Students Share The Biggest Teacher Meltdown They’ve Ever Experienced

Let’s face it; being a teacher is no easy gig. Most students are far from angels, and even the most hardened educators can have their patience tried by crummy pupils. They have to keep their composure and teach through any madness if they hope to keep their jobs. But sometimes, they get so overwhelmed that they have no choice but to unleash their fury.

Could you imagine being a student in a classroom filled with flying erasers? What about watching your teacher have a total breakdown after giving a strange and unprompted karaoke performance? Or being screamed at in French for putting on American lotion? These may sound like silly scenarios to throw a fit over, but hey, teachers go through a lot daily… and their reactions are sometimes as strange as their students’ behavior. Shocked schoolkids took to the internet to share their stories of complete nervous breakdowns. If this doesn’t give you some empathy for educators, nothing will.

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#1 I Mean, Can You Blame The Guy?

My genetics professor was in the middle of a lecture when the authorities took him out of the auditorium and informed him that his wife had been struck by a motor vehicle that morning. He retreated to his office and proceeded to tear the place apart. It was like a tornado had gone through it. He ripped the top of his desk off its frame, pulled down all of his bookcases… Books, pages, papers, and furniture were strewn everywhere in pieces. By the time I graduated, he still wasn’t the same man as he was before that awful day.


#2 Hey, Breakups Can Be Super Harsh

I had a morning tutor when I was young. She was an English teacher, and we always chatted about literature and films. She was always up for a laugh and joked around with us all the time. A few times a year, she’d buy a load of food and treats for us.

Then, when we were about 14, she got engaged. A year later, the relationship was over, and she was a wreck. She suddenly got really quiet. Then, one day, we were all talking and laughing, but she was trying to get our attention. She couldn’t get our attention and suddenly burst into tears. She took off her ID card and—in the dead silence of the room—said, “I can’t do this.” She walked out of the room, and we didn’t see her again for weeks.


#3 The Only Way To Cope With The Job…

In high school, our government teacher freaked out in my class.

We had a few talkers in the back corner who finally broke him. He flipped his lectern over and started screaming at us. He called us the worst group of kids he’d ever had to teach and said he was 110% sure that we were going to be nothing.

Then, he went to his desk and drank his entire Thermos of coffee. A few years later, he was having a retirement party at his house. (I was close friends with his son). He revealed that the Thermos was 80% vodka and 20% coffee.


#4 Alright, That’s A Little Dramatic

I had a chemistry class that was held in a huge auditorium with really steep stairs. The professor always walked all around the room while we took quizzes and tests.

One day, he tripped halfway up the auditorium stairs and took a heck of a fall. He landed facedown— unhurt apart from bruises—on the floor, and before we could really react, he started banging his fists on the floor and screaming, “ENTROPY, ENTROPY, ENTROPY!”


#5 The Straw That Broke The Substitute’s Back

Ninth grade math class. Our teacher was off sick, and a substitute teacher came in to cover. She was lovely, kind, and friendly; although a bit timid and shy.

One girl in our class used a fountain pen to flick ink on a skirt the teacher was wearing one day. The poor woman noticed her do it and didn’t say a word. She just went to her desk, put her head in her hands, and sobbed. She didn’t move for 10 minutes at least. Eventually, a friend of mine went to get another teacher. The sub was escorted out, still crying and was seen for the rest of the day just crying in her car. She didn’t move for another four or so hours.


#6 Man, She Has No Faith In You Guys

I had a Spanish teacher in middle school who was so tired of us turning in broken Spanish on our homework assignments that she screamed at us and called us stupid Americans before throwing pieces of chalk at us one after the other. Another time, she got on her knees and started praying the rosary in front of us when a girl said “El Pollo nugget.”


#7 It’s Okay, Don’t Mind The Casual Screaming

I was in band class. One day, one of the regular, always-in-trouble students was being extra disruptive while the director was trying to tell us something important. So, after about five different attempts at going the normal route to get him to settle down, he cracked.

It got quiet, and then the director bellowed, “ARE YOU STUPID, OR JUST DON’T CARE?!” The whole room was quiet; all eyes were now on the disruptive kid who was then trying to hide behind his tuba. Then, the director continued with his announcement as if nothing happened.


#8 You Want Me To Make You Shut Up?

Not so much a breakdown but a “break” in normal behavior for sure. Our freshman English teacher was a small, soft-spoken woman who was kind of known to be a teacher you could walk all over with little repercussions.

