Terrified People Share The One Thing That’s Happened To Them That No One Believes

Have you ever encountered an alien or heard voices coming from your basement? Have you ever seen a ghost? What about Bigfoot? Would you believe someone if you were told that they experienced something so farfetched? Probably not, right? Plenty of us have had creepy encounters that defy conventional explanation, and if you were alone when it happened, it can be nearly impossible to find someone who will believe you. Just ask these guys..

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#1 Changing Constellations

Some friends and I were hanging out one summer evening when we were around 15 years old. It was night, it was clear, and we were all lying on my friend’s trampoline in the backyard. We were just chatting and looking at the stars. Suddenly, we all saw something. We asked each other if we had all seen what we thought we just did. Each one of us saw a formation of stars trade places with each other. They left a tail behind them, like a shooting star, before resettling in their new positions. They all moved at the exact same time. It was strange. Three of us seemed to see the same thing


#2 Checked In Before She Left

It was the night before my stepmom passed away. I was 22 at the time and I was spending the night in bed with my nine-year-old half-brother, cuddling him and telling him his mom was going to be okay. It was about 3 a.m. at the time and, after a while, he immediately sat upright in bed, smiled, and said, “I promise to be a good boy, mommy. I love you.” Now, my stepmom had been bedridden for the last month, so hadn’t moved. But I swear on my life, and my little brother agrees with me, that for a split second, I saw her standing in the doorway wearing her giant fur coat, just smiling at us and looking relieved.

My brother went to sleep about two minutes later. I left to go into my dad and stepmom’s room to check on her and I saw that my dad was awake. He told me that she passed about half an hour ago. I genuinely believe that she “stopped by” on her way to the other side to check in on her two kids and make sure we’d be okay without her before she left.


#3 Louder And Louder

When I was a teenager, I used to keep the remote to my stereo on the lip of my bedframe. One night, around midnight, I woke up to my stereo playing static at me. It was getting louder. I could see the volume number moving higher and higher. It was pitch black and this static was getting louder and louder and the remote wasn’t in its usual place for some reason. I had no choice but to jump out of bed to turn it off. I turned on the light and, freaking out, I found the remote—under my bed, right in the middle where it’s almost impossible to reach.


#4 Home… Alone?

When I was sixteen, I skipped school to stay home and play video games. I set up my PlayStation and made some hot pockets and, right when I get good and comfortable, I heard footsteps walking to my room. I glanced outside and saw that my parents weren’t home yet, but I was still afraid I was going to get caught. I saw no place to hide, so I froze. Suddenly, the door flung open and I heard a scream echo through the house. I must have sat there petrified in that room for half an hour before going outside and waiting for my parents to come home. I tried to explain to my friends later what happened but they thought I was lying.


#5 A Premonition Of Disaster

My wife, my kids and I were driving near some cliffs near where we live. We stopped to take in the view and take some photos. I lined the kids up with the cliff drop and ocean behind them and took some pictures. As they took a step back for me to get a better picture, they fell off the edge of the cliff.

I woke up sweating and petrified, the nightmare felt so real. One of those that really stick with you. I went to check in on all the kids, all fast asleep in bed—apart from my youngest five-year-old daughter. She was on the floor. She had fallen out of bed but somehow was still sleeping. Next to her on the floor was a bedside lamp that was knocked over. The bulb from the lamp had burnt and was singeing into the carpet ready to burst into flames.


#6 Granny’s Haunted House

My friend’s grandmother’s house was right up against a cemetery. He always told me that it was haunted and he would see crazy things there, but I never believed him. One night, we were over at her house and I swear, I saw something the size of a toddler run from the living room, through the dining room, and into the kitchen. When I looked at my friend he just went, “Did you just see that kid run through the house?” It looked more like a fast-running shadow than an actual person.

There was no one there. There were no kids around. It was late at night and there were no doors opened or closed. When we told his grandmother, she said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. It happens all the time.” After that… I started believing in ghosts. My friend also said that when he used to sleep there, he used to push the spare room’s TV away from him because he would wake up at night and see people in the reflection staring back at him.


#7 Let’s Not Talk About It

It was over ten years ago now. A friend and I visited Japan. It was our first time there so we went with a tour company, however, after the tour ended, we stayed an extra night in a hotel in East Ikebukuro. During the tour, the tour leader told us stories of haunted hotels and other urban myths. One of the things he had told us was to be wary if you find a room where the head of the bed was positioned next to the window (so if you look up while lying in bed, you look out the window). He would try to scare us by saying ghosts would come through the window at night and drag you out.

Back to the East Ikebukuro hotel, we checked in in the early evening and the first thing we noticed was how small the room was. The second thing was that they gave us a double bed instead of twin singles. And the third: the bed head was right next to the window. We rationalized that the room was too small really to align the bed any other way and the tour leader was full of it. To be honest, we were more annoyed that we had to share a double bed.

We decided to just let it go since it was just for one night. So we went out for dinner before turning in for the night. That night, I was woken up by a door slamming shut and I jolted up. There, sitting at the foot of the bed, was a woman in a blue kimono. She had long hair and from what I could make out, her kimono had butterflies on it. I freaked out and buried my head under my pillow (looking back, that was a useless move if anything bad were to happen). I remember thinking, “Is this real? How can I check without looking?”

In my ‘genius’, I decided to shuffle my foot down the bed thinking if I don’t touch anything it’s just my imagination (I didn’t think about what I’d do if I did touch something). Little by little, my foot moved down the bed when I noticed that there was definitely a depression at the foot of the bed. Someone (thing?) was there. I retreated my foot and started to sweat. I must’ve fainted or fallen back asleep. I remember waking up at six the next morning and my friend was already dressed and packed. I asked him if he saw or heard anything last night and all he said is, “I don’t want to talk about it, let’s check out.”


#8 Top Hat Demon

One night, everything was happening as per usual. My mom was out with her friends and my dad was watching a movie with my sister and I. It was a comedy, so we all went to bed laughing about it. I was lying in bed about half an hour after we were tucked in, reading a book. I heard someone stomping down the hallway downstairs, and then full-on sprinting up the stairs. I figured it was just my sister coming back from getting a drink or something, but I would have seen her leave her room because our doors are right beside each other.

