Students Share Their School’s Huge Scandal

School scandals never die. You know what I’m talking about. Pranks, inappropriate relationships between teachers and students, bribes for better grades, etc. No matter where you went to school—public or private, a prestigious boarding school or an inner-city charter school–every school has its own unforgettable story that is constantly being passed down the generations. Here are some of the best ones, shared to the internet by students across the globe:

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#1 I’m Watching You

My school district gave all high school students laptops that they could bring home with them to use for school work. They could also remotely activate the webcams and spy on students (although, of course, they didn’t tell us this). One kid got caught drinking adult beverages this way while he was in his room at home and I think was going to get suspended. He sued the district for the invasion of privacy and won the case. It got national media attention for a little while.


#2 Turn Of The Unexpected

The assistant principal lost his life in a car accident. There was a big, somber school assembly in his honor. His wife said a few words, and then his 14-year-old daughter came to the microphone. She sort of snapped and unloaded about how he was not a good guy, calling him a monster who had been abusing her and her little sisters for years. I had never seen a room full of people go so silent, so fast.


#3 Family Ties Run Deep

A year after I graduated high school, a woman was attacked with a pair of scissors while jogging on our track. One of the guys in that year’s senior class hung around the track over the following days, obsessively pestering investigators with questions and theories. Naturally, some suspicion fell on him. When the woman’s description of her assailant matched him spot-on, he was arrested, and both the scissors used and his bloody clothes were found at his house. The dude was sentenced to 10 years in prison. End of story, right? Wrong.

Two years after the trial, he was released after his little brother was popped for an attack on a woman. Turns out, the older brother took the fall for him, falsely confessing so that he could keep his younger brother out of jail. The dude never told anyone but he did admit the lie after his younger brother’s arrest and confession.


#4 Teach ‘Em Young

In the eight grade, a bunch of students played with lighters in the washroom. They got busted after the teachers got word of what they were doing from other students. They all got suspended.


#5 Safety Protocol Gone Wrong

Some idiot parent showed up to the local elementary school a few years ago and said he was going to beat one of the teachers up. He was promptly arrested. Turns out, he was just pretending so he could find out how the school would react to an aggressive intruder. His kid went to the school, so that’s where the motive came from. Unfortunately, he was next level stupid and has been spending some time in prison.

#6 I Think We Have A Misunderstanding Here

Five or so guys got caught day drinking in the school washrooms right next to the biology rooms. When asked if they had brought in beverages to school, apparently one of them (he was new to the school and didn’t speak much English) said, “No, we got them from the biology teacher’s desk.” Of course, it was discovered that he made a completely false accusation against the teacher and he got into even more trouble.


#7 Expensive Senior Prank

In my sophomore year, a group of seniors decided a good senior prank would be to sneak into the bus garage and slash the tires on buses in order to get out of school. It ended up causing over $40,000 in damages and the police came to the school to do interviews all week. Apparently, most of them got away with it because of how the buses were parked at the time (some of them were doubled up, so they only hit the second row of buses, which made camera views “too far away to positively identify”). After that year, our school district changed their bus lots so that the buses were lined up in a single row only. They also beefed up the camera systems.


#8 The Wife and The Mistress

The male and female PE teachers essentially shared an office. They always got along really well, and kids would always joke that they were dating. We were just dumb kids, so we never really thought anything of it. After a couple of years, they both started acting weird around each other. There were rumors that he left his wife and kids for her.

This wasn’t actually true though. What actually happened was they added on a bedroom to their house and the PE teacher moved in. The kids pretty much just had two moms and everyone got along wonderfully. It was strange for about a year, and then it was business as usual. I guess they’re going on about 15 years strong.


#9 Peaceful Protest

Not a scandal, per se, but we had a huge sit-down protest because the cool janitor got fired over some petty argument with a lunchtime lady who had a lot of pull. Looking back, she was probably having relations with the principal. All students from 10th to 12th grade sat down on the floor in the cafeteria when the bell rung at 8:30 a.m. up until the end of classes at 3 p.m. The principal came in at the end of the day and said the janitor would resume his employment. We cheered. It made the news.


#10 Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

I went on holiday with my recently graduated brother. His friends had posted online that they were in the same city, so we all met up. With this group of super young looking dudes, there was an older looking woman I kind of recognized. I assumed it was one of the friends’ older sister. I spoke to her, saying “Hey, I know you from somewhere,” and she said, “Yeah, I teach at the school.”

