People Reveal ‘The Infamous Incident’ That Happened At Their School

Every school has its own set of traditions, urban myths, and infamous incidents that it’s known for. Some are tragic events, like the passing of a student, while some are senseless and stupid, like a huge food fight in the cafeteria.

But perhaps the best claims to fame a school can have are the ones that are funny, like a senior prank gone harmlessly wrong… or the ones that are wrapped up in a juicy scandal.

If you can’t think of what the defining moment was for your school, reading through some of these incidents might help jog your memory.

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#45 Balls Blocking Runway

Our school was situated right next to a small airport. For one of our annual parties, the student body decided to fill the courtyard with hundreds of inflatable beach balls to create a giant ball pit. Then the wind kicked up and blew all of them onto the runways next door, causing the airport to shut down for least 12 hours. We weren’t allowed to have inflatable things anymore.


#44 Tackled For Tripping

A student had a complete meltdown in one of my classes. He took his clothes off and ran around campus. We all watched our security guard chase him. Eventually, he caught up and tackled the naked student in the middle of the courtyard.


#43 Musician’s Mental Breakdown

We had country singer Daron Norwood come to our school for an assembly. For reasons unknown, he started screaming at all of the students, cussing at them and saying that he was living in his car. The whole thing was crazy and got kind of scary, so a teacher pulled the fire alarm to get everyone out of there.


#42 Principal To Nuptials

Our principal divorced his wife and married an 18-year-old student who had just graduated maybe one or two months before. They probably had an inappropriate relationship for a while, but nothing could be proven I guess.

It’s been 10 years now and they’re still married. He’s also still the principal and has even won a few educator awards.


#41 Rioting Over Ranch

They replaced the ranch with fat-free ranch. Apparently, the student body couldn’t take it and they ended up rioting over some ranch.


#40 No Helicopter Ride For Me, Please

A 10th grader hurt another student with a screwdriver because the kid took his phone. The kid had to be helicoptered to a major trauma center. We went on immediate lockdown.


#39 The Tumbleweed Takeover

One time, our campus was overrun by tumbleweeds. Just tumbleweeds everywhere. We eventually had new fences installed to act as a barrier, but there were so many tumbleweeds that it almost didn’t help. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen in my life.


#38 The Bathroom Bandit

There was a rogue vandal at my high school. For what seemed like months, the boys’ bathrooms would be shut down because someone was purposely destroying and spray painting all of the stalls and toilets. Boys would have to check out of school and go home just to use the bathroom.

Word spread around the district because it was happening fairly frequently. He earned the moniker “Bathroom Bandit”. It got to the point where the opposing team’s crowd at football games would chant his name in unison.

They eventually caught the perpetrator. It was one of the seniors. He was withheld from graduating.


#37 Star Students’ Surprise

A bunch of student council members arrived at school tipsy before the Valentine’s Dance. The police were called and they were all expelled right then and there. They had a police van out front for about two hours while the kids were being questioned. Once that was over, the remaining student council members still had to set up everything for the dance… but nobody showed up.


#36 The 7th Grade Runaway

A 7th grader allegedly ran away from school because his parents were getting a divorce and it was too overwhelming for him.

He literally left during lunch and no one stopped him.

The office called a fire drill to look for him, but there was no luck. It really freaked out a ton of people and some of his friends started crying.

He was found later that afternoon.


#35 Frightening Firecrackers

A kid set off a bunch of firecrackers inside the school. Everyone started freaking out. In that situation, you learned which teachers were the good ones and which teachers were the bad ones. The good ones were yanking kids inside and trying to help. The bad ones were locking the doors to their empty classrooms and leaving students in the halls. The panic caused the kids in the halls to form a stampede, which caused some students to fall and get trampled. I know one girl who broke her arm.

They found the kid responsible for it. It turns out that he was a senior who had no possible chance of graduating. He acted out by setting off the firecrackers and he got arrested for his misdeed.


#34 Stinking Up The Pep Rally

During a pep rally, while all the students and teachers were in the gym, a friend of mine took someone’s gym shoes and put them in a microwave for 90 minutes. By the time the pep rally was over, the whole school smelled so terrible that they released us for the rest of the day.


#33 Answers May Vary

There was drama in the 2nd grade when I found the answer sheet. I thought I would get away with it, but at the time I didn’t realize “answers will vary” wasn’t an actual answer. I got caught.


#32 Accident On The Way To Graduation

In my junior year, two seniors were riding on a motorcycle to their graduation when a car hit them and left them in the ICU for the whole summer. They walked with my class the next year. The worst thing about it was that just a few weeks earlier, there was a running joke going around that something terrible would happen to the senior class because they were graduating on June 6, 2006 (6/6/6).


#31 A Senseless Superman Tradition

Every single year, a student would jump off of the math and science building wearing a Superman costume. Every single year, the person would end up in the hospital. I graduated in 2004 but I wonder if they are still doing it.


#30 Not-So-Smart Move

One of the economics teachers was showing a video by projecting his computer screen onto the Smartboard. Then, he hit the back button on the tab playing the video, revealing what he had been watching immediately before class.

