Nostalgic People Share The One Thing They Miss The Most About High School

Making it through high school alive is kind of like eating an entire 10-pound cookie: it’s the sweetest thing when you first start out, but once you make your way through the bulk of it, you look back and realize what a colossal undertaking it was.

Between waking up at the buttcrack of dawn, the relentless bullies, and, of course, the raging hormones influencing your behavior, high school isn’t exactly a breeze for most of us. If it was a cakewalk for any of you, then you’re one of the lucky ones.

But that doesn’t stop us from looking back with nostalgia. For many of us, high school represents a simpler time, maybe when we had our first crush, first kiss, got our driver’s license, and more. It brings us back to a formative time when we were still in the process of becoming the people we’d be for the rest of our lives.

A few people online described a few of the things they miss most about high school, and they’ll make you as nostalgic as they made us!

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 #38 Weird Thing To Miss?

Who remembers those chairs that were attached to the desk? I miss those things so much! I used to crack my back on them so well. I’ve been looking for something similar, but after 20 years, I’m out of luck.

Humaverse Contributor

#37 Anything Is Possible!

I miss the belief that I could be anything, do anything, and it was actually possible. Slowly, that dream has started to deteriorate. And the older I get, the harder these dreams are to achieve. Sigh, what a losing game.

Humaverse Contributor

#36 Easy Enough

It was so easy. I had a car my parents paid for, zero bills, and all the money I made was personal spending money. I had a constant group of friends to hang out with and went to school in one of the best areas of the city with tons of shops within walking distance.

I was a privileged, upper-middle-class kid and everything was ridiculously easy. High school was great.

#35 Class Clown

I miss being able to fool around more. In my college, you have to study a lot and make outputs. Not to mention, the more grown-up version of “fooling around” can be hazardous to your health and future, if you get what I mean.

I don’t know for others, but I most definitely had more fun in high school than in college.

Cherish Angelic Ligones Mondilla

#34 The Importance Of Self-Discovery

I miss discovering things around me and about myself. I loved being pushed into a learning environment 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, learning about the history of my country, while at the same time, finding out my passions and your dislikes.

Oh, and also, not paying bills.

Adrianna Jonie

#33 The Things That Stuck

I miss learning. I learned more in high school than in my BA and MA. My college professors didn’t even know that the area of a triangle can be found using simple matrix arithmetic. I never read works of Jefferson in college. More than 50 years later, I still know enough German to have a good time in Hamburg. I could on, but you get the point. By the way, I am a retired professor of graduate linguistics.

Emil Ysona

#32 Knowing What I Know Now

High school sucked for me, at least the actual school part. This is coming from someone who generally likes learning.

What I really missed was free college credits. If I had known what I know now, I would have worked hard to get into AP or concurrent enrollment classes. I would have then pursued the free private school education that was offered to me at age 18. One of the greatest regrets of my life is that I didn’t start working hard in school earlier. later.

Max H. Malcom

#31 Pushing Your Luck

I miss how trivial it all was. We’d all be pushing the limits to see what we could get away with, seemingly without worry. I miss the little moments, like sitting in class and cracking up at the poor fella who fell asleep and started snoring; or hyping up some random underclassman to go ask the hottest chick in the school to the upcoming homecoming dance. I think in a way we were almost self-aware of the stereotypical “social scene” that was expected in high schools and tried to find humor in it.

Oh, and sports. Those were so much fun. The feeling of getting out of the car early in the morning on game day and walking past everyone in your football jersey. There was something special in the air on Fridays. Everyone shared it and took part in it regardless if you played or not. All classes that day suddenly took a back seat—we had a game to play in a few hours. Man, what I would give to live through those years again.

#30 It’s OK… You’re Not The Only One

For me, it was the convenience of it all and my friendships. High school sophomore year was incredibly fun for me. I met all my best friends during that time and the convenience of always going to the same place allowed us to hang out much more often. Plus, it was less responsibility.

However, that is all I miss. High school’s general education was a waste of time. I was immature, and I wasn’t nearly as smart. Not to mention other kids were also highly immature and concerned over insignificant concepts and rules.

I like where I am now. There is some pain, I have depression now, and sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going. But I learn and have created more important concepts and values within myself. I feel more in control of my choices, more interested in learning, interested in my future, and I have true friends. High school will remain a past memory.