So then, I figured it was just my mom coming back home and, for some reason, being extremely loud. The way my door is angled lets me see anybody who comes up the stairs, so I was watching and waiting as they seemed to be in quite a hurry. The footsteps were getting higher and higher up the stairs, but as soon as they got to the top, they completely stopped. There was nothing. My eyes were still totally fixed on the hallway as I got up to check who it was.

I turned the corner and there was nobody. I immediately got covered head to toe with goosebumps and tried to piece together what could have happened. Not even two seconds later, I heard my sister screaming and she came bolting out of her room with complete terror on her face. Without hesitating, we ran into our dad’s room, where he was already standing up and asking what’s wrong.

My sister pointed back to her room crying, and said, “There’s a man!” My dad rushed into the hall, turned the light on, and then turned the light on in her room. He checked the closet and behind everything but didn’t find anything. Then, he walked into my room and did the same, but still found nothing. We spent the next 15 or so minutes holding his hand as he searched the rest of the house, flicking every single light on.

He called my mom to see if she had been home, but she said she was still with her friends. I could even hear the loud bar atmosphere through the phone speaker. We all slept in my dad’s room that night. Over the course of the next seven or so years, my sister had run out of her room crying about the same man in her room. She said he would just stand there in the corner and watch her.

She described him as a very tall man in a top hat and a trench coat, “like a detective.” Everything completely black. It was a couple of years later that I stumble upon what’s known as the “Top Hat Demon,” or the “Phantom Hat Man.” It turns out that it’s an actual phenomenon. Every description and drawing is exactly what she described that day.


#9 The Family Business

I was working at a bakery on the night shift at the local orchard. The store closed at eight, but it wasn’t unheard of for the owners to come in after closing. I had had been working there for about a week at this point. I was out stocking the shelves, so it was close to the end of our shift. Probably 3 a.m. I turned to take something off of the rack and there was a man standing by the cold case. He was in his late 40s, maybe early 50s. Bald, thin build, and wearing a red flannel shirt tucked into jeans.

He said, “Hello, how are you?” I said “Hi. I’m doing well, how are you?” He said, “I’m fine, thank you.” I put the bread on the shelf and turned to ask who he was, and he was gone. I was only turned for a few seconds so there’s no way he could have left my line of sight without me seeing some part of him leaving, and I never heard any doors open or close to indicate that he left or went elsewhere in the store.

I told my mom when I got home because I was like, what if someone broke in? Do I want to work at a place where people can just easily waltz in undetected? She asked me about it and I told her it was weird because he was just standing there looking at a covered-up cold case. He couldn’t see what was actually in it and he didn’t seem like he was trying to steal anything. She told me it was probably just the owner.

I met the owner a few days later. He was not the man that I saw there a few nights prior. It wasn’t anyone that worked there. I had heard from co-workers that the owner was still working there because his son that was supposed to take over the business had passed away. That night after work I went home and looked up the son’s obituary online. I fool you not, it was the guy I saw in the store.


#10 Dream Or Not?

A few years ago, my wife and I spent three months in Bermuda for work. Initially, we rented a large detached house whose owners were back in the States.  There was one locked room on the top floor, presumably containing the owner’s personal possessions. After a few nights, we both began to hear footsteps from upstairs.  This was relatively easy to ignore as we put it down to rodents even though they sounded human. We had checked the locked door and there was never any sign of movement there.

One night, I was asleep when, in my dazed state, I imagined someone right by my face shouting, “Wake up!” This was from my right side.  My wife was sleeping to my left. Immediately after, I felt myself pulled down the bed. I awoke to find my legs hanging off the end of the bed and my right cheek moist as if somebody had shouted at me from six inches and their saliva had sprayed my face. I panicked and woke up my wife. I checked the room but there was nobody there.  I checked the rest of the house and all was quiet. I washed my face vigorously. We left the house soon after that night and claimed the company flat as soon as it became available. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before or since.


#11 The Neighborhood

One of my best friends of all time and I bonded pretty hard over our similar insomnia patterns and, knowing that the other would probably be awake, we would usually text each other around one or two in the morning. Having nothing else to do, we’d usually drive around town talking about random stuff like movies we’d seen or stories relating to songs on the radio. One night, our driving path led to this new subdivision outside of city limits.

It was off of the main highway, probably a mile or two east of town, where all the subdivisions had generic names and all of the houses were different shades of the same brown or gray. So, we pulled into this random subdivision. The first thing we noticed was the lack of streetlights. Usually, these new subdivisions were lit but this one wasn’t, which was weird.

And then, we turned a corner and noticed that at least 75% of the occupants of the houses on this block were just randomly standing out in their front yards. With the lights out. At 2 a.m. They weren’t even doing anything, just standing there. We immediately left and I’ve gone back to the place in broad daylight a couple of times… it just looks like a normal neighborhood. I don’t know what we saw but I know we both saw it.


#12 A Forest Friend

One time, our family dog ran away. He was super shy and scared very easily (we got him from an animal testing lab). So, we gathered all of our friends and family to search for him. After a whole day of searching without any sign of the dog, the sun was setting slowly and I was standing on the edge of the forest. I searched this area and called for him the entire day, and suddenly, I saw a deer just 15 meters from me staring directly in my eyes.

We stared at each other for at least a minute, no movement and no sound. Then, I asked with a soothing voice, “Did you happen to come across a lost beagle?” I kid you not, the deer nodded and looked down on the ground where it was standing. Then it jumped away into the woods. I was thinking to myself that I just imagined that nod and the dog could not sit next to the deer without making any noise.

But I couldn’t not check. And there he was, sitting in the exact spot. I gasped and cuddled the dog, took him on my arm, and looked into the woods where the dear had disappeared. Lo and behold, there it was again, staring at me, directly in the eyes. I had tears of joy and was so unbelievably grateful while at the same time, very confused. It’s a crazy story!


#13 Mausoleum

In college, I was hanging in a friend’s room when he said that he and his roommate needed to go move their cars to different lots. I decided to stay and watch some TV. A few minutes after they left, I saw a DVD, in a clear case labeled “Mausoleum.” I remember watching the most bizarre movie I’ve seen to date. It focused a lot on time hops. It left me with goosebumps. I shut off the movie before it was done, got up, and realized it was daylight. Both my friend and his roommate had returned. I woke them up and they asked how I got inside. They said I hadn’t been there when they returned, and I didn’t answer my cell. I went to take DVD out of the player and it was empty. They claimed they had never heard of or seen it. I’ve spent decades trying to make sense of this. I’ve endured nightmares and occasional flashbacks.


