People Who Accidentally Sent Nudes To The Wrong Person Share The Aftermath

Nothing is worse than accidentally sending a text to the wrong person, especially when that text happens to be a naked picture of yourself. We’ve all been there. You realize a moment too late that you sent your racy picture to “Mom” instead of “Matt,” or to an entire group chat. There’s nothing you can do about it. If you’re lucky, you get to live in ignorant bliss for at least a few hours before the error is brought to your attention.
Eventually, however, you need to face the reality of the disaster. Whether it was to a close friend, coworker, family member, or someone else, it’s horrifying to have someone unintentionally see you so vulnerable. Take it from the following people, who accidentally sent nudes to the wrong person and were brave enough to share the aftermath.

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#35 Sibling Shunning

One time, I accidentally sent my brother a Snapchat of my breasts, and he sent back a picture of the floor with a caption that said, “You’re dead to me.” He knew exactly what happened and we kind of just laughed it off. Or, he’s just really good at hiding being traumatized.


#34 Stormy With A Chance Of Shame

My girlfriend recently sent me a nude Snapchat, which I screenshotted. Later that day, I was texting my mom about a huge thunderstorm that was coming. I was going to send her a screenshot of a weather radar I found online.

When I was selecting the images, I clicked on the most recent one without looking because it should have been the radar. It was not the radar. My phone, for whatever reason, took extra long to put the radar image into my gallery, so I sent my mom a nude of my girlfriend instead. I promptly spammed the chat and told her to not scroll up, but the damage was done.

I told my girlfriend and she refused to come over for a month because of the sheer cringe of being near my mother. My mom simply said, “Christie is going to kill you.”

Two years later, all is well.


#33 A Courteous Coworker

I accidentally sent a picture of my “little friend” to a co-worker through Snapchat. I realized after not getting a reply back from my girlfriend that I’d sent it to the wrong person and started Googling how to delete Snapchat. All in all, I had to delete my account because that was allegedly the only way to stop a sent picture from being opened.

I messaged my co-worker on Facebook apologizing for the picture. Luckily for me, he said he saw the notification but didn’t open it right away. Phew.


#32 And On Wednesdays…

I sent what was a very provocative picture of myself in a pink bra to the wrong person, while I was beside my boyfriend. The picture was intended for a friend (we had a running joke about wearing pink on Wednesdays) and I was using an old phone as mine had recently broken. I apologized immediately afterward and explained that it was for someone else. He took it quite well, I think… I’m just glad his girlfriend didn’t see it as it was sent the same night he proposed to her…


#31 Ducking Around

My phone cannot cut and paste to save its life. I wanted to send a picture of an adorable duck to my girlfriend because she likes those cutesy things. I had to manually type in the Imgur link and I accidentally left one letter out. One.

Instead of the adorable duck, the link opened to a picture of a rather large woman exposing her breasts. My girlfriend was rather confused and it took me a moment to realize what had happened. I immediately sent her the correct link with the picture of the duck.

She still has a good laugh at my expense about this. I got a new phone.


#30 Depressed And Deceived

I broke up with someone who I had been in a fairly long relationship with and was feeling a little lonely. To take my mind off things, I started participating in online forums.

There was one girl on a forum who everyone else hated because she was a massive jerk. But I, being the white Knight that I am, started messaging her. Coincidentally, she didn’t live too far away from me. She sent me one of her nudes and she looked alright, then she asked me to send her one. Being young and naive, I did.

A few minutes later, I got a message saying that “she'” was actually a guy. He told me he wouldn’t share the pic with anyone…  It was embarrassing, but fair play to him for not being a complete jerk about it.


#29 “A” For Effort

In college, I was part of a group project where I was initially doing everything. When I finally started to get some help from the team, I wanted to encourage them more, so I sent them a funny picture of a dog for laughs… Only, I had chosen the wrong picture and instead had sent a very naked picture of my significant other. Face, breasts, lady bits, everything.

I apologized profusely and asked them to delete it. No one ever said anything about it. My significant other just laughed and called me an idiot. It’s been years and I have never heard from the group.


#28 An Unwelcomed Work Presentation

My friend, who has no game when it comes to talking to girls, “accidentally” sent a picture of his thing to almost everyone he worked with. He said he forgot he was in a group chat, but I think he was just trying to show off to the girls he worked with.

It didn’t really work out for him…


#27 The Kind Of Happy You Shouldn’t Share

My best friend was uber tipsy one night while he was partying in Utah. He ended up sending me naked photos of his (then) girlfriend at 3 a.m. I deleted them right away and never brought it up.