#29 Thanks, Mom

I miss the freedom I felt hanging out with my friends and how excited I would be over nothing. Like, we might have just been riding around or stopping at a fast food place for a shake, but everything brought me happiness. I miss the specific type of freedom and joy I got from those moments.

I also miss my mom and how safe, comfortable, and easy life was, even when it wasn’t. Somehow, even in the toughest of times, mom made everything better.

#28 Throw The Caution To The Wind

Not having to care. I’m a pretty smart guy if I say so myself, so I didn’t need to spend that much time on my school work to keep my marks up. In grade 12, I calculated what I needed to get in my courses to get a high enough admissions grade for university and only did enough work to get that grade. I ended up having to really push myself after spring break so I could get calculus done, and that was only because I spent the first half of the semester slacking off and not really doing anything. I still ended up getting admitted to one of the top universities in Canada.

Basically what I’m saying is I only really had to care for the last 2 months of my entire high school career.

Right now I’m on winter break from university, which means I should be relaxing, right? No. I’m the president of a club I brought back from the dead, I’m planning a game jam for as many as 300 attendees, and I’m an executive member of the computer science student union. This all means that the time I should have to not be caring about stuff is instead being spent on all these other things.

The kicker? This seems like nothing to some people. So really, treasure the time you have in high school.

#27 The All-Purpose Desks

Those desks where the chair was attached. I could crack my back so good with those things. I miss being able to do that regularly.

#26 Again, Not The Only One!

What do I miss about high school? The bullying, ostracism, boredom, and feeling of personal worthlessness? Yeah right. There’s absolutely nothing about high school that I would want to relive. Life didn’t even begin to get good for me until college.

#25 Fall Fridays

That Friday feeling during the fall. Like, you knew good times were going to be had at the end of the week. I think the thing I miss most is that feeling that goes through your entire body and soul when you see that pretty girl for the first time and she smiles at you. You just know that you two are going to have some great times together. I miss the feeling of having such a huge crush that even just knowing you might run into her tonight is enough to get you feeling like electricity is in the air.


#24 AIMing For The Social Media Basics

Social media consisted mostly of AIM. No Facebook, and MySpace wasn’t very popular yet.

Also, cell phones were a rarity. I really miss not being expected to be instantly reachable at any time. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the heck out of my pocket computer, but that aspect I do miss.

#23 ‘Love’ Was Much Simpler

Having crushes. I can’t remember the last time I  just… pined for a girl; just not being able to speak correctly to her; just wanting to be around her.

I miss having that kind of innocent, weak-in-the-knees desire. And not “desire” just in the context of intimacy. I mean just liking somebody so much and wanting so badly for them like you back.

I miss that feeling. I miss that pull in my heart.

#22 It Means ‘No Worries’

I miss how straightforward and safe it was. The biggest worry was having bad grades or getting rejected by your crush.

Adulthood is like having your blinders removed and realizing you are walking on a narrow edge with chasms at the sides.


#21 Eating Your Heart Out

My metabolism! No literally, that’s it. That’s all I miss.


They used to teach us lobster wasn’t always a delicacy. It used to be prison food.

#19 The Console Of The Gods

Playing N64 for hours every day after school with my friends.

#18 Boredom Is Now Immediately Solved With Instagram

The thing I miss the most about high school is being bored. I don’t know if teenagers currently even have this anymore. I was part of a group of five or six kids just trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. Among our stupid ideas were: Trying to do skateboard tricks into a pool. Blowing up a large ant nest with kerosene. Deciding to play 7 minutes in heaven with a definitely inadequate ratio of guys to girls, which led to some hurt feelings, but eh.

Our collective imaginations got lazier once I got a car. We all just piled in there and loitered at the mall non-stop.

#17 Ignorance Most Certainly Was Bliss

I had so much hope for the future. I could enjoy the “here and now” without letting the bad things get to me too much because I knew that high school was only a small part of my life. Didn’t have money? No problem, I’ll have more when I get older. No girlfriend? No problem, I’ve still got plenty of time to find “the one.”

Ignorance was bliss, but now I’m paying for it.

#16 So, You Can’t Eat This As An Adult

Ham sandwiches with lays chips sprinkled in them. For those who say I could make them at home, it’s not the same.