#14 Part Of The Forest

I went with some friends to this old church camp in the middle of nowhere. The whole place had been abandoned but there were three or four buildings on the property – it was all up for sale, and very odd. We went one night to walk around and goof off. At one point, I walked off (although not far) from the group because I saw something towards the back of one of the houses that caught my eye for some reason.

Then, I just felt this sense come over me like I was somehow connected to the forest surrounding us. I just stood there, in the light of the full moon, taking in all the woods had to offer and feeling connected with it. I turned around and saw everyone else walking off, leaving me there! I jogged after them to catch up and ask why they would do that— they said they couldn’t see me anywhere (I was out in the open, right in the middle of a cleared area on a full moonlit night, easily visible).

They said they called for me but since I wasn’t answering they were feeling a little creepy and headed back to the car. What felt like about 30 seconds, was actually about 10-15 minutes of me just standing there. Apparently, they legitimately did not see me— and I never heard them calling my name. It was so strange. They all thought I was just playing a game and trying to scare them, but I was just standing there out in the open… no one believes me.


#15 A Light Touch

For context, this is northern-ish Minnesota, and the nearest town is Leader. We had a decent amount of land up there and we often had large bonfires. During one of these bonfires, I decided to play a joke on my family and hide in the tree line and scare my parents. After about five to ten minutes, my parents started to get scared and my uncle decided to look for me.

Two or three minutes later, I felt a slight touch, or maybe a push, on my right shoulder and I came running and screaming out of the woods. I was certain that my uncle had somehow snuck up behind me, but when I reached the bonfire everyone was waiting for me and my uncle was in the trailer and not in the tree line. Even now, I still get odd feelings around that area and always thought that my brain was playing tricks on me. But even the family dog kept watching on that side of the forest. I’m not entirely certain what touched me but it was a terrifying experience.


#16 Just A Skinwalker

My wife and I were driving up through northern Arizona on Highway 89 between Flagstaff and Page. It was about 1 a.m. and I saw sets of eyes glowing in my headlights a little way up the road, so I let off the gas. I slowed down to avoid hitting an animal in the road. When we drove by, we saw several dogs ( or maybe coyotes) on the side of the road and I hit the gas and drove by.

After we passed, my wife said one of them was running next to the car and I looked over and saw it as well, probably 20 feet off the shoulder of the road. I floored it and looked over and it stood up on its hind legs (that’s the only way I can describe it) and kept pace with us for a couple of seconds before turning away from the road and disappearing. This whole event probably lasted no more than ten seconds, but it was seriously the most terrifying ten seconds of my life. This was probably 20 years ago, and we still rarely talk about it.


#17 Saying Goodbye

When I was about 12 or 13, I woke up in the middle of the night and smelled my father’s cologne. I thought it was a little odd since he lived about an hour away but I was too tired to care. I went back to sleep, woke up the next morning, and for some reason, my mother didn’t wake me up for school. My father had passed away the night before. I never told anyone for years about that night, but around the age of 23, I told my mom and she was glad to know that she wasn’t crazy. That same night, she was startled awake and the dog was staring at the door wagging his tail. Almost like he was saying goodbye before fully leaving.


#18 Too Busy To Die

My mom, my dad, and my sister were en-route to a party mid-afternoon and they stopped at the local family-run pharmacy to pick up a prescription. My mom ran in by herself and noticed a sign on the window thanking people for their sympathy and support, and she remembers wondering who in the family had passed away. It was incredibly busy inside and she saw all three brothers working; two were behind the pharmacy counter and the third, the guy she spoke to the most, was behind the furthest counter back.

He looked up, made eye contact with my mom, then shrugged and smiled as if to say “crazy busy Saturday, huh?” He went back to his work and didn’t say anything else. My mom got her perscription, then went back to the car and mentioned to my dad that someone in the family had passed, but it couldn’t have been any of the brothers as all three were in the store.

A couple of weeks later, she was on the phone with my aunt who mentioned something about a motorcycle accident that one of the pharmacy sons was in — the one that shrugged at my mom. My aunt clarified that the pharmacist had passed just a week before my mom went into the pharmacy and saw him working behind the counter.


#19 Unidentified Fast Objects

I was in the Persian Gulf on the now-decommissioned ship USS NASSAU (LHA-4), working mids and performing a weather observation sometime between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. I saw multiple lights begin to move through the sky faster than any I’ve ever seen before. Back and forth, almost too fast to track with my eyes (too fast to be an airplane, too fast to be a shooting star). Then, suddenly, they came to center on the horizon, vibrated for a few seconds, and shot out of eyesight up into the sky. It’s still the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.


#20 The Dogs Know

I was playing on my computer which is upstairs in my house. My wife had gone out for the night with her sisters and my dogs started going crazy, which made me think my wife had pulled up in the driveway. I waited to hear her get to the front door and come inside, but my dogs kept barking for a couple of minutes. I got a little worried so I decided to see what the fuss was about.

My dogs were located at the top of the stairs and barking down to the front door. As I turned the corner to go downstairs, I spotted a figure looking upstairs in the darkness. I yelled “What the heck?” and ran to get my phone in my office. As I got my phone, my dogs went crazy. I look at them and their heads followed movement coming up the stairs, over the railing, and into the guest bedroom. My dogs repositioned themselves and were looking within the bedroom.

My dogs are absolute sweethearts, but one of them had his fangs out in a way I’ve never seen. Like a wolf. The other, who was around nine months old at the time, was barking as hard as she could. I stood there in shock at their reactions when all of a sudden, there was a loud noise. That went on for maybe 15 seconds. Once it stopped, my dogs stopped barking as well and ran into the guest room. They were looking for something. We’ve had weird things happen in our house, but this was the worst.


#21 A Party That Wasn’t There

One time, I was working at a used car dealership. On the side lot, there was this huge sliding door that led to the car bays. One night, I got off really late and I dropped off some cars at an auction. It was almost 10 p.m. It was dark and quiet on the street. I looked toward the side gate and saw people under the sliding door and above the door lights and shadows. They looked like people dancing and moving around. I started walking toward it and I heard voices, like a party.