It was an adult movie.

Amazingly, he did not get fired.


#29 A Viral Video Becomes An Anti-Bullying Campaign

On the second to last day of school, during freshman locker clean-out, two girls got into a gnarly fight. This was before smartphones, but my friend happened to have a digital camera with her and recorded the whole fight. My friend showed it to a teacher and asked, “What should I do with this?” The teacher basically told her, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Despite the teacher’s advice, she uploaded it on YouTube by the end of the day, and it had hundreds of views from the school. The next day, one of the girls involved in the fight was pressed charges and my friend was given two weeks of summer detention for spreading the video.

The next year, they showed the video on television as part of a segment about school bullying! Probably six to seven years later, one of the girls from the fight (who ended up being expelled for it) was on that same TV show for one of their makeover segments.


#28 Getting Wild On The Playground

One time, when all the kids at my school were out for recess, a brown bear came out of nowhere and decided to chill by one of the swing sets.

I went back to the schoolyard later in the evening with friends to see if it was still there. We screamed as loud as we could.

Then, the bear roared back.

We ran.


#27 Forever The Land Of Ladybugs

As a senior prank, a bunch of students released roughly 200,000 ladybugs into the courtyard during lunch. It’s been almost five years and the school still has tons of lady bugs even though it had none before. It was a great year.


#26 Finding Her True Friends

There was this one girl at my school who didn’t think she had any friends, even though she really had like, 20. To find out who the true ones were, she went missing for a week to see who would cry for her while she was gone.


#25 An Accidental Racist Mistake

So during assemblies at our school, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors would all sit in their own sections. On our Spirit Days, the sophomores would wear red, the juniors white, and the seniors black.

One junior thought it would be funny to put a pillowcase over his head and cut eye holes out in order to resemble a certain infamous racial discriminatory group. One black student took issue with it and posted about the incident on social media. A few days later, my school was featured on the national news and was accused of being a racist institution. The New York Times even wrote an article about it.

For the next two weeks, students were constantly being interviewed by local news stations. The principal got also fired. I was a sophomore at the time and for my last two years of high school, Spirit Day was canceled.


#24 Airlifted Out Of The Lockerroom

Our high school is separated into three buildings. One day, all three buildings were put on lockdown. Nobody knew why, but we all did hear a helicopter flying overhead at some point.

Turns out, three kids had to be airlifted out of the locker room because they got into a huge fight… Like, huge. One of them was lucky to survive.


#22 The REAL Muffin Man

About three and a half years ago, five fights broke out in our massive cafeteria. Similar fights broke out in other schools, and the whole district was put into lockdown for hours. This became known across the district as the “Middle School Civil War.”

One funny thing that happened during the fights was when someone,  amongst all of the chaos, someone threw a muffin and hit our principal in the head with it. Nobody knows who did it, but they will forever be referred to as “The Muffin Man.”


#21 Cracking Down On Bathroom Breaks

A bomb threat in the school bathrooms caused our building to be put on lockdown the school for hours. For the following six weeks, teachers had to monitor all bathroom use. Only one student could go into the bathrooms at a time, and after they were finished, a teacher would do a sweep of the bathroom to ensure there were no threats left. Bathrooms were locked during lunch hour and class changes, but most teachers didn’t allow you to leave for bathroom breaks during class either. It created quite an upset, but it was thankfully resolved later.


#20 Breaking The Glass Ceiling

A girl climbed onto the glass roof of my high school. You can imagine what happened next: she plummeted about five meters down onto a table. No lasting damage except for a few nasty cuts from the broken glass.


#19 A Surprise Pitbull Appearance

Pitbull used to show up at our middle school dance shows because his daughter went to our school. He seemed like a good dad and he didn’t act like a celebrity. It was kind of funny to see him sitting on a cafeteria chair in a crowd of other parents.


#18 Vandalism Basically Unheard Of

Someone wrote on all the walls of the bathrooms in a really fancy art and music school. They hadn’t had any vandalism ever, and the bathrooms were always the cleanest I’ve ever seen anywhere, so somebody ruining them was a big deal. Classes were interrupted so that the teachers could talk to the students and warn them never to do it again. No one ever did.


#17 Falling For You (Literally)

My school was built in the ’20s as a public works project and it has a large, two-story grand staircase right at the front foyer. One day before class, a kid was sitting on the railing on the top floor and somehow fell down the gap between the stairs. It was basically a 20-foot fall straight to the marble floor in the foyer. He should have lost his life then and there, but luckily he was a ninja and did some tactical bounces on the way down. He hit the floor right in front of a pretty, upper-class girl and said, “I think I’m falling for you,” popped up to his feet and walked her to her locker.


#16 Worse Than A Movie Fight Scene

When I was a junior, two students got into a fight so vicious that they were bleeding profusely. After the incident, the school cracked down on their no fighting policy and decided that any students who were caught fighting, even the ones who didn’t throw a punch, would be suspended along with the instigator. I never knew if the school got sued for that rule, but I do remember the principal resigned at the end of the year and the fighting policy was changed afterward.


