People Who Ran Into The ‘Weird Kid’ From School Share How They Turned Out

Some kids stay weird well into adulthood. Others grow out of their weirdness and go on to do amazing things with their lives. No matter which route you wind up on, one thing is for sure: it’s impossible to tell exactly who a person is and how they will turn out simply from how they behave in school.

These tales of people who ran into their old, weird classmates are proof of that. Never judge anyone by their past. The class weirdo might just end up becoming your future boss.

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#47 Climb Away

There was a weird kid I grew up with who would literally climb anything and everything. I even remember some days where I would walk to school and see him on the roof greeting everyone who walked into the building. One time, he climbed the biggest tree on the field and a fire truck had to come and save him.

Now he owns a huge local rock climbing gym. It all makes sense. I think he’s pretty successful too. Climb away, Danny!

Humaverse Contributor

#46 The Mute Savant

I grew up with a girl who never spoke a word. She was the shyest person I’ve ever met in my life, definitely to her own disadvantage. I had many class projects with her over the years, and she would always do her part behind the scenes, but would never present. She was amazing with numbers and math, which makes perfect sense because now she is a top data scientist for Google. I just wonder how she manages her team without speaking to them?

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#45 Frozen Taste Buds

His parents would pack him frozen pizza pockets to warm up in the cafeteria, but every day, without fail, he would continue to eat his pizza pockets frozen. Now he works at a grocery store as a stock boy. I guess he gets a discount on these pizza pockets now?

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#44 An Introvert Gone Mad

I once knew a kid who would do weird stuff in front of other kids for attention. Climb into bins, eat old food out of the bins, let people throw yogurt over him, dive into bushes, that sort of thing. Otherwise, he seemed mostly harmless.

He ended up in prison for pouring a kettle of boiling water over a guy and a girl who he fancied. They were at a house party, and he saw her talking to the guy, so he went to the kitchen, boiled the kettle, then calmly walked up to them and poured it over their heads. I’m not sure if he had ever even spoken to her before that, but he was seemingly jealous that she was talking to another guy.

After he was released from prison, he took his mother’s car on a joyride with two of his mates, crashed into a car driven by an elderly couple, then ran off leaving his two mates dead and the elderly couple badly injured. I think he’s still in prison for that.


#43 The Charitable Penny Kid

I wouldn’t say I ran into him, but I occasionally drive past the “Penny Kid” walking around slumped in a leather jacket with greasy hair. I really have no idea what he’s doing with his life, but he still seems pretty weird.

Back in high school, he was always collecting change that he’d find on the ground. I found out later he actually saved up $500 or so and donated it to charity. I thought a lot differently of him once I found out.


#42 A Science Celebrity

I didn’t run into him, but I randomly saw a TED Talk he gave. He’s a physicist now and has been lobbying the government to increase funding for science education in order to ensure future generations can continue the fight against climate change. He’s a way better person than I became.

#41 The School Bully Changes Course

I ran into the kid who was the school bully back in the day. He wasn’t a physical bully, but he made fun of everyone and was just mean in general. He was at the bank one day, and I didn’t even recognize him. He walked up to me holding his daughter and gave me the classic white guy: “Well I’ll be darned, how are ya!” And this is gonna sound crazy, but he legitimately became the nicest guy in the world. Extremely well adjusted, great family, and successful career.

He invited me to go out to the driving range the following Sunday, and for whatever reason, I was inclined to go. I wound up hitting golf balls with him for most of the day, and we had a heart to heart. It turns out, he was a victim of abuse his entire life, and his father punished him by forcing him to stay awake all night. He was petrified to go home so he did whatever he could to get detention.

Explains a lot. Never judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.


#40 Apology Accepted

There was a weird kid in my middle school who would eat hand sanitizer, give himself papercuts, and do all sorts of other creepy things. He had a crush on me in the 8th grade and asked me to prom, but I declined. On the last day of middle school, he sent me a message saying that he would end his life if I didn’t feel the same about him. Despite the message, I still told him I wasn’t interested.

A few months later, we started high school, but since there are four high schools in my area, a lot of us were scattered around, and we ended up going to different schools. I never saw him again, but through social media, I saw that he started a relationship with a girl who also attended our middle school. He looked really happy, and honestly, I was happy for him. He seemed to have grown out of that weird middle school stage.

Around two years later, I went to a local supermarket and received a random message from him. He said he was working at the supermarket and happened to see me. I messaged him back and apologized for not seeing him. He then proceeded to apologize for all the weird middle school stuff, including the message he had sent me on the last day of 8th grade. I told him all was fine and we left it at that.