It was really weird because the building set up wouldn’t allow lights or shadows from nearby buildings to cast lights or shadows there. So I got closer to take a look. I looked in and it was pitch black and totally silent. I took a few steps back and I saw the lights and shadows again. I even heard people talking. I went to my car and started driving away and saw the lights and shadows again. I told my boss to check the cameras but he said he didn’t see anything. He did see my shadow under the door when I walked by to check it, though.


#22 The Returners

About seven or eight years ago, I visited a friend a few cities over. They live in a fairly rural area with a forested area behind their house. My friend and his family claimed spooky stuff happened in this forested area all the time, but I didn’t believe it. Nevertheless, this kind of thing really fascinates me, so while I don’t believe in paranormal or the supernatural, I thought it was still interesting to humor the thought.

I brought a hat with me when I stayed with them. It was a black hat with Jimi Hendrix’ signature embroidered on it; my favorite hat at the time. I was told by my friend that if I tossed the hat beyond the fence, it’d appear in or close to their house. So I did. I tossed it over the fence one night, and lo and behold, in the morning, it was on their front porch. Whatever, anyone could have done that. Nothing spooky about that.

I tried it again a couple of times with the same end result: on their porch or by my belongings inside each time. And each time, I monitored my friend in the process to make sure he didn’t grab it and move it. I took one of my friend’s items unbeknownst to him, a belt buckle, and threw it over the fence, noting where I tossed it so I could grab it later. I didn’t have to, because it suffered the same fate: on the front porch a couple of hours later. This one confused me, but I was still skeptical so I chalked it up to one of their family members seeing me.

This all culminated when my friend and I went into the forested area one night. We brought flashlights and I wore my hat. After a few minutes in, the flashlights went out at the same time. He stopped and told me to run back. I didn’t question him, there might be a wild animal, so I bolted. He ran in front of me. In the process, I dropped my hat. I didn’t care, I ran.

When we got back inside the house, my hat was waiting for me in my suitcase. No one was with us, especially no one who could have grabbed my hat and made it back to the house faster than us. My friend didn’t grab it either since he was already gone when I dropped it. To compound this, we were the only ones at the house that night, and it was locked.


#23 A Classic Haunted House

I lived in an old house in a small town growing up and there were quite a few strange things that happened while my family was there. The first thing I remember being creepy about that place is waking up in the middle of the night when I was six years old. I climbed down from the top of the bunk bed and turned to see an old man in a rocking chair sitting by the door. I tried to wake my sister up in the bottom bunk but she wouldn’t wake up. I gathered up the courage to run by the man and out the door and fell asleep in the bathroom with the light on.

My dad also told us that he thought there was something wrong with the place because he kept hearing kids playing and laughing when he would get ready for work in the morning. He woke up around 4 a.m. for work and would leave at 5:30 a.m.. He told my mom that he heard laughing around the corner of the kitchen in the hallway one morning and went to see if it was one of us kids. Once, he turned to the hall he saw a glimpse of someone running around the far corner to the living room. He followed this kid running until he was back to the kitchen. When he checked our rooms we were all sound asleep.

My mom also said that she would sometimes see someone staring at her out of the corner of her eye if she was alone. Knowing all of this when we were older, we would try to scare our friends that came over. One day, my friend brought her Furby (this was the late 90s) and we were playing with it in the bedroom. It started acting weird and sounded like the batteries were draining. It shut off with its eyes closed and wouldn’t respond anymore. I said to my friend that we had batteries downstairs that we could get. As we were leaving the room with the Furby in hand, it suddenly popped its eyes open and said, “Hee hee, I tricked you.” and we just screamed and dropped it.


#24 Close The Door

About a year ago, I was up watching movies late at night when I got hungry and went downstairs for a snack. My room is across from my daughter’s room and her door was open. As I was coming back upstairs, I turned left towards my room when I heard, clear as ever, “Daddy, can you close the door?” I turned around, didn’t say much, and just closed it. Once I was back in my room, I lied down to watch TV when it hit me… my daughter wasn’t at home. She was spending the night at my parents’. I got up to go to her room and sure enough, it was empty. I woke up my wife and she thought I was crazy. She said I was probably tired and maybe it was the TV. I remember the voice so clearly and it came from the direction of her room. It’s very possible that it was just my head playing games but it definitely made me question a few things.


#25 Only Two-Thirds Of A Man

Let me start by saying I live in North Carolina. If you’re not aware, we have long roads with trees and forests on both sides in more remote areas, along with ditches. With that being said, there are a few gates that open us to paths, for what I can only assume are for hunters. I live more in the rural area, basically sandwiched in between two of our county’s cities. To get to the closest city you have to take one of the roads I mentioned above.

Another thing I need you to understand is that my boyfriend is very observant. There have been hundreds of times that he’s avoided hitting an animal or has seen animals on the side of the road while I had absolutely no clue they were even there. Anyway, one night, my boyfriend and I were doing a candy run for my parents. As we were talking I looked over and something caught my eye. My gaze followed and I was then looking out of the driver’s side window to see a man standing in front of a reflective marker (against the tree line ) with nothing below the knee.

I remember it so vividly that I can tell you the man was thin, in a baseball hat, with a red flannel shirt on and blue jeans. The entire time we passed the flannel man I kept eye contact to the point I turned around in my seat. He was gone as soon as I turned around. My boyfriend didn’t see anything. No one believes I saw the man. It’s even become an inside joke with my family and boyfriend.


#26 Not A Dog And Definitely Not A Man…

I’ve actually never told anyone, but I was walking in the woods during the day along a hiking trail I had walked a few times before. As I reached the top of a hill, I saw on the trail, maybe 20 yards ahead of me, something that looked like a pile of hay, but it was moving. It was kind of aimlessly scampering around the same spot.

At first, I thought it was a dog. Lots of hikers let their dogs run free and it was colored like a golden retriever. I kept walking just thinking I was going to see a dog, but as I closed about half the distance, it stopped and stood up. It was tall as a man and human-shaped, but head to toe covered in long, ropey, sand-colored dreadlocks—except for a black mask covering where its face would be. The mask didn’t have features, just a black oval.

It turned at me. I froze, scared, and then it just started dancing toward me. Like a tribal dance with lots of arm and leg movement… it wasn’t moving fast, but it was coming towards me. I turned and ran for probably 20 minutes until I was back at my car. I don’t hike there anymore.