#26 Finding The Right Position

I was trying to send a sexy Snapchat to my boyfriend while he was out of town. I filmed myself laying in different poses trying to figure it out which one made me look the sexiest. Somehow, I added it to my Snapchat story. Guess who was the first to see it? My ex-boyfriend.

Thankfully, he quickly let me know before too many people had seen. Thank God I was still in a robe and it was mostly just legs, cleavage, and awkward breathing.

I’ll never repeat that mistake!


#25 Compensating For Running Late

I was running late to work and decided to send my supervisor a message on my phone while I was driving. We use Google Hangouts, and somehow I had hit the picture button, selected a nude of my wife, and sent it to him. I panicked and tried everything to stop it from happening, but nothing worked. I told him to ignore the picture and delete it. He didn’t.

My boss made it slightly weird by offering to send a nude of his girlfriend. I was pretty embarrassed, but it ended up just being a joke around the office that we all laugh about now. I’m mostly just grateful I didn’t make that mistake in one of our many populated chats.


#24 An Accidental Success

I tapped the wrong Snapchat name while sending a picture (“Lynsey” instead of “Lindsey”). She sent pictures back (we only talked a few times before that), and we ended up dating for five months.

The best accidental success of my life.


#23 Sister’s Approval

My girlfriend accidentally sent nudes to my sister. Turns out, my sister and one of her friends have the same name but with a single letter difference.

I found out that day that she sends all of her nudes to her friends before she sends them to me, just so she can get their opinions on whether they look good or if she should try a better angle. Not I’d care anyway.

Also, it’s been a year and a half since the first time and she still accidentally sends nudes to my sister.


#22 Exchanging Pleasantries

I accidentally sent a nude picture to my female friend. She complimented me on my physical appearance. It’s always nice to get a compliment.


#21 Cautious And Chivalrous

I sent a nude to my now-boyfriend who I wasn’t dating at the time. I realized my error immediately and called him to tell him to not open the Snapchat. He said, “Too late.” Once he realized what it was, he closed it, then proceeded to lecture me for five minutes about sending nudes and how guys can be jerks and perverts. It’s how I know that I now have a keeper.


#20 A Rough Mistake

I was dating a girl and we would often send pictures of things we wanted to do to each other back and forth. One day, I sent her three or four links of different BDSM things I wanted to do with her. I don’t remember what they were, but knowing me, they were probably rough.

Anyway, I got up to grab a drink and when I came back, I realized I sent them from my iPad, not my phone. She has an Android, so I knew the pictures weren’t sent to her.

I had sent them to my sister. I immediately sent an explanation and an apology. She just responded with, “It’s cool, no big deal,” and we never spoke of it again. We are pretty close and still have a great relationship.


#19 Emergency Work Meeting

I sent a nude to my co-worker who was also my boss’ assistant and sister.

I was dating a girl named Liz and my coworker Elizabeth was also saved in my phone as “Liz.” Late one night, I sent a very risque picture to “Liz” and realized I chose the wrong person immediately after.

I sent her about 15 one-word texts in hopes of bumping it off the top of her screen with the last text saying, “DONT SCROLL UP!”

She scrolled up and told her brother. The next morning, my boss called a morning meeting with the entire office and proceeded to bust my balls over it with his sister saying, “Was that the best picture you could take?”

At least they had good senses of humor about it.


#18 Class Tale Of Unrequited Love

The phone I was texting with had the SMS Facebook feature where you could get status updates texted to your phone and you could comment on an update by replying to the text.

Well, my phone also had a button to reply to the most recent text in my inbox.

As I was replying to this guy I had been dating for a while, I sent him a couple of dirty texts to get him in the mood. As I hit the button to reply to the most recent text, an SMS status update from my youth pastor’s Facebook came in. My texts ended up getting posted as comments to my youth pastor’s status update.

I got on a computer and deleted it, but it took like, 10 solid minutes. I also made a vague post about my Facebook being hacked and stopped going to church altogether.


#17 The Creepiest Cousin

I went to a family party and put my phone down to help move a table for dinner. My cousin somehow got access to my phone, changed her number’s name tag to “Bae” and changed the previous “Bae” (my girlfriend) to a random name.

When I went home after the party, I sent a nude to who I thought was my girlfriend. I got an extremely dirty reply, so I said something extremely dirty back.

Then the messages stopped.

I called Bae.