It hit me that I’d seen her speak at my other brother’s graduation three years before that. She was holding hands and kissing this guy who looked about 15 years old, and she was in her mid-30s. What the heck? Apparently, they live together now and she still teaches there. Super weird. I’m not sure how she still has a job despite that inappropriate relationship.

#11 Call Up Hugh

My junior high gym teacher posed for Playboy… NUDE!!! EVERYONE saw those pictures after one kid’s dad recognized her and let his son take the magazine to school. The kid got in trouble, but so did the teacher—she got fired, and apparently no other school will hire her now. No one knows where she went or what she’s up to now.


#12 Oh, Baby

There was a pregnant seventh grader in my town. Every teacher took this as a reason to punish everyone in that grade, even people in other schools because apparently, it meant our generation was immoral. The father of the baby was 19 and under arrest for a slew of crimes, but never mind that. This was clearly the fault of every 12-year-old in town. Facepalm.


#13 The Toilet Bandit

It’s my understanding that all schools have a toilet bandit. I remember the one at my school— he smeared an entire stall with his mess. I never saw the stall, but they brought all the kids out in the hall and made us let them check under our fingernails to see if they could detect the perpetrator. It was super disgusting.


#14 Xoxo, Gossip Girl

Someone started a “gossip girl” page for my school and just started roasting people. Like, really sticking it to them with some properly nasty stuff. It was great for me, as I love drama and I am a totally immaculate person (or just so unimportant I was skipped completely). They never found out who ran it, but I can say that it was vicious. It even split the school into factions… War is heck and all that.


#15 The Mammoth

Around 1998, someone went #2 in a toilet at my high school. It was so big that it couldn’t be flushed. The story made its way around the school quickly, and there was a line out the door to that bathroom for at least an hour before the faculty caught the wind. From what we heard, it took the janitor four flushes after breaking it down with a plunger.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to the real aftermath. Someone managed to take a picture of the toilet and created a website dedicated to the entire thing. The person who made the site was dumb enough to use his name and the school threatened him with expulsion if he didn’t take the site down. He said no. So he had to go in front of the school board to make his case about how it was his right to have a website. This made the local news and made my junior year extremely funny.


#16 Ring The Alarm

When I was in grade 9, there was a student in grade 12 who had a seizure and died. It was very hard for a lot of students. What’s made it worse was a girl decided to break into the recently deceased girl’s home and steal her clothes. She posted videos of her burning the belongings on her Facebook page. This obviously did not go over well with the rest of the student body and for the next few days, this girl had a huge target on her back.

Every five minutes, a student would pull the fire alarm and force every person out of the school so that people could try to find the girl. However, the student was being protected by the principal, so no one could get near her. The fire alarm was pulled around 10 times that day. You would barely sit back at your desk after being inside before there was another fire alarm.


#17 Busted

One day, the teacher came into class wearing a ring and the girls noticed immediately. She told us she was engaged to her high school sweetheart and that they were getting married soon, as he was going to be deployed to Afghanistan. Shortly after this, she started going to my church and even brought her two daughters along.

A couple of months later, she came into class and passed out a newspaper clipping describing the death of her husband. She told the class the heartbreaking story of his death and how she was leaving for his burial in Arlington at the end of the week. For some reason, one of the students in my class decided to look up her husband on Facebook.

Turns out, the guy was still actively using the site. My classmate messaged him, asking if he knew the teacher. Turns out, the teacher lied. The guy said she’d been obsessed with him since high school and that she had always been nuts. When her secret got out, the teacher never came back to school. I had her personal number and remember texting her after the news broke, saying something to the effect of: “Is it true?” If I remember her response correctly, it was something like, “Oh grow up.”


#18 Anything To Avoid Parent-Teacher Conferences

A seven-year-old kid was found lifeless in the school’s washroom. It was national news for many, many months, during which the investigation was ongoing. Initially, it was claimed by the police that one of the bus drivers was responsible. He confessed a day later, however, as the investigation continued, they found out he lied, and the deed was committed by a student instead.

Apparently, he wanted to postpone the upcoming parent-teacher conference, since the parents would be notified of his recent bullying towards his classmates. He decided that the best way to force a delay was to end someone and cause a police investigation in the school.