Now, by the looks of social media, he’s a workout fanatic and his body has changed a lot. He’s also in college and spends a lot of time with his family. I’m glad he’s doing fine.


#39 The Quiet, Genius Type

There was this kid in junior high who was really quiet and had no friends. One day, my English teacher pulled me out of the classroom and asked me to befriend him, so I did and we became friends. Later on, we went to different high schools so kind of drifted from each other, but he would text me now and then. He found me on social media at the time when he was working on his engineering degree. He is now married and works for SpaceX as an engineer.


#38 Sounds About Right

He renamed himself the Green Dragon of the West. He’s a network engineer, so I guess that makes it okay.


#37 Some Things Truly Never Change

He still wears a black trench coat and his black Napoleon Dynamite boots.


#36 Computer Geek And Loving It

I’m pretty sure I was the weird kid. The runner-up was a very nice but shy girl who immigrated from China. She loved computers but was incredibly meek. Having a conversation with her was like prying teeth. She didn’t talk much and would only make strange noises in class. In hindsight, I realize now that she was likely stuck in an emotionally abusive household.

One time, she was given a small role in our school play. I was happy for her when I saw that her mom came, as she had told me she doubted her mom would come. After the play, I asked her what her mom thought and she said her mom told her that she looked like a sack of dog bones on the stage during her part. I legit did not know what to say when she said stuff like that because I was a kid myself.

Fortunately, she still turned out great! We went to the same college and she was originally signed up for pre-med, even though she was a computer whiz. Her mom insisted she had to be a doctor. Within a year though, she rebelled against her mom and became a computer science major. She’s now a test engineer working for a major computing company.

I guess she was great once she could find herself, and most of the weirdness was imposed upon her.


#35 Picking Your Nose Will Take You Great Places

My dad told me about a kid he went to high school with who used to sit in the back of the class mumbling and to giggle to himself all the time. Occasionally, he’d pick his nose in front of everyone. Despite this, my dad said he was really smart and got all A’s. He told me the guy’s name, and I looked him up online.

He’s now a federal appeals court judge.


#34 Mountains Can Make Better Friends Than People

There was a girl at my school named Melanie. She was easily the most socially awkward girl I’d ever met.

I moved away after college and wasn’t on social media until at least ten years after graduation, so I had no idea what most of my classmates were doing. Maybe five years ago, I spotted her. She ended up marrying a guy who went to our school as well. I knew him from work, and he was also really nice. I didn’t think about it at the time, but when I saw she married him, I was like, “Oh my God, they’re perfect for each other!”

They moved to a state that has a bunch of mountains, and they don’t have any children, so they’re always posting all these amazing hiking and rock climbing adventures they go on together. They go to all kinds of festivals too. They look super happy, and I’m just so happy for her.


#33 Superman Teams Up With Mister Clean

I have too many stories with this kid I went to high school with. He was a kleptomaniac, had illegal exotic pets, and an obsession with weapons. He had no regard for normal social standards and cues. Despite him being an innately skilled entrepreneur, he was a general menace to society.

I went off to college and later learned his home was raided by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. His father had been manufacturing automatic weapons for the Latin Kings. They charged him for possession of an unregistered gun and a slew of illicit substances they found in his room.

The last I heard of him, he was on a flyer for a community board advertising basic around-the-house labor, with his head superimposed on a cartoon Superman.


#32 Furries Are People Too

I met him at a bus stop and said, “Hey, how are you? What are you doing nowadays?” He responded, “I’M A CAT MEOW MEOW,” and ran away across the road, where he almost got hit by a car. I didn’t see him come back to take a bus.

I suppose he turned into a furry or something?


#31 He’s A Chemical Engineer Now, Among Other Things

A really smart and athletic dude at my high school was also one of the weirdest people, socially speaking. He was never really bullied as he was gigantic and the best player on our football team, but he was constantly getting rejected by every girl he asked out, which was a lot considering he had a new crush every week.

He received a scholarship to play football in college and got his chemical engineering degree for free. It turns out, he does adult videos now, and he’s big in that industry. Guess he never forgave all those girls.


#30 Revenge Of The Nerd

At my 10-year high school reunion, I met up with two guys. One was captain of the football team who always had the hot girls. The other was a painfully shy and awkward nerd who was always shunned and made fun of.

The nerd started a conversation with Mr. Football and it which went something like this: “Hey, how what have you been doing with yourself?” Mr. Football said he joined the navy as a cook IN THE BRIG (i.e., the Navy jail). The nerd replied, “I joined the Navy too,” explaining how he became a lieutenant commander, a fighter pilot, and was working on his Ph.D. in some sort of engineering field.