#27 The Thing Which Was Definitely Not A Deer

I was out hiking to go stargazing and I saw a deer wandering across the trail—but there was something wrong with the deer. It wasn’t hurt or anything, but the longer I watched it the more uneasy I felt. It was like I was looking at something dreadful, but my brain was substituting whatever I was looking at as a deer because it just couldn’t deal. This petrifies me to this day.


#28 Paused Plane

When I was 12, a couple of friends and I were yard camping at a buddy’s house. We were about to turn in as it was pretty late when suddenly, the tent lit up. It stayed lit up for a few minutes and we all figured it was the mom of the friend’s whose house it was flipping on a porch light. My buddy, being irritated at this point, whipped open the tent and immediately said, “Dude! Come look!”

We all peered outside and up in the sky, I would say about 400-500 feet, was what can only be described as a Boeing 747 frozen still in mid-air with what appeared to be all of its runway lights on. It was completely silent and we sat there and watched it for a good ten minutes. My friend went to go get his mom and as soon as he turned to jog to his front door it disappeared. It didn’t zoom off and it didn’t leave a trace. It was just gone. No one except for the friends who were there that night believes it.


#29 What A Big Grin You Have…

I work in a train yard at night shuttling crews around to and from trains. Now, this yard isn’t lit that well in certain places, leaving large swaths in total darkness. Bear in mind that this is a small depot out in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, I was sitting next to a locomotive, waiting for the crew to hop off and take them back to the office. The area I was in is right at the edge of the light, so about 25-30 feet away is black night.

To my left was four sets of tracks with a grassy field beyond that. To my right, a steep embankment which led down to a creek. The gravel road I was on led out in the dark. As I was sitting there, I saw a fox run in from the tracks, across the road, and down the slope. I leaned over the seat to see if I could see it, as it had been in full sprint like it was hunting. I sat back up and there was someone standing in the dark right beyond my lights. It was HUGE. Like, Andre the Giant huge.

I couldn’t make out anything else in the dark, but for some reason, it seemed to be getting closer without becoming clearer in the light. I turned my high beams on, and nothing changed, just a huge dark figure moving closer. I grabbed the radio, starting to get scared, and called for the crew of the train. In the few seconds that it took for them to reply, I swear that thing grinned. I didn’t know that something could have such a huge mouth. It was the only part that seemed to have any real shape to its body, and it practically glowed in the dark.

A second later, the crew replied, asking what was wrong. I told them I thought I saw someone walking towards us. They hit the lights on the engine, lighting up everything in front of us. Nothing. Nobody was there, just empty tracks and road. They shut everything down, climbed off, and I took them back to the office. I told them I was certain that something was in front of us. When we got back to the office, they were nice enough to ask one of the clerks to check the security cameras for that area.

We watched the video, finding the spot where the fox runs across the tracks. It showed me sitting there, then after a few seconds, turning on my high beams. A few seconds later, the engine lights came back on. Nothing. I apologized for bothering them, they said it was fine, and I went home. That was about seven to eight months ago and I am still wary of going down that stretch. I’ve not seen anything again, but still, that was a huge grin.


#30 Ghastly Garmin

Years ago, a friend and I were taking a road trip to Santa Cruz and had entered in the address for the boardwalk into my smartwatch. We were both unfamiliar with the area and were relying entirely on this device for directions. I was driving, and the longer I drove, the weirder it seemed. The smartwatch was directing us into a forest. At one point, I had my friend double-check the address we had entered to make sure it was correct. It was.

But the watch kept directing us deeper into this forest. We went on about thirty minutes when the watch directed us down a winding, one-lane road that was headed for the bottom of a valley. We couldn’t see the valley floor because the trees were so dense around us, and this road went on forever with crazy switchbacks. By that point, I was certain we were going in the wrong direction and I was just waiting for a safe spot to turn around, but there was nowhere to do it.

After driving down this creepy, dark road for what felt like an eternity, and growing increasingly freaked out that my smartwatch was taking us to some middle-of-nowhere location, we finally reached the valley floor and it was eerie as heck. It was some type of abandoned mining site, with huge rusted equipment and trash blowing along the ground in the breeze. My friend and I just looked at each other confused because the watch was telling us we had reached our destination.

The place gave off a really bad vibe. I didn’t want to be there for a second more and neither did my friend. As I was turning the car around to head back up the way we came, we saw a man come out of one of the abandoned buildings looking like a character out of Deliverance. He had something that looked like a pipe in his hand, and he just stood there staring intensely at our car as I booked it out of there. The drive back was tense until we got out of that forest. We eventually made it to the boardwalk and met up with our friends who lived in the area, but they had no idea what road we were talking about and thought we were exaggerating about how creepy the whole thing was. I got rid of that smartwatch after that trip.


#31 The Light Went Out

About two years ago, my son was four and he created an imaginary friend named Blossy. He was a purple cube and he drove an invisible rainbow car. He was four years old and had a sister. Blossy was invented when I was pregnant with our daughter. Our daughter was born and Blossy continued to be around. Six months later, my son turned five and had a big party, all our friends and family were there.

Three days after his birthday, we were putting him to bed and he suddenly became very upset. Inconsolable. Blossy’s light had gone out. And it couldn’t be turned back on. Nothing we said to him could convince him that Blossy was okay. I assumed he was overly tired, maybe it was his way of getting rid of his imaginary friend? I didn’t know for sure but he finally fell asleep after a long time of being upset.

Two days later, my father-in-law had passed away. Aortic dissection (he had survived the first time it had happened six years before but the repair didn’t last). Due to heat being on and the fact he’d had cold water running on his body for who knows how long, the coroner just used the day we found him as the day he had passed.

After looking at texts and going through his work things and when things were due but not having been done, it became very obvious that he had passed the night that Blossy’s light went out. We never mentioned Blossy’s light going out to anyone until after the fact so no one seemed to believe us. My son was very close to his grandfather so it was a difficult year. He tells us that Blossy is currently on Saturn with his band (my son is obsessed with space and my father in law had always told him his favorite planet was Saturn).


#32 A Tiny Hand

Three years ago, I was staying at an old but luxurious hotel in Essex. I had a room with a very high ceiling. In the middle of the night, the room was pitch black and I was wide awake because there was a baby crying very loudly. It sounded like it was coming from the room above mine. I just rolled around in bed and was annoyed for a bit, until I realized that I was staying in a room on the top floor. I started to freak out a little and the crying got louder and louder.

