mean, it is our money, after all, so let us do what we want with it, right? We spend a lot of the money we make on necessities like rent and groceries, but sometimes, our expenses can start getting out of hand.

We all have our little pleasures, whether it’s fast food, video games, or something else, but a lot of the things we thoughtlessly throw our money away on make absolutely no sense when you really think about it. Whether it’s unhealthy vices, pointless memberships, or hundreds lost on credit card interest, these people shared some eye-opening examples of the dumbest thing we waste our money on. Check them out!

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#30 Let’s Start By Making A Lot Of People Mad

Starbucks. Worked there for five years. There are regular customers who come in twice a day, every day and spend $5-6 on a drink. I had one who would get 2 venti mochas and a venti mocha frap, all for himself. Every. Single. Day.



#29 There Are No Shortcuts

Most of the “you’ll get impressive results” from X workout program or lose X amount of weight from a quick and easy program. Nope, they aren’t sustainable long-term and that’s why people fail. Quick and easy methods don’t make up for hard work and dedication to whatever fitness goals you have.


#28 ‘This Outfit Costs More Than Your House’

Designer clothes for kids or babies when they will grow out of them within a few months. My wife works at a nursery and she has parents who do this and she tells the nursery staff to not let the child ruin their clothes.


#27 Dishing Out Unnecessary Cash

When I worked for a TV network, I couldn’t understand some customers paying for the adult movies. I’m talking an extra $200-plus a month. Get an old Sears catalog, you savages.


#26 Charge It!

Buying expensive appliances on credit with a high-interest rate. My wife and I went out to buy a washing machine the other day and the price nearly doubled if we wanted to pay over 12 months. Screw that, we will just save up for a few months and buy it outright.

#25 Everything Is RENT!

Rent-A-Center, Aaron’s, and the like. No, an iPad is NOT worth $3,600, especially if it gets repo’d after you miss a single payment and also because it’ll be obsolete by the time you pay it off.

#24 Giving Yourself Too Much Credit

Credit card interest! I know a bunch of people who are SO SHOCKED by their high-interest rates. They thought it was like an interest-free loan to yourself and then are surprised when making teeny payments doesn’t do anything.

#23 Ghost Bills

Not keeping track of or not using monthly paid subscriptions. A streaming account that you forgot you had, a gym membership that you used once, etc. It’s unbelievable to me that people just aren’t aware of something they’re being billed for on a regular basis.

#22 Hardcore Mobile Gamer

The people who spend thousands a month on Facebook or Kongregate-type games. I’m an avid video game player, but yeesh, get some value for your bucks.

#21 Your Tush Will Thank You

Single-ply toilet paper. Spend the extra two dollars, you animals.

#20 Money Can’t Buy Priorities

A friend’s family member can’t afford to feed their 5 kids. Can afford various vices, brand name cushions, a week out of town without said kids…

#19 An Unhealthy Drain On Money

Bars. I mean, once a week/two weeks is fine, but people that are up there several days a week, running up big tabs every night… that’s crazy.

#18 And Another

Cigarettes. The family members who are constantly broke and asking for money are the same ones who smoke two packs a day.

#17 Sounds Like Someone’s Going to Elope…

Weddings. Don’t get me wrong, I think having a wedding “event” is important and sharing that with friends and family is great. But there is so much unnecessary excess that goes into it, and people feel so pressured to Pinterest the crap out of the event that it loses its meaning. It ends up costing so much money that it delays other things like buying a house, traveling, kids, etc.

#16 Theater Grub Gets No Love

I used to work in a movie theater and it amazed me how much stuff people would leave behind once the film was over. I’m talking the vast majority of a large popcorn or large drink. Sometimes an ice cream tub would still have most of it in there (melted, obviously). There would also be full unopened packs of chocolate, candy, chips, and sometimes unopened drinks. One of the reasons people preferred working on the floor rather than concessions was you’d often find stuff to eat when you were cleaning the auditoriums between shows.

Having worked there for years, I definitely learned to respect why prices are high so I have no problem with people paying theater snack prices, but so many people seem to just buy certain snacks when they clearly don’t want them. If you’ve had about 3 pieces of a large bag of popcorn, you clearly didn’t really want popcorn and just liked the idea of having popcorn. Same goes for people who turn up with bulging bags full of snacks. You’re watching a 2-hour film, not camping in the woods for a weekend. Sometimes I’ll go watch a movie and not eat or drink anything at all. Or I’ll just take in a drink because I like something to sip while I’m watching a film. If I feel like a snack I’ll get something, but if not, I won’t. I certainly wouldn’t pay money for a popcorn and drink combo only to barely touch any of it.

#15 So Relatable

Me. I waste a whole lot of money eating out for work lunch instead of just waking up a bit earlier and preparing something at home. It’s stupid, but I’m getting better.

