The 5 Biggest Benefits of Studying Abroad

Do you seek a life-changing experience like no other? You should consider studying abroad! As the world continues to evolve, studying abroad is now more critical than ever. From expanding your global network to immersing yourself in new cultures, the benefits of being an international student are significant.

It may be intimidating to leave home and live in a completely foreign country by yourself, but once you get past the initial jitters, you’ll find that the experience is ultimately worth it for the valuable skills you’ll gain. If the chance to see the world isn’t convincing enough alone, then maybe these other five benefits will be:

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#1 Learn a new language

One of the underrated benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to learn new languages. In most countries, studying a second language is part of the class curriculum. However, perhaps the best way to learn another language is by dealing directly with the source of it— that is, by talking and interacting with the locals and community.

By applying yourself to real-life situations, you’ll learn the language a whole lot faster. You’ll have a chance to practice it regularly in conversational settings, which is not necessarily an opportunity that you’ll get in a classroom setting.

#2 Improve your resume

Studying abroad counts as valuable experience. In fact, it can even help launch your career and keep you competitive when you apply to jobs. Not only do employers appreciate multilingual candidates, but they also consider the transferable skills you gain. The simple fact that you’ve studied abroad gives the impression that you are flexible to new challenges.

You also get the added benefit of having more exposure to hands-on experiences while in a foreign country. While most students learn things from a more theoretical perspective, international students often have more practical experiences that make them better-rounded and more attractive as candidates.

#3 Experience new cultures

This goes without saying, but being an international student means you get the see the world. How many people can say they’ve seen the ancient Mayan temples of the Yucatan or walked into the historic churches of Rome? Studying abroad doesn’t mean you’re just studying 24/7—there are several opportunities for excursions and sightseeing as well!

On a social sense, experience new cultures help you expand your worldview. You’ll come across people from all sorts of backgrounds and learn to embrace traditions that may be different than yours. Instead of experiencing a culture through a textbook, experience in person by actually immersing yourself in another country.

#4 Expand your global network

An inevitable part of the international student experience is building new connections with people from all over the world. You’ll have the opportunity to not only meet worthwhile colleagues but also life-long friends. These connections can help you land new careers,  job offers, and business ventures. The broader your global network, the more opportunities you’ll encounter.

#5 Earn a degree in unique ways

Every country employs its own unique teaching styles. In some locations, you may have the chance to earn your degree in a way that doesn’t involve your typical lecture format. You might be exposed to lab activities, self-learning, teacher-student projects and other different methods of teaching that are much more engaging and unrestricted.