It sounded a lot clearer as if the baby was in the same room with me, but the sound was still coming from the direction of the ceiling. I was lying in bed in a full-blown panic, too afraid to get up out of bed. Then the crying stops abruptly. It was completely quiet for a moment. Then, I felt a baby-sized hand grab my wrist. I almost flung myself out of bed in horror and turned on the light. There was nothing there. This might just be the scariest experience in my entire life and I’m still incredibly glad that I only had to stay in that hotel for one night.


#33 Hunters Hunted

I was deer hunting with a friend on a property my uncle owned in a pretty remote area. It was right off of a main road. So let me try to paint a little bit of a picture here to make this easier to explain. At the base of the last hill is our two-person tree stand, then there are about 100 feet of land to the lake. But this part is pretty thin, about 60 feet, creating a peninsula jutting from the land to our left with the rest of the lake behind it.

So, about 45 minutes before the sun was set to rise, we started to hear knocking sounds from the tip of the peninsula that sounded a lot like male deer fighting with their antlers. We got pretty excited, thinking that there were at least two bucks out there. Then, we heard the knocking coming from the other end of the peninsula as well. Well, that’s crazy, we have four male deer here?! The knocking went on for a few minutes, getting a little closer, and then we realized it was just way too precise to be deer fighting.

Then I noticed that when the one on the right clicked once, the other clicked once, too. When one clicked twice, the other clicked twice. They were directly mimicking each other. This couldn’t have been an echo, they were spaced out a little far apart, it wasn’t instant like an echo would be, and they were both about the same in volume. Over the next few minutes, the knocking sounds got closer and closer together.

Then, for about ten minutes… nothing. When out of nowhere, we heard something like an animal on the peninsula yelping. Then, we heard a loud “thud” and all goes quiet… We looked at each other, not sure what to say. I stood up and screamed, “Who’s out there?” Then, I heard the most awful noise that I have ever heard in my life. I’m shaking right now just thinking about it. It started as a low deep growl and turned into a high, raspy howl and my body instantly went cold.

My friend and I look back at each other at the same time. So I yelled again, something like, “You better get out of here!” Whatever it was, it howled one more time and took off through the woods. I swear to you I could feel its footsteps. Whatever it was, it had two feet. I’ve taken many tracking and hunting classes, I grew up in the woods, and I know what a running deer sounds like. This 100% had two legs. Then, it crashed through some cattails on the edge of the lake and through the forest. We saw it moving and saw how fast it moved through a foot of mud and cattails.

We didn’t say a word. We left and called everyone we knew. Nobody believed us so I wanted to go back that afternoon and see if I could find any tracks in the mud where we saw it run. My friend wouldn’t go with me, so I went alone. When I got to the cattails on the peninsula, something else had already come back before me. A large branch had wiped all of the footprints from the mud and was laying next to them in the woods. I’ve been back maybe twice since then, it has been about five years. I’m always armed and I’m always with someone else.


#34 Unique Bigfoot

My mom was born in 1932 and she grew up in rural Kentucky, near the Cumberland Gap. She told us Bigfoot stories even before it was popular—the local name for it was “Caleb” (or ol’ Caleb). She saw it at least twice at the house she was born in, so no later than 1940 or 1941. The first time she saw it, her family was out canning food (which involved boiling vegetables on a large fire and putting them in jars). Anyway, when it got dark out a large animal stood at the top of a hill and screamed at them, presumably it didn’t like the fire. Mom was adamant it stood on two legs.

The next time she saw it, again at night, her brother had to use the outhouse. It was dark out so her brother, Troy, did not want to walk out to the yard. Instead, he stood on the edge of the porch. Her other brother, Ernest, went with him to keep an eye on him and saw something moving in the field. Whatever it was, it heard them and began walking, on two legs, toward the porch. Ernest called to dad and my mom followed. They went outside and she got there in time to see whatever it was walking away from the house and stepping over their fence. She described the height of the fence as high enough for their cow to put its head over the rail.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. My mom always described it as shaggy with blonde or light grey hair with dark patches all over. I first heard this story as a kid back in the 70s. Any other “Bigfoot” sighting described them as dark brown or black. Fast forward to a couple of years ago and Bigfoot shows are now mainstream. I looked up “Bigfoot sightings Kentucky” and found reports of sightings in the 1950s and another just a few years ago in counties directly adjacent to the one my mother grew up in. Both sightings described them as blonde with dark patches. So, there is a population of Bigfoot in Appalachian Kentucky with unique coloration.


#35 The Blue Light

There is a trailer situated right on the edge of my property line that gets rented out semi-regularly. One winter, the people who rented it moved out and left a light on in the back bedroom. It shined blue through the blinds. I always go outside at night to let my dog do his business, so I see this blue light nightly for three days. The landlords came through, inspected, and cleaned the place out.I went out there on night expecting the light to obviously be off, but that night, it was still on.

Months pass and this light was always on every night without fail. I would stand there with my dog and it was literally the only thing to look at from the vantage point of my backyard. Nearly six months pass and I couldn’t take it anymore. Every night, I saw it. My curiosity overshadowed my desire to not be seen peaking into a trailer in the middle of the night. I saw that the blue light was from a TV left on the AV1 input screen, which is solid blue. I could also see in the room and there was plastic everywhere on the floor. There was also a creepy broken doll on the floor. For some reason, that gave me such a weird and creeped out feeling.

So I got in bed and put on Futurama to try and shake that feeling. Eventually, I fell asleep. At about 4 a.m. I woke up to solid blue in my eyes. I kind of just stared at it, trying to figure out what is this super bright blue light was doing in my eyes. My TV remote was next to me when I fell asleep and it is possible that somehow I hit the button required to turn it to AV1 but it had never happened before and has never happened since. Needless to say, I did not go back to sleep.


#36 The Witch Of Apple Hill

There’s this place called Apple Hill. It’s a popular local attraction in the valley. I went there with my family when I was 11. My cousins, my sister, and I were busy picking raspberries at the time. We made it a competition. Who could get the most berries? We were pretty spread out and it wasn’t long before I was fairly far away from all the other berry pickers. I was super focused on picking berries. I had no idea how far away I was from everyone else.