#15 ‘I’m In A Band’

Literally the only thing I miss about high school is band class. I wasn’t super good, but I greatly enjoyed my 8 years of playing trombone. Every 4 years, the high school marching band would go to Disney World and be a part of their parade. With a great amount of luck, we were the very first group out and it was amazing. It was so hard to concentrate because of how hot it was and, well, I was in a Disney parade!

The student who was leading us was a buddy of mine and he was one of 3 people who did not face forward. He said it was amazing helping direct basically the entire parade while getting the perfect view of Cinderella’s Castle.

#14 For All The Good Ones Out There

I miss the teachers and friends there who were really knowledgeable, energetic, and polite in China. The best thing was arguing about a topic enthusiastically with them and eventually finding the best solution.

#13 ‘A Different Kind Of Laugh’

Man, I used to laugh my butt off. It was just a different kind of laugh where your stomach hurts like a mother, and you sometimes even fall to the ground. I can remember a couple of times so vividly and it kind of makes me feel sad that it doesn’t happen anymore.

#12 The Curtain Of High School Eventually Draws Itself

I did theatre for most of high school. I miss hanging out with my closest friends in the auditorium every day. I miss making memes with each other before a show. I also miss the collective sense of accomplishment when we had a good show. It was just blissful.

Other than that though, nothing.

#11 My Books Don’t Cost A Thing

Books and education being free.

#10 Sleeping Like A High Schooler

Having a thing called a sleep schedule that wasn’t sporadic.

#9 This Is High School… Right?

Having chocolate milk and a nutty bar for lunch every day without gaining a pound.

#8 The Countdown For The Ages

The last few years of MTV music videos.

#7 Life Gets Harder

I miss when the division of assets following a broken heart meant cassette tapes and Michigan State sweatshirts. Not property, child custody, and 401ks. I miss when a disagreement was settled either by ignoring someone, or a fist fight. Not suing them in court, or shooting them dead. I miss when having mom and dad’s car was a treat that I had to earn. Not something I had to take home from their funeral. I miss when a snow day meant sledding, playing in the woods and having an extra cup of hot chocolate. Not wondering if I’ll be able to afford rent and food because I’m forced to take a day off.

I miss when college students looked old. Now I see they have their entire lives ahead of them. I miss when a minimum wage job was on every corner. Not something adults have to fight over. I miss having had the opportunity to receive an education all but free of charge. Not paying a thousand dollars for an online course that ends up needing an update which isn’t compatible with my three-year-old computer. I miss when shaking at a dance was cool. Not something you do because you’re afraid of being stabbed or shot by someone who may have had too many beverages and gets violent.

#6 Homebody

Living at home. I’ve had a job since I was 14. I like working, but living on my own now means I’m entirely responsible for myself. Its empowering, yes, but after my ex left I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck and if something gets screwed up, I have no safety net.

#5 Go Team!

I disliked my high school experience, from home life to school life. There were great teachers, friends, and programs, but it was a very difficult and awkward period of my life. 0/10, would not do again.

If I had to pick one thing, it’d be the high school sports. It’s a heck of a lot more difficult getting a group of peers organized in the adult world. You could be a three-sport athlete with guided coaching for free. In college and post-college life, things get more specialized and complicated. The diversity was fun.

#4 The ‘Stang

The car I had. A ’66 Mustang. I miss working on it, the way it drove, cramming four of my friends in when there were only three seats beside mine… It was objectively cool, and that helped bring me out of my shell.

Also, my group of friends. We’re still in contact, but not as close, geographically or interpersonally, as we were when everybody had to be in the same place for eight hours a day.

#3 Lunch Period = Best Period

Lunch period at the lunch tables acting like silly teenagers. Growing up sucks, kids.

#2 The True Endless Summer

Actually having a summer. I was going to bed last night, closing my blinds, and noticed some teenagers at the park behind my house just sitting and chatting. This was around 10:00 p.m. It immediately took me back to being 14 or 15, having sleepovers with my friends, going on walks to the park and just not having anything to do. No responsibilities, no school… we could stay there as late as we wanted (assuming our parents didn’t find out), and then go home and talk to other friends on MSN, watch movies all night, play video games, etc.

#1 Thanks For Being Here

That you got kudos just for showing up. It was a simpler time.