#29 Live And Let Live

I ran into a guy from my high school who hung out with the “weird” crowd. They were often mocked for being into anime, but I always respected them for staying true to themselves.

He approached me at the local gym. He was very polite and respectful as always. We had a pleasant conversation in which he told me that he was working and playing in two bands.

I’m glad he came up to me, and I’m happy that he’s doing what he loves to do.


#28 Disney To The Rescue

The weird kid at our school was relentlessly bullied by everyone. Twenty years after we graduated, I ran into his father and asked about him. He’s now a Disney animator and doing super well. Come to think of it, he was always drawing.


#27 No One Said Vampires Can’t Be Pretty

There was a girl in middle school who would come to school dressed like a vampire. Everyone thought she was weird and creepy. She sat next to me in history, and now she’s a model.


#26 A Couple Of Wrong Turns

I dated the “weird kid” in middle school, but he moved away, and we lost contact. We reconnected when I was in college. He had dropped out of high school and was kind of lost in life. He’d gotten two girls pregnant and was working three jobs to pay child support. He flirted heavily with me when we talked, and I decided he wasn’t worth the baggage. Last I heard, he became a skinhead and joined an alt-right faction in Oklahoma.


#25 A Weirdo With A Condo

My good buddy had stayed in contact with a pretty weird kid from school. He was still incredibly weird, drank milk when we were all drinking beer, said bizarre things and asked overly personal questions. That said, he has a good job, a girlfriend and a condo, so I was really happy he was doing well.

#24 The Terminator Goes To Harvard

This one guy I knew was a huge fan of “The Terminator.” In between classes with students shuffling from classroom to classroom, he would take his shirt off, get into the naked Terminator crouch pose, stand up and glare menacingly as Arnold did. ten was a regular occurrence.

He’s now a professor at a prestigious Ivy League school.


#23 Autistic, Not Actually Weird

I went to school in the late ’90s and this girl I knew of always seemed “off.”

I ran into her at a bar a few years ago, and turns out she was diagnosed with Autism. It completely makes sense now, but in ’90s Indiana, there was no real talk of autism or related disorders, so you just got labeled “weird” and that was that. Now she’s running marathons, attending graduate school, and is a spokesperson for autism. Couldn’t be happier for her!


#22 What Do You Expect, With A Mail-Order Bride?

He gained weight and is now an insurance underwriter.

He’s also getting a divorce from his Russian mail-order bride.


#21 Out Of The Closet And Onto The Stage

He came out as gay just after graduation and is now living his best life as a drag performer.

It wasn’t so much that the school was homophobic (which it wasn’t), he was just projecting his confusion about his sexuality into some very weird behavior at the time.


#20 Like Mother Like Son

He’s the same, just taller. I saw him with his family at my work and finally realized that he was the way he was because of his parents. His mom took ten minutes to decide what to order because she kept asking for oddly specific things that we didn’t sell, and when she finally paid, she didn’t know how to use a credit card.


#19 He Always Was The Feminine Type

He became a she and is now super happy. It explained a lot.


#18 The Best Revenge Is Living Well

People called him “Cerebral Paul” because his name was Paul and his leg, arm, and face had been crippled by cerebral palsy.

Life sucked for him. He was mocked everywhere, in every class and in the hallways.

Nowadays, Paul seems pretty happy; at least, according to social media. He’s married to a pretty girl who smiles a lot, he has two beautiful children and there are lots of photos of them in nice places. I think he works in science.

Good for you, Paul. Sorry that we were all so horrible to you. The best revenge is living well.


#17 Being Well-Adjusted Comes With Age For Some

I discovered the weird kid and had the same circle of friends post-University. Growing up, he had been held back a grade. He tended to hyper-focus on anything but school work. He was super smart but just didn’t use his intelligence for what he needed to. Like, he would interrupt you during school work with a random fact about telephones.

He had a great job working with the city, and a side job flipping houses with his brother. They do great work together.

He is definitely more self-aware as an adult. He admits he probably has some form of autism but was never diagnosed. At this point, he doesn’t see a reason to verify it. He is functioning really well and I definitely consider him a friend. It’s always nice catching up when we run into each other.

We laugh about the time in middle school when I tricked him into climbing into a locker. I’m glad he forgave me. He is a pretty awesome guy.