#15 Bad Way To Learn You’re Adopted

In chemistry class, the teacher had the kids test their blood type against that of their parents to see how theirs was inherited. One kid got the data and found out that it was impossible for him to be his parent’s biological kid. The school never allowed that experiment again.


#14 Sad School Spirit

The mascot got hit with a stray bullet. You cant come back from that.


 #13 Breathing In Burnt Rubber

My school was built in an industrially zoned area, so the nearby buildings, behind and to the sides, are factories. Over half of the fences are barbed to keep people from breaking into the factories. It was kind of messed up that kids had to go outside for recess in that environment. It looked like a state prison. Also, the air would often have a really bad smell, like burnt rubber from whatever they do in those factories.


#12 A Pen Fight

At a local school, two 10th graders fought over a girl in the eighth grade.

But this wasn’t just your normal, meet-me-after-school fist fight.

This was a middle-of-the-school-day, in-the-heat-of-the-moment, not-a-fist-fight-but-a-pen-fight type of fight.

That’s right. They fought by poking each other with pens in the hallway. They were surrounded by other students holding their phones recording, which made it more barbaric. Both of them were seriously injured and sent to the hospital.


#11 Poor Teacher

At my high school, there was this one teacher who always came and went as he pleased. My friend was in one of his classes and one day he didn’t show up to class at all. Someone had found him later that morning, blacked out in the school’s basement. Apparently, this had happened several times before.

A few weeks later, our principal announced that he had died from a rare disease. Though the school’s board of directors had offered to pay for his treatment, he refused their help and kept his condition a secret from all of his students.


#10 A Rogue Emu

My elementary school was next to a crazy guy’s emu farm. One day, one of the emus broke loose, went onto school property and started running amok. That’s the story of how my California elementary school went on lockdown for hours because of a rogue emu.


#9 Punished For Pepper Spray

One time a girl at my school pepper sprayed a crowd of people during a fight. She wasn’t even involved in the fight; they were just in the way.

As a result, she got chased around by a bunch of other students. When they caught her, they brought her to the principal’s office and she was expelled. The students who were involved in the actual fight only received suspensions.


#8 Revenge Cookies

The most unassuming kid in my class stole illegal substances from his older brother and baked a batch of “revenge cookies” for a group of kids he hated. He handed them out at lunch and by 1 p.m. they were all in distress. Ambulances had to be called.


#7 A Little More Extreme Than A Food Fight

We had a riot in the lunchroom. Chairs were thrown, food was thrown and there was a massive brawl. The police were called and they locked down the school. I was outside on lunch and was just walking back when all the squad cars came.


#6 Injured Over Instructional Video

I had an auto shop teacher who freaked out at a kid that kept talking during an instructional video. The teacher threw the remote for the TV at him and missed and it ended up hitting another kid in the forehead. Some swear that the remote broke in half upon impact and the teacher stormed off, got in his truck and left the school. The police pulled him over and he was arrested. We never saw him again and I don’t know what happened to him after that.


#5 The Teacher Thief

Things were being stolen from the girls’ locker room even though combination locks were used (the gym coaches would hand you a random lock at the beginning of the year). One girl got clever and put a camera in her bag during gym class. A female coach was caught on the tape stealing from the girl. The school did not fire the coach, explaining that she was simply checking to see if the students had any of the stolen items in their lockers.


#4 Kidnapped By A Vice Principal

My high school had a rule where only the seniors were allowed to leave campus for lunch. We also had a vice principal who took her job WAY too seriously. One day in mid-November of my junior year, she went to a local pizza place that was popular with students to check the IDs of all the students there.

She came across a kid who admitted he was a freshman after he failed to present her his student ID. She didn’t believe him when he told her that he didn’t go to her high school, so she forced him to go back to the school with her and spend the rest of the day in detention under the supervision of the campus security officer. When they couldn’t find his contact info in the system, they confiscated his cell phone to find his parents’ numbers, who were not happy to find out that their son had been kidnapped by the administration of a school he didn’t go to.


#3 Dead Deer In The Wall

A senior from my high school thought it would be hysterical as a senior prank to hunt a deer, leave the body in a wall locker and weld the door shut. He did it around finals time, so we ended up moving the high school temporarily to the elementary school building.

They never found out who did it. The entire wing of the school smelled like death well into the next school year.


#2 Miley Would Be Disappointed

Our school had a big hanging wrecking ball attached to a science building. I guess it was supposed to be art. When Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” came out, they actually removed it from the building out of fear that students would try to imitate her.


#1 A Squirrely Kind Of Prank

During the peak density of lunch hour in high school, someone released a live squirrel into the cafeteria.

The screaming and yelling triggered mad panic. People thought their lives were in danger and everyone evacuated the school. The squirrel ended up getting lodged behind the kitchen fryer and they had to dismantle the appliance to get it out.

Nobody found out who released the squirrel, even after they had a big assembly trying to shame us into giving up the guilty culprit.

It was me.