All of a sudden, it got really quiet. I could barely hear the voices of my family. Then, a giant gust of wind pushed against my back. I turned around and noticed a small hut not too far away from me. It was too big to be a shed but not big enough to be a full-on house. It was super run down. I remember looking at the hut and being really spooked. Then, out of nowhere, this black cat came from behind me and rubbed up against my leg. I freaked out. The house was already giving me the creeps and then this random animal decided to rub up against me. The cat didn’t back off like normal cats. It wasn’t afraid. It just looked up at me.

I kept my eyes on the cat. I swear something about that cat didn’t feel right. It was just sitting right beside me. Then, the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen happened. It’s so vivid in my mind. The heavy winds started up again and this random dust devil formed around the cat. I could feel grains of sand brushing up against me. I stepped back. It got really thick for a moment. Then, it cleared a bit and began to move. The cat was nowhere to be seen, but the dust devil slowly made its way to the hut.

I felt like the wind was pushing me in the dust devil’s direction. Part of me wanted to follow it. It floated right into the hut. I don’t know why, but the hut felt so welcoming for a moment. I really wanted to go check it out. I started walking towards it but then I heard my name being called. My sister and cousins were looking for me. They came up to me and I told them all about what I had seen. Nobody believed me, but at the same time, nobody wanted to go check out the hut. They all got creepy vibes from it.


#37 The Sounds Follow

During my junior year of high school, I woke up to the clashing sounds of my radio and a windstorm raking a rose bush against my window. It was more annoying than creepy at the time, but it led to me looking at the gap between the shade and the window. I saw this weird shadow in the gap about the size of a head, maybe five or six feet up. I kind of sat there staring at it for a minute or two wondering what could make the shadow, at which point something slammed into the window.

I jolted upright to watch the shadow slowly pull across the gap of the thankfully intact window. At this point, I ran. As I was running out of my room, my radio which had a history of having a bad connection and cutting out, did just that. But in the two seconds that it cut out, I heard two words: “Come out.” I continued with my original plan of getting out at an increased pace and went upstairs to tell my parents that I was moving to our guest room on the second floor.

I somehow managed to fall asleep later that night after putting in headphones to drown out the sounds of branches being dragged across the guest room window. When I was out in our backyard a week later, I remembered that there was nothing anywhere near the guest windows to make those noises. I can honestly say that I have not felt like I was sleeping alone in that room since.


#38 Love You, Mommy

I’ve had some weird and scary experiences, but this one takes the cake for me just by virtue of it involving my child. When my son was about four, he and I lived in a three-bedroom apartment. His bedroom was at the beginning of the hallway near the living room and mine was at the very end of the hallway with my bedroom door directly across from the main bathroom and my bed facing toward the door. The way it was situated, I could see whether or not the bathroom door was closed.

One night, after he’d been in bed for a couple of hours, I was in my room reading in bed when I started getting that creepy “something’s watching me” vibe. I looked up and saw the outline of my son in the hallway, just out of the light of my lamp. My son said in his sweetest voice, “I love you, mommy.” Then, he turned to go into the bathroom. I heard the door shut behind him, but I didn’t see the light flip on from under the door. So I got out of bed to go and help him.

I opened the bathroom door and flicked on the light. The bathroom was empty. I went to his room and checked on him. He was passed out and tangled up in his bedclothes in a way no four-year-old could possibly fake in 30 seconds. I have no idea what in the heck was in my hallway, but it wasn’t my son and I have no rational explanation. Still creeps me out to this day.


#39 An Air Force Haunting

I’m in the Air Force and we work out in a field where we stay for four to six days at a time, and then go home. The fields are literally in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farming areas and old abandoned farm houses. When we go out to the field, we are put in charge of certain areas to ensure that no one trespasses on government property. Now, with my rank, I act as a dispatcher for my area, sending my lower ranking team out to investigate when need be. I, however, receive the notification from a team underground beneath me. They are the ones that actually receive alarm indications.

In order to get into my office, I have to press a buzzer to let people in. Now, to go downstairs to where the underground team is, entry through a second door is required, and they either have to press the buzzer that’s located downstairs with them or I have to physically open it with the key. The team downstairs is more than three stories underground. If anyone makes their way into the area leading downstairs, an alarm goes off and now we have a situation. There is no avoiding that alarm.

Now to the story. It was 2:30 a.m. when myself and two other people were in my office talking when the second door leading downstairs began to open on its own. Now, this door did not swing open nor did it slowly creak open. It opened as if someone had the doorknob in their hand and was walking out. I sat there, frozen, watching this door open. The woman that was in the office with us immediately stood up to defend herself. The third guy stood up, calmly stated that he should close the door, and did so. Immediately, I grabbed the phone and called downstairs. They stated that not only had they not pushed the buzzer, but they never received an alarm. I decided to send my team downstairs, just as a precaution, even though it could have simply been an electronic malfunction.

I sent my team downstairs. I could hear them get in the elevator and heard the elevator head downstairs (it’s super loud). We also heard when it stopped at the bottom. The calm guy and I stayed upstairs waiting for the team to come back up. We began talking about how weird that was, our minds occupied with conversations. After about 15 minutes, we both heard three knocks on the door leading downstairs. Three solid, closed palm knocks. I mentioned that I never heard the elevator come back up. I made my way to the door, looked through the glass pane, and there was nobody there!

The calm guy I was with could not believe it when I told him there was no one at the door. He rushed to the glass pane, shoved me aside, only to be left mouth open, completely speechless. As soon as my team came back up, we passed along the new information, but they stated they never saw or heard anything. The rest of that night the lights stayed on.

That same day I woke up at 3 a.m. and headed to the office from my room (it’s one big building). I saw heavy bags propped against the door, to my relief. The dispatcher on duty turned around and told me that at 2:30 a.m. (12 hours after my incident) that he heard three loud open palm knocks. He pressed the buzzer leading to his office. When no one walked in, he turned around, in anger, only to see the door leading downstairs opening, as if someone was walking out, prompting him to close it and place the heavy bags as obstacles.

I honestly believe that the government property we guard is haunted by Native American spirits, as we work in lands that were once sacred to them (I know this because there is official government paperwork available to reference). There are many more stories involving the field, but maybe for another time.


#40 Hell Is Repetition

I was driving alone in the middle of the night and I was driving slow to find an address. I looked in front of me to see three sets of two leaves walking like feet, in unison over a crosswalk. I drove straight through them and felt an uneasy shiver. It never sat right with me. Years later, I did some research into the area for my job and found out that there was an accident involving three people at that same crosswalk.


