Teachers Reveal Their ‘Red Flag: This Kid Needs Help Immediately’ Stories

When you’re a teacher, it can be extremely rewarding to watch students grow, learn and develop under your guidance. Still, not every child is an angel in the classroom, and this can make the job of any good teacher a living nightmare! Every educator is bound to have some kids who misbehave in their classes. However, there are some children who are far too disturbing for even the most qualified teachers to deal with!

Could you handle a kid who tried to burn his own house down? What about one who hurts squirrels in his backyard? Or a child who believes he is the killer clown, Pennywise, and threatens to eat other kids in the class? These may sound like scenarios straight out a horror film, but they are far from fictional. Here are some teachers’ stories of terrible students who raised too many red flags to count!

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#35 A Rage-Addicted Volcano Of A Child

When I taught ESL in Korea, I had a student who was a rage addict. He was about 11 years old and he always came into class grumpy. He would hunch his shoulders and put his head down like some grouchy old codger. Usually about once a month, he would lose his mind over something, and it was literally like watching a volcano erupt for a solid 20 minutes. He would totally lose it, attack anybody who got near him and completely lash out at all of the adults.

I watched an older grandfather try to talk to him and the kid wouldn’t back down. In fact, he just got even angrier until the grandfather gave up on him. The kid had serious anger issues. I would see the emotions rise in him overtime and eventually I became skilled at identifying when it was time for him to fly into a rage and explode.


#34 Yes, You Read That Right

I teach middle school math. We have Saturday school once a month for students with failing grades so they can get extra help in whatever subject. One kid started acting unruly because he did not want to be there, so he was placed in a separate conference room as to not disturb the other kids. While he was alone, he pulled out a tooth. An adult tooth. He literally pulled it out of his face. It was terrible.


#33 A Horrifying House Fire… And The Kid Who Caused It

During my first year as a teacher, a middle schooler’s house burnt down and everyone was convinced he did it… The parents said he often made stuff up that wasn’t true, but this time they had a strong gut feeling. His younger siblings were still in the house when he allegedly did it. Eventually, he disappeared and they ran.

It wasn’t their house, either; it was just a rental. I’m guessing when the official report came out saying that the fire was set intentionally they skipped town.


#32 Please Don’t Come To Parent-Teacher Night

I was in charge of an after-school program for junior high and high school students (13-18 years old). One time, I was waiting for a 13-year-old girl to get picked up with her friend, and this is the conversation I hear from across the room while they were messing around with the whiteboard.

Girl 1: *Writes 666*

Girl 2: “You can’t do that, that’s bad.”

Girl 1: “Why not?”

Girl 2: “I don’t know, I just know it’s bad.”

Girl 1: ” It’s OK, my dad has it tattooed on his chest.”


#31 Reenacting The Worst Day Of Everyone Else’s Life

My mom used to teach in a high school. There was this one kid who was really mean, violent and rude. One day, one of the teachers dropped dead of a heart attack in front of some of the kids at break time… Less than 10 minutes later, the kid started imitating the teacher dying in front of the others, for entertainment. He was not in the least fazed by what he’d seen and he had no idea that what he was doing was horrifying.


#30 Definitely Not Your Typical Fantasy

College professor here. One student in my college class wrote a disturbing paper in which he discussed his fantasy of beating a therapist for not listening to him about his problems. He was constantly distracted in class, cheated in every way imaginable and his overall demeanor just struck me as off. I repeatedly put in written notices about him, because I really thought something was going to go wrong. One day, after class ended, he randomly took his newborn kid and ran away to a different state.


#29 At Least He’ll Have A Career In Acting

There was this boy, around 14 years old, who was always with his personal therapist. I don’t usually ask questions, but since his teacher was also mine in high school a few years ago, I felt comfortable asking her what was wrong with him. She explained that he had a tendency to get aggressive towards his classmates, and as a precaution, his therapist had to be with him at all times while he was at school to help calm him down if something or someone triggered him.

But as it turns out, the kid had been pretending to be autistic for years. He looked up the “symptoms” of autism on the internet and started acting autistic to fool the therapist and his whole family. When the truth came out, his therapist’s eyes went blank and his mother looked like her son died in front of her.


#28 Proving His Brute Strength To Bullies

Once I had a student in the third grade get mad at me for taking away points from him for bad behavior. The other kids pointed and laughed at him when I did it. He then very calmly walked up to one of the kids who was laughing, picked up a stack of like, four pencils that were on his desk and snapped them perfectly in half. Then, he silently went back to his desk and sat down.


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#27 An Inked-Up Fifth-Grader

There was a kid in my brother’s fifth-grade class who tattooed himself with pen ink. It worked and he was forced to wear sleeves when he played on the middle school basketball team so they didn’t show. He’s now in prison.