#19 Plot Twist

In the late 90s, someone was sending threatening emails to all the popular girls. It was really nasty stuff detailing how their lives were going to end. The FBI got involved, and it turned out the one who sent the message was one of the girls who was being targeted. She was obviously expelled and we didn’t see her again. In hindsight, she was probably suffering from a mental illness.


#20 Traumatizing Playdate

One of our students climbed out of an 11th story window, climbed past the safety bars, and threw himself out onto the street below. Unfortunately, he did it during “playstreet,” which is when our school closes off the street to let the young kids play. He just barely missed three kids hanging out. He ended up passing away in front of almost 100 kids. It was incredibly traumatizing.


#21 The Green Card Incident

Our high school soccer team was facing a team from a city over that had a largely Hispanic student population. Our team won the game, and parts of the student section threw a bunch of green construction paper in the air, resembling the cards that immigrants to the US are given. It got national news coverage. It was a huge stain on the reputation of a school that is otherwise one of the best in the state.


#24 The Bathroom Bandit

Some dudes put their #2 mess into the hand soap dispensers for the next person to use.


#23 Outdated Lesson Plans

One of our computer class teachers got busted with sensitive videos. The funny thing is that he kept them in a folder on his computer labeled: “Outdated Lesson Plans.” When the news came out, my friends and I laughed because he would always tell us, “Make sure y’all learn to encrypt your data just in case someone gets ahold of your hard drive or personal info.” He is currently in prison serving a 12-year sentence.


#24 That Escalated Quickly

A student got expelled for a gang-related haircut. The student’s mom came to school and beat up the vice principal in his office with a bat. The VP survived and the mom went to prison.


#25 Stop, Drop And Roll

One of our teachers accidentally set fire to a student during an experiment that wasn’t allowed to be performed.


#26 The Cruel Intentions OG

At my Catholic school, during religion class, a girl passed out from the illicit substance she kept on her cross necklace. This was before Cruel Intentions was even made. She lived, but she was no longer enrolled at our school after the incident.


#27 Autocorrect Fail Me Not

My high school got put on lockdown for a few hours because someone accidentally texted, “Gunman be at school today,” instead of “Gonna be at school today.”


#28 Side Hustle

In my sophomore year, this senior girl did an adult video. A fairly professional one too. Everyone was whispering and talking about it and, of course, watching it. It wasn’t until later in the day when someone I was friendly with showed me the footage. Turns out, I knew this girl… She was in my 2nd-period class.


#29 Saddle Up

We have a horse statue at our school that is super realistic (and by that, I mean you can see its private parts). One day, for a senior prank, someone painted the part purple. The janitors had to clean it and the only way they could was with some white soap. They had to run it back and forth to get all the paint off it. That’s the reason why senior pranks were banned at my school.

#30 Scratch n’ Sniff

When I was in high school, one of our biology teachers got fired for sleeping with a student. This was the same guy who claimed, to one of his classes, that you could smell when a girl was on her period. What’s even worse was that he proceeded to try and guess which of his students was on her period. Gross man.


#31 Rash Guard

The entire football team shared some kind of contagious rash that was being transmitted to other students via the toilets. They shut down the school early the day they found out and canceled school the next day so that they could sanitize everything.


#32 Don’t Touch My Fries

One year, a couple of kids got into a disagreement and at some point, someone threw a fry at someone else in the cafeteria. Anyway, this caused one girl to call up her brother’s girlfriend’s father or something. This grown man, from the nearby city, had a record, and he was able to walk up to the front door of our school with a ski mask on. He walked up to this guy who was involved in the cafeteria thing and he was about to attack him when the student punched him right in the face. The man got completely knocked out in one punch and fell on the ground, unconscious. Someone recorded the whole thing on their phone, and it went viral overnight.


#33 That’s Trippy

A group of seniors decided to trip on large amounts of illicit substances during the school day. They all ended up getting arrested and expelled. One of the teachers caught wind of what they had been doing when one of the girls approached her in a panic, thinking she was having a heart attack. There was also another guy who got busted after he had been on all fours pretending to be a dog during his lunch period.


#34 Sticky Situation

A group of well-off kids in my graduating class got together and put chapstick on scantron sheets, so the machine wouldn’t mark their wrong answers. Well, a teacher caught onto their shenanigans because she felt the scantron sheets and they were sticky. Then, she reported the involved students to the principal. Those kids weren’t suspended or anything like that because their parents were like, “My kid would NEVER do that.” Instead, the teacher got moved to our rival school. I never liked those kids before it happened, and I still don’t like them.