#41 A Healing Touch

When I was younger, I would get sick a lot and never knew why. My parents just took it as me having a weak immune system and I did the same because I was overweight for my age. One week, I stayed home from school because I had a fever and a headache that wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t eat or sleep, so I stayed in my room watching various VHS tapes all day. After a couple of days, I got fed up with not being able to sleep properly so I decided to take sleeping medicine.

I turned on my lamp and I kept it on because I’m scared to sleep in the dark (still to this day at the age of 26). I had Tom and Jerry on and while I was watching I could feel the sensation of being sleepy. It felt good, I felt accomplished. Finally, a nice night of sleep. What was weird, though, was my body felt odd. My entire body felt as if someone rubbed Icy Hot on every inch of me. I chose to ignore it because I just wanted to sleep so bad.

I could feel myself drifting off into slumber when suddenly, I felt my right leg going up like I was raising it myself but I wasn’t. I started feeling scared, but the sleepiness was so overpowering and so tempting I chose to ignore my leg. Suddenly, I felt someone pulling my arm. It was like a kid pulling you to play with them. When I looked, it looked like a really young, pale girl standing next to my bed. We met eyes and stared at each other for a few seconds and I started to cry from being so scared. And then as soon as she appeared she was gone, and with her all the pain from my body. The fever was gone. No more headache and my body didn’t feel like I had Icy Hot everywhere. Every time I tell someone this story they tell me it’s sleep paralysis, but why did my sickness leave with the vision I saw?


#42 Reflection Into Another House

When I was around 10 years old I would typically have a shower at night and then go to sleep. As a usual 10-year-old kid would do, I used to stall, mess around, and resist going to bed. One day, I was looking out the upstairs front window (it opened outwards from one side), and from only a specific angle I could see a reflection into what looked like another house. It was a brightly lit room, vibrant green walls, nothing hung up. The only furniture was a single kitchen-like chair in the middle of the room.

A woman was sitting on the chair and a man was standing up walking around the room. They looked as if they were talking, then arguing, then screaming, but the woman never left the chair. I tried making noise and waving to them but obviously got no response. Finally, I called my mom over to look and she said she didn’t see anything, then I headed off to bed. I saw almost the exact same thing happen again within a month of the first time


#43 Sister’s Fright

A couple of years ago, I went camping with my family. We got all set up and eventually got a fire going as it was getting dark. We were all sat around the fire and my dad got us all singing this funny song about a dopey paratrooper: “He jumped from 40,000 feet without a parachute.” We were all singing and having a great time until, out of nowhere, my sister started screaming at the top of her lungs. Her eyes were already red and sore from crying as tears were streaming down her face.

My mom and dad freaked out and asked her what was wrong. My sister told us all that for the past ten minutes, myself, my mom, and my dad had been sat completely silent, unblinking and motionless, staring at the campfire. The only reason I believe her rather than thinking she’s a nut job is that when I heard her scream, it sounded like she was midway through the scream, and her eyes were already red and sore. Plus, I had heard her singing just a split second before.


#44 A Generational Happening

When I was in sixth grade, we were in the middle of math class working when all of a sudden, all 30 of us just sat up simultaneously. We were all still for like three seconds and then we started looking at each other, not talking. I still have no idea what actually happened but we all felt it. It felt like the air was somehow vibrating, and when I asked my friend later, he also had the same feeling of a low rumbling chill in his spine.

About five seconds into it, the teacher finally realized something was going on and she looked up to see 30 kids all looking at each other in complete silence. I remember a deep feeling in my gut that resembled deja vu, but as if it was someone else’s deja vu—not mine. Then, the teacher asked if everything was okay and all a sudden, all 30 of us gasped and started talking altogether. Later on, we all collectively reasoned that it had to have been a small earthquake because those are not unheard of where we lived. The teacher was old and probably didn’t feel anything.

When we asked the second class next to us if they felt the earthquake, none of them had any idea what we were talking about. Later that day, I told my dad about the small earthquake we felt. And as I described the sensation to him he became very quiet. He then asked me if we were on the second floor in the second class to the right. Which is exactly where we were. Now, we live in a very tight-knit community, so I went to the same school as my dad and most of my friends were the kids of my dad’s friends from the neighborhood. Thirty years ago, when my dad went to the same school, the exact same thing happened to his class. With the exact same feeling of experiencing someone else’s deja vu who is both you and not you.


#45 Green Eyes In The Cemetery

Around four years ago, I was a camp counselor at a sleepaway camp. I was one of the counselors for the six to eight-year-olds. If these kids loved doing anything, they loved pranking the girls their age at the camp. One of these pranks that they came up with was to hide the girls’ spirit flag. These were a big deal as they kept track of each cabin’s accomplishments. The only caveat was that, in order to do this, we had to do it at night in order to interfere with the kid’s activity schedules.

The camp is on 200 acres of land. Part of it overlaps with an old family cemetery that technically the camp doesn’t own. One of my kids suggested that we hide the girls’ spirit flag at the cemetery. I was down and my co-counselor Joe was down for it. We all had headlamps or flashlights, so we weren’t too worried. Joe walked in the front of the kids, and I walked in the back to make sure they were always accounted for.

The cemetery was only about a ten-minute walk from our cabin into the woods, so this should have been an easy, fun prank for all of us. We arrived at the cemetery and put the girls’ flag by a tombstone when Joe said, “Um, Chandler, what is that?” I turned my head to where Joe was shining his headlamp and I saw two glowing, eerie, green eyes. This was backwoods Alabama. The nearest police station was 30 minutes away, and the nearest hospital was an hour away. If anything were to happen, it would be too late to call for help.

I thought I was dreaming so I blinked a few times and it was still there. Joe’s headlamp was shining directly where the eyes were, but we saw no animal, creature, or human at all. Both of us both turned our lights off and the eyes were there for five more seconds before they finally disappeared. The kids this entire time were still all laughing and making jokes about the girl’s cabins, and thankfully they were all still there. We raced out of there as fast as we could and didn’t tell the children what happened.

That was one of the longest nights I’ve had. I was restless, and Joe was as well, so we spoke about it on the cabin porch. We knew what we saw, and when we tried to tell the rest of the camp staff, they all laughed. Except for Adam. Adam told us that two weeks ago his cabin did a similar prank like us, and they went back early because of the “green eyes.”