We were in a review session after school, and some upperclassmen were just hanging out in the hallways making lots of noise, so she was constantly poking her head out in the hall asking them to be quiet.

As we are all silently reading, the classroom door absolutely SLAMS shut, so hard the latch didn’t have time to catch, and the door bounced back open. The teacher immediately yells “Oh, heck no!” She kicked off her heels and took off out the door.

She caught up with the kid, who had taken a running start, and berated him for a good ten minutes, which we could hear clear as day from the end of the hall. It was like nothing we’d ever heard from her.


#9 There’s Nothing Like A Taste Of Your Own Medicine, Girls

I had a university professor who would constantly complain about three girls who sat in the back for talking and being on their phones. One day, she made a big scene, took down their names and left dramatically. This was a huge lecture hall of 100 students. I heard them laughing once, but never anything else. I found her fixation on these three intolerable.

During the exam, the rooms were organized by last names. Not alphabetical, but random last letters in different groups. She had seated the three in the same room and loudly spoke during the exam for a few minutes to distract them… except there were 40 other people in the room.


#10  I Don’t Know If Psychology Is His Strong Suit…

In my junior year of high school, I decided to take a psychology class. The administration switched a lot of teachers around that year and hired a lot of new ones too, so I didn’t know anything about this guy.

As the semester went on, his behavior started slipping, and the class began to notice. He would lose his patience more and more, especially when the class didn’t respond to a question immediately. His behavior then progressed to him throwing whiteboard markers at students for not paying attention or answering incorrectly.

Then one day, about halfway into the semester, he completely lost it.

A group of three students laughed at something within their own conversation just as class was starting. The teacher saw and commented on the class that if we weren’t going to listen, he would make today awful. Some kid spoke up saying he would go to the principal if he did anything to hurt the class, so the teacher began throwing markers, erasers, anything he could find at the student. The student got up to leave for the principal’s office, and the teacher stood up on his desk and screamed at us. He ran to the front of the classroom, picked up a desk and threw it at the student.

Thankfully, it didn’t hit him, but the teacher ran to the door to prevent anyone from leaving and said if anyone told anything about that day to anyone, he would ruin our lives. Some friends and I told the principal and administration and I had to go into court to testify. It turned out; the guy suffered from schizophrenia as well as some degree of PTSD after serving in the military. I don’t remember what ended up happening with him.


#11 Class Clowns? Solve It With A Stapler

My super dorky history teacher in eighth grade was the nicest teacher I’d ever met. We had a couple of “class clowns” in our class, and he usually dealt with them fine. One day though, they were acting obnoxious from the moment he walked in, and he snapped, yelling and chucking his stapler across the room. He nailed a staple right into Ben Franklin’s forehead. He immediately apologized and went about his day normally, while all the students went silent. Nobody ever bothered him again after that day.


#12 You’ve Really Done It Now, Justin

My eighth-grade math teacher was well known for his short temper, but this particular day was bad. There was a kid in my class, Justin, who never listened 0r did his homework. One day, the math teacher just had it with Justin. He grabbed his desk (with him in it), picked it up and slammed it back down on the ground a few times. After that, he shoved the desk with Justin in it across the room. Justin was fine, thankfully. The math teacher just stormed out.


#13 Yes, It Really Is Too Much To Ask

After our class picture, our teacher declared, “New rule: every day is now class picture day. I want to see smiles from every one of you every single day!”

The class let out a collective groan, and the teacher said, “C’mon, turn those frowns upside down!”

She kept at us for a good month on the smile policy. Keep in mind; this was during the ’90s. The class was divided evenly amongst goths, grunge, and gangstas. The only thing we agreed upon was that smiles were for wusses.

The meltdown came the day she brought in her karaoke machine and attempted to sing Tim McGraw’s “Just to See You Smile.” We just sat there stone-faced as usual, then she tried to ham it up just to get us to laugh. But nothing. We were all too tough to show any humor or heart.

And then she broke down and started blubbering. “I just wanted a smile… is that too much to ask?”

Apparently, it was because none of us even had the common courtesy to offer her a tissue. Next day, she went resting jerk face on our butts and word on the street is she hasn’t cracked a smile in 20 years.


#14 You Probably Shouldn’t Have Said That, Pal

We had an art teacher who had one glass eye. A student who had a reputation for being a jerk (from a whole family of jerks—his sister beat me up in elementary school) unwisely decided to stick his head around the door to the art room and yell, in a voice that could shatter glass, “Harris, you one-eyed-jack!” This did no go down at all well with Mr. Harris, who terrified most kids. Cue manic Welsh art teacher chasing student over the playing fields with a tent spike. The whole class was looking out the window following the chase—all it needed was Yakety Sax playing as a soundtrack!