My cousin answered.

The next time I saw my cousin, it was so weird.


#16 Crying At Christian School

An ex tried to send me a nude on Snapchat once. Instead, she put it on her story. To understand just how bad this was, she was going to a Christian college at the time and had pretty much all of her classmates on Snapchat.

She posted it, realized what happened, and called me crying asking how to remove it. It was like, 3 a.m. so she said she thought no one saw it before she got it removed. After the crying abated, she continued to send nudes. It was a weird night.



#15 Not Part Of The 12 Steps

I got sober through AA. I was advised not to enter a relationship for the first year of my sobriety. I didn’t listen.

One day, I was texting my new significant other and I sent her a nude. Unfortunately, I was simultaneously texting my AA sponsor about the fourth and fifth steps in my sobriety. I’m truly not sure how it happened, but I accidentally sent the picture to my sponsor instead. I also didn’t notice until an hour later when I went to check for a reply from my significant other.

I apologized profusely to my sponsor and insisted it wasn’t meant for him. He didn’t respond. Shortly thereafter, the sponsorship ended because I was too embarrassed to speak to him most of the time. Still sober though, so all is well.


#14 Extra Credit

This will sound unbelievable, but here it goes. I wasn’t wearing any underwear when I sent a photo of some homework I had on the edge of my desk via Whatsapp to my female classmate. You could clearly see a part of my private area in the photo.

She was cool and never bothered to bring it up again. We still talk to each other now.

Thank God for cool women who don’t go crazy over such a thing.


#13 Love Story For The Grandkids

I accidentally sent one to my crush that I had at the time. She’s my wife now.


#12 Nudes In The ’90s

Back in the late ’90s, I was talking to this girl I knew through AIM. She wanted to send me a picture of herself in her underwear but was hesitant to do so because she had uploaded the photo to Photobucket. Apparently, she had a lot of other raunchy photos on there and didn’t want me to see all of them. So I instructed her on how to just send the single image using the direct link option. She didn’t follow my instructions correctly and I ended up getting a link to the full photo album.

We hung out about a week later.


#11 Well Worth The Hole

I accidentally sent nudes to my little sister who was 16 years old at the time. She was in the living room and I was in the bathroom taking the pictures. When I realized I had sent the nudes to my little sister, I sprinted into the living room, tore the phone away from my little sister’s hands and threw it at the wall. It got stuck in the drywall. I saved myself some dignity though.


#10 Hacked And Humiliated

An ex-girlfriend hacked my Facebook account and sent every one of my female friends a picture of my thing. She also deleted the sent messages so I didn’t know it had happened. It took me a long time to work out what had happened and it caused me a lot of embarrassment.


#9 Now That I Think About It…

I accidentally sent a Snapchat to my mother-in-law instead of my husband. She didn’t even say anything to either of us. He asked her about it and she was like, “Oh, I did think that was weird, but I don’t know.” Good to know what she thinks of me.


#8 Coworker Compliments

Once, I sent a nude to a friend of mine at work who had the same name as my girlfriend. She ended up being cool about it and understood it was a mistake.

A few weeks later, we were on our breaks together at work and she complimented my little guy.


#7 Strained Relationship

I sent a nude to my mom. We are no longer on speaking terms.


#6 Friendly Neighborhood

I accidentally sent my neighbor a picture of my breasts. I immediately realized my mistake after I hit send, so I called her to explain it was an accident. My neighbor was laughing hysterically as she answered. She did tell me I had nice breasts though!


#5 Laughing It Off

I accidentally sent a shirtless picture to a friend instead of the guy I was seeing. At the time, I totally panicked, but it turned out to be no big deal. We laugh about it now.


#4 Concerned About Symmetry

My friend texted me about three hours later and just said, “Why is the one so much bigger than the other?”


#3 Poor Light Choices

Long story short: I was super tipsy in a bathtub and I meant to send the picture to my girlfriend. Instead, I sent it to a friend. He criticized the lighting.


#2 Time To Deactivate For Good

I kind of posted my nudes to Facebook and didn’t realize until a week later. I then deleted my Facebook. Never looked back.


#1 A Raunchy Reflection

My sister had a woman make her a custom cabinet with glass doors to display at her wedding. The woman sent a picture of it to see if my sister was happy with how it turned out.

At first glance, everything seemed fine. Upon closer inspection, the reflection of the woman, who was nude from the waist down, could be seen in the doors.

The woman must’ve realized what happened because future interactions were awkward.