#26 Well… He Read The Book

I had my students fill out book reports that had a few questions they needed to answer. One kid submitted a really solid book report with great answers, except for one:

Question: “What did you enjoy most about this story?”

His answer: “He gets mad and kills his family.”

He also added a scrawling image of mutilation that was completely unrelated to the story.


#25 An Interesting Reaction To Test Stress

I was giving a spelling test to my third graders. One student calmly got out her Elmer’s glue and poured it in her ear.


#24 Maybe It’s Time For An Early Retirement

I had a student who came to me earlier this year because he was”kicked out” of his last school. Despite only being a freshman in high school, he was covered in tattoos. On the second day of having him in my class, I looked up from my desk while the students were taking a test and I see him miming the action of beheading someone with something shiny. When I went back to see what it was, he laughed and hid it, swearing he had nothing. I went back to my desk and a few minutes later I looked up to see him doing it again. I let it go.

After he left the room, I found the pocket knife he had been writing with under his desk. I immediately reported it to the admin.

He was moved multiple times to other teachers’ classes over the next few weeks. He threatened to kill one of the teachers. He also drew pictures of rifles all over his essays.


#23 World’s Saddest “Have You Ever” Story

I teach English at a boarding school and I was doing a “have you ever” activity. I asked one kid to make a sentence and he said, “My dad has never come to visit me.” Poor guy.


#22 There’s Definitely A Demon In This One

While I was teaching pre-school, I would gently pat the kids’ backs during naptime. One day, I was patting a four-year-old’s back and he said in a creepy whisper, “I’m going to cut out your insides and my dad will cook them on the grill. Then we’re going to cut off your toes and suck out the blood.” He’s on my watchlist.


#21 She Knows Far, Far Too Much

My mom teaches special education and one of her students stands out from the rest. This student always had toys on hand to keep her calm but, for obvious reasons, there was a rule that prohibited her from bringing them with her during tests. My mom, on the other hand, was pretty lenient with this rule because she thought that as long as the student didn’t cheat with the toys, it should be fine.

One day, the student needed to take her SATs and my mom didn’t allow her to have her toys because this was a different circumstance than usual. The following day, the student looked at my mom, whispered our home address and her kids’ names (including mine) and said, “Please don’t take my toys.” My mom has taught for over 30 years and that was the only student she decided to opt out of teaching.


#20 Well, We Weren’t Expecting That Ending

I once had a young student who, in a fit of frustration, say that he wished he could “take me to his Dad’s shed.” Flashing warning signs immediately lit up in my head, and the boy’s family was contacted since we obviously worried about the possibility of abuse. Upon investigation, it was found that the only thing going on in the shed was the boy taking mice and squirrels he caught in his neighborhood to hurt on purpose. A few had even been set on fire.


#19 Extreme Measures To Get Out Of Testing

I had a sixth-grade student look up online the best ways to break his own arm… and he actually did it. He broke his own arm to get out of state testing. He thought that if he had a broken arm, he wouldn’t have to write the test. The problem is, he broke the wrong arm. He’s right-handed and broke the left one…


#18 He’s So Much Worse Than “Spoiled”

I haven’t been a teacher for too long, but this happened during the first week of my career. A student threatened me with violence after I asked him to put his phone away. I sent him out.

The student had an assigned aide and I met with her. She told me she was sorry she wasn’t with him at the time he threatened me, and to give him another chance. “It’s not his fault, he’s just spoiled,” she told me. I later found out that she oversimplified his situation…

I went up to him and shook his hand as a way to start fresh. But then three minutes later, I end up sending him out again for calling me a foul name when I asked him to sit down.


#17 A Majorly Manipulative Suck-Up

My mom has taught for nearly 40 years.

The only kid that ever truly scared her was this one boy who used to act like he was sucking up to her until he thought she wasn’t paying attention.

For example, when she gave everyone a Christmas gift before the break, he fawned over how great the gift she gave him was and even told her that he would cherish it forever. The second he thought she wasn’t looking, he threw it in the garbage. He was nine.


#16 So, Let’s Not Put Him Up Front Anymore

I had a seventh-grade kid move to our school after bringing a knife to class at his former school. Part of the deal of his transfer was that he had to follow a very specific plan as laid out by the school district. This included sitting dead center in the front row in every single one of his classes.

Within a week he was pointing at his teachers with his fingers, pencils, pens or whatever worked to imitate a gun. He pretended to pull a trigger while making gunshot sounds.

It wasn’t a “pew pew pew,” but rather a “pop pop pop pop,” which is closer to the sound of actual gunshots.

He didn’t last much longer after that.