#16 The Ultimate Start-Up

Steve Jobs. Homestead High School. Circa 1967. He tried to sell us little tone machines that would spoof pay phones to make free, long-distance calls. We were still putting nickels in the pay phone slot and hitting the coin return to scam the phone and make a call for five cents versus ten cents. Both of us went on to start Silicon Valley start-ups literally from our garages. It was a good ride, but he won. Then lost. Bye Steve. You did well.


#15 She’s Too Cool For School Now

There was a weird “goth” girl in my class who everyone made fun because she would hiss and bark at people. Nowadays, she works as a DJ in the club scene two towns over from me. She barked at me once when we were in high school and I barked back at her. It was the only time I had ever seen her smile at school.

It was cool realizing the DJ I was listening to at the club was my high school classmate. She is now the person everyone wants to hang out with. All the girls that use to pick on her now flood her social profiles with support and admiration. I’m so glad things turned around for her.


#14 The Lonely Extrovert Makes A Comeback

Our weird kid was super friendly, maybe overly so. He who would randomly show up at your house unannounced and befriend your parents. He knew the name of your pets. He would show up at your work to say hi. Sounds like a stalker right?

Nope. He was just really lonely. He had a terrible childhood and was severely neglected. I discovered this because he wrote me letters in college. Throughout four years, we exchanged postcards and fell out of touch right around the time we went to graduate school. We caught up again 20 years later, thanks to social media.

Today he’s a pediatrician, and a good one. He has done some really great work on isolation, neglect and non-physical child abuse.


#13 Jesus Saves Lives

He dropped out of high school, became homeless, found Jesus, cleaned his life up, and is now a door-to-door “Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?” guy for whatever sect he’s a part of.


#12 Congrats On The Awesome Belly Flop

I saw him at the YMCA once, twenty years after we had graduated. He was standing on the steps to the hot tub staring into the bubbling jacuzzi water for a good solid minute. He then took a big gulp of air, put his hand over his nose and mouth, and did a belly flop into the jacuzzi. He flailed around violently, splashing water all over the place for a few seconds and then got out patted himself on the back.


#11 Now He Talks To The Trees

He is the legitimate world record holder for the youngest person to climb the seven summits. The kid that sat behind me talking to himself had reached the top of Mt. Everest. I think he is doing great!


#10 From Outcast To YouTube Star

We had a kid who was by far the single outcast in our school. He was very bitter and got bullied HARD.

Now he has a YouTube channel with tens of thousands of followers doing car reviews. As a fellow car enthusiast, I was super jealous, but then remembered what he went through, and if anyone deserves to have a great job like that, it’s him. Good on you, Bobby.


#9 Turns Out He Was Spiritual, Not Weird

He became a yoga teacher and lives in a commune in the woods. Good for him, I suppose.

#8 As Strange As Ever

I saw her in the milk aisle. She had cat ears and paws on, and still hasn’t done anything with her life.


#7 When Luck Runs Out

A guy I went to school with had the devil’s luck. He would always win games that involved luck. I remember going to Vegas with him; he hit the jackpot with the first coin. He would play those silly “Gotcha” machine games and win every single time.

I met his sister recently. She said he died from getting struck by lightning on a clear day when crossing the street.

I guess luck came back to bite him.


#6 Seems Like She’s Up To No Good

She is 10 times weirder and creepier than before. She regularly comes to the library where I work and requests true crime books. I love true crime just as much as the next person, but there is a line between liking it and checking out every book ever made in existence on that topic.


#5 It’s Payback Time

He became a cop. God save us all.


#4 He’s Anything But Boring

He was super hyperactive and annoying. His parents still picked out all his clothes for him until probably the 10th grade. He got bullied for being so obnoxious and nerdy.

He graduated from high school, got pretty hot, and I married him. He’s still hyperactive and annoying, but I’ve never been bored a single day in our four years of marriage.


#3 Living His Dream

He does warm up melee fights at a Renaissance festival before the jousts and married a girl who works as a barmaid at the festival. Honestly, I’m not surprised in the least bit, and he’s probably the only person I know of who is living his childhood dream.


2. So Long Face Tattoo, Skater Boy

He was a sk8er boy. She said see ya later boy. He wasn’t good enough for her. Now he’s a… err… a manager at Gamestop. And got his face tattoo lasered off. So, doing better.


#1 The Manicured Astrophysicist

She was a tall, skinny girl who looked a bit like Beaker from the Muppets. She was awkward, shy, and mumbled a lot. She grew up to become an astrophysicist and, last I heard, was working her way up the ranks at the European Space Agency. She also had the most beautifully manicured fingernails.