#15 So, What Did I Miss?

In high school, I turned in a form to my science teacher a day late. She screamed at me, walked out of the classroom, and was gone for nearly an hour. The class had started, and everyone had speculations, blaming me for what happened. The teacher came back, joyful and smiling. She said she just needed a walk around the campus to recover.


#16 I Think You’re The Brat, Ma’am

I had a sub in fifth grade. I was a really unorganized kid and having to dig through my desk for stuff wasn’t uncommon.

The sub went to collect our homework one by one, and I was still digging through a bunch of stuff out when she got to me. She towered over me and told me what I was doing was unacceptable. She dumped my desk in front of me and told me I was staying in during recess to organize it.

One girl said, “You can’t make him do that,” and the sub raised her voice and spit out, “YOU don’t tell ME what to do, brat. I can do whatever I want!”

The whole class revolted, and a neighboring teacher came in to see what was up. The sub claimed I was lippy and this was my punishment. Then the whole class spoke up and informed him of what really happened, and we were all let out for recess. We came back in, and a lunch lady was sitting at the teacher’s desk instead.


#17 Newsflash: Punting A Trashcan Accomplishes Zelch

In high school, they would do trivia questions after the announcements sometimes, and the first teacher who dialed the office with the correct answer would get a prize for the class. My math teacher really wanted to win and hadn’t yet this year.

So one fateful morning, the question goes out, and we had the answer, so he called it in, but we were the second caller.

In a fit of pseudo-range, he yells “DANG IT!” and kicks this little plastic trash can across the room, where it bonks a kid right in the head. His eyes widened, and he asks if the kid is okay, which he is. Everyone got a good laugh afterward, including the kid who got hit, and later, we would pretend to duck whenever we didn’t win the morning trivia contests.


#18 Sorry, Guys, But Everything Kind Of Sucks

I had a history teacher in high school who was always stern and serious, which was great since it gave reverence to what he was teaching about. One day, however, his voice broke and after he cleared his throat it broke again. He stopped talking, put his hands in his pockets, frowned, and took a few breaths.

“Students. Sorry about this lecture, my wife and I just decided to get a divorce.” He blankly stared ahead for a second and then walked toward the door, loosening his tie. “I need a drink…” He exited the door. After a second, he poked his head back in, “…Of water! I’m coming back. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about Napoleon…”


#19 You’re Allergic To… What?

My French teacher this year is a real nutcase.

A student began to apply lotion in class. The teacher smelled it and began to scream at the kid to go wash it off in French. The kid ran away, and the teacher opened all the windows of the classroom and began to pant super heavily. She even stuck her head out the window. She called security and had them bring in fans and everything. After like 10 minutes of this, she came back to us and said, “I’m allergic to all perfume that isn’t made in France.”Then she went back to the window, and we didn’t really do anything the rest of that class.


#20 Ah, The Emotional Horrors Of Pregnancy

I had a 10th-grade history teacher who was very much pregnant at the time. We all walked into class one day and she was slumped over her desk sobbing. Since we were all awkward teenagers, and nobody particularly liked this teacher to begin with, we all sat there awkwardly for a good 15 minutes in silence while she tried to pull herself together. For the remainder of the period, she forced us to play baby shower games.


#21 To Be Fair, I’d Lose It, Too

Every single student got an F on their exam paper.

She went on a 15-minute rant about how we weren’t taking her class seriously, how this was her passion, and that if we didn’t have interest, we could get the heck out of her room. She also said she’d be reissuing the same exam with the same questions in class the next day, and anyone that got less than a 90% would be dropped immediately, no questions asked.

The next day comes around, and she had given her TA the wrong key. The average score was 88%, give or take.


#22 I Think It Was Worth The Suspension

A few years ago when I was in high school, we had this math teacher who would often fail 90% of her students. Everyone hated her, and no one learned anything in her class. She insisted on telling us about her life like it was some therapy session.

Well, one day, about 30 kids decided they were gonna tape this one kid up in duct tape and literally dump him into the classroom. He flopped on the desks like a worm until he fell on the floor and then he just flopped around knocking things over. The whole class was in on it and didn’t try to stop him. He knocked over so many desks and bumped into the teacher’s desk, knocking some of her stuff over. She was so angry.