#14 We Don’t Need No Education

College when you don’t know what you want to do at all. “Woah, I don’t know what I want to do. Might as well get some debt! Wooo.”

#13 De$igner Pillz

Brand name over-the-counter drugs. Advil is the same as ibuprofen. Benadryl is the same as diphenhydramine. Advil PM is just the combination of the two. Save yourself some money and just buy generics. If you’re not sure what the generic is, just read the label and find the active ingredient.

#12 Only The Latest And Greatest Tech For Me, Please

New phones. I mean, I can understand if your phone is busted or outdated like you’ve got the iPhone 4 and want to upgrade to the iPhone 7. I just don’t get why people get the iPhone 7 and then immediately get the iPhone 8 a year later. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not ragging on Apple users specifically, that’s only an example. People to do the same thing with any line of popular smartphone. It seems like a total waste of money to me, especially considering the differences between Generic Smartphone 10 and Generic Smartphone 11 are pretty minimal.

#11 ‘Yeah, Well, The Graphics Are Still Better!’

FIFA. Same game every year. Admittedly, I nearly fell into this trap with a football manager, but at the last moment realized how hypocritical it was of me, so I looked at the changes and new features…

Instead of paying £25 to get the new game, I’ve decided to just get a team update through the steam workshop.

#10 Food Isn’t The Only Thing That Gets Decorated Around Here

Decorative plates. There is probably $5,000 worth of them at my parent’s place. I will never understand.

#9 Shop Till You Drop… In Those New Pumps

Shoes. As a girl, it’s a common stereotype that is taken lightly that we spend so much money on shoes.

But I never understood it. I have 3 pairs I wear on a daily basis: gym shoes, flats, and boots. However, I know guys that literally have 100 pairs of Jordans and girls with 50 pairs, some of the same shoe but a different color (and yes, I understand the desire to match outfits and such).

Shoes are costly, however. I was mad I had to drop 50 dollars on my gym shoes. Yet, it amazes me people will gladly drop hundreds to thousands of dollars on pairs of shoes, some just to say they have them.

#8 The Magic Just Ain’t Happening For Your Wallet

Some Magic: The Gathering cards. Don’t get me wrong, I play the game too, but unless you play in tournaments and compete to be the best, I feel like bragging that you have a $964 deck is just screaming addiction and poor money management.

#7 Life’s A Gamble

Slot Machines.

Like anything, I understand that the value to be had is entertainment, and there are many different ways to pay for entertainment, whether that’s going to the movies or sporting events or whatever. But to me, it seems like a total waste of money to dump a bunch of dollars in what amounts to a silly video game.

Of course, some might say that dumping money into my various hobbies is an equal waste, so really I think it comes down to this: only the person spending the money can truly say if what they’re spending it on is a waste or not.

#6 Big Fancy Lights In The Sky

I’m always amazed people spend so much on fireworks seeing as it all goes up in smoke.

#5 The Foam Isn’t Worth The Bones

Foaming Hand Soap.

You can buy a 4-liter bottle of liquid hand soap at the dollar store and make enough foaming hand soap that your great grandchildren will be washing their children’s hands with it.

#4 Cereal Killers!

Once heard of a very affluent family who throws out boxes of cereal after the kids have eaten from them one time. Because tomorrow morning the cereal won’t be “fresh” anymore, so they’ll just open up a new box.

One of the kids doesn’t want the same cereal as his sibling? Open two, then. And after you pour their bowls of cereal, throw the basically full boxes in the trash.

Pantry looked like a doomsday shelter.

#3 Read Between The Lines

Audible. The cost of audiobooks is insane, but Overdrive is free through your local library if you’re willing to wait a little while for the latest releases. For people who say “Oh, but my local selection is crappy,” you can get an out-of-state ecard for a couple of the bigger libraries in the U.S. Brooklyn, for example, has over 20,000 audiobooks and 100,000 ebooks, is free for New York residents and will cost you $50 if you live out of state. That’s way cheaper than an Audible subscription. Additionally, a lot of places give you a Hoopla membership too, so in a lot of cases, you don’t even need to wait for the book you want.

Anyone who’s in a position to listen to multiple audiobooks a month (either on a work commute or actually at work) would probably be better off, and it has the added bonus of supporting the library network.

#2 Ever Heard Of A Supermarket?

The meal-prep-in-a-box subscription services. Maybe if you are single and don’t have time to grocery shop, but you still need pretty substantial prep skills and I can make dinner for way less than $10 a plate…

#1 Obviously, Waste Money


Save up for the thing you want first, THEN buy it with the credit card, THEN make a payment on the credit card with the money you’d already set aside.

With just a little patience, you can build your credit history and get the thing you want for zero additional cost. Heck, you can even get paid to build your credit history if you get a rewards card.