#15 Time For Some Febreze

A student walked into the classroom and said, “It smells like pungent herb in here.”

I teach six-year-olds.


#14 Definitely A Future Serial Killer

Oh boy. I had this second grader in my class who was a mean little dude. He liked making the other kids upset. There was one boy in particular who he just loved to pick on. One time, he made the boy cry so hard that he became hysterical and puked. He enjoyed the power he had over the other kid.

He also brought small bugs into the class and cut them in half with scissors because he “wanted to see if they would live after.”

Total future serial killer. His parents refused to believe anything was wrong with him.


#13 Someone Call An Exorcist

I had a student in the class who had behavioral problems. He walked up to another teacher who was pregnant and proceeded to tell her he was going to hurt her unborn baby.

Nobody really knew how to react…

The tone in his voice and the look in his eyes was up there with some of the evilest stuff I’ve seen in my life.


#12 An Unusual Excuse For Missing Gym

One of my students skipped the entire week of school when they were teaching swimming in PE. We thought he skipped just because he was afraid of the pool, but it turns out it was because he had his last name tattooed across his back in old English. It kind of made some sense because the kid did seem to have some gang-like tendencies…

This was a 14-year-old.


#11 A Very Upsetting Surprise

I had a student last week tell me to hold out my hand because he had a surprise for me. I did it out of curiosity and he placed a 9-mm round in my hand.


#10 How On Earth Was This Kid Not Expelled

I worked with a kid who was a little Eddie Haskel-ish, but he was also a hardened kid. In the eighth-grade, he would say all the right things to appeal to caring adults, but as soon as you turned your back, he was a holy terror! Bullying others, thieving, even making booby traps. But once he got in trouble, his “nice” side would show up.

My assistant principal put it in the best way possible: “Once a kid is that hardened, you simply have to hope he doesn’t one day decide YOU’RE his next victim. Courts and foster programs are usually too overwhelmed to catch kids like him in the act and get them the help they need.”

Scary kid.


#9 Hypothetical Bank Robbery Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong

I teach English in China and I had my students brainstorm an argument to act out (maybe someone took their homework, borrowed money, etc). I gave them three minutes to prepare to present to the class. This was an exercise in identifying rhetorical questions, politeness and body language.

The first group came up and said that they were going to enact “a bank robbery.” I laughed and said okay, let’s see.

A girl walked in as the customer and another girl walked in as the robber. She promptly TOOK OUT A REAL POCKETKNIFE and put the blade against the other girl’s throat. The class reacts with laughter and oohs and ahhs. Such great acting, they must have thought.

I scream, “NOPE. Not Okay! Stop!” and took the knife away. She was reprimanded by her head teacher.


#8 Super Spooky Stalker

A university freshman tried to join my class late, but all the slots allotted by the admin had already been filled. He approached me after the first day of class and asked to be added anyway. Very flat effect. No emotion at all.

I told him that I couldn’t add him, and he replied, “If you don’t add me, I’ll follow you everywhere. Even to the bathroom.”


#7 A Concerning Afternoon Snack

One time I had a student in the seventh grade try to eat a microscope slide. She seemed genuinely confused as to why I was so shocked by his actions. He begrudgingly spat it out.


#6 Extremely Disturbing Drawing

When one of my students turned in his test in with a drawing of a German socialist party leader wearing a notorious symbol while holding a pitchfork and chanting “white power,” I immediately reported him to the principal.

The kid was eventually kicked out of my class and put in ISS every day for the rest of the year.


#5 Hacking Up A Hairball

Music teacher here. I had a fifth grader who seemed completely normal — she was pretty smart and attentive, and actually a lot more enjoyable to have than most of the other kids in her class (they were a kind of rowdy bunch).

One day she coughed up a hairball.


#4 Terrifying Copycat Jokester

I once had a student threaten to kill a teacher. You know, as a joke in theater class.

Admin passed it over. It’s fine, it’s just a joke, they assumed.

Later, on the day of the Parkland shooting, he ends up being one of the many, many kids arrested nationwide for threatening to be a copycat.

You know. As a joke.


#3 A Spine-Chilling Threat

A seven-year-old who had been misbehaving all day asked to speak with me after I didn’t give him a sticker. He told me straight up: “I may be small now, but boys get bigger than girls. One day I’m going to be bigger than you and I’m going to remember this.”


#2 Celebration Of Horrific History

My mom subbed in for a fourth-grade teacher about five years ago and she met a kid who proudly celebrated an infamous German Socialist party leader. He even drew and colored a giant swastika flag and waved it around during an art project.


#1 Convinced He Was A Killer Clown

One of my kids told a classmate that he was Pennywise and he was going to chew their arm off. He’s four and I teach pre-school.