Then she noticed the 15 or so students outside her room laughing their butts off at her. She screamed, cussed and threw chalk at them. It was incredible. Eventually, the other students pulled that kid out of there and he got sent home. But over 30 students told the principal how this teacher threw things at her student, and she got suspended from teaching for a week or two. Good times.


#23 Come On, Let The Poor Guy In Next Time

We had business studies class in a room where the door could be locked from the inside. Our teacher had to come from the other end of the school, so for most classes, we were all there before he was. Every class, without fail, someone would lock the door, then everyone avoided looking at him banging on the door to be let in.

Usually, he would give up, then go a find another teacher, and someone would unlock the door then everyone would deny the door was ever locked.

Near the end of the term, instead of his usual banging and calling people’s names, he got a fire extinguisher off the wall and started battering the door down. Everyone was then too scared to let him in.

When we came back after the break, we found the door had been totally removed.


#24 Welp, That Got Depressing Quickly

Ninth grade in a small country school in Australia. It was a Social Studies class.

The teacher was a tiny little guy. He had no control over the class, and most of the students openly defied him daily.

One day, the boys were involved in a lusty spit-ball fight—completely ignoring him as usual—and he burst into tears in front of the whole class. He left for a while, then 10 minutes later, the principal turned up.

The teacher never came back and we had a sub for the rest of the year.


#25 I’m Not Your Maid, Sweetheart

My eighth-grade Language Arts teacher cussed a kid out for spilling his juice. “EVERY DAY YOU DO THIS. CAN YOU PLEASE CLEAN UP MY FLOOR! MY GOD! YOUR PARENTS DIDN’T TEACH YOU TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF?! WHAT THE HECK! STOP MAKING ME YOUR PERSONAL CLEAN-UP CREW!” That was followed by a roll of paper towels thrown across the room and a bloody nose.


#26 Good Thing He’s Got A Bottomless Baton Pit…

I had a band teacher in middle school who would lose his mind at least twice a year, mostly because his students were jerks and didn’t pay attention.

I sat in the first row (woodwinds), and he’d throw his baton down in front of me. I don’t know how many batons he went through, but he had a box of them on his desk in his office. He’d occasionally lose his cool by throwing music stands in the closet. Like, he’d get up from his podium, get an empty stand and chuck it into the closet.


#27 I Guess She Got Her Question Answered

This was in high school. We had a band teacher. His nickname was Pinky because he had very red hair and pale skin with a red tint. Borderline albino. Every time he got mad, his entire face turned tomato red.

I don’t remember the sequence of events, but he was already frustrated. Everyone in the room knew to shut up so that we didn’t make him mad. Well, everyone except this one dippy girl. She asked something along the lines of, “Are you mad?” and kept pestering him. He finally snapped. His face turned that familiar shade of tomato red, and he threw the pencil he was using across the room. He then stormed out and slammed the door hard enough that it could be heard on the other side of the building.

He quit soon after.


#28 Here’s A True Tormented Artist…

We had an art teacher in year seven who would lock himself in the supply cupboards, scream and rip his hair out. It was unsettling.


#29 I’ll Go On Spring Break Forever!

The first math teacher I had at my new school was famous for being a nervous wreck. She’d been hired a few months beforehand and was already on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Spring break came, and we had a week off. That Friday during my class, she just gave up. She stopped teaching, sat down, and nearly in tears declared, “I’m going to my sister’s house! I am going to sit by the pool, and I am going to drink margaritas and forget about this place!”

She never came back. A week later, class started back up, and another teacher noticed a line of students outside her room. She had just never shown up. Didn’t tell anybody. Just gave up and took a permanent vacation.


#30 No Offense, But I Want You To Be Happy

An English teacher of mine was going through a divorce, and she went from bad to worse. She became obsessed with Romeo and Juliet and was trying to read it to us (for the third time) one morning, but we were talking too loudly.

She burst into tears and told us she didn’t know how she could make us happy. Then she disappeared. When she came back, she had a huge bag of chocolate with her and was handing it around frantically, telling us she was sorry for yelling and she loved us.

She soon left the school. I hope she got help because she was obviously in severe emotional distress.


#31 That Sure Took A Turn

In my senior year of high school, we had a teacher, Mrs. H. She found out she had cancer and had only months to live. She decided to teach with all of her soul. She taught us so many things about life, love, and inspiration, and it got to the point where the administrators banned her from the school. She wasn’t teaching the curriculum because she was too sick.