#35 Secret’s Out

One of the part-time teaching assistants was also a part-time adult video star. Anyway, once it was found out, she was fired. Since then, a rumor that she filmed a scene in the school circulated among the students and staff. I have seen the clip in question and it really does look like it was filmed in one of our classrooms. I would even bet on it.


#36 We’re All In This Together

My PE teacher’s wife was caught having relations with most the football team, which triggered an investigation. Turns out, the PE teacher was dealing with illicit substances and as payment, he had people get intimate with his wife.


#37 Modern Day Tar & Feathered

A couple of seniors set up a fake fight to get the vice principal’s attention. One of them ran down into the forest by the school to lure him in. They tripped him, dumped a concoction of water, spit, and who knows whatever else, on his face, then threw flour and feathers on him. He lost one of his eyes to infection a few months later, and the vice principal pressed charges on the culprits.


#38 My Bad

My gym teacher duct-taped an annoying student to a chair. The kid struggled and fell, breaking his arm. The teacher was fired very quickly.


#39 Beating the System

A kid hacked the school computers and used the servers to mine bitcoin. He made like $10,000 before he got caught.


#40 Under The Radar

In one of my classes, the new girl made a few friends; nothing unusual. Then one day, our school went into lockdown and we couldn’t leave our classrooms. We looked outside and a dozen cop cars showed up. She climbed out of one, dressed in her officer uniform. She was undercover the entire time and busted one of the biggest illicit substance rings in our county by buddying up with the culprits.


#41 In the Name of A’s

A kid installed keyloggers on the computers in various classrooms to gather the passwords the teachers used to enter grades into the system, Then, he started changing the grades. He did a few minor alterations at first, removing a something here or there, but then he started telling people what he was doing, and they ended up asking him to change their grades as well. The adjustments got more and more significant until the teachers realized that someone was messing with the system. An investigation was launched and several kids were hit with suspensions. It was a big thing.


#42 Serial Pooper

In high school, I would walk into the gym and there would just be a pile of #2 sitting in the corner. We started calling whoever did this the “Serial Pooper” but we never found out who it was. One time, there was even a pile of #2 in the bathroom… One foot away from the toilet!


#43 Woops

Right before I went to high school, there was a huge buzz about three seniors who took down the main lettering on the office building. The rearranged it to say “Incest High School” instead of “Pinecrest High School.”


#44 Spill The Beans

Once upon a time, MTV produced a reality TV show called “Made.” Each episode was about some teenager who wanted to self-improve in some way. Maybe some kid wanted to become a cheerleader, or a dancer, or an actor, or an athlete, whatever. MTV would set them up with a mentor and capture their progress as they were “made” into the better person they wanted to be.

My classmate, Beans, had no such lofty ambitions. He was a total screw-up. All he wanted to do was graduate high school. He had already failed at this, as he was a super-senior. MTV picked him. I still can’t imagine why. My whole senior year, MTV camera crews were roaming the halls of my high school, mostly following Beans.

Beans had a mentor assigned to him; some tough-as-nails wannabe drill sergeant to push Beans in the right direction. Beans didn’t change one bit. He kept partying, getting in trouble, and remained a delinquent. He and his idiot friends even went out joyriding around town bashing in mailboxes with a baseball bat. Local police caught them. We’ll come back to this later.

Despite the fact that Beans legitimately should have failed his senior year again, the faculty caved to MTV’s pressure and gave him, barely, passing marks. Beans walked last in the graduation ceremony so he would get an extra-big cheer. It was all dreadfully fake and cringeworthy. A couple of months after graduation, the episode aired. Beans flat-out said, on camera, that he had lied to the local police that night when he had been bashing in mailboxes.

After the episode aired, the police came back for him. I don’t know how it all ended (I moved on with my life and out of that town), but from the sound of things, he was in deep trouble. He never stopped being a screw-up. He never self-improved in any way. He never stopped being a loser. And, because of the legal ramifications, Season 2 Episode 4 of “Made” never made it to reruns, to the best of my knowledge.


#45 When You Take Revenge A Little Too Far

The scandal happened the year after I graduated, but one of the teachers was getting a divorce, so his partner went throughout the school and put his nudes up on the walls.