We had a sub and Mrs. H broke into the school weeks later, locked the door, and said she needed to read us a poem before she died. She cried while reading it and I don’t remember much because the administrators had security banging the door down. The poem said something about her husband who passed, and how every Wednesday they danced together. He would spin her, and she had so much joy at that moment. She told us to hold onto those type of moments and to realize them as they happen. She died shortly after that…


#32 By The Way, I Hated Everyone One Of You

The best teacher I’ve ever had, an English teacher, wasn’t liked by the faculty because he wouldn’t follow the boring syllabus. We didn’t care about Holden Caulfield—we wanted to talk about grunge and The Simpsons, and he knew that.

When our school closed, all the teachers were transferred to various other surviving schools, mostly the good ones, but this English teacher was deliberately transferred to a really terrible school full of gangs and violent kids. Some sort of punishment I think.

He got his car and did donuts on the school oval just before he left on the last day in front of the whole faculty and student body.


#33 Um…Are You Okay?

We were in the middle of a test during an 8 a.m. class, about a quarter way through the year. The teacher was reading the textbook and suddenly began laughing. Not quiet giggles, but laughing with her head thrown back and hitting her desk with her hand. We all forgot the test and were watching her in confusion when she suddenly stopped laughing, and stared at us kids as her face morphed from happiness to confusion and then outright rage in two seconds flat. Her voice went from normal, to this deep angry tone, to practically crying as she yelled, “What the heck are you looking at! Get back to work!” As the entire class bent back over the test, we all heard her sobbing quietly at the front of the room.


#34 No, It’s Fine, Don’t Do Your Job

My fifth-grade class was being little jerks to our teacher for about a week straight. She had enough of our misbehaving, so she gave us the silent treatment the next day. She just sat there in her chair reading a book and didn’t say a word when we walked in. We asked what we were doing and no response. We then asked her what was wrong, and still no response.

About 30 minutes into the class, a girl went up to the teacher’s lesson plan book, opened it up and went to work. She told us to get our reading books out and start reading certain pages. My teacher got up and left the classroom while we were all obedient. Twenty minutes later, my teacher came back with tears saying how awesome our class was, and she explained how she went and got a Diet Coke in the teacher’s lounge so that we don’t see her cry in joy. She thanked us for taking matters in our own hands.


#35 Dang, This Must’ve Been Super Awkward

We had a physical education teacher who would sweat like crazy whenever mature subjects were raised. He ended up having to be a substitute teacher for one of our sex-ed lessons. We were very aware of his discomfort discussing the subject and asked him lots of in-depth questions, making sure we used all the correct anatomical terminology. The guy had a class-A anxiety attack, and I was genuinely afraid he was going to have a heart attack. H went red-faced, started to profusely sweat, had breathing difficulties and a look of primal terror in his eyes. We got the early mark we were fishing for, but I think we did the poor fellow some real emotional damage.


#36 Yep That’ll Get Someone Fired

In primary school, some kids were misbehaving. She broke down into tears, started screaming and threw a chair.

We never saw her again.


#37 That Went From Very Bad To Much, Much Worse

Math class. A kid sitting in the first row was constantly talking and disturbing the class. The teacher was trying to solve some complex geometry problem. He was my teacher for the last two years, so I had always known him to be a chilled out guy.

He told the misbehaving student to stand at the back of the class. The student went, but he snuck in a piece of chalk with him. A few minutes later, while the teacher was engrossed in the problem, the boy who was punished at the back decided to have some fun. He aimed the chalk at one of the other first-benchers, but it hit the teacher instead. He turned around, asking very calmly who did it. After five minutes of prying everyone, I decided to be a good Samaritan and ratted him out.

The teacher marched to the back of the class and started thrashing him real bad. The boy was as surprised as I was, and so was the rest of the class. There were several cuts on his chest due to his fingernails, as I saw later. We thought we’d never see our math teacher again.

As if. The next day, we had a surprise Calculus test, and he whooped our butts.


#38 Nothing Like A Goof-Off To Push You Over The Edge

Oh boy. Seventh grade. There was a real trouble maker in my school; he just showed up that year from a much different area. My school was very small and everyone, for the most part, had respect for the teachers. Perhaps the respect came from it being such a small school and not being able to blend in… I’m not sure.

Anyways, this guy was a real troublemaker and liked getting all the “good kids” involved in his shenanigans. He was always interrupting, ignoring the teachers and generally just trying to stir up as much conflict as possible. Now, since every moment of class was full of his nonsense, I can’t recall exactly what set of this particular teacher on this day… but whatever it was… She completely lost it, started just spewing out swear words, ripped her glasses off her face and threw them to the ground. They broke in two. She then flew out of the room, punched a locker and stormed to the office.


#39 Yeah, That Kid Is Going Down

My high school algebra teacher was a Vietnam vet with a pretty serious case of PTSD. Like, when I say severe, I mean he warned us on day one to be very careful not to drop a book off our desk as it could set him off—that level of severity.

Well during a test one day, some little jerk snuck out a Ziploc bag out of his backpack that had a snack inside. He blew up the bag, sealed it, then placed it on his desk before proceeding to stomp on it.

It sounded like a bomb went off in the room. This poor teacher lets out the most soul-wrenching scream I’ve ever heard. Luckily, one of the students had the presence of mind to get another teacher and the nurse, but by the time they got there, he was inconsolable. Screaming, kicking, throwing chairs. He did all of it. The test was postponed, and we were all ushered out of the room as they tried to help this guy.

Needless to say, the kid was turned in but was let off the hook easy, in my opinion.


#40 Just Let It All Out, Buddy

In engineering school, one of the professors was teaching a stats class. There was one clueless student who would always ask questions, even if the answer had just been discussed.

He handled it well at first, then became more and more frustrated.

One afternoon, she asked yet another dumb question (yes, there are stupid questions). He stood and looked at her for a good 15 seconds, then walked to the window, opened it up, stuck his head out, and screamed wordlessly.

It was epic, and the whole class was in various states of laughter and shock.


#41 Hey, It’s Really Not That Deep

I had an American history class with a professor who looked just like a penguin. Anyway, he started to talk about the 1700s and went into more detail about the US constitution. With each passing minute, he got more and more excited, which meant he got more sweaty and tired. It didn’t help that he was quickly walking back and forth. Then, all of a sudden, he just stops and doesn’t say anything for a few moments. Out of nowhere, he says: “Everyone can leave, I need to think about the US constitution now,” and we just left.


#42 Alright, Man, Let’s Take Some Deep Breaths

Mr. Smith was funny, engaging, and relatable. He was the first teacher of mine to institute a limitless no-ask bathroom pass and he treated us as if we were all longtime buddies. Inevitably, however, the class with Mr. Smith crossed the threshold fairly quickly from whimsical education into full-on classroom anarchy.

The month our class was acting wildly out of hand happened to be the month he and his wife were traveling to Russia to adopt a daughter. He was dealing with the stress of traveling, adoption, and his job. On top of this, he was trying to reel in a class that lost his respect awhile back.

The day before his life-changing trip, a girl wouldn’t shut up in the front of the class. This is when the freak out happened. He literally ripped the clock off the wall and threw it at her head with the strength and technique of an Olympic discus tosser. He flipped her desk over and for some reason started ripping all her book socks off the books stacked on her desk. He brought them into the hallway and threw them as far as he could. He lost his cool. He screamed at the rest of the class, “I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, YOU THINK MY CLASS IS A PLAYGROUND! I’LL SHOW YOU A PLAYGROUND.”


#43 Where The Heck Did This Come From?

Tenth grade, geometry class. Out of nowhere, the teacher bursts into tears. She throws her podium over, grabs her purse, attempts to exit through the window before realising her mistake, grabs her lanyard, and somehow manages to lock the students in her room as she left. The guys start banging on the door to be let out and the teacher across the hall lets them out, but not before most of them end up late to their next class. On the way to the fourth period, some of the third-period kids managed to tell bits and pieces about her apparent nervous breakdown. We were taught by the teacher next-door to us because none of the substitutes were available that day. I never figured out what caused her to break down.


#44 There Are So Many Issues With This Scenario…

In my elementary school, there was this one super obnoxious kid named “Lance” who was constantly goofing off. Most of our teachers were used to dealing with him, but one day we had this substitute named Mrs. Blake, who had no idea what to do with him.

He started mouthing off every other moment and jumping around like crazy. She got mad and yelled at Lance to sit down, which he did. He then called her a tramp, to which she replied, “What the HECK do you think you’re doing.” Afterward, she shook his desk vigorously.

The thing was, Lance had a blood condition that made him bruise very easily. When she shook his desk, he started crying (understandably) because he was getting these massive purple-black bruises all over his legs. She was banned from our school after that.


#45 Hey, That’s One Way To Get Rid Of The Issue

In elementary school, the cool thing to do was put hand sanitizer in excess on your hand and sniff it, pretending to get really high.

Things escalated to the point of our teacher, at full volume, yelling, “Where! Is! The hand! SANITIZER!”

A brave soul returned it and the teacher threw it against the wall.